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One of the biggest releases of 2018 for the PS4, God of War injects new life into one of console gaming's biggest franchises, taking players into an all-action world of Norse monsters and gods. Gamers can join Kratos (the "God of War") and his son Atreus as they battle adversaries, solve puzzles and meet colourful characters. Enjoying the action for less is easy with the help of the HotUKDeals God of War listings.

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PS4: God of War £24.99 + £4.99 delivery @ studio
Found 3 h, 38 m agoFound 3 h, 38 m ago
Kratos returns. This latest iteration of God of War delves deeper into the emotional journey of the immortal demigod as he makes a decision to change.

And they’ll send you a catalogue and “free” Christmas cards which they will then charge for postage for them leave you on hold on a premium phone number when you want to cancel the account you never wanted in the first place. Terrible company terrible ethics.


Other retails offering at this price (Amazon, Tesco) without the delivery fee and credit check that Studio apply

God of War (PS4) (disc) £25 @ Amazon
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Not as good as the £24.99 deal for the deluxe digital version, but still a good price

Which tree is that, oak tree or forest tree coz it's getting wet in this weather, would've been safer in a bin with a lid on top


Missed it! A hard copy is better as you can easily sell it after your done.


Back up to £41.99


Got a copy of this waiting for me under the tree, can't wait!


Believe it's 19.99 at Currys

Uncharted : The Lost Legacy [PS4] £10.00 // God of War [PS4] £25.00 @ Asda instore / online
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
God of War - £25.00 Price drop on both these games shows online. Probably more games at bargain price can be found instore.

Great stocking filler, thanks OP Metrocentre Asda has lots of Uncharted copies in :)


I tried 20 minutes ago GOW was sold out, dont think they had many in


Good price on Uncharted, not so much on GoW.

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God of War £19.99 @ Currys Northampton
LocalLocalFound 9th DecFound 9th Dec
Saw these at Curry's Northampton yesterday for under £20.

It was the Nene Valley Retail Park store I saw it on display on Saturday.


Just to confirm this is store specific?


Great deal Boooy


Just because something is expired on here does not mean the price changed


Also expired 2 1/2 weeks ago, so not “been this price for 3 weeks” it was a black Friday deal.

God of war deluxe edition - @ PSN for £24.99
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
I think this is quite a good price for the deluxe edition of God of war. I know it went down to around £21 with black Friday however this is the deluxe edition.
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The amount of times you're galloping along, trying to escape, but a small rock hidden in the shrubbery manages to send you and your horse flying to your deaths. Nice, just nice.


1000% agreed!! RDR2 was a decent game, but it wasn't worth the hype it got. I actually fell asleep during the game on more than one occasion because everything moves sooooo slow and feels quite clunky with the movement controls. I feel RDR1 was better, and neither will come close to the masterpiece that is the GTA series.


Havent played RDR2 or GoW but Spiderman is a cracking game best of this ps4 generation.


I actually enjoyed grand theft auto. The thing is the part of GTA I liked best was driving/riding/flying around the city completing challenges/missions in a variety of vehicles. When you take that away and replace it with horses there isn't much of a game left anymore .


That was my feeling as well after playing it for about 10 hours. Beyond the visuals/audio/presentation the "game" itself is a dull lock-on cover shooter gameplay mechanics from 20 years ago. Plus a load of grind thrown in. I really must give God of war a try but Im waiting for the physical copy to drop in price a bit.

PlayStation Awards 2018 Celebration Sale at PSN Store Indonesia -Battlefield V £32.80 God of War £20.17 Spider-Man £29.22 Dark Souls 2 £6.55
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
UPDATE: 06/12/18 - Revolut payment method confirmed as blocked on the Indonesian PSN Store. Only option for purchasing from the Indonesian PSN store now involves the purchase of PS… Read more
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Depends on how much you want those games I suppose. If Sony don't want my money then I'm not going to jump through a ton of hoops to give it to them.


We can try using Hong Kong account. There is options to add founds to wallet with alipay. Prices arę mostly compared on both regions


Even with currency cards games are still invariably going to be cheaper - I recall before the days of Revolut came along I picked up 6 AAA games for around £30 in the January sale.


Absolutely. It saved me a few quid on red dead and God of War at least. It's a shame it's gone really. These regional deals prove that people will adopt digital if you offer them value for money rather than attempting to extort them.


It's a bummer but I'm glad I got a few bargains out of it, better than nowt.

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Playstation 4 (PS4)  + 2 Controllers + Marvel’s SpiderMan + God of War - £263.23 Delivered @ Amazon Spain
Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
Most UK deals are 1 game at 229£ this is 2 games and 2 controllers at 30£ extra. Price includes UK delivery - pay in Euros with fee free card for this price.
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Phew,I feared that I was going to have to forgo sleep tonight.


Might be worth keeping an eye on Amazon Warehouse, I picked up a "Like new" PS4 pro with Spider-Man for £268.90 earlier today. Not sure how frequently the stock changes on the site but worth having a look at periodically if you're not desperate, suspect there will also be a few buyer's remorse returns there in the next week or so.


I really home Monday is better. 3 days of pathetic PS4 deals.


It's 500gb


Good deal but someone will throw in some better games soon, Role on C-Monday

God of War PS4 £13.78 at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
You will need to use the 2 day trick to purchase at this price - simply attempt a file upload to PS+ from an Indonesian account and it should offer you a 2 day trial, if you haven’… Read more
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Highly likely


They do all the time


Damn it, missed out on GoW and Horizon because of a delay setting up a Revolut account. Thought the sale might extend into Cyber Monday but it doesn’t look like it. Do you think they’ll do another sale before the new year


Ah gotcha. I read it thinking you were passing on it just because it had no dlc. (y)


It's a shame we can't top up Indonesia PSN with UK phone credit (excited)

God Of War PS4 £19.99 Amazon Prime Now
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
God Of War PS4 £19.99 Plus New users to prime now can get £10 off £50 before 22nd November
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not available now


I see we just enjoy our snacks on Prime Now.


Err, nope, £35. Haha jokes. It's probably different in Different areas. To be honest I always thought it was £40 as well.


Err, nope still £40 mate.


Teach me how to be a choosing beggar.

Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
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Last transactions i had with game - buying the mispriced Fallout 4 Season Pass and trading in a couple of Switch games that were cheaper to buy digitally than Game offered. Last time I bought an actual game from them? Possibly a Gamecube title


And the person who posted this "deal"


I'd rather they not because of the employees there and also they still have the odd deal worth buying or like their occasional console trade-in offers. Also it might be weak competition but they still have a presence in the gaming industry and it helps keep those other players in check somewhat. Having said that, their stores are predatory and there was a time when I didn't know better either or rather there was little choice. Glad online stores have given them a run for their money but during seasonal highs, they will still sell these games at these inflated prices. Nothing beats a physical store during the xmas shopping run but yeah they're on borrowed time.


Store closures incoming


Let's play spot the GAME employee....

God of War (PS4) £19.99 (Prime) / £22.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Amazon have price matched. Fill ya boots! Update: Now on back-order

Very good condition from Amazon Warehouse available for £15.62 after 20%... maybe the only one left. Hope somebody here grabs it.


You know what was meant, if you're already subscribed to Prime you dont pay for postage.. Prime isn't just a postage service though, and people who frequently use Prime features don't typically pay monthly when it's cheaper annually


Just bought it from Curry's ebay store for 20.99


"Free" postage for £7.99 a month...


Had it with starlink last week ended up cancelling order before it even got to me because they wouldn't price match there then lower price tho ended up getting from currys what was even cheaper.

GOD OF WAR  with free delivery now £19.99 Currys
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Free delivery beating all the other deals i have seen posted so far.

That’s exactly why I rated it 7/10. I’ve a newborn so my gaming time is limited and I didn’t want to spend 2 hours buying and building a house lol


Finally completed it last night, yeah it contains a lot of filler in the epilogue. Still enjoyed parts of it but it did feel like a task to get to the end of it. Now onto the online tonight to see what that's like.


That is exactly what I do. Only games like COD, or BF (which I think I’m going to pass on this time!) will I buy on day one, because I know I’m going to play the MP for hundreds of hours. I’d never pay full price for a game on release, other than that. Especially these “collectors editions” which don’t even include the game itself! A fool and his money, eh ...


Please update me on what is so great about this game? I have £30 of Argos vouchers, which I’m itching to spend! Thanks.


It's my time, I'll waste it how I want. You should stop wasting time posting irrelevant comments and start playing the game.

God of War (PS4) £20.99 || Spider-Man (PS4) £29.99 Free delivery @ Currys
Refreshed 21st NovRefreshed 21st Nov
God of War (PS4) £19.99 Delve into a perilous reimagined adventure with Sony God of War . As mentor and protector to a son determined to earn his respect, Kratos is faced with … Read more

Curry's is now out of stock


I wish I was in your position. My backlog is at least 50 deep on PS4 alone. I don't dare check my Steam account.


The metacritic score of 94 for GOW is tempting me. But £21.99 for the 'Digital Deluxe' edition on UK store And £17 ish for the standard on the US store. Do I really want the poncy extra armour? No I don't :D


Great price for physical copy


Same, tempted to buy it before I've even got a Ps4 lol

God of War PS4 - £20.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Now even cheaper

So Ive heard! Even better now this time of year, I can play the hell out of it and return to Amazon for full refund mid January (ninja)


Awesome game and deal, just finished the story.


Be quick, but this is back in stock for home delivery at Smyths Toys, £19.99, here.


OOO now :( Expired


Showing as £34.80 now :(

God Of War PS4 £24.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Decent price
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better price at Smyths..


Altered (y)


its £20.99 at amazon now but just bought at smyths :)


And £24.99 for Digital Deluxe on PSN.


I think it's £20.99 @ Argos so not a particularly good price.

God Of War With Optional Limited Edition God Of War DualShock £24.99 Or £50 PSN Currency Card £96.99 at VERY
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
God Of War With Optional Limited Edition God Of War DualShock Or £50 PSN Currency Card
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I might need a copy of that :D :D :D


Worst case is I return the game and buy it from one of the many places that have it on offer for £20 so worth the little hassle for a dual shock 4 controller for £5. I will give a update when the item arrives


Must have been changed now as no mention of controller


The 'controller' option has now disappeared seemingly.


...Very's made similar heck-up with GTS 2 weeks ago and had to send plenty of DS', but this time round they rectified title error quiet swiftly, so you can count yourself lucky, if you've manage to order before they did it, cos there is a big chance that it will be honoured (highfive)

God of War PS4 £20.99 @ Argos (add to basket to see this price)
Refreshed 19th NovRefreshed 19th Nov
Cheaper at Smyths but maybe easier to get at Argos for some. (y) Smyths deal courtesy of @Chanchi32 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/god-of-war-ps4-1999-smyths-free-delivery-… Read more

Hi, mine tracked at zero and the bonus cashback is only showing as "opted-in" I was told to put in a claim but could only choose certain categories of items, none of which included video games. Has anyone else had success with these quidco purchases? Cheers


Female gamer here, my usual stuff is indie, resident evils etc ,been playing happy few , but need something different now ! So picking up this copy today :)


I have a suggestion, buy and thank me later.


Actually 19.99 on amazon prime but no stock until 27th November


Is this going to be the price from now on or is it just a temporary sale price? have too many games in backlog,so won’t be playing this if I buy it for 1-2 months

God of War PS4 £19.99 @ Smyths (free c+c)
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
God of War PS4 £19.99 Smyths (physical copy) - free c+c or free delivery if you are an account holder. Price drop across various retailers but looks the cheapest price available. S… Read more
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Rotherham Parkgate store still had stock in today if it helps anyone


Great price, finished it recently. Definitely the most polished game I've played for a few years (I've just started Horizon: Zero Dawn and that's so glitchy and clunky by comparison). Looks amazing in HDR as well, and plenty of side-content as well as the main


Cheers,OP.Just created an account and got free delivery.Great as I have no nearby stores,and don't drive.Thank you.


They finally made a decent GOW game.


Thanks op

God of War PS4 (new/sealed/delivered) £27.85 @ Simply Games
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
May go cold but seems to be the next best price if you prefer new to pre owned, don't want digital and don't have a JL store near you. (y) UPDATE: Just to clarify best deals atm:… Read more
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Guys £19.99 right now! Quite surprising. Great deal. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/god-of-war-ps4-1999-smyths-free-cc-3108435


Yeah certainly! I've loved every game and not tried this one. I'll probably bite!


Wait isnt this 24.99 on psn store (lol)


This game has held it's price well (probably due to the fact it's such a good game), can't see it going under £25 personally. For the sake of a possible few pound I'd get this (my favourite of the last year or two)


Reckon this will get any cheaper for Black Friday?

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