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Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game - Core Set £31.99 from Magic Madhouse
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
Daily deal so ends midnight. Legendary is a good card game where players build their deck of cards as the game progresses to fight the chosen villain and its schemes. This is the c… Read more

Don't know who moved this to kids, but it is for ages 14+ and should not be here. The game is too complicated for the average young person.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Board Game £41.99 at Magic Madhouse (Daily Deal)
Found 15th Jun 2017Found 15th Jun 2017
A great offer on another modern board game. I've been waiting for a good price on this and have personally never seen it sold cheaper. A highly regarded dungeon crawler for 2-5 pla… Read more

Unfortunately board games don't get much heat, or go cold so people mostly feel it is a waste of time posting them. While I'll post them when I get chance,a lot of great prices slip through the cracks due to this. I saw Caverna on Chaos Cards for £40 yesterday, but unfortunately it had sold out by the time I would have got the chance to post it today, I'm sure it would have got on before that though if people thought they'd get heat for it. On the plus side, my copy of Descent turned up today too, looking forward to playing it soon, the app for it looks good too.


My copy arrived today. Really pleased. Great deal. Need to see more board games on here.


Been waiting for a deal on this great dungeon crawler, just picked one up. Have been playing a campaign at a friends and been itching to have my own copy. Heat added.


There's a 'How to Play' vid here;


I've not got it yet, picked it up at this price, but it will obviously be too late to tell you my experiences of it once I get it. What I can say is I've played Imperial Assault which is the Star Wars version of the game with slightly modified rules and I enjoyed that. I suppose the best I can do for an explanation of the game at this point is to think of it as a much updated version of HeroQuest with a proper campaign structure where the story and maps change based on what you did in previous areas as well as your character getting progressively stronger as they adventure more. Or, to take it down to its most basic level, it is a dice rolling hack and slash dungeon crawl. You could have a look at the app that may give you a little idea of what to expect and the old favourite of reading/watching on boardgamegeek would give you far more information than I can: Edit: I should add the game has been doing really well since it released in 2012 and has a huge number of expansions at this point. In my experience games that last this long and are this well supported have to do their base concepts well.

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Pokemon TCG Spring 2017 Collectors Chest Magic Madhouse £17.95 / £21.15 delivered
Found 2nd Jun 2017Found 2nd Jun 2017
Good looking bundle for the little ones (and big-little ones like me). From memory packets of pokemon cards tend to be £3-4 each, so to get 5 packs, a few extra cards, some goodies… Read more
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hahahaha silly genwunners




i second that


Cold real pokemon stopped at #151


Fun fact. This was $22.95 (£17.82) at RRP in america and here it is a "deal of the day" for MORE then the original RRP.

Pokemon Hoenn Power Trading Card TIn: Bundle of 3 - £38.80 @ MagicMadHouse
Found 19th Dec 2016Found 19th Dec 2016
Not easy to find these older tins, and not for cheap prices. Each usually retails for about £14 or more, so with the deal you get all 3 for less than £13 each plus free shipping s… Read more

I ordered these earlier as i frequent the site but hot deal from me. I had £7 in credit as well!


These tins are like gold dust in my area, the West Midlands, had to wait 6 weeks til they were in stock in Argos. Thankfully got some tins now otherwise would've ordered these I'm sure these will be ordered by someone. Thanks for posting. Heat from me


Yeah, my local Tesco only had the new Magearna, Volcanion and Pikachu Tins but they sold out pretty quick, it is a better deal if it's still on at a local Tesco though, just a shame you can't order online.


Might not of been real old tins, but tesco had 3 for 2 on toys, these were included. Much better deal imo.

Pokemon Collector's Chest 2016 £26.50 Delivered @ Magic Madhouse
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
A good deal for this Pokémon Collector's Chest who missed out on the deal earlier in the week. This is a Daily Deal from Magic Madhouse so will expire at the end of the day.
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Showing £29.95


Yeah. Copy and paste the link text - works. Click on link from HUKD (with the special HUKD URL bit) - doesn't.


Ive used them before and had no issues :)


I wonder if the issue is from the links that HUKD uses as they are changed from the original link. If you type the original link directly to the browser they all work fine.


Okay that's really odd... I've just gone through google and found the product and website fine, but through HUKD none of the links work....

Pre Order - Pokemon Generations Charizard Ex Box - £14.95 + £2.60 delivery @ Magic Madhouse
Found 16th Feb 2016Found 16th Feb 2016
This was 24.95 last week. Although been posted previously at 19.95. Best price for 4 packs. the 2 pack sets are over a tenner each. Still over priced for 4 packs though IMO.
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Magic Madhouse/ Chaos Cards are great companies for TCG stuff. They both sell similar stuff at similar prices. Ideal to throw individual cards onto your orders they have a lot for as little as 5p each sometimes


Yeah mate. Generation booster packs are exclusive to 20th anniversary celebration products. Full Art Charizard EX Jumbo Full Art Charizard EX Code Card for the Pokemon TCG Online game x4 Generation booster packs


4 boosters?

[PREORDER] POKEMON Cards - Mythical Collection: Mew £10.95 - (£14.05 delivered) @ Magic Madhouse
Found 9th Feb 2016Found 9th Feb 2016
Contains: A full art promo of Mew A pin badge of Mew A code card for the Pokemon Online TCG 2x Generation Booster packs Generation booster packs are exclusive to 20th anniversary … Read more

Yea they're all gone offline for some reason.




Absolutely rediculous price for 2 packs and a quid mew card. The other sets are still 10.95 and its disappeared altogether from chaos cards but the Celebi and jirachi sets are still on there. Weird that.


It's gone to £12.95 now


That's just killed it for me, then. :(