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Manuka Doctor Flawless Primer £3.99 / £7.99 delivered @ Manuka doctor
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
It's a primer with Manuka honey and bee venom, helps reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles, smothes, controls shine and helps to reduce build-up of impurities. No Parabens … Read more

I think it's still worth it. You can also find them on Topcashback (8,08% and excellent reviews) and Quidco (6,4%).Im thinking today's bonus of £2,50,but trying to stop myself at the same time from buying more face care.


Delivery is more than the cost of the product - puts me off!


So it's more expensive than Tk Maxx :/

1kg 12+ Active Manuka Honey £17.99 + £3.50 delivery at Manuka Doctor
Found 20th Apr 2018Found 20th Apr 2018
1kg 12+ Active Manuka Honey £17.99 + £3.50 delivery at Manuka Doctor
1kg 12+ Active Manuka Honey for £17.99 that's very good price
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Isn't that what Gucci etc do!


Do you not think it's a little perverse that someone is making tons of money out of people's gullibility? Check my last post out as well.


Did you also know that more jars of manuka honey are being sold in the UK than actually produced? This could mean UK consumers hoping to take advantage of its apparent healing qualities could be buying bogus jars. Yes, and is manuka honey really worth the money?


Da hell are you smoking? Lol


That's not true. The health food industry hypnotises the bees, all individually, so they can select only the pollen that has been touched by the fairies. On return to base, all the collected pollen is washed over a unicorn's horn. The really expensive stuff is left on the unicorns horn for a bit longer, until it is removed by a specially trained pixie. This has been proven by real science to be the only way that the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide - an oxidizer, or free radical if you wish, as in the thing antioxidants target) can form a magical cloud of healing energy in your aura, fact.

Manuka Honey reduced at Manuka Doctor £7.79 / £11.29 delivered
Found 12th Jan 2018Found 12th Jan 2018
Manuka Honey reduced at Manuka Doctor £7.79 / £11.29 delivered
Good prices for Manuka Honey 250g

If it doesn't say UMF 5+ on the plastic jar the honey is useless.


Contaminated everything. Everywhere...


contaminated bees you have there, in london enviroment :(


? Find a local beekeeper and get unprocessed honey. These guys should be able to help or try the Uni they have an apairy


What’s best brand normal honey in supermarket ?

Manuka Doctor Triple pack only £35 (usually £85)
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Manuka Doctor Triple pack only £35 (usually £85)
Excellent price for quality Manuka Honey Usually £85 250g jar of 15+ Manuka Honey 250g jar of 20+ Manuka Honey 250g jar of 24+ Manuka Honey Fully traceable Manuka Honey, from hive… Read more
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Aldi sell Manuka Honey at 6.99 permanent price. Might as well buy it from there. Same size jar, 250g.


Keep away from this stuff, it's not real Manuka. Read the various articles about how much of the real Manuka is produced and how much is consumed, it does not add up. I have always used Comvita and stick with it, fully certified and traceable, but you pay for it, no silly offers like this joke of a company


Save your money, buy local and get heather honey which is just as effective as manuka.


Best comment over


So you're a sales assistant that thinks typing something in CAPITAL LETTERS means you're right. (excited)

60% off all Manuka honey and skincare ! + £3.50 P&P for orders under £35 / Free Over £35
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
60% off all Manuka honey and skincare ! + £3.50 P&P for orders under £35 / Free Over £35
And this is not it , you can win a car 🚗 with every purchase on Manukadoctor!! (y) 🏼 (y) 🏼 (y) 🏼… Read more

This is actually a good deal. Especially skincare range. Think people are voting without looking at it


Bought for 12.50 in boots

60% off EVERYTHING at Manuka Doctor
Found 23rd Aug 2017Found 23rd Aug 2017
60% off EVERYTHING at Manuka Doctor
Hi i got an email this afternoon which said 60% off everything on the wesbite so get your orders in quickly!!

snake oil


8.4% cashback


These guys CAN'T PROVE their honey is genuine. AVOID THIS COMPANY. Speaking from experience


In my opinion manuka is over hyped please can someone do a experiment and compare it to raw organic honey which cost half price.


Damn, they're all out of MRI machines.

Manuka Honey 20+ - £18.95 for 500g from Manuka Doctor
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Manuka Honey 20+ - £18.95 for 500g from Manuka Doctor
Manuka Doctor have reduced three of their 500g honeys by 60%. 12+ is £11.95 20+ is £18.95 24+ is £21.95 This is the cheapest price I've found for 20+ on the Manuka Doctor brand i… Read more

Wooooosh ! X) I knew i'd get a bite.


Manuka doctor is not genuine manuka


​That's Manuka style honey, not real Manuka


aldi does manuka honey £2.99 a jar I think 200g


​Really not the same mate, it's like saying Aldi trainers are the same as Nike. Manuka honey is Nike of honey world. Good price OP, heat given.

Free Manuka Beauty Kit @ Manuka Doctor
Found 16th Apr 2016Found 16th Apr 2016
Free Manuka Beauty Kit @ Manuka Doctor
I'll put some effort into your post for you. starter kit includes: ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask (7ml) ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum (5ml) ApiRefine Targeted Wrinkle Filler (3… Read more



Apologies, I'm new at posting items as you can probably tell!


Out of stock


out of stock, b&s possibly.


Thanks for posting jaycon74, I've also edited the link so it goes to the offer. We don't allow links for third party referral/affiliate sites.