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Posted 18 June 2023

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller - Starfield Limited Edition (Xbox Series X) - £64.95 delivered @ The Game Collection

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Get ready for takeoff with the Xbox Wireless Controller Starfield Limited Edition, the essential navigation piece for every explorer’s collection featuring transparent triggers, full side and back grips, and more. Play on console and PC. Peer inside the transparent triggers to see bronze rumble motors working to propel you on an epic adventure. Hold onto full side and back, two-tone grips designed to resemble spaceship panels. Examine how the bronze, metallic D-pad complements the clean, technical design of the white top-case. Remember your status as an intrepid voyager via the Constellation-inspired colour mark around the Xbox button - a visual reminder to explore. “For all, into the Starfield."
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  1. jco83's avatar
    Just been added on their eBay store, 10% off code still going makes it £62.95. possible Nectar Points offers available alongside. *not many available (started with 5) (edited)
  2. Arkz's avatar
    £57.23 for £75 of Xbox/MS top ups on eneba, then £70 for it on the MS store.

    So I've paid £57.23 and got £5 left over on my account.
    adam.yacub's avatar
    Wait how does that work pls
  3. rizzo777's avatar
    I'm still gutted about it only being 30fps honestley I'd rather play 720p with 60fps.
    the_crufitan's avatar
    Digital foundry do a good breakdown of why it's 30fps on YouTube. Sure in an ideal world all games would be 60fps. But to achieve that wouldn't just take 720p (and seriously, not sure that would go down well on series x) but reduces amount of objects, detail, scope of game.
    I think this will be a worthwhile trade off, but time will tell. And luckily gamepass means I don't have to risk £70 to find out
  4. philmount's avatar
    Deal? Not really unless it came with the game
    gopolog86's avatar
    £5 cheaper than anywhere, so still a deal
  5. Moody_Cloud's avatar
    That's a stupid price for an outdated controller IMO. It costs more than a DualSense with none of the features but has some fancy random design that you won't even look at when you're playing.

    MS truly have mastered the art of selling you countless controllers at inflated prices. This is fundamentally the exact same controller from 2013. It should not cost anywhere near this much.
    matt139's avatar
    It’s still the best controller around by far. If you’re on pc there is no point having anything else, way more comfortable to hold than the dualsense.
  6. Doyl's avatar
    Comes with £8 of reward points as well with their 5x points offer if my math is right.
    Ian_D123's avatar
  7. HungryCaterpillar's avatar
    Do game collection ship these in cardboard?

    Just got mine from argos, in a plastic bag, battered. (edited)
    Diabolik88's avatar
    Decent solid quality cardboard box with loads of air pockets mine came in.
  8. SpaghettiMonster's avatar
    Is this controller aesthetic only or does it have additonal buttons that do things in the game?
    rev6's avatar
  9. darkstryder360's avatar
    If anyone wants to make another 55 pence saving... If you have SmartSpending app, 8% off Xbox Purchases, bringing the price to £64.40
  10. awesomegiles26's avatar
    Often seen deals for Microsoft store in other regions, which is how I've gotten past controllers for cheap like the 20th edition. Is this not cheaper at the likes of Switzerland store, which I think currently converts to £63.94 (not massive saving currently)? (edited)
    Diabolik88's avatar
    Bit late now but I did get 10% CS cashback, only bought it this morning and it has tracked already

  11. ollefrolle's avatar
    Does anyone know if the actual plastic case of the controller is a different texture than a normal Xbox controller?
    I hate the bumpy plastic on normal controllers. My old special edition Gears of War controller had smooth plastic and it was the best thing ever, but that controller's wrecked now
    LeeHarvey1988's avatar
    I’ve bought one of these and it definitely feels different to my standard controller, smoother feel to it and has the rubber grips on the back.
  12. DanoVan's avatar
    A Plague Tale: Requiem was 30fps only until last month or so and that played amazing so I’ll judge when I play it
    starsi360's avatar
    I went from loving Plague Tale Innocence at 60fps to starting Requiem at 30 and hating it, with 30fps as soon as you start turning the camera and moving it just looks so choppy, can't stand it at all. When it got updated to 60 recently, it was like a night and day difference. Some people cant see the difference, my brother for example doesn't notice and for me it's mind blowing. But then some people in my family cant see the difference between SD and 1080P so I guess it just depends on the person! But for me 30fps is just a no no, regardless of whether its a fast paced or more slow moving game. I just don't like it at all.
  13. darkstryder360's avatar
    Great looking controller, but that price is offensive. My Cyberpunk and Halo ones shall have to do!
  14. mattlong37051's avatar
    To be fair I bought this full price from Microsoft Store it’s a really nice controller, if I didn’t already have it I’d nab it for this price
  15. FLIPENDO's avatar
    Shame I don't like the feel of xbox controllers because I'd have quite a few. This is one of the best looking ones yet
    TheAmazingNoob's avatar
    Same. I loved the X360 controller, but the Xbox One/Series controller just doesn't feel right to me. Can't go a few hours of using it without getting hand cramps, something I don't experience with any other controller
  16. Katar83's avatar
    I'm not going to lie, this looks great but damn, paying almost twice the price for a pretty case is a bit much
  17. thefreakingclaw's avatar
    Nice pride controller.
    Parzival2's avatar
    Constellation, but yeah my wife said the exact same thing
  18. Hopps's avatar
    I do like the look of it but it's a bit expensive. Funny, loads of people were 100% sure it was fake when the design leaked. Voted hot for the deal though. (edited)
  19. hellachloe's avatar
    Now that's a custom controller. Take a hint Sony.
    boulder1's avatar
    Have you used a dualsense? I don't think Sony need to be taking note of MS using essentially the same hardware from two generations ago
  20. Doyl's avatar
    Debated about it last night, it went out of stock, woke up earlier to find it back in stock and just went for it. Thanks to the OP!
  21. Leigh36295's avatar
    In stock still but no 5x points now
  22. MaxJenson's avatar
    I'll be playing on PC with my DualSense, but have just grabbed this as it does look rather beautiful. Even if it'll likely never get used.
  23. zwarder's avatar
    tempting but I think ms reward points will be spent on this one
  24. RockstarRobbo's avatar
    Back in stock
  25. meridiusuk's avatar
    Don’t worry everyone’s will have a button register problem or stick drift after a few months of use just like any other controller Microsoft do including the premium elites.

    I am getting fead up of buying controllers but if you buy any controllers
    I recommend the extended replacement warranty
    starsi360's avatar
    Best way is to buy a controller, once you've had it a year or so look out for another great offer on HUKD on a new one and trade your old one to cex (they often give £33-36 voucher) and repeat. Also, call me sad, but I like getting a different colour or design each time so thats a bonus :-)

    Also, aside from the Elite S2 which is terrible, I've never had any issues with buttons or stick drift on any of them!
  26. TwentyTwo's avatar
    Finally, rubber grips on both side and back.
  27. Paul_Lawless's avatar
    65 notes Its just a controller!
    mrdarknight79's avatar
    That's the norm. People expect to pay that for a special edition controller that will only go up in price as it's limited in supply.

    Take note the PS Edge controller is £209.99 and Xbox Elite 2 £159.99 so by comparison £65 sounds like a deal.
  28. CAL23's avatar
    £65 for a controller, the world's gone mad!
    wjw's avatar
    Check prices for the personalised controllers, but be seated before you check
  29. Diabolik88's avatar
    Nice, now do I open it or keep it sealed for years on end?
    mini76's avatar
  30. razortth's avatar
    What had happened to this thread? Now I read a lot of unrelated comments talking about fps and games, I dont get it, I must have missed something lol
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