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MOT & Wheel alignment check - £15.75 with Code @ Protyre / Groupon

£15.75£2228% off
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    Absolute grifters. I took my car in here for an MOT years back. I had used them for ni on a decade to buy new tyres on a yearly basis fir my motorcycles, so I thought they were a safe bet, and that I was a valued customer. How wrong I was. Car failed the MOT on about twelve different things. I don't remember everything they said but I remember how much they wanted to charge me to fix everything and pass it. £362. Price included two new headlights, I believe they said mine were out of alignment or loose fittings or something. Nothing was wrong with them. They wanted to replace my radiator because it wasn't the original, didn't have AC function, still fail to see how that would even be an advisory if it was functional (it was and still is) new wipers and a bunch of other things which completely blindsided me. I immediately took it to a different local garage, who passed it with one advisory (tyre wear). Literally none of the faults they failed it on ever appeared in any of the subsequent five MOT's I took it for at multiple garages. Always passed.

    Needless to say I also buy my tyres elsewhere now too.
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    Thanks to all those that have been specific. So, the following branches get the thumbs up.



    Rugby (Warks)

    Bristol, Church Road

    Whilst the Plymouth and Ipswich branches get a thumbs down for unspecified reasons.

    Any more specific comments? (edited)
    Bristol, Church road one is great. Been going there for years with various codes. In fact have my MOT tomorrow before I seen this, but only £35 anyway. (edited)
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    I have regularly used the place in Slough and have found them to be quite decent with no issues
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    Once purchased how long is it valid till. Got my MOT in May
    It's valid for 90 days
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    Does this incl a free retest if fails?
    Mine did in Swadlincote.

    Failed on its front shocks which after 13 years I can't grumble about.
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    Nice deal but I will never ever step foot in my local Protyre (Plymouth) again.
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    While I appreciate that every garage is different I have used these at my local in Swadlincote for quite a few years now with no major dramas.

    Heat from me
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    Ok it’s cheap, but they could need to claw the difference back from you if they can, use caution
    I don't see an issue with "claw the difference back" if there is a legitimate defect to fail the car, they probably calculated that x% people taking up this loss leading offer will fail for legit reasons like tyre tread under the legal depth and will get the money 'back' fitting high profit margin cheap junk no name chinese tyres like laufenn's to pass.

    I have no issue with failing on tyres and replacing them with quality safe Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear, Michelin's etc BUT the chinese brand tyres that franchise garages get massive discounts own pushing them of unknowing customers to pass the MOT is a massive con when your car ends up in a ditch ..
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    Code not working for me either
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    Welcome works
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    Does that actually include correcting any faults/issues because the test places like Kwikfit provide are only that "tests" you then have to pay for the realignment etc
    Well it does say check and not fix.
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    Some variable reviews here - I'll add my tuppence - the Protyre in Rugby (Warks) is excellent
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    49371541-EZjee.jpgFor me worked even cheaper
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    Find out the cost of actual wheel alignment if you’re interested in the alignment check - as the check is free I suspect they make their money back and more afterwards
    90 days
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    Been using this offer for years now and all passes except one and was a 15 min fix myself
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    They charge to check wheel alignment?


    I just go on whether my steering feels right and if not pay for alignment. Saves this upfront unnecessary cost.
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    I saw this after I bought it
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    Any of those free checks are just a trap to charge you for the actual alignment. Just beware of that. But 15 quid for MOT is not bad. I would just be sure I fix everything in advance so I know it will pass.
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