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MOT from Kwik Fit for £19.71
31/05/2021Expires on 31/05/2021LocalLocalPosted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Price celebrates 50 year birthday and has been extended until the end of May.

Never had a problem with kwik fit, and taken a variety of normal and sports cars to them. One time the guy even said 'thats not going to pass because of the number plates, but go get some made up whilst its on the ramp'.


Na was steering slightly but they said it was so bad I had to have it done. As soon as they did the work we drove back to midlands and was the same. Took it to family friend garage and took me under car to show they done sod all, bloody cowboys


Some testers are more scrupulous than others. If anyone has had a bad experience, give details and name the branch. The same should apply to any chain. Name and shame.


Im stuck with Peugeot this year as have MOT insurance. Then back to my mechanic, I go where he says. That way it does not fail on any of the grey areas where they like to get you on. My mechanic was an MOT tester so knows all the rules. The no pass no fee mot sites are good also.


Lol. (lol) (embarrassed) (lol) .very true.only go to where they charge you £30/35/ even £40 woth it because you won't get a heart attack.

Formula one Autocentre M.O.T £18.50 at
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Cheap MOT's for cars and light vehicles for £18.50.

If you take a tyre off the rim it will need balancing again especially the fronts . So yes with a tyre change balancing is a given. Tracking is not always needed although with the state of our roads (pot holes) it's more and more common to be needed. If you old tyres look worn equally across the tread then tracking is not needed. Like the other guy stated hunter tracking is well worth the money as you get a printout of before and after .


I think I’ll take it on board as per what other users have replied to me with in their experience of geometry checks. The better handling and tyre wear is certainly appealing. Bushes just go with wear and tear but 80-100k certainly doesn’t sound bad or unreasonable to having them replaced. Bit of a pain replacing the arms but from what I hear; the pin holding them doesn’t come out easy.


Yep after looking it up, I’ve seen the difference between the two which has piqued my interest as I hadn’t come across something like this before but I learned something new today which I’ll take forward :)


I understand now with this reply from you and some looking up I did. And if I did go somewhere like this and they tried selling me that service, I’d certainly be looking at what it is and if I actually need that as per my experience with the car. I’d have a very real incentive to do so. My experience, having driven over several hundred thousand miles in several cars is that I’ve not suffered vibration in my steering wheel to specifically require wheel balancing and had the tracking done as and when the tyres need changing.


Yep, just had mine today with a local garage. £45 and rather than put an advisory down they gave me a post it note about my passenger windscreen wiper. Great service and worth every penny. They even fixed a minor issue with my radio whilst it was in the bay.

Half Price MOT Test - £27.42 with code at National Tyres and Autocare
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Half Price MOT at National Tyres Enter discount code when booking online on website

Cheers for sharing @ziz98 - good find :)


Didn’t charge for the retest sorry . I didn’t get the job done at NT as my mate is a mechanic sure it was about £100 for the job .. couldn’t swear to it though it was ages ago .


No charge fot the test?... how much was the track rod end job?


I’ve taken 2 cars over 10 times ,over the years to Nat tyres with this £27 deal . Only failed one car for a track rod end , which I had fixed elsewhere and they didn’t charge for the test. So before the urban myths abound and everyone who has never even been to Nat Tyres pipes up with horror stories , this is my experience of Nat tyres.


Mmmyeah you're gonna need some new tyres

Online booking for MOT £19.71 @ Kwik-Fit
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Kwik-Fit are currently offering MOTs for £19.71 throughout the month of April. Price seems to be nationwide and no discount codes needed. Obviously you run the risk of it failing a… Read more

But an inexpensive anticlimax!


Passed, one advisory for child seat fitted. What an anticlimax !


At Kwikfit now for my bargain price MOT. Let's see what they pick up on !


BBC watchdog about Kwik fit: BBC your money their trick /kiwk fit


I got it checked at the dealership, and the year after by another tester at the local garage I now use... No play ever found. My local garage charge more than double the price of Kwikfit for MOT and everytime they spend between 45min to 1hour just for MOT. (no free alignement check or any BS whatsoever). Guy at Kwik Fit did my MOT in less than 30 min, I remember cause I was happy as I though I would be in and out quickly. Then they drove the car on their laser hawkeye machine at which point I told them I didn't need any alignment but they said it was part of their check and it was free.... Spent minutes 15/20 minutes more. Then they told me I had a "slight" play as an advisory and my wheel are out of alignment. You tell me who is more thorough ;) . As you rightly point out, a "slight play" is purely at the discretion of the tester. Less than £20 for an hour of their time is a loss for them. Think about how much garage usually charge for an hour of work (confused) This offer is clearly to get people through their doors and they will try to upsell as much as possible to make up for the loss. How much depends on the branch and their sales target. For such large chain as Kwikfit, it's just a number game. I read that one thing they really want is to get people to pay for a wheel alignement. It's one of their most profitable service. They even have sales target on this. Hence being so eager to "offer" a free check to as many customers as possible. How generous of them (lol) (lol) (lol) Remember a wheel alignememt doesn't require any spare part and doesn't take too long.

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Free MOT with any purchase no min spend (free delivery on £20 spend otherwise £3.99) @ Halfords
2216° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Update 2
19/04 - Ends today
You can get a free MOT (currently priced at £39.85) with any online or instore purchase no min spend e.g £1 bucket. Only exclusions on qualifying purchases are carrier bags, gift c… Read more

Nope. Besides the deal ends in November 2021


Is there a way to choose a MOT date in 2022?


Just took the van down for it's MOT and it's passed again, no works required, no Halfords scam to be seen. Just a nice free MOT.


Still not had mine. Going to contact customer services


Mine took 3 days

MOT test, vehicle and battery health check and 10% off repairs - £18.49 ATS @ Groupon
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Nice deal this Validity: Expires 30 April 2021. Purchase: Limit 2 per person. May buy 2 additional as gifts. Advance Booking Required: Please CLICK HERE to check your close… Read more

Agreed 100% dont say more


Used ATS for three years now for two cars, only had one failure and that was cheaply rectified, no daft faults identified.


Went to ATS for an MOT about 7 years ago while I was at uni - so away from my usual garage. They showed me some test results which they said meant the alternator was about to fail and strongly recommended they replace it, along with all the other 'required' jobs they found. Later asked my usual independent garage and they said I'd be wasting my money if they touched the alternator, along with a few other things I can't remember now. But I do know that seven years and about 100,000 miles later, I've had absolutely no problems with that alternator, touch wood.


One of their best performing or one of their best at conning and getting money.


Total crap . Bought two group on vouchers . Booked first car in rang night before aswell to confirm ok as had distance to travel . Arrived at 0830 to be told MOT tester had gone sick 2 hours wasted should have gone to my usual local place . Waste of time now got two groupon credits and paid for MOT elsewhere . Don’t want to say which ATS as last time I got loads of responses probably from friends families and employees saying how fantastic they were . So I will let everyone else decide for themselves (y) (y) (y) 😬