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£5 off MOT bookings at Kwik Fit
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Just booked my annual MOT and found this code. Unsure if it has an expiry date but if it helps someone, then use away. Quick update: my car passed with only two advisories so it j… Read more
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Quick update: my car passed with only two advisories so it just goes to show that not all of them are out to fleece their customers


Thanks for posting this op. Booked just now a worked ok so saved me a fiver. (y)


Different strokes for different folks Lucas. Perhaps I was just lucky. :)


I'm 100% certain than if Kwik Fit no longer had an MOT license, customers would go elsewhere for their compulsory MOT


I’ve used them for a minor repair, afterwards he specifically told me I needed a gear box oil change which was untrue, so he lost a customer for life

Check if a vehicle is taxed and MOT
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
You can check your vehicle's CO2 emissions and tax status by entering its registration into the Government's Find out if a vehicle has up-to-date vehicle tax or has been register… Read more

Correct me if I'm wrong but legally I think you are only allowed to check a car you own and I know when my tax/mot/insurance are due as I get reminders. As other comment if you start checking/reporting cars in the streets police are just not interested


Useless for reporting got told by the police they can only get involved if caught whilst in use on a public road


Use this to check two cars that where dumped on the street. Cause they weren’t taxed got them taken away


This isn’t a deal, this isn’t relevant to this site!


Know your car app is better tells you when your tax, mot and insurance is due. Also tells you your mileage and previous Mots and if it's ever failed. All free of charge and can add as many cars as you want.

£5 off Service 10% off Mot £5 off Air con Re-gas with Codes @ Formula 1 Autocentres
30/04/2019Expires on 30/04/2019Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
APR195 £5 off a service APRMOT19 10% off MOT 5OFFACRG15 … Read more
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Are they really that bad ?


£30 added on if you are a woman. £100 added on if you believe all the rubbish they come out with about things needing replacement..


Also there's a £2 off wheel alignment voucher (printable) here:

Free MOT with any purchase at halfords
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
They had this offer a while ago and it looks to have come back. Buy anything in halfords and claim a free MOT in halfords auto centre. You can buy a sponge for £1 and get an mot fo… Read more

I received another too, must use by Oct 31st though


Thanks, just recieved my free mot voucher.



Yea - it does say offer expired but put details in and seems to have gone through - I'll see how it goes, Thanks


Well the link still works :s

MOT with a Wheel Alignment Check and Optional Check-Up Service at Protyre (36 Locations, Nationwide) £22.50 @ Protyre via Groupon
20/11/2019Expires on 20/11/2019Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Thought this was a decent offer for anyone with a car MOT coming up. Get your MOT with a wheel alignment check for any vehicle under 2.0L engine capacity for just £22.50 by Protyre… Read more

In theory all MOT's should be done to the same standard. Only certain things are left to the discretion of the tester. DVSA mark any testing station not charging full price as a higher risk, the main reason for this is likely because there is more of an incentive for them to wrongly fail a car to make money, because at £22.50 for an mot, the station is not making any money, and in fact would be lucky to be breaking even at that. In regards to the TPMS being on, I always check the tyre pressures and try to reset it wile carrying out an mot and only fail on TMPS light on if it doesn't go out after i've tried that. You won't keep a lot of customers as a testing station if you keep failing simple little fixes like that. And as for getting a free wheel alignment, I really can't see the incentive for any garages to offer that. It takes at least 10-15 minutes to properly setup the car on the ramp with all 4 gauges fitted on, can't see many people offering to do that for free, time is money.


I guess that it displayed a warning light for the TPMS, If so that is a failure. Not their job to reset it etc... They're automatic failures. Naturally a lot of garages that do repairs will have an agenda to fail it. Not all but lots will and do. Council run MOT stations gain nothing from failing them, In fact most would want you to pass. They may be thorough, They're supposed to be thorough. If your car "genuinely" doesn't meet the required standard then yes it will and should fail. Personally I would rather my car fail if it was potentially unsafe. I wouldn't want to be running around in a potential deathtrap etc. I used to use We Only Mot, Because if it fails you pay nothing, You pay after the retest! Unless your car is over 10 years old, Then it's £25 if it fails. You pay another £20 should you retest it etc.. You could decide to scrap the car instead etc.. I now use my friends garage for MOT's, He'd tell me if it was unsafe etc..


You might want to try a new garage.


Or you take it to the garage who invent fails to take more money off you. you don’t think the garage will automatically repair things for you there and then do you? So you are still going or have to drive there and back a few times to get it to pass. At least if you fail at a council ran centre you have peace of mind that it actually failed genuinely.


I thought most places that do wheel alignment do a free check. Always seems to need adjustment! If you've no tyre wear and steering feels OK, I wouldn't let anyone touch it, could end up creating a problem.


Not sure if it will work when you use a code


Service for my car is £100 online. Rang them up and they said £90 for the service So with £5 off ringing direct still cheaper.


nightmare company will try and sell you the moon and the stars when all you wanted was a tyre


Car Servicing 5.25% @ TCB

ATS Eurosmaster MOT - £17.99 with free battery health check and 10% off any repairs via Groupon
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Just purchased this deal on groupon best price around I personally couldn’t get any promo codes to work ATS EUROMASTER MOT £17.99 WITH FREE BATTERY HEALTH CHECK AND 10% OFF ANY R… Read more
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How much extra were you charged?


Really good deal. I managed to get it down in price last year with vouchers but that didn't work this time around. Was really pleased with the service I received and the price I paid. I bought this voucher with a 6% cashback from.


Government Mot website today... Driving a vehicle that’s failed. You can take your vehicle away if: your current MOT certificate is still validno ‘dangerous’ problems were listed in the MOTOtherwise, you’ll need to get it repaired before you can drive.


Not any more you can’t. As soon as it fails, it has failed and can’t be driven, no matter how much time is left on your MOT. The law was changed in May 2018.


Its quite simple, make them show you the fault.....


After discount still they are expensive !!!!


Remove the windows then ;) (lol)


They suck.. I brought my car with no wheels, no doors, no engine, no lights , and then tried to charge me for new window wipers!


Cooper tyres get free puncture repair too (y)


Don't forget quidco/topcashback for extra savings

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Get Free MOT reminders
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Sign up to get free reminders by text message or email when your MOT is due You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT.

Heat from me.


AA reminded me when i broke down. It was expired 2 months ago


Find a cheap labour garage, they are a lot arround


Next time try to find a deal on Groupon (as I did, paid 17£) then once you find one see on google if the garage have a good amount of high reviews so you won't complain about their poor service


I hate mot time always costs a bomb

£5 off a kwik fit mot
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
I know it’s not much, but code works for an extra £5 off an mot at Kwik Fit. Code still works and can take it down to £20. Sorry it’s linked to daily mail website
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Thanks OP, always use a local kwik-fit that are fair/honest. Saved me £5 plus 8% topcashback which always pays out with vouchers = £20 MOT. Code seems to be GSG5MOT2402 now


I've had a bad experience with Kwik fit - I only went for a new tyre. 1) Took off the wrong one 2) Put on a different tyre I asked for 3) Over-inflated it by 6psi 4) Told me I needed all 4 wheels balancing (I only wanted the new one done - the others were already perfect) 5) Didn't replace wheel nut cap correctly - which caused to fly off down motorway. So thats 5 issues for a simple tyre change - no way I'm taking my car in for an MOT, even if it was free. I rather pay for a proper job - than a bodge job, if you love your car then do not use them... 'You can't sh*tter than a Kwik fit fitter'


Not working now.... Oh yes it is! £20 thanks a bunch.


If there is no faults then you are very lucky, no one comes out with no faults from these guys. If you had faults then most times they aren’t faults but them “finding things” hence your cold deal.


Never had an issue that has cost me any extra as passed first time every time, or had become a fault in the many years I’ve had my car, dont get your reply?

FREE Car Check DVLA Data, Tax, CO2, MOT and Mileage History, Plate Transfers, Recall,
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
FREE Car Check DVLA Data, Tax, CO2, MOT and Mileage History, Plate Transfers, Recall and etc
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Sorry, no vehicle has been found with the registration plate (y) Nice one nearly as good as the OP's post.


I use total car check its pretty basic


Just a gimmick to get you to buy a full HPI check etc,. As already pointed out the details that they give 'FREE' are available on Govt site


Some good alternatives mentioned here, thanks


How do they make any money if its free r is it a start up give away.

Castrol Edge FST Engine Oil - 0W-30 - 4ltr £26.49 @ Eurocarparts
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Castrol Edge FST Engine Oil - 0W-30 - 4ltr £26.49 @ Eurocarparts
Very good price for this top quality oil using the code BLACKFRIDAY Free delivery or collection from your local store.

I did enter the car reg and the triple qx 0w-20 came up as one of the options. But I’ve been doing some reading and they’re saying to use 5w30


0w 20 would normally be for high performance cars not a Suzuki Swift, pop your car reg in the site and it will give you the recommended type, the code should work on all the oils I’d have thought


Great deal OP. Can anyone let me know if this will work with a 2007 Suzuki swift petrol. I’ve purchased 0w20 from them but it’s triple qx. Tempted to cancel that and get this instead Thanks


Hot. Not the one I need for my xc90 but code works as well for mine!! Voted hot


Shall I buy or wait?

Check the MOT status of a vehicle @ GOV.UK
Found 14th Oct 2018Found 14th Oct 2018
Check the MOT status of a vehicle @ GOV.UK
Enter a vehicle’s details to see whether it has an MOT certificate and when it runs out. This service is also available in Welsh ( Cymraeg ). Enter the registration number of the… Read more

Insulting ones intelligence is one thing, calling someone who “pays” his taxes an idiot I suggest you look up the definition in the Oxford dictionary. obviously you need to remove the vehicle off the road hence the reason for SORN’ing the car


I doubt any of us are if you live in America.


I found this very helpful this week as my car failed it's MOT. I could look this up and see all the details before getting back to the garage, Also garages are notorious for not calling when they have finished with your car. The MOT updates as soon as it is done so I could check online and find out if it was done or not.




*Sigh* This can only be used by the dealer who registered the vehicle in the first place and MUST be received within 7 days of the registration taking place. Try again Freeman.

Free MOT at Halford Autocentres with any purchase
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
Free MOT at Halford Autocentres with any purchase
Free MOT at Halfords Autocentres when you buy anything from a local Halfords store or . Free MOT voucher valid for 12 months How do I qualify? To qualify for this… Read more

Help needed. My email to apply for voucher arrived... now cant find my receipt and too late to make a qualifying repurchase. Does anyone have a spare receipt???


Mine failed tyre had had cut on inside , they didn’t try and sting me for anything retest question do do I have to take it back to Halfords for a retest or can you go anywhere for a retest at a lowered rate?


I took my both cars there and We never had a problem with them.


Mine did too


mine did !

£20 MOT with voucher @ formula one
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
£20 MOT with voucher @ formula one
ASHGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
£20 for MOT’s at formula one with voucher till 1st of October.
Read More

Used Halfords and never had an issue with the mots as they never reported anything wrong and I’ve used f1 for a air con recharge that cost only £12.50 (which someone kindly posted) again no issues. However I’ve had 2 tyres fitted by F1 which turned out were the wrong size which Halfords spotted when it went for the mot. But give them their due they swopped them after I contacted F1’s helpline so got 6 months free use out of them. I suppose it’s just the luck of the draw with any garage.


With my personal experience with F1 Oxford, I would not use them again even for free.


If I was currently driving I think I'd have to "splash the cash" and go with F1 !


Had issues with my local halfords autocentre, so would rather pay for f1 who have always been good for me.


Here it is;

10% off MOT and service at Kwik Fit
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
10% off MOT and service at Kwik Fit
710Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Found in groupon 10% off a combined MOT. And service at Kwik Fit
Read More

Been in the motor trade for 20 years now, and there is one thing that EVERYONE needs to know, NEVER trust Kwikfit with your car, they will do the job properly, but also tell you that things need doing that really don't, their MO is usually ripped off OAPs and women customers who don't necessarily know what they are looking at. To work at that place you need to be a crook to be able to sleep at night knowing that you sold someone stuff they really didnt need just to earn a bit of extra cash in commission.


Tell them they don't need discount code to advertise, just be honest with MOT and service and they will win customers


Just to show the discount does work

Refresh Gel Very Cherry Car Air Freshener 2.5 oz @ Halfords for £1 + Free MOT
Refreshed 11th Sep 2018Refreshed 11th Sep 2018
Refresh Gel Very Cherry Car Air Freshener 2.5 oz @ Halfords for £1 + Free MOT
Combine it with the free MOT offer for maximum value. Was £3. Refresh Gel Very Cherry Car Air Freshener 2.5 ozThe Refresh Gel Very Cherry Car Air Freshener 2.5oz Gel is a g… Read more

Cherry is amazing, and seems to last forever


Does anyone know if these are as good as or worse than the California scents? I usually buy the coronado cherry, but they can be expensive.


Looks better than Cali. Scents.


Does your bigfacthunt stink of cheese?


mmm cheese....

Halfords Free MOT with any Halfords retail store purchase
Refreshed 11th Oct 2018Refreshed 11th Oct 2018
Free MOT at Halfords service centre with any purchase from Halfords retail store. Live and more details 10 September 2018 HOW TO BOOK YOUR FREE MOT Purchase any item at Half… Read more
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If your car has a valid MOT (for say another 6 months) and you take to Halfords and it fails, are you still covered under the existing MOT or is it invalid as you've failed the one at Halfords?


Just took my 30 year old VW campervan in and it only failed on the fog-light bulb. They've let me take it away and get it fixed. Fantastic service again from South Shields Halfords.


Just had mine done. Took half hour. Car passed with 1 advisory for leaking coolant. Chuffed! Cheers OP :)


Cheeky Question: Does anyone have a voucher they don’t plan to use and can PM me? Mines due the 4th and my normal garage have moved :( Thanks in advance (angel)


Had my mot today and great service all done within the hour and passed with no advisories, though the car is like new and I did a basic items check yesterday (lights wipers leaks etc) so I would not expect to fail or have any advories. Overall well done halfords, though I would never take my car to fast fit places unless in an emergency.

Demon 8 piece Valet pack £24.50 @ Halfords(PLUS FREE MOT with any purchase) **Kudos to GOZER**
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Demon 8 piece Valet pack £24.50 @ Halfords(PLUS FREE MOT with any purchase) **Kudos to GOZER**
Demon 8 piece Valet pack £24.50 @ Halfords Contains: Demon Wash Snow Foam Shampoo 1L Demon Spray On Shine 1L Demon Clean 1L Demon Wheels 1L Demon Tyres 1L Large Sponge … Read more

It says: If you purchased any item at Halfords between 10th September - 14th October 2018, and provided us with you car registration number and email address, you should receive a unique voucher code to your email inbox (within 7 days). So guessing its expired.


Plus you don't get the free MOT either


Great Price but B&M stock is so hit and miss.


£20 B&M


Get a free MOT with this too

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