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Integral 120GB P Series 5 SATA III 2.5" SSD Drive - 560MB/s £22.50 with code INT10 @ MyMemory
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
10% off all Integral products at My Memory with code INT10

Surely this deal is way hotter!!! or am I missing something here?


Thanks (y)


Ebuyer Optimus day, WD Green 240GB for £39.93


I've been running this gor a couple of months now in my nettop. Solid SSD, of you want sustained fast writes get something else, but for the boot drive and day to day it's solid


Wish they'd do the 240gb for under £40


I have a 16gb one that is fine and I have a 128gb one which is flakey and needs repairing regularly. I would not trust important files on the 128gb so cannot recommend.


I have had some 8GB ones few years ago, they never failed on me. They were just ordinary cards, not PRO. But now I just stick with Samsung. So can't say how reliable the Integral cards are now. I think it's a decent brand.


Is this a good make?

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Integral 120GB P Series 5 SATA III 2.5" SSD Drive - 560MB/s £24.99 mymemory
Refreshed 14th JulRefreshed 14th Jul
Capacity 120GB Brand Integral Memory Type SSD Drives Read Speed 560MB/s Write Speed 540MB/s Warranty 3 Years Barcode 5055288436626 Product Code INSSD120GS625P5 SKU 347533
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Everyone's a critic eh? Not sure why you're getting so bent out of shape and abusive over a bit of throwaway jesting, but each to his own.


It's fine but it wasn't a funny joke. Enjoy your porn with your popcorn


I was joking.


I have no idea what that means why would you save porn if you can browse the internet and watch it for free? You stupid man

My memory 256gb usb3 memory stick £27.99 delivered @ My memory
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Store, transfer and share up to 256 GB of your favourite photos, videos, music and more with MyMemory USB 3.0 Flash drive. MyMemory USB 3.0 Flash Drive now offers a fast… Read more

Carried out another test at the lower end of the speed copy range. Took a random folder of 795Mb encompassing 4200 folders and 15000 files, most of which are tiny and copied over to both the MyMemory 128Gb USB 3 version of the same stick and this 256Gb one. 128Gb - 18 minutes 256Gb - 8 minutes 51 seconds A 103% increase in speed.


This is even better value than advertised. Copied a range of large files, after formatting to NTFS and am getting much better results than expected, so making this deal more stonking than it was to start with.


If it's somehow ended up read-only but works fine other than that then you can copy everything off it onto your HD then format it which will make it writeable again. Or you can open the Windows cmd line terminal and try entering one command at a time: DISKPART > list disk > select disk X* > attribute disk clear readonly (*insert drive number of USB in place of X). If you get no joy while the computer is running live then try booting into recovery and doing it while the OS and drives are inactive.


Just my 2p. I have one of these 128gb version. They are slow. Usb2 slow. Mine worked fine for over a year and then stopped accepting data. I can read what's on it so no data was lost but any write attempt ends with an error. Tried multiple pcs with different os - always same effect. Haven't tried Linux though


So use USB2. Then you'll be able to say it's fast.

SanDisk 128GB Ultra Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I A1 + Adapter - 100MB/s £27.99 @ mymemory
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Ideal for Android-based smartphones and tablets, A1 rating means that the card is specifically designed to enable the smooth loading of Apps. Fast for better pictures, app performa… Read more

ive just bought one from picstop for 25.99


I use an Android app which, in my experience very accurately, reads the manufacturer name, date, serial number etc from the chip on your MicroSd card. App name: SD insight Link: It has revealed most if not all ebay cards I have bought in the past to be random unknown brand names with very nice lettering saying Sandisk or Kingston on the card itself. Also if you use an app to measure the transfer rate to and from the card, this will give a good idea how honest it is. Bear in mind units i.e. 100 Megabit is 12.5 Megabytes. Another factor that if you have an older or budget phone, your SD card may be faster than the memory controller of the device which is plugged into. Thus, you would be measuring the speed of the memory controller in your phone as opposed to the speed of the SD card itself. The first technique I mentioned is probably the most direct and accessible method to use, but if you are savvy enough to analyze and understandor the results of speed testing (or are cynical of the veracity of the SD Insight app) I would recommend another Play Store app; Name: A1 SD bench Link: Hope the above helps somebody. As an addendum, I believe that counterfeit goods are prohibited from Royal Mail and perhaps all other couriers. Therefore in the event of a successful ebay claim you will probably be told to destroy the item as opposed to sending it back, don't quote me on this last paragraph though :)


Certainly doesn't look very reassuring to me!


Is there a website to check authenticity. I bought this exact same one on ebay, but have a niggling doubt that it may be fake


Nope. Go for it.

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Anker 3A PowerCore 10400mAh powerbank - £15.99 from MyMemory
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
*Update* still showing on offer today (07/07/18. Includes free delivery. Offer for today only (06/07/18) Ultra compact 10400mAh external battery from Anker, the ultra compact d… Read more
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There are a lot more cheaper ones on the net. A decent recommendation is buy a half decent one. Or wait and just hope your battery charger does the job till then..


It shows £19.99 now... dang I'm too late!




Not expired - still in stock


Just out of interest.....having used over 20 dashcams why do you pay someone to install the battery? :o Thanks for the other helpful advice.

Aukey Qi 10W Universal Wireless Fast Charger WITH ADAPTIVE FAST CHARGE £18.99 @ MY MEMORY
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
I'm thinking of getting this as it seems the cheapest currently. Free delivery and returns. I found the same one on amazon for £19.99. It looks like a good price to me, hence … Read more

Thanks mate!


Loyalty and deal finding respect!


(:I (y)


Heat added out of sheer loyalty. Crap deal.


Not a good price then?

Samsung 128GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter £27.99 @ MyMemory
Refreshed 3 h, 17 m agoRefreshed 3 h, 17 m ago
Back in stock. £5 OFF AT CHECKOUT. U3 (maintains write speed of 30MB/s) - 4K capable

Cool off with the hotness. These are priced like this once or twice a week.


Heat I'll always stick with Samsung. Never will trust San disk after two failing (one was the replacement from warranty which i didn't bother claiming another) and a close relatives too.


Ordered one from my memory the now, this one seems legit, just be aware folks on the ones going at ebay and the likes. Obviously will scan this over in detail but I had originally ordered one from eBay at a low low price and then started noticing the listings picture comparing them with the original, and found many variances. The top is the fake and the bottom pic is the original genuine. These are some things I highlighted but if you look closely at the colour and placement and gaps of fonts, contrast, the writing at the bottom of both are vastly different from each other. If you also look at the card and adapter themselves, I sent this seller this pic and highlighted it to them, got an immediate refund with an apology and assurance they will look into it. Just a heads up people, be aware when buying memory cards from anywhere.


Funny you say that, I ordered 4 X 32GB Samsung Evo Plus U3 MicroSD Card's via another Deal on here at the earlier part of last Week, and ... Let's just say, earlier Today/Monday, allllll my 4 lot's came. So no issues from me there. :-) But saying that, I already have a pre-existing MyMemory account with them anyway (on account of ordering a few things from them over the Year's, a while back ... ) It may be worth (if you've NOT done so already?), making a MyMemory account too perhaps?. Just a thought mind. :-)


What’s people’s experience of mymemorys standard delivery times. Had shipped email Thursday lunchtime but still no sign of it!

2 x Samsung 32GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card (SDHC) UHS-I U1 + Adapter - 95MB/s  2 For £16 @ MyMemory
Refreshed 6th JulRefreshed 6th Jul
Recently posted on here but expired, Deal is back on! Have been looking around for cheap memory cards for my RPI3's and ended up buying these. Cheapest elsewhere is on ebay for £6… Read more
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Fair enough, point taken. :-)


It is a bug on their website. Just pointing it out to help people save the money.


That's like at least the second time now someone has said that now?. MyMemory is legit!, lol. I've used them myself in the past too ... Bought a batch lot of 4 16GB Kingston solid metal flash drives from them almost 5 Year's ago, but either way, no issues whatsoever, as they alllllll arrived! - I didn't use any of them immediately, as I already had about 4 32GB SanDisk flash drives I'd bought from AMAZON, some 2 Year's or so before few (but either way, when I did use my MyMemory purchases, they all worked well regardless?. And that was even AFTER a previous MyMemory purchase I'd made with them from the Year before ... I purchased something similar to this from their site at the time: MyMemory don't sell these anymore, and describing it may have proved long winded, lol (so linking made more sense). Either way, it was definitely a notable purchase from them the same way ... (so yes, arrived safely too). :-). Rest assured, MyMemory have been around for more than 15+ Year's!. (So definately not a fly by night, hehehehe). :-D It's safe. :-) I simply used various Debit Card's I was using at the time, I never used PayPal with any of my initial purchases with them in the past either - or a few Day's ago either (when I purchased 2 lot's of 2 (4 in total), of the OP's 32GB Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD Card's ... (on account of the rave reviews I'd heard about them on HUKD here already, those 5+ Year's back?). Make your purchases people? (irrespective of PayPal/lack of PayPal, or whatever ... ) That's my advice anyway. :-)


If you checkout with PayPal it says it will charge you full price. If you "guest checkout" and then pay with PayPal, it charges you £16 (y)


"(available today only 4/7/18)" The Date of the 4th July 2018 has longgggggggggg since past!, unfortunately?. If it's any consolation, I ordered my batch after that above Date too (so obviously also missed it ... )

3 PAYG 4G Trio Data SIM Pack with 12GB Data £24.99 mymemory
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Just got this deal in my inbox from MyMemory and it seems it is quite a good deal for low usage option. Checked it on Three and same deal costs £40

I pay £10 for 100gb data, unlimited calls and texts with feel at home.


Someone bought the knowhow sims for years later and they lost the sims.


Where possible ofcourse, you should do what I do ... Bought 2 4TB Portable Hard Drives in a recent eBay 10% off HUKD Deal that was on here just over 1 Week ago (neither of which I immediately need, as I have more than 3-quarters of an existing 4TB Portable Hard Drive left from 1 bought last Year from Maplins) + a few Day's back bought 4 32GB MicroSD Card's from a recent HUKD on here too (none of which I needed either, having already bought a load of 64GB MicroSD Card's around the Easter Holidays time, from a HUKD that was Posted on here too). Neither of the recent pre-existing, or past HUKD purchases were actually needed, as I still have 1TB, and 2TB Portable Hard Drives from Year's back, as well as a decent handful of 64GB and 32GB MicroSD Card's from a few Year's back also ... Get spares basically (spares of EVERYYYYTHING!), and especially spares of everything, ESPECIALLY moreso when you don't need them?!. Because, come time comes for Tomorrow?, then ... Needless to say, the position I've now put myself in is this, IF no notably decent OR half decent Portable Hard Drive, and/or MicroSD Card Deal's come up on HUKD here for the immediate future (and/or EVEN until nearing this time nest Year?), I'll be more than just comfortably 'sorted' in the knowledge of knowing that I'll go without ... (and will remain the case even if 2 Christmas's pass even?). A bit excessive you may say? (perhaps!). Unnecessary even? (that's neither here nor there - in Today's Digital Age). But either way, there's debatabely a lot to be said, for not putting yourself in a situation of desperation? (so to speak?). Where you're then left in the even more unfavorable predicament of feeling the need/feeling obliged to then just pitch yourself for literally any old thing (be it figuratively, and/or literally?), at the points in time of whenever it then chooses to come? (at a moment of time of literally 'WHENEVER'?). And most likely at 'price points' of whatever the hell then then choose to dictate to you ... (as/when/and whenever?). That to be honest, is never a good position to ever be in (if I'm honest?). Get you 'extras' when not necessary, then you'll then blatantly be in a more favourable/amicable position to dictate your own 'preferred' Deal price points, like?. As opposed to then being one of the few left on the shelf fleeced sheep! (who buy in droves, irrespective of what exorbitant price's the Market chooses to dictate to you, etc ... ) I'm done with being needlessly ripped off for thing's I would have bought anyway, lol. To be fair, I'd rather be the one that dictates my own given price points, of if, as and well I choose/decide to feed it ... I bought 2 of the 24GB, 24 Month Network Three SIM Card's some few Month's shy of 1 Year now, to which I'm yet to make use of - I was awaiting a then pre-existing 12 Month SIM only Deal I'd signed up to just a few Months prior, to do it's 12 Month's cycle FIRST (before then using), but either way, I'll very soon make full use of 1 of those 2 regardless (which was purchased almost 1 Year prior to it's initial need) but as things stand, when I now start making use of 1 of them,, I'll end up having 1 spare to boot anyway. And with that situation in mind, I can blatantly then afford for myself that rarest of rights of passage, eg. the luxury of 'time' ... Yes, given, MAY very well be unfavorably obliged to wait 1 whole Year even? (I doubt it, but in Today's tempestuous 'Market', you can never say never really?). But either way that neither hear not there, because the reality is, it's not exactly like I've put myself in a position where I should now feel the desperate need to 'hurry' ... Everyone's need scales/necessities timeline's, and/or whatever are different, fair enough/true. But either way, that's my advice to you anyway - especially if (where 'forms of communication' are anyway), it's important to you?. As you never truly actually really know for sure (anything ... ) Well, that's how I see it anyway. :-)


These have gone up, i bought the 24gb one for £28 from amazon last year which is close to running out :(


Yep, needs expiring.

Samsung 64GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter - 100MB/s £15.97 or 2 for £29  (£14.50 each if you buy 2) at MyMemory
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
One of the fastest write speed card you can get on a 64gb £15.97 each or £14.50 each id you buy 2

based on Amazon info, it looks like writing speed of 64GB is about 60mb/s and 128GB is 90mb/s. As speed is critical for me I would rather go with single 128GB card in this case.


Thanks for the info


Well worth the £2 extra over the unreliable Sandisk card in the other thread.


Well no, but last I checked £27.99 was less than £29 :/ They're both a good price. My comment was more a heads up for anyone after the 128gb


Same price at Amazon for them with prime.

Integral 120GB P Series 5 SATA III 2.5" SSD Drive £24.99 but £21.69 with 4% Quidco + £2.50 Quidco Bonus + Free Delivery @ MyMemory
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Currently selling on MyMemory for £24.99. Go via Quidco to get 4% cashback (tracking at £0.83), plus £2.50 bonus cashback (activate it beforehand!), making it only £21.69!!! Bargai… Read more
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Dam feel sorry for you if your wife is like that, obviously chats a lot of rubbish and sounds very high maintenance


Use a lot of software and stuff so would be unsuitable for my purposes


Oh joy, mine just failed after a whole 80 hours of on-time, can't erase,clone,boot etc and hangs my system if plugged in waiting for i/o How's the MyMemory customer support? :( Thankfully nothing of value lost (test rig ssd) but a definite word of warning from me!


you sound like my wife on her hen do to the dam (party)


cheers OP will be lovely boot SSD for the 2016 server.

Integral 120GB SSD Drive + Integral Ultima Pro 128GB Micro SDXC Card  £42.48 Mymemory with code
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
£21.24 each when bought together sounds like a bargain :) Link fo 128gb card… Read more

i m easy dont worry i just cant stand cons... i know they are quite con artists using weird post method to get around customs... but when your ad say £30 basket and when you dont honor, i just mention it so you (others) learn...


Two different items taking value over £30 seems to work ok. Multiple of same item just gives discount on 1st item. Someone already posted this in a previous thread.


Ease man... take them to the court for this scam, jeeez


"BIRTHDAY SALE SAVE 15% when you spend £30 or more - With code BDAY15!" this is what it reads in the website... i dont see a fine print that says single item of 30 or multiple different combo totaling over 30... if you ask me, this is misleading without fine print, if there is fine print, then it is misleading big time as i cant see a link to fine print... website clearly says spend £30 and get %15 off... edit: t/c: Terms & conditions apply. Code BDAY15 must be used for the discount to apply, and will only apply when the basket value is £30 or over. Restrictions may apply. Again, very much mischief and misleading... basket value is £30 or over is what gives you misleading info again, and last sentence is to cover up their ass for missing multiple same item i m guessing... still dodgy... edit2: i found their T/C: "23. Code BDAY15 must be used for the discount to apply during our 15% Off Birthday Promotion, and will only apply when the basket value is £30 or over." there is no actual wording for restricting the code for multiple same items... it clearly says BASKET VALUE OF £30... go figure how dodgy this is...


Same here....dissappointing :( . Cancelled basket (poo)

Samsung 128GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter £27.99 Free P&P @ MyMemory
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
Shows as £32.99 but states £5 will be deducted when added to basket. Making it £27.99. Just bought one. Amazing price. The others I seen at £26.99 seem to be all expired. "With as… Read more

That deal was expired at the time because I seen that deal before I posted this one, it's how I found the card in the first place. The base price and discount amount was different and the deal was expired. Anyways this deal is expired aswell now.


Duplicate post


He means £8 discount making the final price £24.99. I think we all wish it was £16.99, I would be buying 4 of them lol


WOW!!!. Was that as in £8 off at checkout against the £24.99 price (making it ONLY £16.99 instead?). OR was that £8 inclusive afer all? (meaning that after the £8 is taken away, then the final figure was rather £24.99 altogether?). Or ... thanx. :-) And yes, I'm not in any immediate hurry, so I can a bit for it to reduce to that rediculously cheap price again (or similar?), lol. :-D


Bugger. Just jumped on this, as I'm fed up of clearing a 16GB one out.

SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive - £24.99 @ MyMemory
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Excellent flash drive for £24.99, the extra £5 comes off at the checkout. Just ordered one

Cheers, CH. May grab one so


4% TCB too


Flash drives failing is pretty regular, they’re only for moving stuff around, not singular storage of irreplaceable data.


I have a few similar one's to the one's your refering too (I'm assuming the metal ones - as opposed to the OP's plastic ones?). Either way, I have several of the metal one's (from a previous Deal on here some Month's back ... ) And I pray to God that what happened to was literally a 'one-off' perhaps?, and that NONE of mine that have stuff on too, meets a similar fate ...



Corsair 128GB Flash Voyager Slider X1 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Manufacturer Refurbished) - £20.99 @ Mymemory
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Not sure how a manufacturer refurbishes a flash drive. Actual test indicates an average read speed of 91 MB/s and write speed of 74 MB/s One possible downside is a 90 day only wa… Read more

Problaby but you cant say for sure.


If you can't grasp the basics of their flaws then I will leave it at that. Just been copying to my Sandisk and it peaks at around 200MBs writes but not sustained. I only test real world usage not benchmarks unless I have a good reason to and i don't here. If you are that interested go and find other reviews. Have fun.


No, you have only offered partial thinkings that don't; stand up well enough. Just post some of your own results using something like Crystaldiskmark and clear all doubt. Only takes a couple of minutes and could be of great use to many,


I already made it clear that they don't even understand the difference between USB 3.0, 3.1 Gen 1 and 3.1 Gen 2 which is why their analysis is totally wrong and brings into question the whole basis of their testing. Even ignoring the figures their review is very misleading and factually incorrect. I wouldn't trust it at all but if you feel that it's worthy of taking seriously keep in mind that you are spreading ignorance which I already highlighted above. If you don't grasp this then so be it.


So basically as new as you would hope for then.

BUNDLE - Integral SSD 120GB + 240GB + SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive  £88.34 Del w/code at MyMemory
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
This was posted a while back for 20p more when they had an error on site (not going to mention the g word, will annoy those who have it as a keyword search :) ) expired shortly af… Read more
Mod & Ed

When I first looked at the picture I thought this was a squashed fleshlight... Oooops. Shows how my mind sadly works. (ninja)


So this isn't an actual bundle specifically offered by Mymemory?


There is no need to include Sandisk flash drive in this bundle due to £5 off at checkout anyway, so will be £24.99 alone anyway. I would say that Integral 120GB + 240GB bundle for £62.85 after code is a deal ! ;)


some peops just LOVE bundles.... (cheeky) (party) ;)


2 x £24.99 + £48.95 = £98.93 & the code won't work unless you spend £30 - so felt it worth sharing as a bundle price :)

Seagate 4TB External Hard Drive £79.04 Samsung Evo+ 256GB Micro SDXC U3 Card £68.80 Mymemory with code
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Link for Samsung card:

put os stock !!!


out of stock !!!


OOS :-(


It's not misleading at all, you and the other bloke need to learn how to read.


Clearly structured post - no need to be angry for your duplicate post