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With over 425 million subscribers, UK-based telecommunications company Vodafone is now the world's second-largest mobile provider. There is a whole host of discount vouchers and promo codes online to help you save money at Vodafone. At hotukdeals, we collect a whole array of deals and discount codes redeemable at Vodafone. How to redeem Vodafone vouchers
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-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off Personalised Wooden Christmas Decorations - Veryme
It's in the app to get a code, and you can get 50% off Xmas decorations, wooden postcards and Xmas cards. I got a couple of items and with the discount it was £3 each with free de… Read more

If you sign up you get 25% off your first order. Might be worth checking if it stacks with Vodafone deal




Generic code - VF50


Care to tell us what retailer it is?


Just an example of what you can get (taken from the website).

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Vodafone - free Big Value bundle worth £10, existing customers
Vodafone - free Big Value bundle worth £10, existing customers, possible account specific, let me know. Simply text FREEBVB to 49500 NB. my account isnt currently on any bundle, … Read more

Account specific by the looks of it. :)


Is it free for a month too?


There's also a deal now called winter triple bonus I forget the number to text but live chat can help unless it's been posted here So instead of 3gb you'd get 9gb of data plus free calls and text


Don’t work for me


Should of said my account isnt currently on any bundle, it just has a cash balance

£50 Discount
£50 Discount
Butlins Live Music Weekend's £50 Discount Code Vodafone VeryMe App
Spotted this earlier code is valid until 31st August so be quick. Only available via the VeryMe App on Vodafone. Offers £50 discount on Butlins live music adult weekend's. Booking… Read more

i bought on3 of these codes off ebay for a fiver a couple of mths back. bargain as it saved me £45 as im not with vodafone


Yes it does I had posted a screenshot of the offer page. But someone has changed the image?


Says - Get £50 off a Live Music Weekend.....

£40 Discount
£40 Discount
£40 off a £399 spend at AO.com through Vodafone rewards
Today there’s a £40 off voucher in the very me reward from Vodafone. Seems to include gaming as well as computers but the console bundles look better on other sites so maybe more u… Read more

If anyone has could help with a code, it would be much appreciated.


Again just convinced other half to get a new tv so if anyone has a spare code for a fellow contributor would be much appreciated.


Another asking for a Voda code please, if anyone has one they will not be using, thanks.


Any spare codes please??


Has anyone got a spare code? Not available on the app any

£10 free credit on Chili for Vodafone users via my Vodafone app and Veryme
Get £10 CHILI credit and 50% off a movie or TV series a month Getting popcorn bits all over the bed – VeryMe Save Show Code What you need to know? £10 credit and 50% off 1 movie … Read more

What exactly can you use this on? It works with rentals, but not purchases, for me. Is this right?


Fab, haven't seen the new Jurassic Park, Red Sparrow or Hacksaw Ridge so will use it on them, cheers (y)


Cant use it on rentals, have to pay extra for HD (annoyed)


Finally my very me works yay but it just bought the Jurassic blue ray 🙃


After you've applied the code Go to: "My Chili" "Promotional Gift Card" There you'll see the films the £10 credit can be applied to. Mostly older films, Deadpool 2 is probably the newest one. Guess its not to be sniffed at for "free". The last Vodafone Chili code for a free rental was limited to a similar selection. So seems this will be the way the Vodafone Chili codes will go :/

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off google products via vodafone code
Guys recieved a text from vodafone regarding some google competion instead they offered me a code to use now i dont know if it can be used more than once but worth a try. I havent … Read more

Thanks for letting me know


Code doesn't work for Home products either. Possibly already used.


It's a single use code only, sorry. I also received the same text and I've got a different code to the one posted. I won't use it so if anyone wants it (must have posted 1+ deal before) then I'll PM it to them.


Doesn’t look like a generic code, but I may be wrong. You also forgot to mention it’s for Google Home products, not any Google product

Best Vodafone deals from our community

CAT B35 Rugged Phone £65 + £10 Top Up @ Vodafone
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
With a rugged build, long-lasting battery, and 4G connectivity, the Cat B35 is built to last - without compromising on features. Battery Life 2300mAh Camera megapixel 2MP … Read more

Seems like step backwards for most people, If you work in an intense environment it could work for you


Was given one for work, once you've had a touchscreen smartphone, this is such hard work to use.


£20 phone in a £55 case (annoyed)


Literally a brick!

Vodafone Existing Customer SIM only 100GB £12pm | 18 Month Contract at Vodafone
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Probably a little more than the cash back deals floating about, but for someone like me, I tend to forget to claim on time and more than often miss out on the cash back! This wil… Read more

If anything I’m getting slightly quicker speeds than on my old contract with them. This is a wireless connection via a Wifi extender:-


Ordered this week, arrived today, stuck in my 4g router, getting 18meg download speed. Very happy :) . I've had the cash back deals and reclaim deals from the other providers. This is ideal for me, fit and forget, even if it is a few bob above the cheapest deals.


Took this deal cancelled today struggling to get 2mbps last year got 12 plus .VF say they are aware of problem and will be sorted in 2 weeks. Anyone experiencing slow downs with VF or linked suppliers ?


Looks like the chap at Vodafone was telling me porkies as I just ordered online.


It was posted on here towards the end of July last year at Affordable Mobiles

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G (Like New) 128GB Black - £810 + £10 Top Up @ Vodafone UK
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
This deal is back in stock, probably the cheapest way to get a S21 ultra at the moment

thanks... I am using S8 and bought S21 ultra (with the samsung armageddon last week in HUKD but yet to receive it). But when I saw S21 ultra in showroom, I felt my S8 was tiny so got confused, even Note10 is thin compared to ultra. All the S21 Ultra reviews are stating it too good so i might take the hit.


I like using it to be honest. I've gotten use to the size and weight, but it definitely is bigger and heavier than a smaller phone. But, it's bound to be with the bigger display, larger battery and cameras.


how do you feel while using it? Saw the phone in cpw yesterday and it felt like too thick


I'm using an S21 Ultra. Last phone was an S20 FE 5G.


What did you replace it with? I am looking atv s20 FE 5g vs xiaomi mi 11 vs poco f3

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (Used - Like New) - £900 + £10 Sim - £910 delivered from Vodafone
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Previously £810, but still a cracking deal. Get the phone you love for less, with our refurbished phones Get a quality phone with a huge saving, simply because it’s not brand new.… Read more

And yours arrived brand new sealed also? Amazing deal, well done! (y)


I got one as well 870 + 10 for a pay as you go sim


All thanks to Mr Switch (y) https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/apple-iphone-12-pro-max-5g-smartphone-like-new-ps800-ps10-more-in-op-iphone-12-ps590-s21-ultra-ps810-at-vodafone-3724009


I’ve read that all handsets are unlocked now although they might lock to the network of the first SIM card used?


Yes...have used o2 and Vodafone sims in it. Option of Applecare as well

OPPO A54 5G £169 + £10 top up PAYG at Vodafone
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Saw this and thought it looked decent, £169 + £10 top up BatteryNon-removable Fast battery charging Body Plastic body, aluminium frame Nano-SIM 3.5mm jack Camera detail… Read more

Yeah but Mr switch is a God... Deals just find him from out of nowhere haha


Heat from me, but X2 Lite costs fhe same and comes with Amoled display, aluminium frame, NFC, faster charging, better Snapdragon and already have ColorOS 11 available.


Not bad for the price, however, IMO the TCL 10 5G that @MrSwitch posted earlier is £10 cheaper and has better processor.


If anyone was wondering - Qualcomm SM4350 is also known as Snapdragon 480 .


This has a bigger battery, front camera flash and memory card slot and slightly bigger screen, But it depends what you are going for, the find X2 out performs it on almost everything else

TCL 10 5G 128GB 6GB Mercury Grey Smartphone - Snapdragon 765G 4500mAh NFC - £159 + £10 Top Up @ Vodafone
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Absolute bargain here from Vodafone Lowest previous was £199 I believe. Streamline your life with the speed of TCL 10 5G It harnesses the power of the newest generation of wir… Read more

Looking to upgrade from huawei mate 20 pro... Its this tcl better?


oppo find x2 lite or tcl 10 5g I don't know which is a better phone, can I gather your thoughts please?


Personal preference I'd choose this tbh. Miui puts me off the poco


Would you compare this to a Poco X3 NFC


Back to £169

12 Month Sim Only - 4GB Data With Unlimited Minutes & Texts For £6 Per Month (+ Possible £15 Amazon Gift Card Via Giftcloud) @ Vodafone
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
£15 Amazon Gift card from gift cloud Or £17 cashback from Topcashback available

That is good, I tried to get it too, but in reality the offer on here, 100GB for £7 after redemption cashback is better. Also if you don't need more than 10GB, then Lebara wins comfortably too. Iced if you have a use for the international mins. :D PS Alas the 160GB for £10.50 after redemption cashback has expired - was considering that for my router.


Yeah, but some of the Lebara offers are off the chart (5GB for £2.99 for 6 months)! Go via TCB & some are free for 3 months (even a small profit)! Rude not to! (lol)


Sorry @MrSwitch - cold on basis it is Basics - better deals on Lebara with roaming. Also surprised at you not mentioning the fact!


Thankfully did even need to do that. Just went to myVoda dashboard, looked for additional services and turned it on. Was active an hour later.. Although I do like the idea of pestering Voda continuously for 6 hours!


Good to know, (I edited my post now so I dont confuse people). I was with them for a couple of years and renewing deactivated wifi calling on our iphones. Only then CS explained that it was a "feature" of the basics tariffs, I moved to EE as wifi calling is a key feature for us... thanks for the update.

Free A4 photo book (Worth £36.99) when you pay £5.49 postage @ Vodafone VeryMe Rewards
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Nice new reward for members :) -- Turn your favourite snaps into thoughtful gifts with our exclusive reward – a free A4 photo book when you pay £5.49 postage. Worth £36.99, phot… Read more

Voucher is valid until 20 june




Any spare codes please


Do you get longer than the two hours to pick your photos?


If anyone has a spare code that would be amazing

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Smartphone - 120hz 4500mAh - £349 + £10 Top Up (£299 + £10 Top Up With £50 Cashback) @ Vodafone
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Claim £50 Cashback on this phone from Samsung, obligatory £10 Top Up which in some cases Vodafone will refund you on. Galaxy A52 5G's Quad Camera has everything you need to cre… Read more

Thanks (y)


Nice, I'll give that a watch later bud


Such a great value for money phone if you don't like Xiaomi EMUI this is flagship killer. Spec are pretty amazing and the camera rocks. I have made a review and the results are pretty impressive


If i buy 2 phones a52 and a42 how much cash back will I get £50 and £40 and additional £50 as well please someone advise ?


See above (y)

Xiaomi Redmi 9AT £74 at Vodafone (+£10 top up)
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Dual sim. 3gb/32gb plus expansion slot. Battery 5000mAh Android 10

Thanks! The check-in works with the (Wordpress) plugin's own app but they suggested similar to you, just with as much memory as possible in case the check-in runs into thousands (average would be 900 across about four handsets I'd imagine).


You can choose any cheap android phone , preferably with at least Android 8 and you wouldn't even need to download any application, Google Lens will scan for you.


IMO rather than paying £84 for this with the top up you would be better off with this: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/motorola-g8-power-lite-3723069 because it has 4gb ram But then you can get a whole range of basic touch phones at much lower prices if you just want scanning function and not much else.


Looking for a budget Android phone as I need to buy in bulk (10 or so) to operate as QR scanners via an app to check-in ticket buyers for events. I presume this would fit the bill, I don't need any bells and whistle other than an ability to run the app and scan.


I don't know whether yours is a 'trick' question, nevertheless an interesting one! I don't know much about Xperia phones but a brand new L3 is more than twice the price of this 9AT and for that you can get a large variety of other decent phones. L3 has got much older version of OS but there are other aspects like aesthetics, brand name etc to consider. Maybe someone else reading this might consider it worthy replying to your question Oh, and much better battery on Redmi 9AT

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