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All Vodafone offers for May 2021 - How to redeem Vodafone vouchers
With over 425 million subscribers, UK-based telecommunications company Vodafone is now the world's second-largest mobile provider. There is a whole host of discount vouchers and promo codes online to help you save money at Vodafone. At hotukdeals, we collect a whole array of deals and discount codes redeemable at Vodafone. How to redeem Vodafone vouchers
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-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off Personalised Wooden Christmas Decorations - Veryme
It's in the app to get a code, and you can get 50% off Xmas decorations, wooden postcards and Xmas cards. I got a couple of items and with the discount it was £3 each with free de… Read more

If you sign up you get 25% off your first order. Might be worth checking if it stacks with Vodafone deal




Generic code - VF50


Care to tell us what retailer it is?


Just an example of what you can get (taken from the website).

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Vodafone - free Big Value bundle worth £10, existing customers
Vodafone - free Big Value bundle worth £10, existing customers, possible account specific, let me know. Simply text FREEBVB to 49500 NB. my account isnt currently on any bundle, … Read more

Account specific by the looks of it. :)


Is it free for a month too?


There's also a deal now called winter triple bonus I forget the number to text but live chat can help unless it's been posted here So instead of 3gb you'd get 9gb of data plus free calls and text


Don’t work for me


Should of said my account isnt currently on any bundle, it just has a cash balance

£50 Discount
£50 Discount
Butlins Live Music Weekend's £50 Discount Code Vodafone VeryMe App
Spotted this earlier code is valid until 31st August so be quick. Only available via the VeryMe App on Vodafone. Offers £50 discount on Butlins live music adult weekend's. Booking… Read more

i bought on3 of these codes off ebay for a fiver a couple of mths back. bargain as it saved me £45 as im not with vodafone


Yes it does I had posted a screenshot of the offer page. But someone has changed the image?


Says - Get £50 off a Live Music Weekend.....

£40 Discount
£40 Discount
£40 off a £399 spend at AO.com through Vodafone rewards
Today there’s a £40 off voucher in the very me reward from Vodafone. Seems to include gaming as well as computers but the console bundles look better on other sites so maybe more u… Read more

If anyone has could help with a code, it would be much appreciated.


Again just convinced other half to get a new tv so if anyone has a spare code for a fellow contributor would be much appreciated.


Another asking for a Voda code please, if anyone has one they will not be using, thanks.


Any spare codes please??


Has anyone got a spare code? Not available on the app any

£10 free credit on Chili for Vodafone users via my Vodafone app and Veryme
Get £10 CHILI credit and 50% off a movie or TV series a month Getting popcorn bits all over the bed – VeryMe Save Show Code What you need to know? £10 credit and 50% off 1 movie … Read more

What exactly can you use this on? It works with rentals, but not purchases, for me. Is this right?


Fab, haven't seen the new Jurassic Park, Red Sparrow or Hacksaw Ridge so will use it on them, cheers (y)


Cant use it on rentals, have to pay extra for HD (annoyed)


Finally my very me works yay but it just bought the Jurassic blue ray 🙃


After you've applied the code Go to: "My Chili" "Promotional Gift Card" There you'll see the films the £10 credit can be applied to. Mostly older films, Deadpool 2 is probably the newest one. Guess its not to be sniffed at for "free". The last Vodafone Chili code for a free rental was limited to a similar selection. So seems this will be the way the Vodafone Chili codes will go :/

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off google products via vodafone code
Guys recieved a text from vodafone regarding some google competion instead they offered me a code to use now i dont know if it can be used more than once but worth a try. I havent … Read more

Thanks for letting me know


Code doesn't work for Home products either. Possibly already used.


It's a single use code only, sorry. I also received the same text and I've got a different code to the one posted. I won't use it so if anyone wants it (must have posted 1+ deal before) then I'll PM it to them.


Doesn’t look like a generic code, but I may be wrong. You also forgot to mention it’s for Google Home products, not any Google product

Best Vodafone deals from our community

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G Smartphone (Like New) - £800 + £10 (+ More In OP IPhone 12 £590 S21 Ultra £810) @ Vodafone
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Some good prices here from a good seller in like new condition. IPhone 12 Pro max for £800 Iphone 12 Pro for £730 IPhone 12 for £590 Iphone 12 Mini for £510 … Read more

Order Status: Confirmed – Back-order :|


You mean …. :{


If you have a physical EE sim you could pick an esim for Vodafone and you'll be able to use both that way.


Next question (sorry to annoy) - at checkout you can choose eSim or SIM. Assume that means I can put my current EE SIM card into the iPhone handset and both that and the Vodafone one would both at the same time? Cheers


Okay, so warranty stays in place for 12-months with Vodafone even if you cancel the PAYG sim ..

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G - SD 780g, 8+128GB, FHD 90hz OLED, 64mp - £349.00 + £10 top-up @ Vodafone PAYG
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Launching with a little bit of a discount and cheaper than Xiaomi UK! Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G with 5G connectivity - Outstanding gaming performance and always cool with Liquid… Read more

unlocked phone


it's unlocked


regardless, the xiaomi models are still unlocked


Just seen this on an eBay listing for the Mi 11. Vodafone do indeed install carrier version. My profuse apologies. WARNING VALID.


Mi 11 lite 5g shares the image sensor with redmi note 10s and Samsung a32. I would expect more at this price

TCL 10 Lite Mariana Blue Dual Sim Smartphone - £119 + £10 Top Up @ Vodafone
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
£119 plus tenner top up, 90% sure it'll come unlocked. Unique NXTVISION Technology - Revolutionize the media you create and enjoy with TCL's NXTVISION visual technology. Make … Read more

android 11 update already installed also


i bought this today had it for a few hours now seems to be decent not much lag


Does this have a hawewi style MUI skin? Does it have adverts and will there be Vodafone bloatware? Thanks.


Are we sure it's the dual SIM version? Doesn't obviously mention it on Vodafone page.


Got the 10 plus last week and its incredible, better than all the top flagships I've had over the last few years for my uses. I don't play games so cant comment on that. It does have super Bluetooth too lol, connect to 4 different devices at the same time

Vodafone SIM contract 100GB data unlimited mins and texts £10 p/m 18 months for existing customers @ Vodafone Veryme - Select accounts
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
No claiming back straight forward £10 per month 100 GB data unlimited mins and texts for existing customers.


Is this upgrade to existing contacts or have to buy as additional plan?


Put my new SIM in the router and I've had problems with streaming, the first day trying to watch something on YouTube YouTube keeps stopping and buffering I'm hoping this is only a temporary thing, it seems a bit better today.


I did mine again outside and I’m getting 45 down and 12 up. Seems like my flat doesn’t like giving faster speeds, good job I have WiFi calling….


71.7/4.2 up on 4g

Extra FREE bottle of Gin (70cl) with a subscription to Craft Gin Club - Vodafone VeryMe Reward
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Special Offer VERYME REWARDS FREE (EXTRA) BOTTLE OF GIN WITH YOUR FIRST BOX craftginclub.co.uk/join-vodaf-rewards NB. I pasted the url when I had clicked from Quidco to see if 11… Read more

I spent £40+ on their online shop - https://club.craftginclub.co.uk/


Link was changed? Updated and here too craftginclub.co.uk/join-vodaf-rewards (no need to be on Voda)


Has anyone found a way to combine the Amex offer with other offers? I can't seem to find anyway to order 2 half price boxes, every option I find is either overpriced or under £40.


Sadly not as the voucher takes a penny off and you need to spend £40 for the Amex cashback, £39.99 wouldn’t trigger it


could be paired with the amex £20 back offer maybe if you have it?

OPPO A54 5G Fluid Black 64GB Smartphone + Free Headphones (Snapdragon 480 / 5000mAh) - £169 + £10 Top Up (PAYG) @ Vodafone
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Snapdragon 480 seems to be on par with the snapdragon 720 according to nanoreview. But comes with added 5G. Looks a decent all being said, plus free headphones. Battery Non… Read more

Yeah, they've been moving gradually towards unlocked before the law comes into force, but I didnt realise they were rolling it in this quickly. Thanks for the link (y)


They say most of their phones and unlocked and think you can unlock others for free when bought direct from them https://www.vodafone.co.uk/vodafone-uk/forms/unlock-code-request/#:~:text=Good news - many of our,should be ready to go.


As it's via Vodafone, yes. Ofcom rules on locked handsets don't come into force until December this year


Yeah, I'm thinking the same, it's a decent value bundle, to be honest, and these seem like an affordable option for those wanting 5G on a budget. Nice spot, and heat added for OP (y)


Will it be SIM locked to Vodafone network only?

Free 3-Month Trial of Spotify Premium on Vodafone VeryMe (Selected Accounts)
02/03/2022Expires on 02/03/2022Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Free 3-Month trial of Spotify premium with selected Vodafone accounts via VeryMe. Crank up the tunes without distractions with our exclusive reward – a free 3-month trial of Spot… Read more

See the begging has started for another vodafone offer


O OK thanks


Vodafone app not working at the moment technical difficulties again


It's not a code it adds it to your Vodafone account


If anyone don't want the code can I have it please and thankyou

2 free packets from The Spicery via Vodafone Very Me app
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
2 free packets from The Spicery via Vodafone Very Me appFREE£6 Free P&P Free
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading… Read more

Not only for business accounts. Would appreciate a spare code if anyone can dm me. Thank you


I think pretty sure it's business accounts only


Ordered cheers


If anyone has a spare code please pm


A relative got me the Curry kit for Christmas. Its brilliant.

Free Spotify Premium for 3 months with Vodafone VeryMe Rewards
31/03/2022Expires on 31/03/2022Posted 28th Sep 2020Posted 28th Sep 2020
Free Spotify Premium for 3 months with Vodafone VeryMe RewardsFREE£9.99

Anybody have a spare 6 month currys code? mine isn't working and now the offer has ended ;(


Is there anyway to do the Currys offer online/virtual without having to go and collect an item?


Nothing on my account


Yes I’ve checked my account it says next month statement £10


supposed to be after two months as you expected

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