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Pioneers of 4G and 5G mobile services, Three are one of the UK’s most successful mobile phone companies. Whether customers want to purchase contract or SIM only deals, or any other mobile products, they can find great discounts at the hotukdeals Three listings. How to redeem Three vouchers
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£9.95 Discount
£9.95 Discount
London Bridge experience discounts - Tickets for £19 via Wuntu
Discount £9.95 for adults and £4.50 for under 16s, code valid until 1.05.20, wuntu offer expires in 11 days :-)

Which experience is that ?


Yeah I think they kinda timed this one poorly...


When I saw another notification about London Bridge on my phone I can’t say I was excited


Yeh title puts me off abit atm


Oh dear

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
25% Off up to 3 Items on the Logitech Website - Wuntu App 
25% Off up to 3 Items on the Logitech Website - Wuntu App Use the Wuntu app to get the code, click through to Logitech's website, choose 3 items, apply code at checkout. Ends … Read more

I don't care how cheap, I'm never buying Logitech again. Their products are poor quality and the warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. Logitech does not honour it's warranties. CS are dishonest and unhelpful. Read their reviews. Also there have been lawsuits in the US by consumers who were lied to and strung along by Logitech who deliberately tried to avoid warranty assistance, amongst other things


Not true. It depends on want you're buying. The XL mouse mat G840 is £40 on Amazon, £43 on Logitech's site. With the discount it's £32.25. You can also get the flagship Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse with Hero Sensor for £97.50 instead of Amazon's price of £125.


The prices on their website are so shit that even with the 25% discount, Amazon is still cheaper.


£180 Discount
£180 Discount
Three Sim only deal - Essential Sim 30gb Data All you can eat minutes - £15/12mths
Managed to get this deals over the phone

I got this about a month ago for £16 but with student offer but mine allows tethering, hotspot and EU roaming.


Jas - is this for new customers - or a retention deal. How did you get it? What was the process you used?


is this retnetion or new customer


Some people in this post got a better offer:


Essential... No tethering? That's an awful lot of staring at a small screen.

£25 Amazon gift card from Three with refer a friend **Pls do not offer / request referrals**
If you refer a friend to Three, both of you will get a free £25 Amazon gift card. Not bad if you know someone about to sign up.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use this Refer a Friend and quidco together?


I copied the link but it didn't seem to work. Here it is: Edit: it's automatically redirecting to their homepage. It's refer-a-friend


The link just goes to their home page. How do you actually do this?


Good in theory, can also refer yourself, but be wary ... Some success stories and hints and tips would be useful.


It would probably be a code that you input to Amazon which then adds to your 'credit' balance.

-30% Discount
-30% Discount
Three Wuntu at 8.30am 31st August 2017 - 30% off Missguided for Three users.
Get ready for 8.30am tomorrow, one of the offers has just been revealed on the Wuntu website, 30% off Missguided for Three users. Want to join in on the Wuntu fun? Get yourself a… Read more



I like your profile pic :{


Post count up.





£7.50 Discount
£7.50 Discount
three 8GB for £12 / £7.50 after cashback 12 month SIM plan. - 600 Minutes and all-you-can-eat texts. Includes roaming and tethering allowance. £144 @ Three
Three Advanced Plan. £12 before cash back £7.50 after cash back cash back is done through topcashback: 8GB data.  600 minutes.  All-You-Can-Eat texts. 12 months contract len… Read more

If anyone originally had their TCB cashback decline, definitely worth raising a claim. Just had mine paid out after raising a ticket.


I got this yesterday as a retention deal with go binge and as Advanced for £8! Happy.


im on this and so far so good cb is pending.


Just been offered this deal but on slightly better terms (retention) - £10 pm, no fixed contract but a rolling 30 days |(cancel whenever). This is also the advanced package and includes the 60 plus countries to roam with data and calls / texts. Seems like a good deal to me.


My Topcashback didn't track... will a manual claim work with Topcashback, OR am I better off returning the SIM to Three and re-purchasing this, hoping the cashback tracks the second time? Obviously without the cashback this isn't a deal.....!

Free £20 worth of accessories at three 3 with a contract using promo code @ Three (3 Mobile)
Just been looking at Sim only contracts and found a voucher code £20 free of accessories if you take out a contract with three 3 here's the code HS161111VC put in in at the checkou… Read more

was going to use this and the refer a friend thingy for £30 each was told if i did i would not get the tcb cashbach is that true ?


Well that's what I thought but you can use it directly on the three website and looking at it they send you a £20 voucher through the post with your contract to which you've got to redeem on the three accessory website


dont use these codes if you are going via a cashback site, the commission will go to whoever issued the code instead of to you via the cashback site

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Free £20 voucher for accessories with three (3) mobile
enter the following voucher code if purchasing a contract phone (possible pay as you go too?) when at your shopping basket, in the "got promo code?" box and click update: HS300611… Read more

I can confirm that HS01071138 does indeed work :-) Thanks :-)

Best Three deals from our community

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G £359.99 delivered at Three
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Hi Three have the Mi 10t Pro on. For 349.99. Add the £10 top it comes to 359.99. Also use top cash back for 12.75 cashback reducing it further. Details about the phone The Xiaom… Read more

I would because it has OIS and a flagship 865 from last year that is much the same as the overclocked version 870 in the F3. It has an LCD. A very high quality 144Hz LCD. It has a 108MP HMX (better than HM2 in Note 10 Pro). It has OIS. It has great battery life.


Would anyone recommend this over the Note 10 Pro deal?


The issue here is that because of the shallow depth of field of the large sensor you can't take close ups using 1x on the sensor without blurring outside of the centre of the shot. You need to use 2x digital zoom and keep the lens further away from the subject and problem solved. The other alternative is using the macro lens for close ups of course but that needs good light so indoors use 2x on main lens.


This is a great phone. Had one for just over 6 months.


Mi 10T pro has score 118. Galaxy A71 has score 84. But photos speaks differently...

FREE APPLE TV or FREE Nest Hub + Nest Audio on 4G HomeFi Broadband (24 months x £22 = £528) - Three
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Receive a free Apple TV worth £139 when purchasing 4G Broadband on a 24 Month Plan with Three. Click here for 4G Hub with FREE Apple TV Receive a FREE Google Nest Hub and Goo… Read more

The router (should be an Huawei b535 EDIT - CONFIRMED will be fine, the service is the questionable part! My 3 service was decent off peak, but not fast enough for 2 people with moderate data needs at peak times. There are many who say it is great where I live, but more & more saying it was, but deteriorated (I am in the latter group about 3 years now) - my advice is to think twice before committing to a three contract (they just let me out of the last 8 months of a 12 month contract). I would not use them for a mobile phone 'main number', not even for someone I didn't like! For home broadband, even that is a risk. One thing, 3 are the only 'non-NAT'd' network (if you need it, you'll likely know the term - basically if you need to be able to access your network from outside it & also for some gaming services, but I don't game, so don't remember which). Services where your device connects to a server & you contact it (like teamviewer or smart devices) are fine (if you want to run your own server & access it you may need non-NAT or an expensive VPN add on, unless you use something like teamviewer).


Is it any good though for a house of 5 people


You can't really compare a 12m deal with a 24m one on total cost. If you say £225 plus £84 (cashback by redemption, 12m SIM only contract - whether it is worth £7 per month depends on how fast & how reliable it is for you, plus what your usage demands are), you would be more fair. The 'freebies' still seem expensive! (lol)


Same deal without the freebie total cost £225

Samsung S20 FE 5G 128GB - 100GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts, £26 per month + £29 upfront (24 month - £653 total) @ Three
24/06/2021Expires on 24/06/2021Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
I thought this was a really decent offering, considering the current sim free lowest price for the handset is around £445, the resultant effective cost for the 100GB sim plan is ar… Read more

Me and the wife ordered this! Too good of a deal to pass up


I'm a current Three customer but out of contract. I just pay £10/ month for 12G SIM, PAYG. I'm a bit bummed that they have this offer for me at £39 a month on their site!!! Why do I have to go elsewhere to find the deal? It takes me to the Three site and this same deal though. I originally spotted it on MoneySavingExpert and thought I'd see if anyone posted it here. Questions: 1. If my number is already with Three can I still get the Quidco cashback? 2. If I get the contract can I move the SIM to another phone or device? I don't need 100G now, but I will move soon and may want to use the 100G with a mobile wifi plan instead, and then just get a cheaper 5G sim for the phone. 3. As part of that, could I move the contract/plan (100G) to another SIM or will it only be with that SIM and number? Other option is I just get the phone from Amazon and look for a cheap sim deal... I think it's currently £490 on Amazon. I may actually move to a boat so would probably like 100G for netflix to my TV and the rest instead of a wifi plan. I may even want the unlimited plan if I did that? And I'm not sure if 5g speed will work via phone hotspot to my TV and such, (not that 5G is universal yet anyway). Anyway, I need a new phone; this one looks pretty darn good. I'd appreciate your thoughts! Update: Just saw Amazon price is £472. And I also see a number of reputable looking sellers have it for £400 on eBay; a couple I checked were in Switzerland.. I'd add, is there an advantage getting it from Three as far as warranty and such? I think with a phone at thsi price I have to think about accidental damage and theft insurance. But that's a whole different topic!


I think it depends more on the capabilities of the phone than on the SIM. That's why a 4G phone can do 3G data if needed. Three offers 5G/4G/3G across all its services. So this phone comes with 100GB 5G where available.


I understand this is the 5g model of the phone but can anyone confirm if the data included is 5g? As I have seen some companies selling 5g phones with 4g sims

Tbf I haven't tried but I think price has gone up via TCB anyway so no point.

Three Unlimited Minutes/Texts 24 Month Deal - £17pm (£14 Per Month After Quidco Cashback) @ Three
Posted 21st Nov 2020Posted 21st Nov 2020
Three Unlimited Minutes/Texts 24 Month Deal - £17pm (£14 Per Month After Quidco Cashback) @ Three£408 Free P&P Free
Available for 24 hours only. Click the link and choose the Unlimited Plan with £72 cashback, after cashback it works out at £14 per month/£336 total. You can also get the £30GB pla… Read more

I tried negotiating with three for my unlimited everything sim only which was for £16 and they wouldn't budge so I got them to transfer my number to their PAYG and I went through TCB for same deal but with £65 cashback if I remember clearly, and its worked out £10.41 p/mnth (nerd)


The hassle of cancelling a Three contract is annoying. I was out of contract and signed up to another Three sim with affordable mobiles. When I asked them to forward my number they claimed affordable mobiles would not honor the cask back and offered me the same deal. In the end I have to keep me old contract for another month then they will put me on payg (I was told this automatically happened once a contract run out) then in another 10 days I could transfer my number to the new sim which is with the SAME COMPANY.


Voted cold for the incorrect price. Unless the rules have changed - they often do (lol) - you need to set the price to the contract total pre-cashback.


True, and true. At least with this one you have a set price for it. Seems a good deal comparative to other unlimited SIM deals I can see on here. Or at least similar to them.


Its a shame their 24 month deal is costing more than the £16pm 12 month one. The 12month can potentially be as low as £11pm with £60 cashback via tcb, but would need the hassle of negotiating a new deal in a years time.

Three unlimited calls & text & 1gb data £5 p/m 24 months £120
Posted 19th Aug 2020Posted 19th Aug 2020
Three unlimited calls & text & 1gb data £5 p/m 24 months £120£120
£5/ month unlimited calls & text & 1gb data 24 month contract

Absolute rip off! I bought the 5G broadband deal and Three asked my pay £150 deposit for the router which i thought was bit strange seeing that i have a contract with them for there mobile phone, Any how i paid the desposit, i received the router and it was complete rubbish no signal in any of the rooms in my property apart from the room the router was in so i decided to send the item back and ask for a refund. They sent me a returns bag and i returned it the same day via Royal Mail and got a tracking number. The router was received the next day at the Three Depot, so i waited a week and no return of the desposit, so i contacted them and they said they had not had the router returned, so i gave them the tracking number and they said they can not find the item in the Depot and they can not give me a refund untill the router is located!! (Not my Fxxking problem) and that they could not cancel the contract untill it was located!! and no refund can be issued. Anyway they found the router the following week and cancelled the contract, this was on the 22nd of August 2020. I have phoned them at least 15 times and everytime i get a diffrent version of the diffrent lie saying that the have issued a refund and you will receive the refund within the next 3 to 5 working days, they have now said that 4 times and yet here i am the 09/10/20 and no refund!!!! I have now engaded the boradband ombudsman and also contacted my bank to take up my case!! word of warning this is the poorest customer service i have ever received bar none!!! they are imcompetent and incapable company to grace any service provider i have ever had the misfortune to deal with (poo) (mad) (devil)


I switched from 3 to Vodaphone just over a week ago as the signal ws either fairly bad, non-existent or full strength with zero data transfer in a lot of places in Manchester. Paid Vodaphone via their website £10 for 15GB data, unlimited texts etc. and after 7-10 days, mostly using wi-fi rather than mobile data, run out of credit apparently as they decided to put me on a "you've spent £1 today so here's 500MB of data" / pay something like £5/MB package instead. Moved to EE now who seem to be the most user unfriendly company ever. Network wise, not sure as haven't left my house yet, but website wise, 0 out of 10 for functionality, helpfulness etc.


We've been using Three for the past year... and its been fine. Get good reception where we live and even in most other places. The odd black spot somewhere but nothing that you dont get with other networks either. All networks have areas where they're coverage isnt the best. About to renew my contract for another year with Three.


Nice deal op no hate why not go on 4gb for £6 a month with topcashback.


Funny that, mine works fine in all those places. I stand by my original comment.

Three January sale is now On
Posted 21st Dec 2019Posted 21st Dec 2019
Three January sale is now On
January: it’s cold, wet, you’re back to work and skint. That warm, fuzzy feeling the Christmas period (and all that mulled wine) gives you, is well and truly gone. Yep, January can… Read more

It is now illegal for mobile telcos to cap speed, speed is probably restricted due to congestion in your area. That being said I used to have great mobile speed now it is crap.


If you live in London three is abysmal atm, could be the 5g upgrade, but it's been bad for the last 3-4 months. Outside London seems better from the comments on here.


The speed depends where you live. I get really good coverage and speeds on three in rural place


Works fine for me, in God's Own Acre... The only place I get poor reception is at two work sites which are full of steel girders, but I get WiFi there any way. Vodafone, however, the mast could be in France as far as signal is concerned...


Iv been on three for aboutv8 yrs came from virgin cos of the slow speeds down after about 3 or 4 gb usage none of that with three i use about 20gb per month no slowing down brilliant coverage and i dont live in a city three is the best

Guide to get free credit from Three
Posted 12th Mar 2019Posted 12th Mar 2019LocalLocal
Guide to get free credit from Three
On three, bad network This guide will get you compensation for this. Pay as you go: If you have £20 in your account If 5p have gone instantly or has been used up is because thr… Read more
View Deal

How is that a deal?? :/


Ask for £10 because you've been charged 5p? Sounds like appropriate compensation. ;)


Gets my vote


Contender for worse post of 2019.


WTF did I just read. This is rather a how to be an A hole guide. You could literally exploit any company's good will and customer service this way. But if you do this for a living, you need to look in the mirror more often.

Three SIM Only - 30GB 12 Month Advanced Plan £20pm - £240
Posted 14th Jan 2018Posted 14th Jan 2018
Three SIM Only - 30GB 12 Month Advanced Plan £20pm - £240£240
30GB data. All-you-can-eat minutes. All-you-can-eat texts. 12 month contract.

I was offered an upgrade today for this same price but for the 100GB 12 month advanced plan (normally £27). I’ve been with Three for quite some time though, so I guess they were keen to retain. They mentioned the £20 price for the 100GB was a deal they had offered on ‘Black Friday’. Anyway very tempting offer


how do you do invite a friend?


Go to exiting customer offers and use sim only will be £18 a month or invite friend will come to £16.


If your up for doing cash back you can get this for £12pm with mobilephonesdirect


I'm on Three. How do I do this as I wasn't aware of it? Thanks in advance

Three SIM Only - 12GB Data, 12 month contract £15pm (£180) @ Three
Posted 14th Jan 2018Posted 14th Jan 2018
Three SIM Only - 12GB Data, 12 month contract £15pm (£180) @ Three£15
12GB Data. All-you-can-eat minutes. All-you-can-eat texts. 12 month contract

Can I retain my curent Three phone number?


Sim with.


Correct, and they regularly have this plan for between £10-£12


That’ll be either a deal you got when it was a special offer price at that time or a retention deal you’ve negotiated.


All sim plans include EU roaming as far as I’m aware.

Three 5G + 4G Home Broadband Unlimited Data on 24 or 12 month contracts @ Three
300° Expired
Refreshed 7th JunRefreshed 7th Jun
If you're lucky enough to live in an area with a good 5g connection then this might be a good deal for you. Three … Read more

I'm fortunate enough to live near a 3 5G mast. The speed is generally between 300mbps and 400mbps. This speed test was done at 1pm. Speeds are faster at night when fewer people are online. Not bad for £15 a month, no where else can even come close to these speeds at this price range. Bargain!


HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro (H112-372)


Which modem did u get may I ask?


no such deal - probably expired


No such deal :( possibly expired

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