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Posted 20 March 2023

Netac NV7000 2TB NVMe 1.4 M.2 Internal SSD PCIe Gen4 SLC Caching Aluminum Heatsink up to 7000MB/s £109.74 @ Netac / Aliexpress

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Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135 Information
First deal I have posted.
Just picked one up myself
There Anniversary sale ends march 26 23:59pt
Ps5 compatible
2tb for £109.74 with tax and shipping included
AliExpress More details at AliExpress

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  1. ryderage's avatar
    They might be paying for the "free shipping" from China but who's paying the import tax + fees?
    proy's avatar
    Total cost is given as £109.74. That includes the required VAT. At around £110, this item doesn't exceed the £135 threshold for customs duty, so there shouldn't be anything extra to pay. Personally, I bought this (my experiences with AliExpress have always been good). Both Netac and AliExpress are well established global players, so I don't expect any issues. There was another deal for this posted yesterday but sold by Netac on Amazon (but at £129). People commented that there was a 5 year warranty on the drive but that Amazon would help only for 30 days - thereafter, any warranty claims have to go through Netac. So, you'd be in pretty much the same situation, I suspect, whether you bought through Amazon or through AliExpress. Ali Express also offer a refund for non-delivery or item not as described.

    Things can still go wrong, of course - but that's the same with any seller or marketplace.

    Incidentally, I paid with a fee free card in dollars which will hopefully bring the price down by a few pounds, unless anything drastic happens to the exchange rate in the near future...
  2. vulcanproject's avatar
    Probably a lottery which controller you might get. The early ones including Techpowerup's review are Phison. The Innogrit is still good, it is used on the ADATA XPG Gammix S70 Blade.

    I think it's still good value and very fast regardless of the controller but just be aware.
    Neostar's avatar
    Not lottery as everyone seems to have received InnoGrit IG5236 controller

    But as you say it is still top tier, Plextor used it on there SSD and it runs like speedy gonzales
  3. neil.topham's avatar
    Decent review from KitGuru, posted today: Netac nv7000 review - Gets their 'approved' stamp.

    They had the IG5236 variant.
    Neostar's avatar
    Excellent review except they made a small mistake, the temperature can only be shown by using hwinfo64
  4. majorwedgy666's avatar
    Just not enough saving to justify no warranty
    majorwedgy666's avatar
    If dropping 100 quid plus on electronics, it's not unreasonable to expect some form of warranty, whether data important or not
  5. kingLAWZA's avatar
    SSD prices will probably drop by the time you receive this again !
  6. r4do's avatar
    I wonder if there is an international warranty just in case.
  7. BeeBilly123's avatar
    Not sure what size this will be i.e. 1TB or 2TB. ?. From image at checkout

    ERIC_SMITH's avatar
    If you look just above the price on the left it shows its the 2tb version. Aliexpress can be abit confusing at times but i buy alot from them
  8. TypicalAsianFindingDeals's avatar
    Takes weeks to come but great price
    ERIC_SMITH's avatar
    There usually pretty good on aliexpress. Depends who you buy from. Ive had things delivered within a week but most are less than 2 weeks
  9. daedos's avatar
    Damn the 4tb being £380!
  10. KingAndaval's avatar
    Ordered and received the 1TB version today (same day Prime!)

    Just installed to my PS5 and the read speed is 6464 MB/s
  11. vbhatt3's avatar
    Damnnit, I just bought the 2TB for my PS5 from Amazon for £128.00, although I did it get it the same day and not sure about shipping from this place. Read speed came up as 6600MB/s which is super fast.

    Replaced a 500GB WD 850!
    ERIC_SMITH's avatar
    Nice 👌 it was that deal that made me check aliexpress. Id imagine it will be here within 2 weeks. Got mine for the ps5 too 👌
  12. Mᴀʀᴛʏɴ's avatar
    delivery is just too long, be nice if I wanted it in a months time.
  13. Save12's avatar
    That is cheap!
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