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Posted 13 May 2023

Now cinema 50% off for 3 months - £4.99 p/m - Account specific

£4.99£9.9950% off
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Haven't used NOWTV for a while. Went back onto my account as there is a film I want to watch. In my offers section I have 50% off movies for 3 months at £4.99 a month and 40% off entertainment for 3 months at £5.99 a month.

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  1. Thorfin's avatar
    There is nothing worth watching.
  2. Benodet's avatar
    Had a cheap offer, £2.99 for three months, over Christmas, but cancelled it early as there was nothing worth watching.
    warren321's avatar
    Yeah the selection is pox. I pay £1.99 a month and never watch it.
  3. DapPhillips's avatar
    If this came as standard with HD then I would get this but as others have stated, paying £6 per month on top for HD is a rip off. (edited)
  4. jona77's avatar
    Currently on a £1 per month deal! Though even that seems overpriced at the moment given the scarcity of decent films!
    Ian1979's avatar
    Ian1979 Author
    I just want to watch dead shot!
  5. mouse.mouse's avatar
    Biggest gripe for me is the 720p resolution. I have Netflix 4k and the resolution and sound of Nowtv is so poor in comparison (edited)
  6. MrM's avatar
    Paying £1 a month for 2 more months, but nothing new, same old rubbish. Netflix is going that way too.
  7. GreekJesus's avatar
    How much extra are they charging for HD (not even 4k) these days?
    Ian1979's avatar
    Ian1979 Author
    £6. Jokers. It's the only place to watch this film though. (I think). I'll just watch it SD and squint!! (edited)
  8. howbord's avatar
    Currently on £1 / month and still not using it as the lack of 4K is a killer.

    On a related subject I noticed that you can get a 3 month sports pass on Now Ireland so I went to get it using a vpn on my ipad however although the website put me in Ireland the app still had me in England and I wanted to use the app so I could cast to my tv. I know i coukd get round this by using a laptop and chromecast but wondered if any of the more tech savvy guys had any ideas or is it not possible to trick the app
  9. Wilderness's avatar
    Adverts spoil NowTV for me. I'm on an offer for films too but I'm going to cancel it early due to the adverts and lack of higher quality films and my offer for TV just expired and won't be renewed again. I know I can pay extra for the higher quality and removal of adverts but it's more than I want to pay considering other options available at present.
    I subscribed to films and TV when it used to be decent but it falls short now and I find myself watching Freevee more, there's adverts and sometimes at unusual times in the program, but it's free and there's a better selection of things I want to watch at the moment including TV shows.
  10. coltceavers's avatar
    I have 900mb fibre and the picture still pixelates. I paid £1 for this and had the boost on another offer and it still wasn’t worth the money
  11. davidjames123's avatar
    On truegether (ebay like site) you can get reduced offers for boost (£3), entertainment and sports
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