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Now TV Sky Cinema pass £3.99/month for 3 months - £11.97
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Sky Cinema pass via Now TV - I just cancelled the £9.99/month sky cinema pass, and was offered £3.99/month for 3 months. May work for someone else?
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I cancelled 3 days ago got email today, £15 for 3 months. I was paying 3.99 for 4 months before I cancelled


They offered me 7.99 month 3 month when cancelling. Just got an email offering 3.30 for 3 months. Pays to check your email even if you have a few hundred accounts


I cancelled and they just let me go. Therefore I don’t see this as a deal available to everyone. Voted cold


Tends to work best when selecting the option for "couldn't afford it" (or similar) and cancelling on the final week of the subscription.


Got offered £20 a month for four months offered to me about ten days before pass ending would auto apply if I didn't cancel, remembered to cancel however, now going to see if anything else is forthcoming though in no rush as after this weekend there's nothing I'm interested in as fa cup is on bt/BBC and NFL is just the Pro bowl

Now TV existing Mobile Sports Offer 3 months for £2.99 per month (Retention offer)
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Just got this offered at cancellation, Just follow the prompts to cancel your Xmas £1 offer or subscription, they offered 3 months for £2.99 per month Which I thought was brill… Read more

Not available to everyone so voted cold


I took this on recently and only paid on month at £5.99 and got offered it on cancellation after. Reason given was too expensive, then it tells you what you are missing out from the date your service is due to cancel, and then it gives you the 'just for you' offer. Be aware you have to hit 'I still want to cancel' 2 times before you get offered the lower rate. Good offer from OP, saves me £9 over the next 3 months on something I genuinely already got £5.99's worth of value out of. Heat!


I didn't, I just wanted to cancel and it was at the end. However it is my first time I'm with them.


I think you have to select the reason I can't afford it any longer to get the offer. Its what I did. I had just come to end of a free trial of sports mobile. CS also kindly exchanged the sweatcoin voucher for one that will expire in 2020 so I can tag a month on for free when my 3 months at 2.99 expires or reactivate free for a month at some later date.


Become a "new" customer? It takes seconds to make a new email address and seconds to make a new temporary virtual debit card number with a revolut account.

Now TV cinema for £4.99 a month for 4 months via chat
LocalLocalFound 14th JanFound 14th Jan
I haven’t had a cinema pass for about a year so I went on to live chat and simply asked if there were anything they could offer me. Advisor told me about the 12 months for £55 they… Read more

Worth a shot. Thanks!


Speak to them on live chat I just have and got it for £4:99 for next four months , not the best deal but I'm happy with it


Yep, same here. So cancelled for now until a better deal comes up on here!


I tried to cancel mine this morning and only offered me it at 7:99 a month


Just cancelled mine at £3.99 a month - watched to many crap films to justify keeping it going

2 Month Sky Cinema Pass £9.99 - NOW TV (4 Months for £19.98, 6 Months for £29.97)
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Cheapest offers I could find for NOW TV Movie Pass. "New Customers Only" but someone said you could create a new account and make a note of your watchlist? 50% off Sky Cinema P… Read more

Anything for existing customers? Kids are desperate to watch their movies! :D


During the 4k box trial the quality was at least 1080 or higher on some films.


Same old 720p cr&p, about time Now TV moved into the 21st Century.


Was supposed to have been end of 2018...


Id love to know this too. Would cancel sky if this was an alternative but don't like the thought of a poorer picture quality

Free Now Tv stick check your emails
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Had an email today saying new movies added and further down the page it’s saying claim your free Now Tv stick. I’ve already had from them a 4k box & stick, but hey it’s free! M… Read more
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Can someone post the URL of the email link so I can try if it works if I'm logged in to my account?


I bought one of these last year. Anyone like me found this device heats up really quick when plugged into the tv USB slot?, also picture breaks up on free view when this device is plugged in, that I have to take out now to stick when finished watching catch up tv.


Got a free sweat coin one for mine


Did anyone else do what I did? Buy a cheap pass and then get an email the next day? Just wondering if it was a coincidence or I got the email as I had a subscription


Got one! Just posted!! Lovely. How long do they take to come? And do they come with a pass?

FREE Now TV Sky Sports Mobile 1 Month Pass via Sweatcoin 10.99 Sweatcoins
LocalLocalFound 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Back again get a month of now tv sports mobile for 10.99 sweatcoin via the sweatcoin app. Only annoyance is you can’t cast it to a tv. The sweatcoin app can be downloaded from A… Read more

It’s gone now. Expired


I can’t find the offer on sweatcoin? Anyone know what I have to do to find it? All I can see is local and marathon offer


Silly question.. how do I watch the sports? Do I need to download an app?


It only counts steps taken when outdoors. I just shut down the app when I get to work and back at home.


Thanks but I found it straightforward and I was happy to pay £2.99 a month for 3 months

Under half price Now TV Sky Cinema & Sky Entertainment  6 months pack. One off payment. No contract £50.94 @ Now TV
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Under half price at £59.94. think only for new customers. No contract , one off payment. You can buy a Now TV device for £15 & just plug into your TV.
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Had the same problem, voucher never used so I’ll have to try the chat option. They’ll be able to see it’s never been used hopefully. Need to find it mind.




Resolution can only go one way, namely up. Never happened to me downscale to SD, maybe with old smart box that can happen at peak times depending on area, very rare. I use new 4K box (cheap buy at £25, Netflix-compatible), no problems. Take into account that you're getting more recent blockbusters than other streaming services. I personally got lost on Amazon menu, too complicated. Hopefully full HD soon, fingers crossed no price increase - long overdue upgrade.


Yeah OK value but the lack of surround sound/ stereo only and 720p hd if your lucky is poor by today's standards. Buying now tv movies for the year leaves me with that a bit ripped off feeling after similar to when I bought a Renault car. It was great value, but vibrations a plenty, break downs and poor quality over all.


I got it for £55 for a year yesterday as an existing customer!

Now tv broadband super fiber upto 80mb with unlimited free calls £30 p/m 12 months + £9.99 delivery - £369.99 - £90 TCB
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Now tv super fast broadband upto 80mb speed with unlimited 24/7 calls worth £8 For only £30 a month, plus £9.99 delivery Total cost £369.99 And get £90 topcashback which make this… Read more
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As 16Jan is your switchover date, you are still within 14 day cooling off period. If need be cancel order and reorder 80mb.


Need help, Topcashback says for new customers, it is broadband customer or including TV customer ? thanks in advance. :)


I requested a switch from Plusnet. Now tv 23.50 per month 39mb. It will be transferred over to Now TV on 16th Jan. Just yesterday I received my now tv box. TCB tracked at 70 pounds. If I call NTV and asked them to move me to 80mb fibre is that possible? Also do you think TCB will honour the 70 pounds cashback? Thanks


Anyone replaced the Nowtv hub. I think the one they supply is rubbish. Only two ports plus unable to support my NAS


if you go for £27.00 fibre deal with sky be aware of the anytime calls as i have been with them for broadband and went to upgrade to fibre max but i still dont get call package included, they refuse so im thinking now tv.

Now TV fibre broadband 36Mb, anytime phone calls & Sky Sports package  £41.99 p/m 12 months - £9.99 setup - £513.87
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Really difficult to get Sky Sports at a decent price as they charge £34 a month. F1 fans are being hit hard as Sky now have exclusive rights to air live f1 races.

Thanks, see it is. I thought it was a stand alone offer not tied in with the broadband, thought was too good to be true. Cheers.


its on the right hand side of the page the link takes you to


The 50% off phone screen grab in the first post, where is this from please is it a current deal? Can't see it on the offers page of the Now TV site. Guessing it's an email to select accounts? Thanks,


Do some research and add the cashback sites if you really want to get this thawed


Burrr, why's it so cold in here?

Free 14 day trial Now TV, Sky entertainment,  Cinema,& kids pass.
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Free pass for 14 days, cancel anytime. You will be charged after 14 days if you don't cancel.
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You’re lucky then!(y) (y)


Cold, just the bog standard offering from Now TV. Better than nothing but not especially generous IMHO when Netflix offer a month to new customers...


It’s never been an issue for me. 😬


You can’t use the same card or PayPal twice


Always been a thing

NOW TV 1 months Sports AND 1 month cinema £25 from Now TV
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
1 month of both sports and cinema for £25. Only for existing customers in the last 30 days of current subscription. The RRP for sports is £33.99 but I know you can buy a one mon… Read more

They were doing 12 months for sky movies for £55


not a great deal already stated,others have managed to get the recent sports offer for 12.99 and cinema pass offers from nowtv float around the 4-5 quid mark a month,so if it was more around the 20 quid mark it might have been worth a punt.overpriced movies and sports in the first place, then discounted doesnt make it a good deal,but to others it might seem like its a deal.appreciate the heads up though,but not for me.


i got same offer for sports but runs out 16th Jan!


Ah right , I wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant or not so I thought I’d mention it just incase hahah cheers :)


Yeah the deal for that ends soon, some only got the offer for about 48 hours I think. But once you've used that your not getting that offer again anyone soon. I've used mine, so this is the next best deal??

Check your email! FREE (just pay £5 postage) NOW TV SMART BOX (account specific)
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
Just had an email from NOWTV offering me a FREE now tv smart box. Just had to pay £5 postage. Check your emails guys!

I had one from before Christmas. Still worked thanks op


Yep it has youtube! :) My box came within two days really pleased. definitley not refurbished like someone else suggested.


Got the email this morning 9:30am and ordered it. Does anyone know if it has the YouTube app ? I use AppleTV so don't need it but my mum has started watching YouTube on a phone.


I got a free now tv stick a few months back from them for absolutely free. Plus I was an existing member


Nah that didn't work either. No bother. Thanks anyway

Now TV (mobile only) 1 month Sports Pass for a quid via Vouchercodes
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
This one's through Voucher codes so not account specific as @liamions recent deal Well worth downloading the Voucher codes app btw, lots of good offers. Mobile only but if yo… Read more
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Now TV 20% off Sky Sports Day Pass - Watch Manchester City v Liverpool from 8pm Thursday


Voucher codes app said it was still valid just now, it generated a code for me and said you've got a one month pass for £1, redirecting to now tv... when now tv loaded it said £5.99! I guess the voucher codes app needs updating lol


Says 5.99


You can have my code, just tested and works. SMMTUFQUNHTJYH ^ That is the code. Website to redeen the code:


The clue's in the title.

3 months NOW TV Entertainment Pass £5 for Student Emails
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019LocalLocalFound 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Enter your university email address to get this offer. This should work for any university , not just DMU. If a student shows the confirmation email to a rep on their universi… Read more
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Offer codes expires 23:59 30th June 2019, after which is void.


so you can get the code and use it whenever you want?


If anybody would like a code I'd be happy to trade for something via PM or via a thread on here. Let me know :D


Hi merry Christmas if any one has a a code that they will not use can I please have it. Thanks in advance


Cool, got the code but i'll have to wait several weeks as i've just bought the CDKeys pass

Sky Sports Mobile 1 month pass for £1 at Now TV
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
CHECK YOUR EMAILS! Not the greatest but surely worth £1? You can watch this on mobile only and CAN'T link to TV (afaik). You get Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Arena, Sky … Read more

And funerals


Literally only works on phones. Doesn't work on iPad either. Tried to screen share using my Note 8 on my laptop and TV, that didn't work either. But worth it for £1 :)


You can get one for free through the hold app too.


Don't know about you lot, but in Gmail, mine was in the promotions label. Worth checking.


Don't get any of their emails!

Now TV Cinema 1 month for £4.99 for Existing Customer Only  @ Now TV
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Thanks @markwigg for confirming that it worked for you. It's good if you just want a month of it. You have to sign in to get this offer. It's 50% off for a month only for existin… Read more

No worky


Actually, three of us had used it already. I will better expire it. sorry again. :(


i havent ever had any previous offers...i think it can only be used by one person.


oh ...probably they might had unknowingly applied it with your previous offers. Sorry. :(


told me that the code had already been used. looks like its a one use only code

1 month sky entertainment, sky movies and sky kids pass for £11.99 for all 3 @ nowtv
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Was sent this via email but it's also live on the website too! As the kind folks said don't forget to cancel before the auto-renew in January! Available to new NOW TV customers s… Read more
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Is there a code? I can't find it on the site :/


Because it's for existing ones too.


Why can't people specify that deals like this are for NEW accounts only?? (annoyed)


Rather than get the package, just go to more info and take the 14 day free trial


Or iptv

Now TV – 12 Month Cinema Pass £55 / 12 Month Entertainment Pass £45
Refreshed 11th JanRefreshed 11th Jan
Now TV – 12 Month Cinema Pass A year of blockbusters for less than half price. £55 Now TV – 12 Month Entertainment Pass Get a year of Now TV for better than half price £45

I had and enjoyed nowtv sports and movies for the last month. Picture quality was fine on my telly via the xbox. What did irk me a little bit was the lack of multi-channel sound so no 5.1. Sports and movies are the two content types that I turn on the bloody surround sound system for. Anyway, it's still not a bad price, have some heat.


Every time I have gone to cancel the entertainment pass I have been offered a cheap renewal. My last one was £2.60 a month for 4 months. Normally it is around the £3.50 mark.


Sounds similar to me... we had a 1 month Cinema pass over Christmas and caught up on films. Didn't bother to renew despite being offered a 1/2 price monthly rate.


720p movies... will wait until they are 1080p thanks. Great deal if your one that doesnt notice the quality or lack of mind.


SO not available to current members then? Obviously creating a new account counts as a new account and the offer works, but you cant use it on a current account, so my comment about not rewarding loyalty remains.