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Posted 17 July 2023

[PC] Cannon Fodder (Windows / Mac / Linux) - PEGI 12

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Don't wait till you see the whites of their eyes...
Don't kid yourself it will be over by Christmas...
Don't try to shut out the screams...
And don't forget to wash your hands afterwards...


From a queue of some 360 "eager" conscripts waiting to go to war, a team of up to six will "volunteer" for each new mission. Encourage your soldiers to shoot anything that moves, throw grenades, fire bazookas, drive tanks, fly choppers, split up and do their own thing... and die... Guide your no-hoper's troop straight through deadly missions. And if you lose some of them? There's more where that came from...

-Action-driven, fast-paced classic arcade gameplay

-A mix of tactical insight and fast reflexes required, a good micro would be a plus

-War has never been so much fun!

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  1. Leeps's avatar
    If you like this, checkout zero sievert. Modern take on similar mechanics, with a lot more depth.
  2. Scarlet_Pimp's avatar
    i'll probably get this just cos i love the game, but Amiga version was much better than the DOS version. I found a site years ago which allowed you to play Amiga games without having to install anything cant find it any more though.
    Ian1979's avatar
  3. MrSprkle's avatar
    My first PC I bought around early 90s from a trust fund I had I had to apply to courts and convince them it was an educational purchase.. I pulled that wool good! I was about 13

    386sx with 2MB of RAM a 250MB HDD and above all it came with SVGA graphics! I got a Dot Matrix printer with it from Dixons and bundled in the purchase was Commanche and Cannon Fodder..

    Same year Doom came out. (edited)
    Abc_defg100's avatar
    Blast from the past.

    Doom was designed for the 486 (or maybe it was the 386DX? I think 486), so had to run in the reduced letterbox mode on my 386SX - 33MHz, still - amazing times.

    That box did wonders for my own education in all honesty. I wouldn't have my job/career now if it wasn't for it. Learning batch scripts then qbasic.

    Society has brought computers to the masses and education on demand that didn't exist then. But if I'd grown up in these times, I don't think I'd be remotely the same person. It's weird. I definitely see what the raspberry pi foundation were going for.

    Not that anyone asked and I've contributed nothing. Sorry everyone.
  4. powerbrick's avatar
    War, never been so much fun
  5. Dumpster's avatar
    Great game, got to get all the way through with Jools and Jopps though, otherwise did you really complete it?
  6. mongo116's avatar
    An absolute classic of a game
  7. ws007's avatar
    well this takes me back,
    when game's were hard and fun
    batezy's avatar
    Do you remember the snowmobile missions? Practically impossible they were
  8. thebiggestal's avatar
    The greatest music for a game ever.
    anthonyratcliffe7's avatar
    War… never been so much fun do do do do
  9. batezy's avatar
    RIP - Jools, Jops, Stoo and Rj 🔥
  10. jafarabas786's avatar
    One of the best games I have ever played
  11. cheappriceburns's avatar
    Who needs Call of Duty! Classic entertainment at its best.
  12. B_McNeil's avatar
    Talk to your brother, shoot him with your gun. Leave him lying in his uniform, dying in the sun...
    WAR! Never been so much fun!
    hat_ok_dear's avatar
    Go to your brother, no?
  13. lucyferror's avatar
    Thank you
  14. xlxaiwa55xlx's avatar
    Wooooooooow. Now that's a blast from the past
  15. Trainlineneedstogetagrip's avatar
    Classic game
  16. MrSprkle's avatar
    Whats funny is I cannot for the life of me remember that song, and i played this to death!! and i think i know why, my PC didnt have a sound card for the first couple of years so it was inbuilt speaker sounds only and I am sure the song would not play over that.
    Abc_defg100's avatar
    Sorry to continuously reply to you here.

    We went from pc speaker to adlib and then (eventually) major upgrade to more modern systems with sound blaster compatibility.

    PC speaker was horrible but there are quite a few oldies I remember with the adlib audio when everyone looks back and it's the soundblaster in videos and things. Really does affect the nostalgia even where it's objectively better.
  17. desbode's avatar
    Are any of these classics on mobile. I'm so surprised with the advent of mobile gaming that loads of DOS games didn't get converted to mobile games.
    ws007's avatar
    modern pc's can't play dos games, it would cost too much to convert/rewrite to put them on a mobile.

    saying that any dos emulators on mobile?
  18. Aaron_Smith's avatar
    OMG I'd forgotten all about this!!! Thanks OP
  19. deleted2676473's avatar
    I think you can have them for free
    EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
  20. Rob_B's avatar
    Make sure you have enough HDD space to install this...
  21. afroylnt's avatar
    'Don't wait till you see the whites of their eyes...
    Don't kid yourself it will be over by Christmas...
    Don't try to shut out the screams...
    And don't forget to wash your hands afterwards...'
    Ah fond memories of the first Asda black friday sale....
  22. sirblady's avatar
    Hehe amiga cdtv and this game dammn was nice.
's avatar