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Posted 22 August 2023

£1 kids chippy tea/dinner (Penygroes, Carmarthenshire)

In store: South West Wales
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So many struggiling right now, really nice offer from Mel's Chippy, runs until the end of the School Holidays, which looking around seems to be, for the majority, in Wales, 1st September. It could restart on other Holidays, due to the support for locals.

As well as the takeaway staple, she offers pasta, curry and rice, and meatballs and mash, as well as a piece of fruit and a drink with each meal.

"We're in the middle of a cost of living crisis where everything is expensive, everybody's food bill is expensive, everyone's energy bill is expensive and there isn't a lot of spare cash to go around," Ms Lewis said.

"So this seems like a great way to help everybody and not only that, unlike food banks or other, more formal community initiatives, there's no red tape, there's no forms, there's no ID needed, there's no stigma.

"People can just come in and ask for a £1 kids meal and that's what they get."

Sarah and Mel Lewis said they had served more than 250 cut-price dishes in just under one month.

Mrs Lewis does her best to make sure her budget menu constantly changes ‘because I see the same faces more or less every single day throughout the holidays I try to make sure they aren’t getting chips all the time’.

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  1. mrner01's avatar
    Read about this yesterday. Hopefully it'll only be used by people who really need to, they're already looking for support to keep it going.
    stoneblade's avatar
    I was going to say this, it really should be more for the local community/area who in need not the whole of the UK. Might put the poor lady out of business from people taking advantage Good on her though, need more people like her in the world!

    OP I wouldnt have put her exact location on here in my honest opinion. (edited)
  2. Hobbehodz's avatar
    Looks like an excellent marketing initiative given the amount of publicity they're getting. For every cut price child's meal there will be a full price and profitable adult meal. Some clever companies go further and say 'kids eat for free'. This is a cheap junk food meal and the fruit is its only saving grace.
    sarah.lewisLC3's avatar
    This is my shop & it was never a marketing initiative - we only advertised the meal of the day on our page & we never asked for further donations - the local people and businesses have given generously because they wanted to and people don’t take advantage. Some parents buy additional food - some don’t - we don’t care. we also provide a varied menu through the week so it’s not chips every day!
     now people around the UK have donated due to the media we will be looking to feed a different group in the community after the holidays. Hope that clears everything up for you 
  3. Crom's avatar
    This is for local struggling families, not a national hot deal to be taken advantage of.
    It's inappropriate and irresponsible to post this.
  4. Anewchange's avatar
    Be sure you remember these guys when the offer is done - they will be making a loss on this! (food, staff, electricity)

    If you want to help these guys and do not live locally...leave them a google review, helps massively with their rankings! (edited)
  5. Josh_Fletcher's avatar
    This isn't a hot deal this is a charity for hungry children. Please do not buy at this price if you are in the area unless you have to (edited)
    Daniel789's avatar
    It isn't really, it's an advert for a chippy, based on an astroturfing article on the BBC.
  6. dan_uk's avatar
    Should be in discussions really. It’s not a deal and feels tawdry to have heat associated with it. This is not “value” it’s essentially an extension of social support as the owners were frustrated with how little was being done in relation to the COL issues in their area and promoting it on here as a offer dilutes the message it was created to promote imho.
    Smeeble's avatar
    It's only a hot deal because of who posted it, just the way the site works unfortunately.
  7. Haircut_100's avatar
    I do wonder if something like this is best kept as a word of mouth thing amongst the local community for those that need it rather than being posted here nationally as a “hot deal”.
  8. Nav_A20's avatar
    This is happening all over the country. Poor people helping to feed each other. None of the papers are interested in stories about poverty. The people in the gov should die of shame but nowadays you need to be shameless to get a seat in west minister.
  9. Harryg21's avatar
    These people deserve a medal first support the local community. 
  10. JoShmo's avatar
    Alot of people will have seen the BBC article on this fabulous woman.
    Shame op didn't link to it.
  11. blammo's avatar
    Do they deliver?
  12. mcwildcard's avatar
    Is there a gofundme?
    2409chris's avatar
    It’s only a pound
  13. Skymonkey's avatar
    People will complain about absolutely anything these days. Have some heat Op.
    Dast's avatar
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