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Posted 13 June 2023

Redmi 10 C 4Gb + 64 gb Smartphone £79 @ Xiaomi

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Redmi 10C , 4gb+64gb , blue colour, SD processor. Half price through the app £79. I think it’s very good for this money.

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Redmi 10C is powered by the incredible octa-core Snapdragon 680 processor. Redmi 10C's UFS 2.2 memory delivers faster and smoother performance, allowing you to run and access apps quickly and efficiently.

It supports expandable storage up to 1TB. Redmi 10C brings you a massive 5000mAh (typical) battery that lasts more than two days, allowing you to stay powered up on the go.

Top up Redmi 10C's massive battery in no time with up to 18W fast charging.

Featuring a large 6.71" display, a stunning world of viewing awaits you. The Redmi 10C also supports Netflix HD and Prime Video HD for a decent streaming experience.In addition, the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass which provides damage resistance to drops and scratches.Immerse yourself in your multimedia content with Redmi 10C's powerful speaker system, which gives you full and vibrant.

Redmi 10C offers professional-grade photography in a fun-sized package.Make the most of your memories with the 50MP high-resolution camera, perfect for capturing those unforgettable moments.

Features & Specs

  • Product type Smartphone
  • Redmi 10C series
  • Screen size - 6.71"
  • Display resolution - 720 x 1650 pixels
  • Touch screen - Yes
  • Screen shape - Flat
  • Pixel Density - 268 ppi
  • Display glass type - Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Chipset Qualcomm - SM6225 Snapdragon 680 4G (6nm)
  • CPU Octa-core (4x2.4 GHz Kryo 265 Gold & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo 265 Silver)
  • RAM memory - 4 GB
  • Memory - 128GB
  • Memory card types - MicroSD (TransFlash) up to 1 TB

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Help & Information

Xiaomi More details at

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Use LEBARA06 for 6% Off
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  1. sk8shodown's avatar
    Ordered! Use LEBARA06 for 6% Off
    innocent's avatar
    Tremendous but how that (LEBARA) code ties up with XIAOMI is strange. I have just tested and it works. Does it mean that people who ordered their phone yesterday unaware will be cancelling for further 6% off 😳
  2. Somersett's avatar
    Let's face it- Xiaomi phones at deal prices are the only game in town at the low end. Why people buy any other 'cheap' phone is beyond me. The only competition is some of the excellent second hand phones with much higher specs, but they are not ideal for normies- having major issue with battery life.

    Xiaomi optimise their low end phones around fantastic battery life- the only 'downside' is when initially used after a time, suspended apps are brought back-to-life with very minor delays. Your expensive phones boast 'instant' responsiveness- but don't point out that this costs terribly in battery life. You can't have both.

    PS buy one- go to f-droid, download NewPipe and say goodbye to Youtube ads.
    BucketMan's avatar
    Is there a reflash potential here? Or does that negate battery tweaks?
  3. quake.ee's avatar
    50383256-uKk5k.jpgJust received mine.
    For those who are concerned this model supports NFC.
    deag's avatar
    the bezels on that box look a bit more chunky-monkey than the title…. still can’t complain for the price.
  4. JoeBUK's avatar
    Quidco have 1.5% cashback too.
  5. joshi99's avatar
    Bought the predecessor, a Redmi 9, a while back for my elderly mom, who's very inept with smartphones, so we could do video calls regularly. I never got it to work reliably, because some internal OS function kept shutting down the video call app after a while of standby. Also, remote support through apps such as Teamviewer is blocked. But the display was quite nice.
    dkj255's avatar
    Yep, that'll be MIUI's battery optimisation thing kicking in. All modern Android OSes do it, but the Chinese seem to make their phones particularly aggressive in this respect. You can disable this battery thing per app, but I'd really prefer Xiaomi to just use stock Android since I've found settings in MIUI don't always 'stick'.
  6. Lexeus's avatar
    Colour reproduction is good sounds positive but I am seeing the resolution is a little low though right? Is it noticeable without a side by side comparison to a better model?
  7. sk8shodown's avatar
    Got mine today, great looking phone, much faster than my old 9C
    Perfect as a backup phone, Bargain at £75
    nigelbutler's avatar
    Is the WiFi ok? Other people have reported some problems ...you may be ok

    Thank you
  8. hashim0786's avatar
    Does this come with plastic standard case In the box like Xiaomi phones usually do?
    i_need_bargains's avatar
    Yes it does (according to the website but apparently not so).

    Included in the box
    Redmi 10C/Adapter/USB Type-C Cable/SIM Eject Tool/
    Protective Case/Quick Start Guide/Warranty Card

    Edit: Some users are suggesting the protective case and pre applied screen protector are not included. (edited)
  9. Crossbow's avatar
    From £3.50 for a case here ebay.co.uk/sch…t=1
    Cheaper on AliExpress if you don't mind the wait. (edited)
  10. marcy921's avatar
    Is it worth upgrading an aging galaxy s8 for something like this?
    litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    There is no one answer to this.
    Some people would be happy and some won't.
    It's a really nice phone for the money, you'll struggle to find a better brand new phone.
    It should be fast enough for most people.
    Battery life will be miles better than Samsung.
    Screen is not as good as Samsung. Some people won't mind, some people will notice that it's less sharp than Samsung and visibility on a sunny day outdoors may be worse.
    Camera should be fine on a bright day but it may struggle in less than perfect conditions (indoors, poorly lit shots).
    It's a really big phone compared to Samsung (2 cm taller). (edited)
  11. TeddyBB's avatar
    Is it 5G?
    innocent's avatar
    LOL, Dell Boy you ain't read the description I'll have you know , you plonker (edited)
  12. Babycham's avatar
    could you tell me if this is sim free please
    deleted2686495's avatar
    Anonymous User
    All phones sold in the UK have to be now iirc.

    (Or if locked, the provider has to unlock it for free).
  13. dkj255's avatar
    Heat from me; not as good as the Redmi 10 and probably not supported for as long, but then it's also even cheaper. I'd agree that sub-£100 this is likely the best full-fat Android phone you can buy new, and almost certainly a better proposition that the likes of Doogee, TCL, Cubot, etc.
  14. hypermind's avatar
    Got two of these at xmas for the kids. They are perfectly good phones. Paid £100 then and was happy so this is a great deal!
    EN1GMA's avatar
    do you find the 64gb storage not restrictive?
  15. Damian_Christie's avatar
    Horrible software, makes my galaxy a04s look like a flagship, 256gb micro SD doesn't work properly keeps saying not compatible, corrupt, works fine in all my other devices, double tap to wake, turn on off screen only works properly with some specific themes?! Huh! Honestly guys don't even bother if you've got any Samsung, I'd rather have my slow a04s than this shower of of a phone, going straight to cex as soon as my phone number has migrated from EE to Tesco mobile. Be warned.
    WALKONBY's avatar
    Have to say that I was looking to buy this item {separate Micro SD slot (not shared)} but eventually went for the Oppo A16 GiffGaff deal.
    Have to honestly say that I have been really surprised with the Oppo's lack of expected bloatware and Excellent usability experience.
    As a matter of interest ... was the screen reasonable despite LED and basic resolution on a relatively large display in your opinion? ... and would you be "Quids In" on CEX assuming you paid £79? Wondering if it's just a QC issue since still considering 10C, if the offer ever resurfaces since OOS status. (edited)
  16. jazzuk777's avatar
    Snapdragon 680, got one for my son at £100
    Lexeus's avatar
    What’s the worst thing about the phone if you had to be negative? Is the OS uptodate?
  17. Tyler.Durden's avatar
    Is this likely to have NFC?
    It says this:
    Availability varies between market
    *Functions may vary in some markets
    sjoyce666's avatar
    Mine has just arrived and has a "Supports NFC" sticker on the front of the box
  18. haines1997's avatar
    Question - is it the same size as the redmi 10? Just trying to find cases but struggling to find 10C
    Crossbow's avatar
    Quite a bit larger, some cases to consider on eBay ebay.co.uk/sch…c=1

  19. Frelex's avatar
    Just wondering but have they fixed their delivery address issue where you enter your house number and address for example "123 example street" and they automatically set your delivery address to "example street 123" making it impossible for the delivery driver to find you?
    sjoyce666's avatar
    They haven't, mine has just arrived labelled
    Town, Street, Number
    Never had an issue with it like that though and hadn't noticed it before checking
  20. ZVO4Freedom's avatar
    No compass is a deal breaker as I find that really useful when navigating on foot. Also no IR blaster which I like as I can mess with peoples TVs :-)

    Also no image stabilistion from looking at review above so forget video I guess. (edited)
    Crossbow's avatar
    You forgot missing the all-important kitchen sink, so you can't do your dishes in.
    Simply buy something that has what you need & please stop nitpicking a £79 phone. (edited)
  21. innocent's avatar
    This deal deserves additonl comment. Pricing is reminiscent of Xiaomi of old days! Could there be more 50% off offers in the near future?
    Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    I will keep everything 🤞
  22. innocent's avatar
    Scorching deal if it is indeed 4g ram version. The title needs to be edited to 64gb rom instead of 10 🔥🔥
  23. Les.Alanos's avatar
    The £10 voucher only worked when my order topped £100. So, two phones for £148. Many thanks dobri39. Hotter than the weather.
    thisgroove's avatar
    Did your postcode show on your order via there website or email, as i definitely added the postcode but its not shown on either?
  24. jameshothothot's avatar
    Great deal.
  25. Lae1708's avatar
    Great deal thanks Even offering £10 voucher code for new customers (edited)
    Poctenicko's avatar
    Does it work though as the purchase must be over £100 to use that coupon?
  26. quake.ee's avatar
    Vouchers+ mi points bringing it to £64. Thanks! (edited)
    nnj10's avatar
    Which voucher worked for you?
  27. Gwyn_Dewey's avatar
    Are we likely to get 50 quid deals .......my redmi note 9 pro has a faulty button won't come on for 30 seconds .......I've also got a mara z1 and redmi note 9 basic that I picked up for 50 and 53.50
  28. WALKONBY's avatar
    Great Deal OP. Thanks Very Much & ...
    TCB tracked too. Every Little Helps.

    muffboy's avatar
    Is that smart band any good/worth £40?
  29. Chompers97's avatar
    Xiaomi phones seem a great budget option. Writing this on my trusty Redmi note 8 pro purchased jan 2020. Used daily and battery life still as good as ever. Camera definitely punches above it's price range. When this finally calls it a day I'll definitely use xiaomi again. Just bought this deal for my son as a first phone.- thanks.
  30. Babycham's avatar
    are they are a reliable company
    TAZMANUK's avatar
    Yes bought a redmi note 10 back in April 2022 came very quick
  31. TAZMANUK's avatar
    I've purchased one
    thisgroove's avatar
    Did your postcode show on your order via there website or email, as i definitely added the postcode but its not shown on either?
  32. Lae1708's avatar
    Good choice on Ebay for that specific phone as larger than Redmi 10
  33. Ogre's avatar
    Would love to buy but when using PayPal it doesn't add in my house number just the road and also adds in the district I'm in instead of my city☹️
    paul.o's avatar
    It's not much better when you pay by credit card, the confirmation email hasn't got the post code on it, still if it gets lost I can claim of the cc
  34. hallosiwa's avatar
    Ordered 👏👏
  35. The_Third_Man's avatar
    It's a slight shame they are only providing a 10w charger on a phone that supports 18w, but I'm quibbling, this is a great deal
  36. muffboy's avatar
    POCO M5 4GB+128GB for £139
    tanp125's avatar
    My hubby has the poco one and it's a great phone.
  37. MattMac's avatar
    Is this better than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9?
    Skaman's avatar
    I hope so because that's what I'm replacing, mine and the wife's Redmi note 9 are borderline unusable at the moment with constant freezes and reboots needed so anything that just works will be a bonus to be honest .
  38. steve.james's avatar
    Thanks ,just got one
  39. V11PER's avatar
    Just ordered thanks
  40. Joco1963's avatar
    I ordered yesterday, needed a new cheapo phone that I know nowt about and don’t understand any of the jargon. But it was cheap and if it lasts a year then why not.
    innocent's avatar
    It will last much more than a year.
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