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Posted 29 August 2023

Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G 6gb/128gb with autodiscount and coupon

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Handset released: Oct 2022 Screen size: 6.67" Operating system: Android 12 Connectivity: 5G Ready Rear cameras: 50+8+2 megapixels (4K/1080p/720p video) + optical image stabilisation Front camera: 16 megapixels (1080p video) RAM: 6GB CPU: 2.60GHz Expandable Storage: None Contactless payments: Yes Wireless charging: No 3.5mm headphone jack: Yes IP rating: Splashproof Battery capacity: 5000 mAh Weight: 187 grams
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  1. maddogb's avatar
    anyone got one of these and know if the voice record feature works?
    not 100% but my note10s appears to not have it enabled on my eu version rom, online instructions fail so assuming it is Asian and such roms those are based on
    formsm2000comp's avatar
    Voice recorder won't work on any EU ROM as it's EU law that banned this practice.
    Xiaomi had to change from the Muiu dialer to the Google dialer to get around this.

    Shame as it was one of my favourite features of previous Xiaomi phones. (edited)
  2. Arbk66's avatar
    Cheers OP

    Time to cash in those Mi Points that have been hanging around for yonks.
    Arbk66's avatar
    Yep, I used £14 worth of points np, think you need a minimum of 1000 but don't quote me.

    50880819-Zygj9.jpg (edited)
  3. garyrho123's avatar
    I can only see the £20 not the £20 coupon for me £259, anyone know how to get it, thanks
    hamsterpig's avatar
    The coupon is above where you select what colour phone you want
  4. anthony_brownU10's avatar
    The Samsung A34 @ £250 with it's 5 years of security updates etc has got my attention.
    billybob59's avatar
    A34 is £249 at Samsung and Selfridges with some cash back at TCB/QUIDCO. Both inc delivery.
  5. 77andyb's avatar
    I'm a bit torn between this Redmi (or the pro plus) and the Samsung A34. I see the Samsung is slightly more water resistant, and has 5 years security updates. But the Redmi has a headphone socket, and on the face of it a bit more bang for your buck. Any issues with Xiaomi I should know about? How long do you receive updates for? Feel torn by Samsung being a reliable brand (usually) and a Resmi with more RAM and storage. I want the phone to be dual Sim as I currently live abroad but want to keep my UK number and have calls made to my UK number come though, even if I use my local sim for everything else.

    Any info I should know would be gratefully received! I'm looking at mid range phones because I live in a slightly dodgy country, so being able to go out with the cheaper phone is a better option than going out with a new iPhone or flagship Samsung (considering one of these before the end of the year) and getting it nicked. Anybody got any thoughts on Redmi Note 12/plus vs Samsung A34 please? Ideally a long battery life would be great, and to be able to use Google Pay or whatever it's called now, without any issues. Happy to consider other suggestions too. I like a small phone (using a Pixel 5 now) but I know they aren't flavour of the month - so any suggestions for a bit smallish phone compared to the Redmi or the Samsung A34 also gratefully accepted. My wife had earlier Xiaomi models and they were a bit buggy, so hoping things have improved a bit since then. Thanks in advance.
    liger's avatar
    I would never buy xiaomi or redmi or poco products they get loads of bugs and no update to fix them. Samsung a34 is good but processor will not last 5 years so honor 70 is best bet
  6. Pasanda's avatar
    Same price as my p30 pro 4 years ago yet my p30 Pro still out performs it looking at the statistics on GSMArena
    cicobuff's avatar
    Dishonest comparison though...yours (and mine) P30 Pro bought four years ago in the black friday O2 mistake was then an £800 phone. Tried comparing an actual £250 phone from four years ago?
  7. kinetic's avatar
    That's a great price for this phone, is there anything better at this price point?
    kokoroko's avatar
    Probably there is as long as you willing to get something from outside UK 😜
  8. hamsterpig's avatar
    I can't decide on Redmi note 12 pro, poco x5 pro and honor 70  (confused) 
    Arbk66's avatar
    Using the Honor 70 myself, no complaints, then again I'm no gamer. The curved screen & back appealed but the clincher was the thinner lighter form factor for me. They say the updates from Honor aren't the swiftest but it makes no odds to me. I like it.
  9. stackshelvesalldayerryday's avatar
    How does this compare to the Poco f3? Mines just been damaged so looking for a replacement, don't really have a budget but looking to stay below £500 ideally.
    Been looking at the honor 90, magic pro 4 and Poco f5 pro mostly but this looks like a decent enough phone.
  10. safsulsam's avatar
    whats the coupon code as not showing on my account
    innocent's avatar

    29th Aug
    The coupon is above where you select what colour phone you want (edited)
  11. moggith's avatar
    Needs to drop to sub £175 before I pull the trigger
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