Unfortunately, this deal has expired 23 July 2023.
Posted 24 May 2023

Ryzen 5 7600 - RTX4060 TI - 32GB 4800mhz - A620 Motherboard - Air Case - from £917.98 with code at AWD-IT

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# new lower price as it features A620 Boards, and flexing different NVME
# boost to 32GB 4800mhz

  • X= Air Mesh RGB Tempered Glass Case - BLACK
  • Palit NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card
  • Asrock A620 Motherboard
  • AMD Ryzen 5 7600 6 Core, 12 Thread, 5.1Ghz Turbo
  • Adata 32GB (2x8GB) 4800Mhz C40 DDR5 Memory (higher mhz on site)
  • Gigabyte P650 650W Bronze Rated PSU
  • 1TB Gen 3 NVME M.2 SSD (higher graded available)

new price: 917.98

lower 4060Ti + Older Generation of CPU prebuilt, I don't like, as the AMD 6700XT makes a better compact deal on my last post than their 5600x 4060Ti for the same price (B vs A board but option to match at cost)

However this one is very much interesting, certainly one I kinda get for some folks, but I wouldn't buy it myself.

You have to be someone who is thinking of NEXT GEN CPU.
- Otherwise its costs u a GPU...
That is the motto: and i know ur out there.

# Half-price Corsair headset within links.

so we do have extra to help it.

7600 + 4060Ti for a grand(close enough)
12400F/5600X / 4070 for a grand, - That "We" have on here, As in "US" has a community have in prebuilt deals, that's been posted,

IMO, its a hard swallow deal vs deal

I think its worthy of acknowledgement, and it certainly gives the upper league builds a battle as no doubt they be charging the earth for such a system.

5600X+4070Ti vs 7600+4060 (at least the 4070 has the upper standards for that £1300) while people dragging the 5600x along to obtain the higher GPU within budget for the TI version.

- expected of standards to jump, one before or one after the debate, even a 4080 + older(5800X3D is a good one)

doing the same via 7600+4060Ti vs 12400f/5600x _4070 does feel to me, inhuman, I know ur out there, as u keep asking me for more ddr5 system, u asked u got....... BUT!, I've not convinced myself with 4060TI if i was sub 1K but its ur cash, however, if u are preplanned, and thinking of the longer term, 7600 gets on that board, that new DDR5......... Vs go for better now: 12400F/4070 kill it over, enjoy it more, resell n start again as who knows what will happen and when that happens motto.

its an eye opener none the less, its a food for thought,
AWD-IT More details at
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  1. Somersett's avatar
    Deals are judged on their content- nothing else. It is a joke of a joke of a joke to pay 1000 quid for a system with the horrifically awful 4060TI in it.

    This computer has the 200 quid 7600, and a pathetic 16GB of RAM. Who on Earth thinks this a cheap, or more important, BALANCED system? It is actually the very opposite- wrong in every way. If one claims it is 'future proof', then that means planning to throw away the GPU, CPU and RAM at some point - how does that make financial sense?

    Today it makes more sense to pay more, or pay less - if one must own AM5 today, the RAM should ideally be 64GB of good stuff (so you can keep it for years), the NVMe should be at least 2TB, a MUCH better PSU, a 12GB 6700XT as a poor minimum GPU- better a 6800XT or 4070.

    The opposite approach is AM4 with a 5600, 32GB RAM, and whatever GPU you can afford- giving a new system that won't upgrade, but can be inherited by a younger child, undemanding relative some time in the future. The saving gained by this second approach allows for a vastly better GPU in the same or lower budget, making for a much better computer experience in general.
    minihilly's avatar
    This is absolute nonsense. Who needs 32GB RAM in a gaming PC build today??
    If you claim it's for "future proofing", well RAM is the simplest upgrade to do later when it's actually needed. Most people grossly over-spec for their needs and this is why the market is horribly inflated. You're part of the problem if this is your mindset.
  2. Darkle's avatar
    Nearly £1000 for an entry level 1080p gaming system. Not aimed at you @sarden84 you do stellar managing to game these builders, but man what a state the industry is in.
    riprui's avatar
    1080p?? I don’t understand how a 40 series card is 1080p? I’m still on a 1050ti and run two 2k monitors and can run most games.
  3. _BANNED's avatar
    Looking for a PC up to £1200 - this any good?
  4. brk96's avatar
    8GB GPU. Big no
    jameshothothot's avatar
    Yeah would be interested in 6800xt with this cou. Thanks sarden!
  5. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Oh cool, the new RTX 3065 Ti (thanks for that GamersNexus).
    Darkle's avatar
    The more shocking thing to me was that in some tests it was loosing to the previous gen 3060ti, which just shows how much that 128bit bus is there to choke it and nothing more.
  6. Weehamish's avatar
    20 quid more for a 4070 build... older CPU platform but kills this...
  7. Sarden84's avatar
    For the Pitchers:
    it's not a bad DDR5 System to get pitching guys,

    Calc looks good, its a budget 7600 method, This is where u could use the AWD-IT marketing team against their own telesales team, so you could use this system to pitch to alt GPU's.

    Anyone fancy doing that, get on the whistle can always ask me before u commit. (edited)
    Teo_Narl's avatar
    Hi there, I am looking to get a PC for around 900£. Is there any possibility to sneak 4070 in there (or the AMD equivalent) or not at all?

    I saw the other deal currently which has 4070, but unfortunately it's 1090£.

    Could you help me out? (edited)
  8. Screamopilla's avatar
    It's the latest gen parts and you get a free upgrade to 32gb. I don't really get what are people complaining about?! Extra storage is also cheap as chips to add and the PSU is absolutely fine for this system (4060 ti and 7600 are very efficient parts).

    Nvidia and their addiction to ripping off customers are the problem, not AWD-IT who have put out a decent latest gen spec machine for the price (edited)
    Sarden84's avatar
    And thats why its here pal.
    125% mission credit to AWD-IT for it, despite Nvidia.

    This 7600 system is cheaper then ebuyers 12400F/4060Ti, we can do 12400f/4070 for that. lol
  9. bikerboytone's avatar
    hope you don't mind me asking.
    But very new to building a PC... It's been 13 plus years!!

    How do I go about upgrading the GPU?
    Is that a phone call to them? When I click on the link I can't change it.

    I'm looking for a good set up that will last me years. About 1600 budget.
    Sarden84's avatar

    Yeah give them a call..

    if we take a look at the 4090 deal for guideance on the cpus:


    ask them how much, if its better then ^ great, but if its not. QS it. well in ur 7600/4090 that has a fee of £99 for the 7700x
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