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Samsung UE75CU7100 2023 75” Plus Free Sound Bar and Free Delivery and Wall Mounting Service W/Codes via App

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Great deal for a 75” 4K UHD TV, in my opinion!

Deal is directly through the Samsung Shop app. A few deals and codes stacking to come to the final figure:

10% off televisions over £599
10% off televisions over 75”
10% off with code APP10
5% off with code APP5
And this television qualifies for a free Samsung C430 HW-C430 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer which is listed for £199 with various retailers!
Add to all this the fact that the order qualifies for free delivery, setup and wall mounting service (you provide the mount) which on its own would usually cost £125.

When you add the television to your basket you have to choose between 10% off or the free soundbar. But for some reason if you add the 10% off at the checkout it lets you have both.

The main downside is Samsung’s manufacturer warranty is only 12 months, whereas this same telly is £650 at richer sounds for VIP club members and you get the 6 year warranty for the difference.
Samsung More details at

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  1. cv54's avatar
    I removed the extra App10 code and it added the discount anyway and got the £574 price - wouldnt work before i removed the code
  2. standforit_'s avatar
    No codes are working anymore. Price is at £649
  3. Cammy_'s avatar
    Thank you very much, been wanting a 75 for the living room, no matter what the picture quality is, because 1 tv is better than no TV , paid £553 for this deal with the soundbar redeming some points i had with them
  4. Bloss5's avatar
    Bargain thanks OP - I used my birthday code
    Tintin123's avatar
    Can I use your bday code? Thanks
  5. kasfarook's avatar
    There is a cheaper way. If you buy through the website its £650. Topcashback are giving 20% on Samsung website for tvs 75" and above. So will get £130 cashback making tv and soundbar £520. Too late for me as ive bought through the app. (edited)
    manicmidlander's avatar
    No guarantee on cashback though, especially using codes.
  6. JimboJetSet's avatar
    Worked for me just now.

    Make sure you add the right TV to get the stated price. I had to search specifically for the UE75CU7100 as the app kept trying to show me the CU71A0 which isnt the right one.

    Thanks to the OP, sorted for the Euro's :-D
    BoabM's avatar
    What’s the difference with this one - samsung.com/uk/…xu/?cid=uk_paid_ppc_google_4126821848_ID~GLB00056HM_CN~Generic+Core+TV_PR~cptg_SB~tv_PH~on_KS~gc_MK~gb_OB~con_FS~hobl_FF~-_ID~GLE000C0SC_AG~DSA_AT~stads_MD~w_PK~roah_PB~gos_PL~goads_CH~search_FF~-&gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAAD8U7YGYZa6AV0rTbmrch5ZVDLWNJ&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw86r_cHLhQMVKY9QBh1gAAcbEAAYASAAEgJu6fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. secretmsg's avatar
    The mount can be from Argos or Amazon anywhere right ?
    deleted2919620's avatar
    yeah wondering that too, any suitable one?
  8. Marlouie_Osena's avatar
    52601338-I1nki.jpgU can stack codes to get it cheaper
    Hx561civic's avatar
    Oh wow what codes did you used? I can’t get it to stack. Thanks
  9. Gizbit's avatar
    I would have thought this deal would have been hotter than it currently is
  10. nonumb's avatar
    I think they've fixed it. I can't get the codes to stack
  11. johnmetcalfe75's avatar
    Is this deal only through the app?
    Can't seem to get it to add to basket on the app
  12. Jay121x's avatar
    Doesn't work for me
  13. davidhaych's avatar
    Unfortunately not working here either.
    davidhaych's avatar
    got it working in the end entering the codes all in capital letters. great deal thank you!
  14. Robiesanta's avatar
    I wish they did this kind of deal for 55" telly & I would snap it up.
  15. kasfarook's avatar
    Worked for me. It added the codes on Automatically
  16. Harkrishan_m's avatar
    Cheapest that I can get is £619.10
    52599192-26TOe.jpg (edited)
    BoabM's avatar
    What code did you use
  17. Harkrishan_m's avatar
    Any detailed instructions on how to get the OP price?
    cv54's avatar
    What worked for me was adding and removing the codes - in the App .
  18. Carlos_The_Dead's avatar
    So tempted.
  19. Hx561civic's avatar
    Oh I see 
  20. kapil.paul's avatar

    can't get £574 (edited)
    Gizbit's avatar
    Have you added the APP10 in the redeem code section and using the Samsung app?
  21. biggan's avatar
    does anyone have a spare birthday code they can PM me by any chance please?
    Gizbit's avatar
    I second that… would be greatly appreciated 
  22. chrrrissss's avatar
    Likewise if anyone has a birthday code would be much appreciated! Mine just expired annoyingly.
  23. kapil.paul's avatar
    i bought 65 inch 1 month back for £474 came with a sound bar do you think this is a better deal?
  24. Gizbit's avatar
    Anyone will to share a code?
     Please message me .. many thanks  🙏🏽 
  25. fahed2000's avatar
    Ya wondering how do I get a birthday code ? My birthday is 2 weeks away.
    Update: seems not.
    Thanks op purchased. Now I need to look for a bracket that will work with my plaster wall (edited)
    Gizbit's avatar
    I created a new account with my birthday as tomorrow to see if could get a code… cheeky I know…
  26. Tintin123's avatar
    Anyone with a code? Please DM me
  27. B.BOY's avatar
    Anyone got a birthday code please. I have this tv already and it has dark spots on it but it is built into a media wall so would really like to just get same tv again for convenience.
  28. Kornelius's avatar
    Meh, but decent enough for a bathroom
  29. jigarmuchhala's avatar
    Anyone with spare birthday code pls..
  30. chompyrud's avatar
    I think I'm gonna bite on this deal as I smashed my 55inch ambilight watching the grand national on Saturday 🙈 🙈. So if anyone has a spare birthday code they'd like to donate to ease the pain I'd love them long time!
  31. Shrimpy's avatar
    Also here to try my hand at grabbing a Birthday Code and would be massively appreciated. This would complete my hunt for a new home tv
  32. Freezing_hot's avatar
    Any Wall mounts compatible with this on Amazon ?
    xmal's avatar
    You can get a free wall mount service
  33. justfundo's avatar
    Any birthday code DM please, thank you.
  34. amy.reviewer's avatar
    Any birthday codes please PM me
  35. Star1234's avatar
    Heat op! Would love a birthday code if anyone doesn't need theirs please? If someone could dm me it would be massively appreciated
  36. wayne_dwan's avatar
    My 65" Samsung has lost back light after 2 years 3 months !
  37. jezza86's avatar
    hey all i'd also really appreciate a spare birthday code as i'm desperate for this TV but can't afford it
  38. onthe_go's avatar
    Birthday code ya all
  39. Tintin123's avatar
  40. chrrrissss's avatar
    Anyone with a spare birthday code by any chance please? Mine just expired :(.
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