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Vodafone veryme free standard sized cookie from millies cookie
27/01/2019Expires on 27/01/2019LocalLocalFound 17 h, 51 m agoFound 17 h, 51 m ago
50 000 available till 27 january

Well I just got mine but my god it was awful. Nearly as thin as paper and just tasted of pure sugar! Honestly if I had made that myself I think they'd be in the bin


Would anyone like to swap with the free lindt chocolate from wuntu?


Same as Justonemore - contacted Vodaphine umpteen times. Done everything they’ve told me to do. STILL not able to get it. Thoroughly fed up with it all and wasting so much time. what should the settings be??


Try looking in your settings.Mine was wrong.They gave me the right ones and is working.What 📱 do you have;) ? I'm using PAYG;) .


I just recently switched to Vodafone and they said as I didn’t take a contract out before 31stDec ‘18 I am not eligible but can’t see why you are not eligible. Can anyone recommend a tariff from £15-£20 best value, not including Virgin or EE though. Thanks

Smart X9 (3 GB RAM / 32 GB Storage / microSD up to 256 GB) £99+£10 mandatory topup at Vodafone
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Pricedrop again for ZTE-made X9 (the newest smartphone for Vodafone- October 2018 release) Product Specifications: Dimensions 148.2 x 71.32 x 7.95 mm Weight153 g Colours Black… Read more

Had the X9 for over a month and it is a good phone for the money. Good screen, no lag, SD slot and the main reason I chose it, NFC. Down side is the okay camera, lack of fast charge and Vodafone/zte's history of lack of firmware updates.


how silly of a comment is that


I bought works fine with sky mobile


It's £2 to unlock on eBay. I'm using mine on O2.


Will get no updates, and will not work correctly on any other network except Vodafone . Cold. Buy only if going to use on Vodafone.

SIMO Vodafone retention deal 100gb unl mins uni texts and entertainment package included £22.95 12 months - £275.40
LocalLocalFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Just done an online chat with Vodafone to cancel my sim only contract where they offered me 100gb unlimited mins and unlimited texts and also entertainment package which includes e… Read more
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I tried everything but they aren't giving any discount on this place :( is there anyway I can have your Vodafone number so I can tell them the check against yours so they give me it pls :)


Upgraded on the 15th to 115gb entertainment sim only for £27pm questioned them today that's I know somone I know got same deal for £22.95 the fobbed me about filling in forms for NHS discount said my friend didn't have to do that and mentioned on my Vodafone app mentions Im entitled to 15% loyalty discount and they applied it so worked out well. Not as good as ZERGORC


Yeah do try. Called the retention team. Said I wanted to see my options are my contract comes to an end in two weeks. Took a look at my usage (I was on 20gb for £16 prior however the discount would end in two weeks bringing it to £20pm) and suggested some deals which were terrible. I said I've seen that competitors and yourself are offering much more data at a similar price (didn't even name anyone and would have made up deals). I said I saw a deal (£27 100gb) and he said that's a fixed price. I said well if it's fixed and there's nothing more you can do for me... He interrupted and said let me mess around. He came back with £22 but I said no. I said I'll bite at £20. He checked again. He said £18.90 and 115gb (something that's not even available anywhere). I agreed and yeah! May have been a sales tactic but he did say I was the last customer of the day for him so he'll see what he can do. Time of day shouldn't matter in this case. Good luck!


Which team did you talk to? What did you ask for this? How was your approach to get it down to 18.90. Much appreciated will help me call them too


I negotiated from £27 down to £18.90 for this today. Thanks for posting. Did it over the phone without any NHS discount Edit ** 115gb

Nokia 3310 Dark Blue £25 (£15 + £10 bundle/top up) @ Vodafone
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
The new Nokia 3310 is packed full of great features and is incredible value. It’s a perfect introductory phone for kids or seniors as it’s easy-to-use and has great durability. The… Read more
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Just get the standard basic sim


I could only see that a top up was required. Do you have a link?


Got a link I’ll get one :)


cex pay £18 cash for this one, comes complete and it's not the 3g shorter battery life version


Yup, i bought one from them.

Vodafone offering £450 for trading in dual sim Note 8
Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018
Yes, there are many trade-ins right now for the note 8 to get the note 9. However, if you are looking to get another phone instead, this is the highest price you can get for a trad… Read more

The quote was for £450. Received an email that device was not received within 14 days (even though I had extended it and it arrived within the extended period). And then they said that the LCD is burnt with a picture attached (and I still can't see any problem in the image). So they emailed me a revised amount of £130 - what a joke. I think because the price quote has now dropped to £260 if you go through the trade in process they don't want to lose money and made up an excuse. Looks like I'll have to resort to ebay then.


I was going for the 512gb as I was going to use my work sim in the 2nd slot so wanted the extra storage as no sd card could be used. However work have given me an iphone so just traded my Note 8 in and ordered the Note 9 128gb for £644 after student discount and trading in an old S3. Only costing me £195 to upgrade that way and getting twice the storage of the Note 8.


Do you really need the 512GB version? I payed 100 on top of the Vodafone deal. Next year Note8 will be valued below 300 pounds and will be harder to buy the next Note .


Yes I know it’s superior but not enough to justify spending £450 on top of the £450 I would get for my 8.


Note 9 is hardware and software superior to Note 8. Maybe is device dependent but new Note 9 has a better wifi reception than my old Note 8.

10% off Puregym membership and no joining fee on Vodafone VeryMe
LocalLocalFound 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Just saw this, 10% off membership on the Vodafone veryme app! There is also no joining fee (Usually £15). Hope it helps someone, it's the cheapest price you can currently get it at… Read more

This VeryMe is a load of sh1t. What was under the impression anyone signing up would be eligible. Unless you signed up before 31-12-2018 no chance. Cancelling my contract with Voda in my 30 COP

MobiWire Ayasha basic phone £2.50 + £10 topup vodafone
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
voda phone offer basic phone for £2.50 when you purchase £10 credit with the phone on pay as you go, ideal as emergency or back up phone. phone is basic no internet phone make is … Read more

I suppose, lol. Or this 'alternative' too perhaps: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nokia-3310-3g-2017-in-warm-red-yellow-charcoal-on-o2-pay-as-you-go-with-no-topup-needed-whatsoever-ever-for-19-in-total-at-o2-3155385 No credit on it or whatever, but it's also unlocked, as well as being 3G-enabled too ... Which isn't actually that bad for less than just shy of £20 all in?. (Horses for courses, and all that?).


nokia 105 for free plus10 topup at CPW


Heat. Nice little burner.


How can this go cold so quickly? For £12.50 including £10 of emergency top-up seems a great deal for a phone in your glove box

Vodafone veryme reward uppercrust train station breakfast
Refreshed 16th JanRefreshed 16th JanLocalLocal
Free breakfast of coffee and croissant.50000 available from trainstations. Uppercrust ritazza pumpkin delice de france camden food company. Offer ends 20 january

I was passing through Preston station and confirm it works here in the Upper Crust. It’s the indoor place on platforms three and four. The staff are friendly and helpful.


Used today in Glasgow, they only looked at the code, didn’t do anything with it. I got a cappuccino and a blueberry muffin. Very nice actually!


Yeah it’s a pain, just avoid the branches in places like cinemas and hospitals and stick to the high street ones, they’re not franchises.


Yes but they don't make any mention of this. My parents like coffee so got them a giftcard as part of Christmas gift so they could use it when they went to the cinema, basically they won't accept them and its tough luck.


Anyone else still seeing the technical difficulties message and have not been able to access any of the VeryMe rewards since it launched?

Fibre broadband (Vodafone unlimited) - £20pm x 12 months = £240
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
I was quickly looking around for the next cheapest broadband deal as my sky contract has ended and wouldn't budge on the £27.99 price. Found Vodafone are doing £20-24 (depending o… Read more
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So if your switch goes ok I'm sure all is good, however if it doesn't you're in for a treat. We placed an order to switch, then the cost came down. Called them and instead of adjusting the billing, they cancelled the order and told me to order again. Sky wrote to us telling us about the takeover, but Vodafone failed to notify them of the first order being cancelled/change in date, so the next order went to activate and there was no active line. In short, we have no broadband and no phone line for two weeks and a chance we list the number we had for over ten years. So, back to sky for them to sort out Vodafone's mess


Very strange..maybe it was something wrong with the router...although i have the ac2800..but it easily covering a 3 bedroom house with 20+ devices...


Amazon disappointed me big time !! The router came in a repacked box. Couldn't get connected WiFi so went for Ethernet connection. Nearly no WiFi signal from the router !!! My Vodafone router can get WiFi signal up to the garden. Sadly router is going back to Amazon after talking to the TP Link customer support.


I’m looking new connection what do Pople recommend Bt or sky


Then proceed with the configuration of the router . Should have the details in the box.. - admin password - vdsl - if vodafone is not in the list choose other - insert user and pw from voda - connect - good to go.

2 Odeon tickets for £7.00 with Vodafone rewards
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
2 adult tickets can be bought for £7 Available across all ODEON UK locations, excluding 3D & Premium Large Formats Also excludes Luxe screenings and cinemas, ODEON Leicester Sq… Read more
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Thanks for this, appreciate it!


I'm on a contract. If you launch the Vodafone app it should show the Very me rewards


How does Vodafone Rewards work? Is it only for Pay As You Go? Can't seem to find it on my work Vodafone SIM


Has anyone tried taking a screenshot and using the code after the 1hour expiry? It worked fine with the Tesco meal deal a few days ago.


Predictive text!

Vodafone SIM Red entertainment. 10GB data/unlimited calls & all 9 Sky Sports channels. This includes Sky F1 & Sky Football.
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Vodafone red entertainment SIM. 10GB & unlimited calls. £20 a month. Choose the free add on sky sports pack 1. You get: Add Sky Sports pack 2 for £5. You get: So for £… Read more

You get Sky Sports MOBILE not Sky Go. Watch on your phone only.


Because this is the normal price. However, the Carphonewarehouse gives cashback £50-90!


Why is this cold?

Vodafone "Basics" Sim only deal 8GB data + unlimited mins/text £10 pm 12 months
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Like all networks, Might not be the best where you are. But works perfect for me. For a tenner You get 8GB data and unlimited mins/text. (3GB data + 5GB extra for 12 months) BUT a… Read more

Here’s the direct link :) https://www.vodafone.co.uk/shop/bundles-and-sims/sim-only-deals/basics/b/index.htm?cid=aff-wvm/mltprd/_1403995_/prch/5.18/pid=4150079&awc=1257_1545146113_dd1b802992ecd430d6896b36de315cb0


It’s an online only Uswitch deal apparently, even though it goes through to their website, if you went on their website normally, you wouldn’t be able to find it


How's this a third party deal...it leads to their webpage


can i use wifi calling with this


Worth noting: this is a third party only deal. If you ring Vodafone, you will not be able to get this basics SIM. Also, to keep your number from an existing Vodafone SIMO or phone plan, you’ll have to move the number onto a Pay As You Go which takes 30 days notice in order to do so (to then transfer your number to the new line).

Vodafone SIM ONLY Retention deal £27pm Unlimited Minutes, Texts & 115GB Red Entertainment plan £324
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Walked my way through VF live chat to look at renewing my SIM only contract to be offered a plan inferior to the plan I'm currently on for the same monthly cost so I asked to have … Read more
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I have no idea why everyone is voting the deal cold either haha! Well I'm glad you took the time to have a look at this deal and take it on for yourself. Have a great day (y)


Cheers op , no idea why sold cold as just got the same deal. Offered me 100gb to start but pointed this out and he said he has made a mistake and it was already 115gb he had on offer.


My one isn't but I have prime already and not interested in the rest


We're talking Red Entertainment plans...


Oh dear. Maybe try during the day when it is quiet maybe, of course if you're full time working, I can understand it may be a little difficult to execute or early in the morning on a weekend.

Free tesco meal deal with Vodafone veryMe app
Refreshed 9th JanRefreshed 9th JanLocalLocal
Same as before, Grab it whilst you can, free tesco meal deal with Vodafone very me app. There was problems with the last promo however this should now be rectified. Did try sea… Read more

I used mine at Tesco Express no issues.


That's good to know, thank you!


Got mine, thanks. :D


Download the myvodaphone app log in and it’ll be on the home screen see comments on here as it shows what it looks like on app.


Anyone got a code that the never used? strapped for cash and starving lol!

50% off TV Player Premium with Vodafone VeryMeRewards
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
With the Vodafone app you can get 50% off your next six months with TV Player.
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Yeah, good if anyone was wanting the subscription but not a deal or subscription for me... I can’t add heat, but I won’t vote cold either (y)


They are trying but Vodafone really haven't got their head round this customer rewards lark. They are supposed to be giving their customers stuff for free...not hawking 20 different new customer discounts for tat. TV player is an online equivalent to Freeview. It's got some channels normally only found on sky (but not the good ones). It buffers a lot and there seems to be a lot of reviews from people who've struggled to end their contract when the initial cheap period has been up.

No Contract - 2GB data + 250 mins + Unltd. texts @ £5p/m - £30 OR 8GB data, 1,000 mins, Unltd. texts @ £10p/m - £60 - Vodafone
01/02/2019Expires on 01/02/2019Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Big Value Six Packs (Pay as you go bundles). Pay upfront Works out cheaper than almost all equivalent sim-only and PAYG deals Ideal for low usage or for those not wanting to … Read more
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There's also VOXI by vodafone for under 30s. 6gb data £10 a month, but social media (IG, fb, whatsapp) doesn't take up any data. Also has eu roaming but no veryme rewards also can get £10 amazon voucher if you get reffered, one for the referee and one for the referer :D


Smarty = Three UK = No signal even in London. I am with Three at the moment and will be leaving them for Vodafone, this deal is perfect for me. Try before you buy vodafone contract.


Did anybody stack two 6 months bundles? How to do it? Vodafone CS says it is only possible after 6 months !


I went to a shop and they offered me Big Value Bundle 12 Pack, covering 12 months (double the OP deal). Had to pay double upfront (£60). Haven't seen any top-up rewards, and wifi on the tube seems to be broken. Otherwise it's a good bargain found. Thanks OP


Smarty is a great offer, just a shame no wifi calling

A Samsung J4+ on Vodafone PAYG, £99+£10 topup
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
New price drop on Vodafone site 6-inch HD+ Immersive Display 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera 2GB RAM/32GB internal storage Available in Black

2GB ram for £100 is seriously expensive. Should be £50 or less


Heat for a mobile deal that's actually available in the UK


2gb of ram, cold I'm afraid


https://3g.co.uk/reviews/samsung-galaxy-j4-plus-review Both reviews are middling.



Free costa coffee on vodafone very me -  3 to 6 January
Refreshed 3rd JanRefreshed 3rd JanLocalLocal
Free costa 100 000 available from 3-6 January while codes last

anyone have a spare code please??


Just got my hot choc (y)


I thought the offer was over...but it's just moved from the main banner at the top of the page to the 'little lifts' line further down the page.


To me, it certainly is. Tastes like off weetabix at best. My appearance here wasn't to slate the deal, (it's hot if you like vile coffee) just to give away a code to someone who doesn't mind drinking it.


"revolting" - it might not be your preference but its far from revolting!

Vodafone SIM deal. 4GB data & Unlimited calls. £8 a month. 12 month contract. Extra 3GB free.
08/02/2019Expires on 08/02/2019Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Vodafone SIM only deal , 12 months contract. £8 a month 4GB data. Unlimited calls & texts.
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New - or PAYG with them - so you have to switch from contract to PAYG then switch back after 30 days. Such a faff, and this is their advice not mine!


Rather then better go with.. post your own deals & how many of the ,72 destinations have you visited..


I moved from 3 to Vodafone a year ago. Much better network. There were so many places with no signal with 3.


If, by "free streaming", you're referring to GoBinge, that's only for 12GB and above for new contracts.


You can always shave a few years off your date of birth when signing up. No credit checks, so it doesn't matter if you tell a little fib. Or just get it addressed to a son or daughter who's 29 or under, if you have any, and keep the SIM for yourself. No kids? Use a pet's date of birth.

Cornerstone personalised shaving kit £9.75 through Vodafone VeryMe rewards
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Just come across this in the Vodafone app under the new rewards scheme. Was on the look out for some blades for my Gillette and as we know they are extortionate. This kit comes wit… Read more
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Right got the first box today (cancelled subscription straight away of course). Good points - the products feel like quality and the shaving scrub, gel and balm all smell really good. Aftershave Balm gives that tingling cold feeling to face. Blades give as good a shave as my previous Gillette Fusion blades. How long they last will be the big question though. Only bad point is the razor handle is more looks over function as it's like a slippery eel! Otherwise well happy with purchase and for the money well worth a go (y)


I shave my head and always found fusion blades to be the best - anything else cuts my cranium!


I've always used fusion blades before and found them excellent. If you dry them after use I can normally get about 6-8 weeks from one cartridge (normally by the time the blue gel strip has gone completely white) I'll report back when the cornerstone comes in the post


Yeah, the Executive was the one I tried too. So many nicks :( I actually have a Merkur Futur razor too (using Derby blades at the moment). I'm not the best with it, but getting better.. I always have troubles shaving around my neck with though, and end up resorting a "regular" blade, hence not wanting to pay a lot for them and trying these different clubs out (y)


I've tried the "Executive" blade from Dollar Shave Club and found it to scratch my face all over, was a similar feeling to using a dull 8 week old Gillette blade. I've also tried Bic disposables (absolutely terrible and ineffective), Gillette Mach 3 (not bad) and Gillette Fusion (best so far) and the Wilkinson Sword 5 blades ones have been pretty decent too. I briefly tried a cut throat a few years ago but when I felt how sharp it was on my skin, I panicked and never tried it again. I would like to try a MerkurDouble Edged handle next as heard good things about those. If I didn't have so many Fusion blades kicking about, I'd probably give Cornerstone a go.

Free meal deal at Tesco’s on Vodafone veryMe app
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Free meal deal at Tesco’s for the first 20,000 people. Can get a sandwich, sub, Pastry or salad, drink and snack
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Using the live chat within the app


How did you contact them?


I had a moan at Vodafone and they've sent me the code and assured me it will work this time


Saying stuff on here is often easier than in person, for me it is anyway. Glad to hear you are improving now and wish you all the best too! (highfive)


No, doesn’t show...