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Retention deal: iPhone 8 Plus 64gb w/ 32gb data, Spotify and 24 months warranty - £42.70p/m for 24 months + £140 upfront = £1164.80 total
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Managed to get this deal after speaking with the Vodafone retention team (took a while) not a deal as such as others might not get so lucky but original price was £61 a month but I… Read more
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I thought that too,also Spotify would be £240 over the term on its own as well.


I can see why this is being voted cold but that’s a decent price.


This is a pretty good deal- you can get an iPhone 8+ for about £769 sim free. Over 24 months that's about £32, so try to get a SIM only deal with 32GB data for a tenner.... Hot from me. People should read the deal before voting cold like sheep morons. Oh wait... it's Vodaphone... ;)

Vodafone Basics SIM only unlimited calls and texts 5gb data £10 / 12 months - £120
31/05/2018Expires on 31/05/2018Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Not for everyone but where I live Vodafone works best competitive price with no cashback headache involved perfect for the average user. Vodafone Basics plans are for use in the… Read more
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All our Pay monthly plans come with Vodafone Global Roaming BUT THEN WE SEE THIS * Vodafone Basics plans are for use in the UK only. Roaming is unavailable on all Vodafone Basics SIMs as standard.




Such as? :/


No good when you don't get a signal!


Vodafone, avoid. Plenty of other providers who offer the same/similar.

Red entertainment sim only 12 month 30gb data for £25 per month @ Vodafone
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Red entertainment deal, choose from Spotify, now tv or sky sports mobile for the length of the contract worth up to £135 in itself. Unlimited Minutes and texts with 30gb data … Read more

Bugger that they spent careless and bring everyone costs down ;)


See to believe (lol)


Its on moderation, god knows why! I don't question these things anymore, all I get back is this merchant isn't suitable blah blah blah.


What's happened to the honor 10 post?!


Sorry sean, what I meant is if you ARE under 30!!! It is impossible and also against voxi's uap, to register an account with your dob on kyc ID checking, without being under 30 for one, let alone 2 accounts!! Maybe we should start a silver surfers hukd phone community idea, to exclude under 30's everyone!! (popcorn)

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Vodafone retention deal. Samsung s9+ £51pm + £45 upfront - £1269
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Called them up and got a decent deal on the s9+. £51 a month with £45 upfront free. 60GB data, unlimited minutes and texts. Not bad considering the best deal I've seen so far is vi… Read more
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Greatest comment ever.


That's the S9, not the S9+...


Horrendous retention deal. Any provider who offered me such a deal to stay with their network would not deserve my custom. Who on earth uses 60gb a month? I have 50gb on my EE plan but I share that over 3 lines!


Is that not for the regular S9 rather than the S9+?


Isn't the OP talking about the S9+? Not the S9. This is a bad deal OP, but for some advice - the cheapest I've seen is £135 upfront and £41 p/m with 16GB data on Vodafone here: https://www.mobiles.co.uk/samsung-galaxy-s9-plus-black?sort=total_cost_after_cashback_asc Personally I'd hold out a bit longer as the plus models always tend to hold their money more vs the regular models.

VODAFONE SIM ONLY DEAL - £16 for 20gb, unlimited txt/minutes @ Vodafone Retentions
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Just signed up to 20gb of data unlimited mins and text for £16 a month via Vodaphone retentions team.

Just got this + 1 month free (before seeing this post). So £14.67 per month effective.


I currently have 2 lines 20Gb = £14ish 20Gb + Spotify = £22ish Is it better to contact them now (month 11)? Or wait until the 12 month anniversary?


got the above deal, but pushed them to match the mobiles.co.uk deal with the cashback, so got £48 credit on my account as well!


I have had no issues with multiple deals via mobiles.co.uk inc redemption cashback deals. If staying with same network: port out existing number to another network then port in to new contract. If your current 12m SIMO is about to finish you could have maximised opportunities by requesting its PAC at the start of month 12.


The OP spoke to somewhere called "vodaphone retentions". No wonder he got a poorer deal.

Vodafone Basics 1GB 4G Data (Normally 500MB) - Unlimited Minutes & Text - 12 Month Sim - £72 for 12 month @ Vodafone
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
Vodafone Basics 1GB 4G Data (Normally 500MB) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 12 Month Sim £6 Month £72 for 12 Month Vodafone Basics plans are for use in t… Read more

I am a long-standing Vodafone user, but the lack of Roaming kills this for me. I am signing my daughter up for a Virgin Media special (until 17 May) of 2500 minutes and 2GB for £6, which I have just confirmed will cover Roaming in the EU.


Looks good, what would be the best workaround when taking phone to France? Anyone recommend a cheap pay as you go sim for a few texts/calls abroad?


£20 possible quidco?


No bad at all. I'm with tpo and pay £3.99 for 1000 minutes but I only use half of them



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Huawei P20 (Non Pro) £28 p/m - 9gb data - unlimited minutes - unlimited texts - £9 upfront @ Vodafone (live chat) £681
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
So, I went on live chat today to ask about both the pro and the non pro, and asked what deal they could give me. I explained I'd had a good offer from ee and wanted to see what the… Read more

they can do better deals if you speak to them on the phone rather than the chat


Not as good as the upfront with headphones offer if you sell headphones,, but's a decent phone. Think it will go lower than this.


It Was the red extra plan.


Great deal. Did it come with spotifiy or anything?

Retention Deal - Huawei P20 Pro on 9gb+unlimited for £22.50p/month (£143 upfront = £683 total) @ Vodafone
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
I've seen a few different deals floating which service various price points, but mine was pretty good provided you're willing to pay a little upfront. The package is a Huawei P20 … Read more

I was told by vodafone that they couldn't come close to these deals.... why I hate the retention lottery!


You wanna talk good deals? I agreed to the original sale/contract of this phone on May 3rd ... the very last qualifying day for the free Bose Quiet Comfort 35 ii bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones, which I've just got Vodafone to agree to give to me outside of the Huawei pre-order claim process. So (using cheapest deals I can find online) that's a £679 phone, with a £299 pair of headphones, and 24 months of 9gb data plus unlimited bits (say £240 @ £10 p/month?) for a total value of £1218 AT BEST ... for £683. This is the first time I've EVER felt like I managed to stick it to the phone companies.


Not expired! Chating with voda retentions, he's giving me 9gb for 21.50pm and 136 upfront, incredible deal, thanks op! If I didn't buy p10 plus a month ago :( decisions decisions


Just bought this phone and it is amazing. The battery just won't die! It has an Infrared blaster and also a learning mode where you just point any remote at it and press a button on the remote and it stores that button. Make your own remote with all your different electronics all on the same page. Screen is nice . Loads of gesture shortcuts. The camera which I haven't really tested of yet is supposed to be one of the best. Sound quality is cool with the twin speakers. I have come from the Note 8 and I find this phone much more manageable to hold and use with a small sacrifice on screen size.


dose anyone known a good deal from 3 for Huawei P20 Pro

Vodafone Fibre Broadband for £20 on 18 Month Contract via mse
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Vodafone fibre & phone line £20/m on an 18 month contract. Do go via Broadband Unbundled to get this price as a new customer https://broadband.moneysavingexpert.com/ Don… Read more

Been with them for almost 3 months so far on fibre 38......fantastic service speed never drops below 37mbps


Cheers OP went for it.


Used them and had 36-37 (speed check) out of 38mb Fiber Optic 1 Broadband.. Upload around 8-9mb Had few different providers in few properties noticed it all depends on location.


don't do it, speeds will be fine for the first couple of months and then they will fall off of a cliff. I was getting 38 down and 10 up, so the full quoted speeds, i'm fairly close to the green box, you could chuck a stone and hit it. i've been trying for 4 months to get it sorted out, they are utterly useless and they don't want to shell out on openreach visits. i'm tempted to just cancel.


Is the issue with Vodafone the modem/router or their backhaul?

Vodafone retentions Huawei P20 Pro - Twilight - **37GB** Data  - No Upfront - 24 Red Entertainment £37.10 p/m 24 months - £890 Total
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Due an upgrade today, spoke to retentions and managed to get a Twilight Pro for £37.10 for 24 month contract. Then text confirmation added 5GB bonus data for 24 months!! 16GB work… Read more

Deal is ok, just a shame it's VF....


Cheers mate, really can't thank you enough. If I could buy you a beer, I would! ;)


Great, will be doing that first thing tomorrow. Just out of curiosity, what would the upfront cost be for the MCS 25 for the pro? As I'd be happy with the 16gb


Massive help mate, much appreciated!


Can this be done with the 8gb £47 or 4gb £43 plan?

iPhone 8 (64GB) 24 month contract £45p/m, £19 upfront - 8GB data and Entertainment pack, Vodafone  £1099
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
I personally like the new red iPhone 8 so I took the plunge despite the quite hefty cost. I was already paying for Spotify so this made the deal better for me. You get the 8GB … Read more
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Just got this on a retention deal but with 60gb data and Spotify. £5 up front and £45.50 per month.


And that’s exactly what I am doing. Cheers


She who laughs last.. .. .. .. .. .. Pretty c-c-cold round ere init!? XD (poo)


The low resolution screen helps. It should help the battery too but no! Maybe those 60 class actions will finally inspire Apple to give users a better battery!


Great for multi core too... It’s rated as one of the fasted chips out there. Do your research, moron.

Vodafone Basics Unlimited Calls & Text - 500MB Data £6 Month (£72 for 12 Month) or 3GB Data £8 Month (£96 for 12 Month) or 5GB Data £10 Month (£120 for 12 Month) - 12 Month Sim Only @ Vodafone
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
500MB 4G Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Text £6 Month (£72 for 12 Month) ========================= 3GB 4G Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Text £8 Month … Read more

Only if you offer roaming. If you don't offer it then how can it be a legal requirement. This is where regulators don't understand the maket. Outside eu is going up and out allowance calls are going up. They will get their money back. Why should I subsidised EU people just because I holiday outside the EU. Now any roaming will just be added to the main bill. And the spread of these non roaming basic contracts i.e three basics will spread. This is just the beginning of these contracts


Isn't it a legal requirement to be able to roam in EU?


Got retention deal for £16/month + £32 credit - Unlimited calls, 20GB data


No roaming is the thing that put me off these tariffs. I recently moved from Vodafone to Virgin Mobile as I found their offers better and, for me, in outer London the signal seems just as good.


Shame no roaming available on the Basics tariffs

DreamLab App Lets You Fight Cancer By Plugging Your Phone In Overnight
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
join smartphone users across the UK and fight against cancer while you sleepIntroducing DreamLab – a free app from Vodafone Foundation that enables thousands of people to help spee… Read more

Judging by that sentence construction, I'd say the theory definitely had mileage.


I thought having a phone under pillow or near your body with wifi on is bad for you may be am wrong


"Fight CancerAlongside thousands of other DreamLab users, you’ll be using your phone to power a virtual supercomputer, capable of processing billions of calculations – and helping research into better ways to fight cancer." Translation: We will be using your phone/PC to mine Bitcoins, suckers ;)


"it won’t cost you a thing" Apart from the power used.


I'd say well over 90% of people leave them unattended whilst charging and ofterln charge them overnight.

Vodafone retention deal - Huawei P20 32GB data Unlimited Calls and Texts 24 months of Spotify Premium for £24.60 per month 24 months £590.40
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Benefiting from another offer about the Huawei P20 from Vodafone I called Vodafone once again today just to negotiate the price of upgrading my sim only plan of 20gb of monthly dat… Read more

I got a P20 with 32+ extra 5gb and 24 months entertainment package for £32 a month early today. I read this thread and phoned retentions back but I couldn’t get them to budge from £32 a month.


I did the same yesterday. Ended up getting a P20 Pro. Ultd mins/texts + 9gb data. £29 up front. £35 a month. Not bad considering I was paying £25 for sim only plan and John Lewis have the phone up for £799.


I was told that i am a high paying customer for some reason and hence why I was given such a high diacount. Well i did have couple of high bills for exceeding my data limit but I would call myself a high paying customer. Im cheap to f***k


I tried and tried and absolutely couldn't get this deal at all, under any circumstances. In the end I got a P20 Pro for £683 over 24 months on a 9gb data + unlimited plan. £22.50 per month and £143 up front (which I'm fine with). Coming from my current sim only deal of 5gb + unlimited for £13.50 per month (not the best, I know) this means I'm getting almost twice the data plus a brand spanking new top of the line phone for £359 over 24 months (£143 + £9 per month). It's not a bad deal by any means.


is this only for existing customers or for new as well??

Huawei P20 via Vodafone Retentions Unlimited Mins, Unlimited Texts & 4GB Data £22.50 pm / 24 mths £540
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
I have seen other people with issues with using Vodafone but I've yet to have a bad experience. Wanted to upgrade to a new phone, I let the guy on the phone know about the deal on… Read more
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Now ive got even better deal for my second sim I got that upgraded from sim only to P20 with 32gb data, 24months Spotify for £24,60 per month. That's a wow deal. No delivery charge of 4,99. No upfront costs and lovely lady applied 40% discount to make it that way


Yeah they can do pretty much anything that's reasonable if you're asking them nicely. But they can sure match any other offer if they can go as low as 20 for the P20


Great price for that a good £60 saving on what I got! clearly it is worth the barter!


I just got the P20 for £20 per month, 24 month contract, unlimited texts and calls as well as 4gb data. I had a call from Vodafone several days back and I said that they offered me p20 for that price and they agreed eventually to Mach that.


The first deal is great but I don't believe anyone got it for that price, if you read through the comments you will find it was a miss price which wasn't honored the second is a good deal but not anywhere near the price of this deal when you factor in the monthly sim cost for 4gb of data (3gb with vodafone is £8/month cheaps one I can find though uswtich) so will actually cost £771.99 hardly comparable.

Huawei P20 pro Retention Vodafone - free handset and 16gb of data £32.90 p/m 24 months £789.60
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Huawei P20 pro on retention with Voda. I was offered a free handset and 16gb of data for £32.90 a month. X24 its £789.60 total cost. Less than the RRP. Sorely tempted. Even if it … Read more
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Don't think it'd be worth doing until the headphones arrive, besides I'll be using the phone in a case anyway


Part of the Huawei T&Cs for the free headphones were that you still had the phone after 14 days. It doesn't say you need to have kept it beyond that. This can be quite easy to return, especially if your network/shop offers a 30 day no quibble return option. 8) I also got a retentions offer even though I've still got 90+ days left of the sim only. They offered me £0 upfront, 32GB unl m&t for 37.xx (I forget the specific amount), then another around the £35 mark but was £30 upfront with 16gb and the one I went with which was 32.90 with £50 upfront. Not as cheap as this but all three included the entertainment pack, which covered my £10pm spotify, which makes it better value to me, £32.90 x24 +£50 upfront = 839.60 - £240 (spotify for 24 months) = 599.60 more or less. Which for the Pro I think is a good deal. I didn't post it because I must have put the email address in wrong on the chat box for the transcript and never got the evidence, which is so often required these days. I do remember the guy I chatted with on retentions was called jordy :) if that helps anyone. The entertainment pack included the usual Now tv & Sky sports options also. I also cancelled a pre-order and sent the phone back, after I had it for a couple of weeks once I saw some of the better deals appearing here, I've still had my confirmation email about the headphones so all good :)


Ive had mine from mobiles.co.uk for a week! £34pm + £100 upfront on 10gb o2 Not been offered any deals from o2 direct (Currently on a old sim only one which is just a rolling contract now) Dont know if can get the twilight from anywhere else or if I can return mine as theres better deals now..or just keep my blue one / deal - think i get 14 days to cancel/return but not sure how it works if used the phone


Aww man, shame I have the blue and can't take it back since my dad claimed the nose headphones. The blue is really nice too though


Been waiting for this colour!!

Vodafone 16GB Unl Minutes/Texts (£50 TCB and free Spotify) £21 p/m 12 months @ Vodafone
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
So not sure if people have seen the news but looks like Google Play Music is going to shut down by end of 2018 so I have been looking at Spotify. I paid £8 a month with GPM because… Read more
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The info in here is incorrect unfortunately (except the part about Vodafone being the worst mobile phone company in the UK). They will not pay cashback on this, as it is on 'special offer', already discounted from £34. Advantage will not be accepted either. So take it for what it is, a mid-market offer for 16gb at £21. If you use Spotify might be worth it, otherwise there are much beter offers on the market. Personally, I would avoid Voda, if you have a problem during your contract with them they are worst than even most MVNOs.


I also moved from 3 in December. Vodafone are streets ahead in London and where i live in South Wales. Best decision i made joining Vodafone.


I wouldn't use Vodafone at any price, just been voted the worst for customer service for the 7th year running.


Billing mostly. My Vodafone Advantage discount never got applied to my account and then once it had it mysteriously vanished part way through the contract. Eventually got resolved after loads of calls/online chats. Then there were the occasional extra unexplained £2-£3 charges which would appear out of the blue. On GiffGaff now. Far simpler. Just pay £10 and no chance of any nasty surprises or stress at the end of the month.


Can I ask, why do you need to talk to customer service? Genuine question. If I stick to the limits of my contract, I don't see why I would ever need to talk to them

Free 2 ODEON Cinema Tickets when purchasing a new sim and topping up £20+ @ Vodafone
Refreshed 16th MayRefreshed 16th May04/06/2018Expires on 04/06/2018
Customers must purchase a new SIM and activate a £20 (or more) TopUp or Big Value Bundle via one of the following channels; Vodafone retail stores, Online from vodafone.co.uk, or f… Read more
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Is all about EE nowadays


Remember when Vodafone was the biggest network? Damn they fell


Good deal but a very convoluted redemption process :/


wow voda must be struggling to go to these depths.however its a saving so for the purposes of this post im hot (y)

Vodafone Sim Only 20GB Unlimited Minutes and Texts £15 p/m 12 months £180 (Retention Deal)
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
£15 a month Spotify/SkySports Mobile/NowTV included for free! No cash back needed Retention deal, was paying £25 a month for 20GB, Spotify included. Vodafone with a bit of negoti… Read more
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Just to update this - despite having the deal confirmed on live chat three times - when it came to billing - they had put me on a £25 a month with NO DISCOUNT. After much arguing they have put £100 credit on my account and reduced the monthly charge to £20 to make it equal £15. Apparently the original tariff doesnt exist!


This post echoes my experiences entirely. Had broadband and mobile with Voda...and I’ve moved both due to the sheer ineptitude of their tech dept and customer service advisors.


Im looking to change my number to another provider sim only then start a new contract with vodafone. Any idea on how long I have to stay on the payg sim before I can go back to vodafone as a new customer?


Retentions can be so hit and miss with Voda. Been with them for years but decided to go with mobiles.co.uk for their 25gb red entertainment package for effectively £16 a month which I'm happy with for my business SIM since retentions couldn't offer anything decent whatsoever. Even when I asked for my pac they couldn't offer the same package I was on at same price (if memory serves, think it was 8gb red entertainment package for £16 a month). I left a few months back to then go back to them via 3rd party mobiles.co.uk. silliness personified.


You able to post the email confirmation but blank out your email . Often the chats and call centre agents tells you what you want to hear then the actual email confirmation or account summary for the number is different .

IPhone 8 Vodafone retention deal - £280 upfront and £25pm for 24 months
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
You’ve I chosen the iPhone 8 64gb,with an upfront cost of £280. This will be added to your next invoice. The bundle you’ve chosen is a 24m Red Extra: 16GB plan, which includes Un… Read more

Sorry i didn't mean what you are saying was fake, i mean that is what they told me. I know how crap there retention staff is :D



Tried getting it, didn't work through retentions team. They said the deal was fake.


I believe the japanese version of the iPhone has the camera click enables constantly.


also saving the £300 you'd be stuck paying in the 2nd year of contract. I haven't bought from eGlobal personally but, plenty deals on here for them lately, seems to be legit and fully covered by apple warranty.