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They are a leading supplier of digital memory products and accessories, they also offer a large variety other items like mobile phone accessories, including SIM card readers, mobile phone holders and USB adaptors. Their range comprises of leading and MyMemory branded devices. There always seem to be discount coupon codes and promotional offers available for mainstream products from this merchant who offer free delivery on all their products.

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AUKEY EP-T21 Move Compact True Wireless Earbuds 35 Hours Playtimes Black Headphones - £9.99 Delivered @ MyMemory
Posted 7 h, 8 m agoPosted 7 h, 8 m ago
Absolute Billy bargain, reduced by a five pound note. AUKEY EP-T21's are your new go to wireless earbuds. Hook up to your mobile phone or other devices and enjoy music, podcasts… Read more

Do they fall out of ears easily - any feedback appreciated. My last cheap pair are a real nuisance because of this.


I have these, they can't cope with base but they're okay.


But are they good?


Here's a comparison between these and the later, USB-C EP-T21 S earbuds - Looks like neither pair have volume controls, which I would miss.


Exactly, my secret is out, I quit

AUKEY EP-T21S Move Compact II Wireless Earbuds 3D Surro - Black - £12.99 Delivered @ MyMemory
Posted 12 h, 29 m agoPosted 12 h, 29 m ago
Reduced now. AUKEY specializes in making tech accessories to complement and elevate your digital lifestyle. These stunning wireless earbuds are no exception. High fidelity wi… Read more

I have some Aukey products and they have amazing build quality if you look at the price. I haven't tried this product. But what can go wrong at this price. Great price, heat added 🔥


Thanks Op ordered


Some mpow stuff is still on there pretending to be different brands.


Not surprised


Impulsed these...

Playa by Belkin 40W Multi-Port USB-A Wall Charger - White - £8.99 @ MyMemory
Posted 12 h, 41 m agoPosted 12 h, 41 m ago
Don't worry about low battery anxiety anymore. This 4-port charger will keep all your devices running. Each port has 10-watts of dedicated power, so you can charge phones, tablets,… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

How do you know if your cable is up to the job of 10w?


A lot can be saved by using 85C capacitors instead of 105C, replacing noise reduction devices with wire links, more worryingly-- fuses with wire links, cheaper grade PCB material, ABS case material with styrene, etc - all with the same circuit diagram and PCB design and set up. Then batch test rather than individual and omit a soak test. So the overheads are a lot less, with savings in design, development and test. Or, the circuit and PCB designs can be "sold" to the satellite company - leaving them just to do the manufacture. A problem can arise when that satellite company then makes its own design improvements - cuts out the milled gaps between HV tracks - reduces the track spacing to use less board space - uses a single spool transformer without additional isolation measures. Omits a silk screening intended to minimise the effect of dendritic growth. Omits a board wash stage. All this can leave fractional millimetre separation between tracks, with surface contamination and no milled gap. Even sat on the shelf, dendrites can form and the unit then short circuit when later plugged in.


Interesting - I've heard in some cases that the "budget" branded items from the same OEM are just lower grade/lower binned items. Really interesting convo, would love to be updated on your future teardown.


I've never understood marketing. But you are quite correct, many big name manufacturers produce budget items under a different name. Typically mass market items, when their reputation is in professional and commercial grade ones. IBM and Lenova. Belkin DO produce wall warts under their own name. It will be interesting to compare the boards of a two port "Belkin" branded charger and this 4 port one.


Just clicked link and does for me. I can see where you got your name from (lol)

128GB - MyMemory V30 PRO Micro SD Card (SDXC) A1 UHS-1 U3 + Adapter - 100/50MB/s £9.99 / 256GB - £19.99 (Lifetime Warranty) @ MyMemory
Posted 1st DecPosted 1st Dec
Good price for the specs. and the warranty of lifetime. 256GB (LINK) MyMemory Premium High Speed Micro SD cards are the perfect partner for your high-spec smartphone or tab… Read more

as it says lifetime warranty in a few years 128GB will be like 8GB cards now pretty useless


Whats the deal with lifetime warranty?


Another thing to mention then, if you buy any physical games, do the following to gain gold coins that can be spent against purchases from the eShop. It's not great amounts but they can add up:


Thanks. First console for the kids. Last one I had was ps2 (lol)


Really good price, I got some 2 years ago for around £12 each. I think I read that the OEM is Integral.

MyMemory 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Red - 100MB/s 8.99 @ MyMemory
Posted 29th NovPosted 29th Nov
Fast, secure and stylish, the MyMemory 128GB USB Flash Drive keeps all your media safe and is easily portable. Compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports Store Huge Amounts of Content… Read more

I have the 16GB version of this and it does the job for stuff like flashing operating systems / BIOS etc. I'm surprised many people are still using these for file transfer / storage when cloud services are quite cheap (free to a certain extent) and if you've got a decent internet connection, fast too. If you don't have a decent internet connection then fair enough I guess. I trust a cloud backup over a USB backup in case the USB memory fails, though I guess it's not a bad idea to have both. (In fact it's a smart idea to have both)


Bought a couple and they seemed to work fine for me. It's true they are a bit on the slow side for writing but didn't find them horrific, as I was multitasking anyway.


Same story with mine. Slows to a snails pace so you end up never using the thing. Useless!


Bought a few of these a while back and they really aren't the best. 3 out of 5 just didn't work and I was told at the time that they can't be refunded if they're open.


Gave mine away, so slow at writing.

Samsung Evo Plus 512gb Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter - 100MB/s - £47.99 delivered @ My memory
Posted 28th NovPosted 28th Nov
Samsung 512GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter - 100MB/s

. They're far and few between, not many people make them. Lexar make one and I used to have a generic one for my Mate 20 Pro, but I upgraded to the P40 Pro and it wouldn't accept it. Unfortunately they're not particularly cheap.


Thanks for the response, as I was going to order this today. Does it have to be their specific brand or can it be any nano memory card?


No, not at all. Huawei Mate 20 and models above require a Huawei Nano memory card, totally different to a micro SD.


Would this work on huawei mate 20? This could be a nice gift 🎁


Handy thing is I think there's also potential cashback for this deal via Top Cash Back and Quidco. EDIT: Just checked - via Top Cash Back it's 2.97% Cashback and via Quidco it's 2.8% Cashback.

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AUKEY LC-A1 Aircore 15W Magnetic Wireless Charger - Black - £7.99 @ MyMemory
Posted 26th NovPosted 26th Nov
AUKEY LC-A1 Aircore 15W Magnetic Wireless Charger - Black

Does this work with IPhone 11 & 13


I have a Google Pixel 6 Pro and can confirm it charges my phone perfectly, albeit without it attaching magnetically with or without the case on.


If you click on the link, there's a search box there for you to check any phone's compatibility with the charger.


will this fast wireless charge my Samsung? or it only works with iPhone?


Requires USB-C charger (unless you already own one). Was £12.99 only a few weeks ago

Aukey PA-Y25 20W Power Deliver USB-C Mini Charger - £7.99 delivered @ MyMemory
Posted 26th NovPosted 26th Nov
Good value Aukey charger. This USB-C charger from AUKEY with up to 20W Power Delivery efficiently charges compatible devices faster at higher voltages, including iPhone via Appl… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Ah i see, didn't realise huawei plugs aren't pd, thank you (y)


Yes Huawei plugs won't work as it does not support power delivery. True it will maximise charge


I read it was 22w from multiple sources, not sure if thats correct not that it would make a difference anyway maybe a minute or two. But i decided to just order a 25w pps to maximize it and be sure it will work as i tried a huawei plug i had lying around and it wouldn't work, only my s21 charger would which is pps also


This charger will still work but will just charge it a little bit more slowly, the pixel 6 can only take 21 watts at peak so would only be like 5 mins difference.


Thanks for the info but i found out my partners pixel 6 needs 25w pps to work so its lucky this had gone up, i found a ugreen 25w pd pps on amazon for £15.99 which is double the price but perfect for the pixel