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MyMemory Discount Codes

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They are a leading supplier of digital memory products and accessories, they also offer a large variety other items like mobile phone accessories, including SIM card readers, mobile phone holders and USB adaptors. Their range comprises of leading and MyMemory branded devices. There always seem to be discount coupon codes and promotional offers available for mainstream products from this merchant who offer free delivery on all their products.

All MyMemory Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

-10%10% promo code off Your Order @ MyMemory

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

Get code & visit site
-10%10% promo code off any 3 Items @ MyMemory

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

Get code & visit site
10% off
10% off 10% Off All MyMemory Branded Memory with code ICE1 at cart, at MyMemory
10% Off All MyMemory Branded Memory with code ICE1 at cart, at MyMemory. Voucher link again:

Thanx, and your welcome. :-)


Heated, cheers 🔥 🔥 🔥


Your welcome, thanx. :-)


Nice one. Heat added. (y) :)


Voucher link again:

10% off
10% off Buy 3 different items at MyMemory, and save 10%, use Code: MMMIX10 at checkout
Buy 3 different items at MyMemory, and save 10%, use Code: MMMIX10 at checkout, at MyMemory. Deal link again:

Awwwwwwwww :p hehehehe (flirt) thanx (embarrassed) I'm much obliged :{ lol. :{ Your most welcome also. 8)


It’s not much (+7) but I’m following you now and I’m going to vote hot on all your deals. You’ve always helped me in the past. (y)


Hehehehehehe, shucks, lol, thanx a lot. :-D


Hello my friend. Heat added. We’ve moved you up to hot mate


Deal link again:

10% off
10% off 10% off Anker Products at MyMemory
My Memory have a promotion on for 10% off Anker products. UK standard delivery is free. The code can only be used on Anker products, and cannot be used in conjunction with any ot… Read more

It's valid for everything on the promotional page until Friday.


Don't know if it works on items reduced in price. Tried a similar code in Nov for the Anker power bank and didn't work.

10% off
10% off 10% off all Memory Cards with code MEMZ Save now​, at MyMemory
10% off all Memory Cards with code MEMZ Save now , at MyMemory. Deal link again:

A Memory Card with 'EXTREME', or so similar plastered across them in some way is a definite good bet I reckon?. But others without it - like the Samsung Evo card's are said to be very good by some for Dash Cam's, and/or IP Camera's too, etc (even to the point that some swear by it even, lol). But either way, you do so at your own risk (ofcourse?). But, for a slightly better extensive to your query though, try this: I hope that helps?. :-)


Any recommendations for a micro SD card (dash cam)?


Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!, loooooooooool, fair enough, there you have it then I suppose?. ;-) Good detective work there Sherlock ... :-D


Had replied earlier with screenshot....but just realised that it refuses with the samsung card because it already has £5 off at checkout.


"10% off all Memory Cards with code MEMZ" I don't see as to why not?. :-(

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10% off
10% off 10% off all RAM with code RAM10! Save Now! @ Mymemory
10% off all RAM with code RAM10! Save now Terms & conditions apply. Offer is subject to availability. Code RAM10 only applies to Laptop RAM, Computer RAM and Server RAM, and … Read more

Took a look at this as I need a load of SODIMM RAM for my laptops, but they seem to have pulled the classic retail trick of having no other offers running at the same time as a general discount like this, so there's no real bargains to be had (from the memory I came across).

5% off
5% off MyMemory - Integral 64GB Arc USB Flash Drive - £12.99 - Free Delivery
also 5% off using code "VC5" I have one of these, good robust design Integral ARC USB 2.0 Flash Drive - designed so that you can take your data anywhere in style. The all metal c… Read more

Hectic. Didn't know that. I hear what you're saying. I'm not saying the above the deal isnt a hot one because it is. It's just that for some of the genuine sellers out there who are selling the genuine product at a lower price and if you want to save more money or want to go with the deal above - then go for it. Life is full of adventure and risks. You're going to come across a lot of genuine things and fake things in your life. There is no avoiding that (unfortunately - for the fake things).


Haven't you ever heard about false sellers copying reviews of others ? I didn't know it was possible but they do it. Also doing their own reviews.Bidding on their own items etc. Search google


Have you actually done that ? I have. How long it takes is ridiculous I will say one occassion was sorted quick - they seemed to know the character (Based in Ireland with a Polish name) who was selling 64gb SD Micros which were actually 2gb - sorted quick but... Simple alternative - DON'T TAKE THE RISK. Use legit sellers Like being offered M&M's and told 1 in every 4 will make you sick Why would that be a good deal ? But much much more - WHY take the risk ?


Best is read the reviews before you buy. If someone is selling fake usb drives, especially on EBay or Amazon - their account gets cancelled immediately and anyone that has bought gets refunded


Well there is always a way to test them once received and if you're buying through E-bay, especially with PayPal you have buyer protection. If something is not as advertised, they have to refund you your money. No risk to the buyer really if the seller is selling fake usb drives which are supposed to be higher memory I.e. 32gb and only turns out to be 16gb or has a slower processing speed as described. For me - because of the protection in place... I'd take the chance. The only thing you'd lose is the time of having to wait for it to be delivered and a bit of effort if fake having to buy somewhere else.

10% off
10% off 10% Off Car Chargers at my
MyMemory is currently running a promo of 10% off Car Chargers. Promo Code: 10CAR

Good Find (y)


Got one of these recently. It’s well built and reliable. I’ve had lots that seem to jiggle out of the sockets, but this is solid.


Thanks, justs started posting, so I appreciate the help.


Moved to vouchers as it's a code, thanks @fredjk351

Free shipping
Free shipping 15% discount at Mymemory with code BDAY15 on orders of £30 or more.
Mymemory are celebrating their 15th birthday by offering a 15% discount on all orders (in excess of £30)for the next 15 hours. I just ordered a 256gb Samsung micro sdxc card for £6… Read more

Code has been extended til tomorrow


I have this card in my switch which is the best bang for you buck, only £27.99 when added to basket. P. S do not insert a promo code


Embarrassing question follows... Any recommendations for a card to use in my soon to be acquired Nintendo Switch (and what size to go for?) Are these prices comparable to other sites etc? Ta


It also looks like the code doesn't stack with the £5 off making the birthday gift a worse deal :(


You Discount doesn't apply to multiple orders of the same item so if you order 2 of an item over £30 you get a 15% discount on only 1 of them.

15% off
15% off 15% off all Sandisk products at MyMemory
Some decent prices on memory cards, plus an extra 15% off. Discount automatically applies at checkout. Offer ends midnight 26th December.

Thanks for posting. The SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO looks nice.


Hot thanks tempted by the 400gb micro sd card

10% off
10% off 10% off ALL products at MyMemory
10% off ALL products! No voucher required, discount automatically applies at cart. For example, the Energenie MIHO007 Double Wall Socket is £22.49 after the discount is applied, w… Read more

Where's the code?


And don't forget the 5% Quidco giving a possible 15%. But I won't believe that till i see the cash in my bank. The Lexar 128Gb looks to be a bit of a bargain at £27.99 before discounts. Not sure of the difference between S37 & S75 variants.


There is a 10% off on SmartTeck as well using code “10OFFNOW” Seen it on there twitter might help some one :D :D


Wow not shopped with them in years.


Good deal, thanks

Newest MyMemory Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
10%10% promo code off Your Order @ MyMemory24/03/2019
10%10% promo code off any 3 Items @ MyMemory24/03/2019
10%10% Off All MyMemory Branded Memory with code ICE1 at cart, at MyMemory24/03/2019
10%Buy 3 different items at MyMemory, and save 10%, use Code: MMMIX10 at checkout24/03/2019
10%10% off Anker Products at MyMemory5/12/2018