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Vitamin B5 Tablets 500mg - 180 Tablets - 70% Off & Free Delivery via SimplySupplements - For Those Who Suffer From Tiredness & Fatigue
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Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Vitamin B5 Tablets 500mg - 180 Tablets - 70% Off & Free Delivery via SimplySupplements - For Those Who Suffer From Tiredness & Fatigue£5.10£16.9970%
Product Expiry Date: 31st October 2019 What is Vitamin B5? Otherwise known as pantothenic acid, Vitamin B5 is an essential water soluble vitamin, meaning that it cannot be stor… Read more

thanks. i've been using b12 from ebay, got some of this. seems a cheap price compared to ebay, but i noticed on ebay you seem to get variations of b vitamins as a complex whatever that is. not sure what's best really. i would have presumed a complex thats a mix of all the different b vitamins would be best. does anyone know much about this type of stuff?


I didn't see that, good spot! Thanks for the info (y)


A good selling point to also mention OP, is that your Deal is for 180 tablet's in this bottle ... :-)


Possible 16% cashback TCB for 2 days ,good spot op,ordered and heated. (y)


Ordered also some Aloe Vera cream and vitamins for Pets :3 Thanks.

Simply Supplements - Flash Sale 30% Off (min £30 spend) / 20% Off (no min spend)
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Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019
Simply Supplements - Flash Sale 30% Off (min £30 spend) / 20% Off (no min spend)
30% off when you spend at least £30 20% off below £30 spend WBFSM code doesn't work on sale unfortunately Sign up to newsletter for 10% off (possible code stack??) TCB = 15% for Ne… Read more

Anyone else having issues adding product to the shopping basket

Claim Your Free Suppliments worth up to £16.39, Just Pay Postage of £2.49 @ SimplySupplements
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Posted 22nd Jan 2019Posted 22nd Jan 2019
Claim Your Free Suppliments worth up to £16.39, Just Pay Postage of £2.49 @ SimplySupplements£2.49
I think it's worth sharing. Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards Cod Liver Oil Capsules 1,000mg Support for the health of the adult heart, brain and eyes For… Read more

Yeah there was an offer of a large pot of free cod liver oil with a code about 10 months ago, and like you guys I never received anything. Sadly they lost my trust at that point and I never ordered any further supps from them.


I got mine last time :)


Valerian supplements... Is that the same as Valerian steel?


Yes, I didn't receive anything either, so wouldn't bother with this.


Wasn't there something like this couple of years ago on here? I never received anything. Oh and what happened to that free olive t-shirt?

Cod Liver Oil 120 1000mg Capsules - Just Pay P&P £2.49 @ Simply Supplements (Or choose Valerian Complex / Soya Isoflavones)
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Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Cod Liver Oil 120 1000mg Capsules - Just Pay P&P £2.49 @ Simply Supplements (Or choose Valerian Complex / Soya Isoflavones)£2.49£6.3961%
Good price on these, mainly looking at the Cod Liver Oil myself after getting the freebies from earlier this year. £2.49 for 120 1000mg caps still looks decent though. There's al… Read more

You are right of course (and who checks all the t's and c's) it was legal robbery, took 4 deliveries until she checked her bank statement and saw they had charged £100 per bottle (not even worth a fiver each at holland and barrett) that is the scam, overpriced subscription, supposed to be one bottle a month in t'c & c's but they sent as many as they could in one month, i even signed for some myself not knowing what they were (i get parcels all the time). Then as you well know as soon as you sign for something... When I found out I recorded the phone conversations, used their T's & C's against them, threatened court action, got the bank involved and got £200 back. I've never met such a scummy operation. Probably still going strong. £200 might not be a lot of money to most people on this site..a days work to some, a months work to others.


I'm still waiting for freebees..


Your partner wasn't scammed, they didn't read the terms and conditions.


Free cod liver oil tablets from a company with a history of not posting them out... seems a bit... fishy


not that i am insinuating this is the same people, but lots of people fell for it (and still are), check the T's & C's.

Free Cod Liver Oil Suppliments - no purchase necessary @ Simply supplements
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Posted 21st Jun 2018Posted 21st Jun 2018
Free Cod Liver Oil Suppliments - no purchase necessary @ Simply supplementsFREE£11.49
SimplySupplements are giving away free samples of Cod liver Oil Supplements(1,000mg, 360 capsules) - usually worth £11.49. Steps to follow: Add the product to your basket Apply… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



No. I had an email saying code was for previous customers only and I asked them to delete all my info which they did apparently






Mine never arrived. And to be honest, since I bought them I've been regularly getting weird letters encouraging me to apply for a Barclaycard... I really hope it's not connected anyhow.

Free gift - no purchase necessary @ Simply supplements
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Refreshed 13th Jun 2018Refreshed 13th Jun 2018
Free gift - no purchase necessary @ Simply supplements
Just order one from the following: 1. Cod liver oil 1000mg 360 capsules 2. Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg 360 tabs 3. Omega 3 1000mg 360 capsules And use the code WH678B. One free… Read more

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, hehehehe, that WOULD explain a lot (unfortunately). As I too was yet to receive my freebie 'allocation' too ... :-( Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, that's most unfortunate, but it's cool.


" Unfortunately, due to very high demand, the original free trial products are currently no longer available. We are now in the process of informing everyone regarding this. The free trial was only intended for customers who received a promotional leaflet in the post, this leaflet did state that the free trial offer was subject to stock availability. Due to members of the public adding the promotional code onto various online deal sites, the stock allocation has rapidly depleted. We did ensure to have the correct quantity of stock for this promotion, but due to this happening, the demand was greater than expected. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused."


don't worry about it, just move on and forget about it, lifes far to short.


Reading fail again. The company hasn't offered to pay the droves of users "the fiver the other got" as you imply. The "fiver the other got" is a typical money making operation by leveraging all the thousands of contact details they scammed off people "going viral" as you put it (ie mass campaigning) - it is not 'a fiver' at all, as if they were benevolently doling out cash rather than make good on the promo scam. They are instead implementing a common sales drive whereby thousands of the aforementioned scammed users are spammed a targeted email (aka implementing standard retargeting strategy on their newly acquired mass data asset) to drive said targets to *purchase* stock for, surprise surprise, a discount. Apologies if as you say your reading / attention span has meant you have again been unable to take these facts on board, i can only wish your situation improves in the future. I would not want to pay for goods that I didn't wish to pay for in the first place. If i wanted to buy intentionally overpriced and relatively low grade promoted goods with a token discount I'd have done it in my regular shopping. In a nut shell: They are obviously leveraging the newly scammed mass of details (valuable sales leads) to harvest sales on the products they intentionally reneged while acquiring 'retargetable' sales lead info through misrepresentation; it's bulk trading economics, standard to boost profits and repeat consumer numbers which increase business value to investors and increases medium and long-term sales of their overpriced low grade tat that the masses were not interested in to begin with. If you say again that it was too long for you to cope with that's fine. Its for the benefit of other users anyway, the more awareness of manipulative tactics the better so users can decide for themselves whether this company is worth paying the higher price for goods available in better quality for a lower price elsewhere (given their underhand, albeit well known in the trade, sales lead acquisition tactics). I hope this is of benefit to someone who likes to read.


thats not advice and you don't know me so don't and tell me how to read, been reading for 40 odd years and don't need pointers from you :( I did start to read yours but got bored. As I said no one would have expected a small websites limited offer to go viral but they have probably learned a lesson, if you feel so aggrieved then send them an email and complain, they might give you the fiver other got. But be sure you keep the email short, though you dont want someone to lose the will to live :) See the link in this post as a reply from the company, if you have a leaflet you should speak to them, if not walk away.

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Caffeine supplements 200mg 120 capsules £2.80 delivered @ Simply supplements
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Posted 24th May 2018Posted 24th May 2018
Caffeine supplements 200mg 120 capsules £2.80 delivered @ Simply supplements£2.80£7.9965%
Such a good price for the caffeine tablets from Simply Supplements. Never mind pro plus (too expensive). These ones on offer boost me in the morning, rather than having to drink 2 … Read more

200mg upon waking another 200mg preworkout.. This is a good offer compared to myprotein.


Gym addicts still think it's good for them and want to get larger doses


Wait till you cut down on sugar/carbs! Takes 2-3 weeks to adapt.



This deal seems to be just in time for the exam period. Wonder how many all-nighters people will be pulling to get assignments in on this stuff : )

Simply Supplements' new NUTRIPACK subscription! first month of meds free! £20 odd worth of stuff!
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Posted 8th Nov 2016Posted 8th Nov 2016
Simply Supplements' new NUTRIPACK subscription! first month of meds free! £20 odd worth of stuff!
Check this out guys got an email earlier! Checked the terms and conditions just incase - Cancel subscription at any time. In other words get your free month order then cancel afte… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

​ they have been around for years. Good company. This deal is only really a deal if you don't cancel until second month as it's basically buy one month get one free


Going off the address on the contact page it is this company - -


Looks like a con to me. Read the terms and can't find any company number displayed on their website.


Looks like it is chargeable if you cancel unless I'm misunderstanding their T&C's ?? You can cancel your subscription any time. If you cancel within 25 days from receipt of your order, you will be charged the full recommended retail price of your first pack but you will not be charged for or receive any further packs. If you cancel after 25 days, you will be charged the full recommended retail price of your first and second packs but will not be charged or receive further packs.

African Mango 5000mg SALE - 30% OFF £10.99 @ SimplySupplements
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Posted 23rd Jun 2014Posted 23rd Jun 2014
African Mango 5000mg SALE - 30% OFF £10.99 @ SimplySupplements£10.99
30% in African Mango Supplement. A help to lose weight.

5 grams of mango for £10.99, cold. Tosco have 2 for £3.00.

Zinc 15mg tablets from Simply Supplements, 120 for £3.89  or 360 for £6.79, free postage and 12.62% from Topcash
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Posted 24th Nov 2013Posted 24th Nov 2013
Zinc 15mg tablets from Simply Supplements, 120 for £3.89 or 360 for £6.79, free postage and 12.62% from Topcash£3.89
These apparently build up immunity. Don’t know about that but I’ve been taking 1 a day for over 10 years and during this time have not had a cold

are these 1 a day ?


Less than £1 at tescos for 120.


As I said I've been taking these for well over 10 years and at 82 not much wrong with me health wise


only £2.26 for 120 at Simply Supplements if you buy 360 and that's delivered so you don't have to go to the shop


That would be in large quantities per day. These are only 15mg.

Milk Thistle (3000mg) - 120 tablets (BOGOF - 60+60) for £9.99 - SimplySupplements
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Posted 25th Jun 2013Posted 25th Jun 2013
Milk Thistle (3000mg) - 120 tablets (BOGOF - 60+60) for £9.99 - SimplySupplements£9.99
Super strength Milk Thistle to aid overrall liver health. Up until recently I've been purchasing this from another supplier but the price has gone up and the quantity has come down… Read more

I swear I experience hypo symptoms unless I take some kind of liver support to ensure my Liver isn't having any difficulties producing glucose. I'm only going on experience here.


The liver is an unbelievably hardy organ. Just look at the years it takes for chronic alcoholics to die from liver failure. A course of oral 17-aa steroids will likely lead to elevated liver markers, which return to baseline shortly after cessation. Elevated markers suggest "strain"...This is NOT damage. Undue Strain over extended periods can lead to damage. Of course, limit dose/duration to minimise overall risk. Longer cycles....say 6 weeks+ should utilise injectable steroids to avoid hepatotoxicity.


btw... the hangover is down to dehydratory effect on the brain from alcohol......not because of hepatotoxicity. Any benefit you witnessed is down to the rehydratory effect of a pint of water......not a MT tablet!


"I've found these fantastic in aiding overall liver health" How have you measured this? Double blind liver biopsys comparing to control group? Show me peer reviewed clinical data which suggests MT aids 'liver health'



Cod Liver Oil Capsules BOGOF at Simply Supplements  - £4.89 for 120 caps. free delivery
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Posted 12th Feb 2013Posted 12th Feb 2013LocalLocal
Cod Liver Oil Capsules BOGOF at Simply Supplements - £4.89 for 120 caps. free delivery£4.89
Seems like a good price for 120 capsules, also lots of other vitamins on BOGOF plus 12.62% cashback at Topcashback.

The liquid cod liver oil tastes revolting!

Birdyyyy95 Another good deal at holland and barrett..


Silly question but does anyone know how many calories there are per tablet? Thanks x


So when it says "S143: 180+180 (360)" and "S142: 60+60 (120)" it means you order 1 qty of 180 or 60 and then just send 360 or 120. Rather confusing as I thought it would be £9.79 for 360x2.


I have, they don't really work that's what the studies show

Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg from Simply Supplements -£8.85 for 360 tablets
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Posted 20th Aug 2012Posted 20th Aug 2012
Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg from Simply Supplements -£8.85 for 360 tablets£8.85
High strength Gingko for a much lower price than Holland and Barrett.
Get deal*Get deal*

excuse my ignorance, but whats it do? / for?


15% Quidco is alright too!


This is good stuff (I have it from SS). Recommended.

360 x Glucosamine 2KCI 1000mg tablets £9.49 delivered from Simply Supplements
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Posted 6th Feb 2012Posted 6th Feb 2012
360 x Glucosamine 2KCI 1000mg tablets £9.49 delivered from Simply Supplements£9.49
360 x Glucosamine 2KCI 1000mg tablets for £9.49 delivered. Nearly a years supply @ under 3p a day Cheapest high strength tablets I can find. This company also offers a price Guaran… Read more

Japcar..stop talking out your rear mate. He said "roids". They're CLEARLY not roids now are they? Therefore he made the comment for a response, which is trolling. So stfu before you become what we're discussing, which you gradually are. But have a nice day. :)


The retailer details were added by a kind (although illiterate lol) helper or mod. I have now amended this error. Thanks for your observation


But when you are searching for the merchant on Topcashback, you will have to spell "supplements" correctly or you will not find them. The OP has spelt it two different ways- the title has it wrong.


I believe there's a difference between not understanding or having a laugh, than publicly insulting people. You my friend appear closer to the definition of a troll than any other members that have commented on this deal.


Shame on you's feeding the trolls. No wonder they started to integrate

Various Supplements on Sale + Free Delivery @ Simplysupplements
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Posted 14th Aug 2011Posted 14th Aug 2011
Various Supplements on Sale + Free Delivery @ Simplysupplements
Been doing a bit of supplement shopping as I ran out of cod liver oil. I came across this site who sell highly discounted supplements anyway, but they have a bit of a sale on (link… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

cold.. they don't do selenium calcite suppositories.


Quidco is 27.5%


Guess you're not aloud to mention TCB in the title as it's been removed, but it's 27.77% - see above description for details and idea of the saving.

Acai Berry 2500mg SALE - 20% OFF- Supply supplements
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Posted 12th Jul 2011Posted 12th Jul 2011
Acai Berry 2500mg SALE - 20% OFF- Supply supplements
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Just seen this

It's a natural herbal product. It isn't 'made' by anyone, except maybe mother nature or God. It is very good for you and this is great value, considering some websites charge about £60 for one bottle!


Doesn't work! Made by horrible people praying people who think this will work


Doesn't work. Cold,.


:D try it and see


Is it true this stuff can you give you a bigger schlong ?

Collagen tablets 400mg 180tablets - buy one get one free £14.33 @ Simply Supplements
Posted 21st Jul 2010Posted 21st Jul 2010
Collagen tablets 400mg 180tablets - buy one get one free £14.33 @ Simply Supplements£14.33
I bought these tablets after trying Glucosamine Sulfphate and not getting any results (knee pain) - there have been lots of good reviews about this - not just for joint pain but al… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Oops - I did copy the link from the page so not sure what happened there. Thanks MK looks like quite a good deal too. @Kaje - seeing as Collagen is a pure protein I would expect it to be absorbed by the body. I have ordered some and will try it - if it has no effect then I wont buy any more...


As a medical professional, I'd just like to take the opportunity to say these do diddly squat. There's no conclusive evidence to support the claim that they aid with joint pain and they certainly won't help your skin. Collagen needs to be injected directly into an affected area to ease joint pain or into problem wrinkle areas in order for it to have any effect on the skin.


Oh, I found it. Well, its 400mg per tablet, compare to the 1000mg one from H&B. The H&B one is £16.99 per 180 tablet but currently on 40% off promotion. I will get the H&B one instead. Neither voted hot or cold.


Can't find. Any direct link?

Simply Supplements BOGOF on all items. £2 off £15 spend and more!!
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Posted 3rd Jun 2010Posted 3rd Jun 2010
Simply Supplements BOGOF on all items. £2 off £15 spend and more!!
Just got an email telling me that simply supplements are offering BOGOF on all items on their site also £2 off a £15 spend, free delivery and if thats not good enough, go through t… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

They now have 10% off Glucosamine.. and still BOGOF and free delivery....]


I'm not enjoying the experience of my first order with these people. Money taken a week ago and no goods yet. No dispatch email, no account to sign into on their website and see what I've ordered and when, slow response from customer services when I email them and the guy's name on the email response and his email address didn't match up (i.e. said 'Darren' on the email addy but he said he was called something else on the signature!).


The code, TOPC20, isn't working for me now.





Glucosamine sulphate 500 mg 360 tablets only 5.84 delivered @simple supplements
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Posted 14th May 2010Posted 14th May 2010
Glucosamine sulphate 500 mg 360 tablets only 5.84 delivered @simple supplements£5.84
Glucosamine Sulphate 500mg Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body where it plays a role in the smooth working of the joints and helps maintain connective tissues. Manufactur… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

The point here is that there are lots of thing that make us feel much better. Acupuncture, reflexology etc are great because they force us to relax / chill and focus on ourselves or what is troubling us. There are many other ways this can be achieved, a good holiday perhaps ? ......maybe a luxury for some especially those with health problems. Those with health problems often need time to digest and take stock of the information given, whether that is bad news like cancer, or eg diabetes. The complementary therapies mentioned above cannot solve these issues and in many situations, neither can the NHS. However, the NHS does not make claims it cannot substantiate, unlike many (but not all) complementary services who often make outrageous claims to people who might be at a very vulnerable stage in their lives. This is where friends and family are invaluable. We know that those people with good support fare much better with health issues that those who are isolated. I am sure we can all think of at least one person who has had to drastically alter thier way of life because of a health problem. We all deal with issues differently. Never underestimate the mental issues of coping which are just as important as the physical aspects. The NHS cannot always provide this, so those with good support are very fortunate. When you are coping with health issues that alter the course of your life, the NHS can provide treatments to keep you as well as possible. However, there is often not the resources to deal with the mental aspects of coping with the illness. In areas like cancer care, there are often complementary services provided free of charge (funded by cancer charities). How nice it would be if that were the case for other devastating illnesses....e,g strokes, parkinsons, rheumatology diseases, feel free to add to a massive list ! There are lots of things that make us feel better but unless it can be proven then the NHS will not provide it. Things that have been provided are going to disappear rapidly as the NHS (like many other services) has to make cuts, homeopathy will be the first to disappear from the NHS (to those of you that knew it was available, you can thank Prince Charles for that one!) So to those of you who feel better with Glucosamine, great. Get the best deal you can. The NHS will no longer provide it unless further research provides more evidence. We are all fortunate that we can function as we want to. Spare a thought for those with an illness that has altered the course of their lives. There is a lot we can all do to make people feel better, devote some of your time and promise to do something for them. It might be to cut their grass, take them out for a drive or a coffee for a change of scenery (they will always say no because they feel guilty). Or, provide it to their carer, offer to give them time off so they get a break. Give them time, it is the most precious commodity we have. Like finances, don't waste it.


After a 3 year degree course I doubt you would be too keen to offer your services for free. However she is offering her services for free - in a project to study the effect on cancer patients. Something you obviously know is a complete waste of time. Even if the benefits to the patient are somebody listening to them for an hour or taking an hour out of their busy schedule to relax it can benefit a patient... unlike the 7 minutes you get allocated to a GP after a frustrating wait in a pox ridden waiting room. Then again there have been many reports of people being diagnosed by professionally qualified doctors as having x months to live and then living multiples of times longer or having an incurable disease and being cured. I've just wrecked my ankle at football. For the sake of a few pounds I'd rather take glucosamine regardless until you prove it is doing me harm.


So is homeopathy and that doesn't work either.


Acupuncture is pure theatrical placebo- strange how they never offer their services for free. INCORRECT Accupuncture is available on the National Health, FREE!


You make a good point about testing the product and thats exactly what the studies have done. They have taken not two, but thousands of people and either gave them glucosamine or gave them dummy pills. Turns out glucosamine performs no better than the dummy pills and that should be considered when thinking of purchasing these tablets. There are high quality rigorous studies performed by researchers and clinicians who really really want people to have better lives and less pain. Trouble is glucosamine isnt the answer so the reserach goes on. As for your friend- an acupuncturist is no victimin; an acupuncturist is an out-and-out con artist. Educate yourself on the mysticism and magic inherent in acupuncture and then quiz your friend on her beliefs. Acupuncture is pure theatrical placebo- strange how they never offer their services for free.

Buy One Get One Free On Everything @ Simplysupplements & 27.5% topcashback and quidco
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Posted 9th Jan 2010Posted 9th Jan 2010
Buy One Get One Free On Everything @ Simplysupplements & 27.5% topcashback and quidco
Buy one get one free on everything Free postage and packaging Also have a sale with up to 50% off Hope this is useful for someone
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks for info , was thinking they had probably bumped up their prices when making everything bogoff


Thanks Deeppockets :-D However, even with the BOGOF Healthy Direct seems cheaper, plus 30% Quidco and free delivery. For eg: Vegetarian Glucosamine 750mg at Simply Supplement it's £13.99 (£10.14 after Quidco) for 360 tablets, and at Healthy Direct it's £11.99 for 360 (or £8.39 after Quidco).