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Posted 26 June 2023

Smart 2K+ Wired PoE Video Doorbell with Chime £76.99 @ Reolink

£76.99£9922% off
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These usually hover at ~£100-120 mark. Great reviews. Integrates with HA.

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TechHive - 4/5
PCMagazine - 3.5/5


2K+ Incredible Clarity

At least twice clearer than the 2MP (1080p),
2K+ (5MP) resolution means a lot more information and a wider range. Individuals will be easier to recognize with richer details.

PoE - Reliable Connection & Easy Installation
This Pot doorbell uses only one wire to get stable network and non-stop powering at the same time. You can also connect the doorbell to your pre-existing doorbell wiring. A 15° wedge is included for you to adjust its angle.

More Accurate, Less Distracted
The doorbell can alert you only when a persor is detected, ignoring trivial non-human passers-by. You can also set a motion zone to black out areas prone to unnecessary alarms.

Keep Watch Through Nights
Its infrared LED enables high-quality night recording videos. Knowing who's there even in the dark.

Quickly, Instantly, Communicatively
Reolink Video Doorbell Pot has built-in mics and a speaker. Take your time greeting the visitor before hurrying to the door, deter the unwanted visitors with no delay, or live talk with the visiting friends when you're not at home.

Record Before "Action"
The doorbell camera will start recording before actual detections happen. 6-second color video footage prior to the alert may help you a lot: know the possible causes or increase the likelihood of criminal identification.

YouTube - Review

Help & Information

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  1. Tank12345's avatar
    Top security tip - Make sure you have that little brown box on the front of the side of you house the Virgin Media fitted locked with a little padlock!
    bensbb's avatar
    Can go down a rabbit hole with this to be honest. If you are absolutely determined, best to lock your nvr in a cabinet with battery backup, multiple cameras covering each angle, ftp recording to a second device, and off site backup, ups in case power is cut... But how far do you go? I would look at CCTV devices as a deterrant, good for monitoring and car number plates especially.. if someone is very determined they will wear a mask etc and won't be possible to identify them anyway. (edited)
  2. Bytheseashore's avatar
    Is there a monthly subscription on this?
    Mazda84's avatar
    No. To add to what already said it also records via FTP.
  3. Enzo_Moretti's avatar
    Thanks, was waiting for this to be further discounted. My house will have more PoE ethernet cables than generic electrical at this point.
  4. davew2011's avatar
    Great price . It’s the only viable poe doorbell I could find so happily paid £90 for it . Works brilliantly , even better at this price 
    jackal2k19's avatar
    Any idea of its focal length? Can't find it online. Should give an indication of the furthest it can capture number plate details... No good if the focal length is too short for a given resolution... Or even, as good as FHD at the wrong focal length
  5. xynthian's avatar
  6. bensbb's avatar
    Great product I have the wifi version. PoE version is the best if you are happy to run cabling.. to replace an existing doorbell that's already wired in you should go for the wifi one. (edited)
  7. sargy_itk's avatar
    Does this do rich notification same as ring with pictures for motion etc?
    mn92's avatar
    No, only the WiFi version does. Which makes me think what is the point of the POE one when it doesn’t have full features.
  8. steve626's avatar
    Could I just plug this into my virgin hub 3 and I will work OK?
    adavy's avatar
    You'll need a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Injector too, or a PoE switch, connected to your virgin hub. This adds the power to the data signal so they both work over the same (single) cable. I'm guessing you'll probably need a long suitable cable for installation too.
  9. mn92's avatar
    Is there really any benefit on this over the WiFi version except for data AND power over one cable, when the WiFi one has Ethernet also and can provide rich notifications?
    davew2011's avatar
    No, not if the wifi one has an Ethernet port (I never knew that)  only the logistics of getting power there and not needing to buy a power pack (unless the wifi one comes with it) or having to recharge the battery which might mean taking the doorbell off periodically which would be a pain alone, never mind having to disconnect the fiddly ethernet at the back each time . (edited)
  10. itm's avatar
    Any real-life experiences of delay time between pressing the doorbell and the caller appearing on your phone?
    davew2011's avatar
    Quick. I’ve spoken to numerous visitors and not missed anyone .
    there is an annoying lag once talking to them
    over the connection , but it’s workable enough to communicate the basics
  11. cleverguy12's avatar
    Thanks. Bought on the pretext that it can be used with the NVR
    davew2011's avatar
    It can . And is onvif so doesn’t need to be their nvr
  12. motto's avatar
    Hi guys, What’s it like to review video off the Wi-Fi version where data is in the AD card? Is it fast or laggy to view?
  13. Cavs's avatar
    Even cheaper
    You do need a skinny ethernet cable otherwise it's a stiff connection (edited)
    UltimateOutlaw's avatar
    Terminating those can be a bit of a nightmare depending how skinny
  14. sc03tye's avatar
    Been wanting to get either this or the WIFI version but it’s the cabling which is really struggle with. And there’s no pre-existing analog doorbell. Anyone know of maybe a big battery that could hookup to one of these on the other side of the wall?
    bensbb's avatar
    Your options:

    1 - buy wifi version and plug it into a wall socket jf there's one nearby on the other side of the wall - ac adapter and extension cable included

    2 - buy the poe version and run a network cable to an NVR or PoE injector for power (safer and more compliant with regs for DIY than running new electrical cable)

    3 - buy a different battery powered product e.g. ones from Ring product range
  15. plogik's avatar
    Paid over £100 in may aint installed it yet. Annoyed it’s gone so cheap
  16. tim8888's avatar
    Is this deal still valid?
    cleverguy12's avatar
    İt's back on Amazon prime
's avatar