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iPhone XS 64GB Gold, Brand New, Unlocked - £919  Smartfonestore
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Incredible price from Smartfone store, phone is sealed in original packaging. Be quick, looks low on stock
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Keep an eye on this recycling store on ebay, just bought a pristine xs 64gb gold for £770


All conditions are OOS.


Only 12 months warranty though. Almost every other phone vendor offers a two year warranty.


Remind me again...does the 6T have a better; 1. Processor 2. Facial recognition tech 3. Camera The latter being probably the most important thing for phone users. (By the way, I say all this as a Xiaomi user. So I'm no Apple fan. I find them horrendously expensive...BUT, I also don't like nonsense. And your claim that the 6T is better on a tech level is just irrefutably wrong)


(lol) (lol) OK.. 🎣

LG Nexus 5X - BRAND NEW - Unlocked - 32 GB £99.99  Smartfonestore
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Not a bad deal for a brand new unopened LG Nexus 5X. Would recommend reading up on the boot loop issues that some of these phones developed before going ahead and buying. At this… Read more
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Not worth the hassle, I've had three Nexus 5X die with the same boot loop issue.


SD 808 so you're looking at a possible bootloop issue. My advise to anyone is look at the current dev, open the bootloader and flash a kernel. You may then see it last until you want to move on.


We had one bootloop and LG fixed even though it was recently out of warranty as it's a known issue. It has a high speed camera if you want it for VGolf :)


Loooool, I believe they were being sarcastic, and as such, I'm assuming they perhaps meant the opposite, or whatever?. But I could be wrong ... lol.


Built to last?

Apple iPhone X 64GB - Silver - Unlocked - Grade B £599.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Good price for a GradeB, Easy returns process within 10 days if you don't like it. Use topcashback as well please. At checkout you’ll be offered a chance to purchase an official… Read more


can you point me to this deal please, i want


Yes it was 3 weeks old, and someone at work was desperate for money and i offered him 400 and he took it, i was going to use it for a while as i fancied a change from my galaxy s9 but my virgin mobile sim wouldnt work and i didnt like not having a finger print scanner so i just wanted to sell it on. I looked on ebay about 10 days back, it was just a quick browse to get an idea of how much to post it for. I wouldnt have sold it on ebay anyway, the risk is way way way to high, id rather sell it at 100 cheaper and get cash in my hand than lose 600 through ebay to some scammer, unless i did ebay cash on collection only


Would be £26.72 paypal charge plus £78 charge to ebay if you dont have £1 or £3 final value fee offer activated


I think they are 3.4% + 20p for receiving any amount under £1500 p/m

Brand New Samsung Galaxy S9 Dual SIM 64GB - Purple & Blue - Unlocked £479.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
U sure how many are left, but they have these in blue and parole (Lilac) colours. £5.05 at topcashback or a fiver Quidco. Ships in original sealed packaging in a silver Royal Mai… Read more

Well France have rolled out Samsung pay, so I'd assume Samsung pay works. Can you not just change the country on start up?


My S9 just arrived and it's a French version... does this mean it won't support Samsung Pay UK? Would there be any other issues? It wasn't stated on the site it would be a non-UK version! (shock)


Yeah I'd wait for the s10 and see if that's worth it or not.


Thanks..Going to wait till s10 is out.


Thank you...staying with s8..

Brand New Unlocked LG Nexus 5X 32GB - Carbon/Quartz Inc. Delivery at Smartfonestore for £104.98
Refreshed 13th SepRefreshed 13th Sep
GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE bands Nano-SIM 5.2 inch 16:9 1080p IPS LCD (~423 ppi density) Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with oleophobic coating Runs Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), upgrade-ab… Read more

They only offer 3 month warranty


Thanks for that. The lack of Near-field communication is a serious negative.


Good luck with the over heating was a great phone with a fantastic clean bloat free version of stock android however the hardware issues let this phone down


I had a Nexus 5 whose Bluetooth/WiFi stopped working at 11 months so I went to Google, who told me to go back to carphone warehouse, who sent me to LG. Google will only honour warranty on goods they sell directly. I was told that by the Google support bod and then sent their T&Cs reference, when I questioned that policy. To be fair to LG sent a prepaid packing bag by first class post and delivered it back within 5 days so their service was great.


Don't go near these. I bought two of them about 18 months ago. One of the phones went into a bootloop after one year and was repaired by LG, which was a very smooth process. The other unit bootlooped and died a few weeks ago. I could have got it repaired, but why would I? LG haven't addressed the design flaw - when repairing they just replace the faulty main board with another one that has exactly the same design fault. I fully expect the repaired phone to die in about six months time. Things turned out well with the second phone though. Amazon gave me a full refund (!) and I picked up a Pixel XL from Argos for only a few quid more.

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LG G6 32GB - Black - Unlocked Grade A £199.99 @ SmartPhoneStore
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Grade A is excellent condition. Physically in New condition, in plain box with USB C cable and sim tool. Brilliant flagship phone for Budget phone price.

Update on my last comnent. Interested on others thoughts who may have had the same issue. I love my LG G6 bought new from JL last December. Biggest issue is the cheapo flimsy quite frankly crap Sim / SD tray that fits in the RH side. Had course to need to take the micro SD card that had been in the phone since I bought it. Stuck the pin tool in out it pops slightly. Pulled the tray out exactly as per the instructions. Part of the SD card side of the tray remained stuck in the phone. Took it to John Lewis and after a week they rang me to say LG were claiming it was damaged!. No sh*t Sherlock! I have checked online and I'm not the first to fall foul of the cheap design. Some of who have had the slot repaired under warranty. So I have since relayed this to JL who agreed and were going to go back to LG and have another go at them. Still waiting on an update. So be warned all. It's the same cheap flimsy plastic on the G5 and I believe the G7. The trays can be had for 2 quid on eBay. I wonder why so readily available? I think I might finally stop defending LG and move to another make. My 3rd LG and every one an issue and hassle getting them sorted.


Has anyone who owns an LG G6 had an issue with the Sim/SD card tray breaking? Bought my G6 from John Lewis last Christmas. Not took the tray out since I first put Sim and SD card in it then. Had a problem with email app constantly closing. Some online tips suggested removing the micro SD card and trying email then. When I tried the tray came out but a section of the SD card side of the tray remained in the phone. Stuck there. Looking online it seems I'm not the only one. I've taken the phone back to JL who are sending it off for repair. The tray is very flimsy. Once fixed I'm thinking of getting rid. Seriously thinking it's time to forget LG. Had boot loop probs with G3, which was fixed under warranty. Then G5 that had a screen issue. Refunded by Argos after they stopped selling the G5. Now this. They say things come in threes!


Pretty much my exact situation, replaced my dead s7 edge as it had been dropped too many times by my daughter. Delighted woth it and only complaint would be it is slightly thick for a phone these days but that's cosmetic and really not important. Plumped for thise over the chinese ones i was considering as i think NFC is a must for me in this country in this day and age.


They hobbled it further by only giving US models wireless charging - shame really as rather needless cost-cutting considering the original price point. Prices of these new have plummeted and are may keep doing so.


Seems like a lot of phone for the money. Shame they gimped it with a Snapdragon 821 from the outset when it's competitors had the much faster 835. Camera setup is really good, the wide-angle lens is arguably more useful and unique than a 2x optical telephoto. The only thing I don't like about LG phones is the odd and dated UI they insist on running.

Updated List Of Retailers Who Sell Refurbished/Used Mobile/Smartphones Online - Some Examples In Op
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
I love finding mobile phone deals for my fellow hukd'ers and thought I'd post my second updated list of mobile/smart phone retailers, specialising in manufacturer/seller refurbishe… Read more

I recently bought a Galaxy S8+ from this eBay shop: XS Items and came as described:




Should really take Quick Mobile Fix off of the list. I've been chasing my money for weeks. They just completely ignore all requests. It's not just me either, take a look here....


I've had failures and successes with Music Magpie - they've taken back 2 and I've kept 1 (I then found another on an internal message board). Still liking the one I kept.


Just a quick heads up if you come across the following company: DC DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT The WORST COMPANY ever!!!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Black - Unlocked (Any network) - Grade C
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Black - Unlocked (Any network) - Grade C lots of other phones as well -

I've bought a few phones from Smartfonestore over the years and always thought them well presented and good value. My current phone is an S8 got from them and all they had was grade C and like many here I was wary. But the phone was great and hard to tell from grade b in fact. My safety net was that I could always return it if I didn't think it good enough, but as I say its my daily driver and v happy. Your mileage might vary but I wouldn't hesitate to go grade c again.


Sort of reminds me of a executive a saloon I was sent to collect at the end of a (White Arrow) lease agreement. The only thing clean in the entire car was the ash tray (the floor was inch deep in ash); and both wing mirrors were lying in the passenger footwell. The leading edge of the bonnet appeared to have been used for target practice by someone with an old Bren gun, and power only seemed to be reaching one wheel. I'll bet THAT was sold on as Grade C as well.


But you CAN afford a Ford Focus; look, this one has only been in a few major accidents; not even a Cat C write-off (yet).




Lots of other phones as well, it means you can get updated phones for cheaper at a better rate and from different websites or shops. Basically it's saying get of your high horse and look for yourself the op gave you a website but you do your own search and bargain for it if you have to.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB - Blue - Unlocked (Any network) - Grade B £489.99 @ SmartPhone Store
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB - Blue - Unlocked (Any network) - Grade B

No just a cable. Unless it’s grade a+ boxed


Do they come with a charger :/


I’ve had a couple of phones from smartphone store always good service and good quality,the grading system is spot on.


Grade B - how good is it? Presumably it has been refurbished with a few marks.


I'm sure I've already posted this tonight.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB - BLACK Grades A - B - EE / O2 / UNLOCKED + BLUE / BLACK / GREY LILAC £499.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
Go through tcb for a fiver back as well. £479.99 for Grade A / VERY Good £469.99 for grade B / Good We provide a free 10 day no quibble returns policy and a 60 day warranty shou… Read more

No problem del


Thank you Mr Witch/Mrs Witch/Mrsw Itch :D


Yeah, rumours are that the S19382093801830912382901380128312738094632640234712483214723104 Will have its own teeny weeny person inside to serve you breakfast lunch and tea throughout the day. I'd take it with a pinch of salt.


Good price , but I'm holding out for the S19382093801830912382901380128312738094632640234712483214723104


Do you steal this from mc hammer?

Huawei P20 Lite 64GB - Black - Vodafone Brand New £229.99 & Grade B £179.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Couple of great prices here, £229.99 for new, 2 in stock. Ships complete with original accessories And £179.99 for Grade B . Also grade A £199.99 & Grade C For £169.99 A… Read more

Why coz it has a notch. Do some research buddy and see who did that first


Vodafone mate.


web page says "unlocked"


£478 pristine P20 pro, I guarantee this will come with box and accessories use ebay code


It says Vodafone in the title, so that is a no!

LG G6 32GB - Silver & Black - Grade B- Unlocked @ Smartfonestore for £179.99
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
64gb available for £219.99. Grade good/B Another great price for this by smartfonestore. Topcashback for a fiver. What does Grade B mean? Grade B looks slightly used and ship… Read more

Has anyone who owns an LG G6 had an issue with the Sim/SD card tray breaking? Bought my G6 from John Lewis last Christmas. Not took the tray out since I first put Sim and SD card in it then. Had a problem with email app constantly closing. Some online tips suggested removing the micro SD card and trying email then. When I tried the tray came out but a section of the SD card side of the tray remained in the phone. Stuck there. Looking online it seems I'm not the only one. I've taken the phone back to JL who are sending it off for repair. The tray is very flimsy. Once fixed I'm thinking of getting rid. Seriously thinking it's time to forget LG. Had boot loop probs with G3, which was fixed under warranty. Then G5 that had a screen issue. Refunded by Argos after they stopped selling the G5. Now this. They say things come in threes!


I managed to scratchy the glass on an older phone on day 1! That had gorilla glass as well! A screen protector the next day made the scratch invisible for the last... 5 years?


Yeah. You've had one in better knick for a tenner less a week ago. Would be looking at the 64gb one anyway, possibly as much as 18m wear on the battery. The eglobal deal you found last month for that was more compelling, though the weak pound killing that atm.


For £180? You sure?


Potential minor scratches on the screen is rather off putting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB - Blue & Gold- Unlocked - Refurbished / Grade B @ Smartfonestore for £379.99
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Good price this, the equivalent to music magpie good. £5 at topcashback as well. What does Grade B mean? Grade B looks slightly used and ships in our own branded boxes. They'll … Read more

I'd have listed the phone at a really high placeholder price and amended it once you received the phone. ;)


It was the £1 max ebay listing wasn't it over the weekend! And someone bought my phone way quicker than I expected on BIN. You live and learn. Spoken to smartfonestore, customer service is actually pretty good. I'm returning the phone for a refund as no replacement in stock.


Yep, never ordered from them personally but the general consensus on HUKD is that they are a decent company (based on previous threads).


From what I've gathered Smartfonestore are normally quite good to deal with, sorry yours was like it was, hope you get it sorted mate :)


Still early, ill let you off.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB - Pink - O2 - Brand New - In Stock £399.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Plus get £5 cashback at Quidco, because every little helps. Only in pink unfortunately, but still a great price, and will hopefully help one of you guys/girls out :) Ships compl… Read more

All oos now


Bought my sons S8 from them next day delivery not a problem


I bought my Pixel 2 XL from there. They were good to deal with.


Yup, only ever heard good things about them, good bit of added info there... Kudos to you Bobby.


For those not familiar with this company

Apple iPhone 8 64GB Silver Brand New Sealed Box Unlocked to all networks £524.98 @ Smart Phone Store
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Ok, new models will be out shortly but if you need a new iPhone today, this is a good deal. Apple price is still £699 for this phone, in John Lewis it's £639. Smartfonestore have p… Read more
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Received it yesterday, brand new not activated, very happy! Thanks for the deal


Good price for what it is but can't see why you would so close to the launch of the new ones and if you're not fussed about that then why not just get an iPhone 7 which is extremely close in features but about half the price?


I bought iPhone 6 from them and didn’t have any problem with them too.


Just this site mate, that is a cracking deal and deserves heat

Grade A+ Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB - Black - Unlocked £509.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
All our brand new items ship in the original sealed box with all the original accessories. EDIT: The New Black version is out of stock but they have grade A+ like new condition. … Read more
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A moderator changed it because the New one went out of stock. On the website it says: Brand New items ship with a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty from the day of activation which is claimable via the manufacturer themselves. Some manufacturers may offer up to 2 years. Please see manufacturers website for details.


As pointed out it's £509.99 for a blue S9 64GB brand new and is currently showing as available... unless you can show me otherwise. The black must have sold out since the deal was posted and someone appears to have changed the title to 'Grade A+' from 'New' making a bit of a mess of the whole thing. The A+ black S9 64GB unlocked is showing as £469.99. Not sure about the company though. It says all their products have a 60 day warranty. Surely if it is brand new it should be a full 12 months?


£500 for a used mobile phone. An absolute steal..


New was available when I posted the deal.


Not sure I understand. It says 'New' on the site. The blue one is £509.99 and the dual SIM version for £10 more. The black is only available locked now by the look of it for £499.99

Apple iPhone SE 64GB - Unlocked, various grades from £119.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Seems like a good deal for an unlocked 64Gb version.I bought a grade B, it was mint, no scratches or nicks. £4.99 postage
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Yeah my grade b was pretty mint, perfect for my kid as it’s cheap (can be replaced), not desirable (won’t get it nicked) and it can play fortnite


Ordered a couple of grade b’s and they came looking perfect. Haven’t turned them on yet though...


All the options I would consider (iphone 6 64gb unlocked) are only avail in either Grade A(more than I want to pay) or Grade C(Ilower quality). Decent deal for an SE though.


I’ve been browsing for a cheap SE with higher than 16gb storage for a few weeks now and this deal stands out. Tempting. Thanks OP. Voted hot.


Because it’s apple and the haters happen to be on here

Refurbished Pixel 2 XL 128gb £389.99 @ SmartFoneStore
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Refurbished grade A - like new but comes in a replacement Box and a replacement usb charger.

There's loads of US sellers on eBay selling Pixel 2 XL phones for around £350 mark. Refurbished, like new. Original Pixel XLs in VG condition going for around £150.


Thanks, I did try that site earlier today when it arrived but it wouldn't work. Does confirm it's a Verizon sourced one.


You can use your IMEI number to see what model it is here


Mine arrived today and I think it's the same. Looks as new but LG charger. No issues with the phone itself, so still tempted to keep and gamble on the warranty issue.


My grade A+ arrived today but it's a US Verizon model so no google warranty and it came with a Samsung charger. Will be sending it back.