Posted 21 March 2023

Microsoft Surface Duo 14.2 cm (5.6") Dual SIM Android 10.0 4G USB Type-C 6 GB 256 GB 3577 mAh White £299.94 @ Technoworld

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Stellar price for this unique device. These were over £1000 when they were released three years ago!

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Open new business possibilities
Two high-resolution screens and flexible modes deliver new ways for employees to elevate their productivity.

Expand your view
Use both displays to view two apps side by side, span one across both screens or drag and drop them between screens.

Value for small business
Surface for Business helps save time and money with streamlined deployment, modern device management, and built-in cloud-powered security. Empower teams, data and systems with connected experiences from Surface and Microsoft 365.

Plenty of screen space to be productive
Two ultra-thin, high-resolution 5.6-inch PixelSense™ Fusion Displays open to an expansive 8.1 inches with a revolutionary 360° hinge.

Teams, Outlook, and more, plus Android™ apps
Get the best of Microsoft 365 mobile experiences, every Android™ app in the Google Play Store and built-in compatibility with your Windows 10 PC. All supported by modern device management and built-in, cloud-powered security.

Flexible modes of use
Whether reading mails in Book mode, jotting notes in Compose mode or taking video calls in Tent mode, you’ll get versatility and convenience for on-the-go productivity.

Redefine mobile productivity
Introducing revolutionary new ways to use a mobile device thanks to an innovative 360° hinge, two screens and apps that seamlessly work together.

More productive video calls
In a Microsoft Teams call, participate in the video conference on one screen, while on the other screen you access a different app.

Save a step with drag and drop
Work faster when you can seamlessly drag content from one app to another.

Take notes with on-screen inking
Follow along on Microsoft Teams calls on one screen, while you handwrite notes with Surface Slim Pen on the other.

Get more screen when you need it
To give yourself a better view of the details, span enhanced apps across both screens.

Two apps, side by side
Open and view two apps at the same time to compare content.

Work smarter with dual-screen enhanced apps
Be more productive with apps optimised for two screens. Use both screens to immerse yourself in your work.

Flexibility to do more
A 360° hinge and versatile modes of use flip, open and rotate Surface Duo to the perfect view, wherever and however you work.

Book Mode
Hold Surface Duo just like a book to read emails and docs, view presentations or span dual-screen enhanced apps.

Compose Mode
Transform Surface Duo into a mini laptop. In Compose Mode, the bottom screen becomes a virtual keyboard to write emails, send texts, edit docs, and more.

Peek Mode
Quickly glimpse new emails, notifications and calls on the right-hand display by partially opening the screen.

Tent Mode
Lean in to collaborate. Take hands-free Microsoft Teams video calls in Tent mode.

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  1. Crossbow's avatar
    When you get fed up of the outdated Android, you could install Windows 11 on it. Or any time you fancy really!

    Surface Duo Windows 11 Installation Guides github.com/WOA….md

    I installed Windows 11 on my Surface Duo, here's how it works...

    More Surface Duo related tips & tricks videos from the same channel that are very useful youtube.com/@sc…duo

    Same channel as above with a newer video posted only 13 hours ago - Windows 11 on Surface Duo gets a BIG update...
    Also read this for full details github.com/WOA….64
    ah_heng's avatar
    Thanks for sharing this but would it still works as a phone with windows 11 on it? Thanks. 
  2. louiselouise's avatar
    Nice to be thought of Not sure about a duo screen phone though it does look interesting. I've had the Axon 30 Ultra for the last year (still kinda miss the 20X though).
  3. Robdataff's avatar

    Security updates finish in 6 months.
  4. nofuture2020's avatar
    I could see myself buying one of these in 2-3 years time if they ever go down to about £150. I don't need one. I have a newer phone but there's that little part of me that wants one for no apparent reason lol
    zel69's avatar
    That's the HUKD way!
  5. zoidster's avatar
    Outstanding value for what it is. I love mine and can’t bring myself to part with it even though updates are only guaranteed till September.

    Software was buggy as hell at launch, but fine, even good now

    Duo 2 doesn’t cut it for me as it doesn’t fold completely flat in phone mode, and that’s important to me, I have to be honest if I could buy a single screen device with this kind of aspect ratio I probably would.

    You wouldn’t buy this for photography. The camera is neither great, nor practical …but it’s not completely garbage either and does the job, I’ve even taken a few decent photos with it.

    Just remember this is a dual screen device, not a large screen one. If this is what you are expecting you will probably be disappointed.

    Yes, the Galaxy fold 4 at £1,650 is almost certainly a superior device to this £299 Duo …very astute observation 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    If this appeals to you (and it certainly is a niche appeal) I suspect you won’t be dissatisfied… if you think it’s a cheap way of getting a Z fold equivalent, you most certainly WILL be disappointed. (edited)
    Robdataff's avatar
    You've astutely ignored the fact that this devices price at launch.. 256GB model for $1,499 / £1,449 though.


    This seems a decent deal though, for a device with great multitasking potential.

    Very near the end of security support, I'd imagine there will be rom support soon though. But who knows.
  6. polarbaba's avatar
    Software was super unoptimised for dual screen and cpu very slow.

    Made for an awful experience.

    The duo 2 is a better buy and £300 for that would have been palatable.

    For this it's outrageously expensive for what it is.

    Don't get fixated on the dual screen. It's genuinely crap.
    kitenski's avatar
    Software has greatly improved since the initial release. I got one the first time this was posted. I find it’s a very good portable tablet, probably not a great phone!
  7. lebdeals's avatar
    It’s been this price for the past few months now, been previously posted too
    benetron42's avatar
    Yes just saw that - though for some reason that was marked as expired!
  8. CampGareth's avatar
    I've spent the last week with the surface duo and I think I'd recommend it at this price but maybe not as your only phone. I'm using it as a work/secondary phone and it's great for outlook, onenote and writing longer emails in laptop mode. It is buggy, switching apps with Facebook messenger open broke app switching and forced a reboot. For media I wish Microsoft hadn't simulated some pixels in the gap as the YouTube play/pause button falls right into it, though you can still tap it. I keep reaching for the duo over my Z fold 3 and I think that's because the duo is sturdier (I have cats, the folding screen will get wrecked eventually) and gives more screen area when playing a video, but if I had to have one device it'd be the z fold.
  9. philtheclaret's avatar
    I had one but sent it back to Microsoft. Had loads of problems with it.
    forcedv's avatar
    Out the box, it's rubbish... however update to Android 12 and it's a great device
  10. lazyfatboy's avatar
    What length of updates will these get, or has this run out already ?
    emlin's avatar
    Last update will be in September, unless they extend it. Cracking device, though. I love mine.
  11. Chris5626's avatar
    I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it... but I want it.
    benetron42's avatar
  12. AncientYouth's avatar
    i so want but don't need this
  13. mooooof's avatar
    Does it get annoying when calls are being received and you always have to open it to see who it is and to answer
    CampGareth's avatar
    You can fold it all the way back so the screens are on the outsides unlike the second generation with its camera bump. This probably isn't a phone for heavy callers, but then who calls these days? I had maybe 5 in February
  14. sc03tye's avatar
    I’ve had this on this very deal before from them, and sold it, and yet want it again lol
  15. joeyjoejoe206's avatar
    would this be a possible competitor for a small tablet? have been toying with the idea of something like the ipad mini for reading newspapers on.....
    DevilWithin's avatar
    Yes definitely. It's not what I used it for but it's screen ratio is great for reading. You can also span apps across both screens if you don't mind the hinge getting in the way.
  16. AlphaChap's avatar
    Bought from here too and it comes with a pretty good Microsoft warranty. Mine cracked around the charging port (a pretty common fault with this device). I sent it off to Microsoft and just after a week received back and boxed brand new device.
  17. ekko.star's avatar
    Amazing device. Bought one on the same deal last time. Worth every penny and then some
  18. benetron42's avatar
    Mine just arrived. It's such a cool device - especially for the price!
    Chris5626's avatar
    Picked one up as well. Not using it as my regular phone and I've only spent a little time playing around with it but I really like the design. I don't typically use my phones to make phone calls, more for messaging, web browsing and media consumption and so far the Surface Duo works really well.

    I've had two Samsung Galaxy Folds (the 2nd and 3rd gen) but I actually think I prefer the form factor of the Duo.
  19. Pspvita's avatar
    This device is amazing and is way to handy love it.
  20. TcheboRashka's avatar
    cracking phone, especially the charging port...
  21. mohammed_saqibgdq's avatar
    Is this normal android phone so can install app from the app store, banking apps eBay WhatsApp etc? Thanks
    benetron42's avatar
  22. vaedry's avatar
    I've had one as a second phone for around a year got at a similar price. I would not want to use it as a primary phone but for the right use case with the right apps that can handle the dual screens it's brilliant. For me thats Reddit, reading using the Kindle app or Google Play books and news apps.
  23. papasb's avatar
    This is a bit off topic, but it appears that you can only by the Duo 2 from Msft - I can’t find a reputable seller for the Duo 2.

    Anyway - I’d probably bite for this deal if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s going to be lacking any updates from Sept this year
  24. 8eaker's avatar
    I'm fighting this one. My note 10 plus is beginning to struggle with battery life, but would this be a step backwards? Or just not enough of a step forward? Not gonna drop more that 500 on phones going forward so current flag ships out. Don't use as a phone very often so that's not an issue. Lack of nfc is difficult to swallow though, but rest of concept ticks a lot of boxes.
    Chris5626's avatar
    What do you mostly use your phone for and what would you use the NFC for, do you have a smartwatch that supports NFC that might do in place of a phone?
  25. AsimAslam's avatar
    I received mine yesterday from techno world came in sealed box and looked brand new as well but when I checked it’s warranty it’s not full one year. Has anyone else experienced this? (edited)
    MonkeyHarris's avatar
    I believe that Microsoft have announced the end of life for the original duo in sept this year. So you'll probably find that software updates. Security updates. Warranty. They all end at this time.
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