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The Microsoft Surface family, a line of high-performance gadgets, ranging from the Surface Pro that blends the utility of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet, to the Surface Hub 2, an interactive office screen. In each version, the hardware is impressively powerful and the design is sleek. The best Surface deals and offers can be found on the dedicated Microsoft Surface page here at hotukdeals. Read more
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 8GB 256GB £200 OFF + Trade In Discount £949 @ PC World
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
The all new Surface Pro 6 8GB 256GB SSD, was £1149 now £200 Off at £949. Also PC World offer at least £50 off too when you Trade In your qualifying laptop.

promotion finished now.


Nope, i5. Source: I have it


Wasn’t that the m3 version vs this being the 8th gen i5 quad core? Very different power!


It's not IMO, for the 128GB version it's been £749 with the Pro Type Cover (worth £149). This isn't worth a premium of effectively £349 for 128GB more


Good deal but not exactly generous on that trade in!

Grade A- Refurb Microsoft Surface 3 1645 Silver 1.6Ghz 4GB/128GB Windows 10 £198 @ Itzoo
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
£198 with codes MARCH10 (I get the pop-up notifications for itzoo and that one just appeared), TWITTER10 , FACEBOOK10 , THANKS10 (think that one is for new customers) … Read more
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OK thanks.


I'd assume it's every working day, but can't say for sure.


How often do ITzoo update their stock?


Yes, I use a surface go for coding


Are these any good as an alternative to a laptop for business purposes? Can you use keyboard still and use on lap?

Microsoft Surface up to £200 quid off Pro 6, Laptop 2 and Book 2 @ Microsoft Store from £784
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Not been many discounts on Surface since Xmas, this is worth a look at Don't forget 4% cashback on Quidco too! :-)

Misunderstood at first... The 200£ discount is not available for the base model.


Depends on number and size of files I have open at once, and whether I've got Photoshop and Illustrator open at the same time. With my use case (editing 2 or 3 large files at once in a single app) 99% of the time there's no noticeable lag/slow down. Both apps open at once slows things down a bit, but it's still more than usable. Premiere Pro is a lot faster than I expected. Don't get me wrong, I would have preferred 16gb ram, but the price increase to 16gb wasn't worth it, when you're looking at this form factor (in either a Mac or MS machine), which for me was the most important factor in my purchase.


And how is your Adobe software with 8GB ram?


(:I (embarrassed) (fierce) (nerd) (annoyed) :/ :{ (cheeky)


Bought a Surface Laptop 2 on Black Friday for £780. Yes I could of bought an identically specced an Acer or something similar for 15/20% cheaper, but then it wouldn't have touchscreen support, would be an inch thick, twice the weight, fan like a turbine engine when opening Photoshop and plastic that creaks/bends when you pick it up with one hand. Yes it's only got a 128 gb drive, but with a NAS & selected One Drive syncing for on the move, I've still got 40gb+ spare after 4 months

Microsoft Surface Go 10 - 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM £411 delivered @ Amazon Spain
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Reindeer333 posted this back in December at £405 or EUR 459.85. I have been looking around and this is cheapest I can find. eGlobal have it slightly cheaper but when factored in w… Read more
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Hasn't this expired? I can only see it for 529 euros at the moment, that's about £457. Or am I missing something?


Been considering a Go, just a shame the battery is so small. Used to have a surface Pro 1st gen so form factor isn't a problem. Considering stopping being a cheapskate and wait for a surface book 3 release in autumn, hopefully they'll put a proper mini HDMI out on so the (possible) 2060 chip so it will work with VR unlike SB2.


Used a friends for an hour but couldn't get on with the cramped keyboard and tiny screen. Not a power user so docs is fine.


You sound like someone that has definitely not used the Surface Go. Also, that 15" Chromebook sounds really portable. And tell me how the pen input works? Google Docs is no substitute. And there is no Photoshop equivalent. And if you're trying to do custom ROM installations or other such things, it's a total non starter for ChromeOS users. The virus thing is really not an issue either. I haven't had a virus since Windows XP! Maybe have a look at this video for some perspective on this "very underpowered" tablet (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


Yes very much so. The surface go being very underpowered for none s mode Windows, means on day 1 it's at the bottom end of Window machines. There is also all issues with updates and viruses. As time goes by this will only get worse. The hardware is also small and cramped for a daily driver. In contrast, on my CB, I'm using massive 15" touchscreen with a full sized keyboard. This thing gets on its feet in less than 10 seconds and I don't have to worry about updates or viruses. If I don't have an app, there is always an android app. With battery life of easily 10 hours it's such a great experience. For me, things like MS office is also a thing of the past for personal use as Google Docs more than fills the void.

Refurb Grade B Scratched Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1725 Silver i7 6650U 2.2Ghz 256GB SSD £469.99 @ ITZOO
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
DESCRIPTION  Grade: B Refurbished Tablet Badly Scratched Rear Case  Brand & Model: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1724 Silver  Processor: Intel i7 6650U 2.2Ghz  Screen: 12.3" … Read more
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Can I interest you in a scratched second hand Microsoft tablet?"


Apologies (highfive)


Think there's probably been enough itzoo listings now for everyone to know these are refurbs


cold op, you dont mention refurb or condition.


Grade: B Refurbished Tablet Badly Scratched Rear Case honesty is best policy but st that price? Lol

-10% Code for Microsoft Surface Computers
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
-10% voucher code for Microsoft Store on voucher codes website when you buy a Surface computer i.e Pro 6, Laptop 2, Go and Book 2 etc…ome Code: VCLSAVE10FEB1… Read more
Read More

not valid for me


I used the code for surface pro 6 with keyboard and got £180 discount using this code.


Doesn't seem to work for Surface Go, anyone else confirm?


I've tried, it doesn't appear so, for me anyway.


Can you use this in conjunction with the 10% unidays?

Microsoft Surface GO -  4 GB RAM, 64 GB - £343 Amazon UK  sold by HDEW Extra.
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Reduced price and only 8 left! If anyone has experience with the device please share. Product Description New 10” Surface Go is perfect for all your daily tasks, giving you la… Read more

What sort of battery life are people getting? I've read around 4-5 hours for mixed use - like listening to yourtube while browsing or working on word, Is that fair or is it better?


I prefer future proofing. The hard drive on this is slow. With 2 new Windows updates coming this year you want atleast 128gb hard drive space. In fact I think even that is on the cusp of running out of space. 256gb minimum for me personally. Having more ram will always help if you decide to do more intensive tasks in future. Can't put more in after as it's not possible. Everyone has there own opinion. No need to get annoyed. Tech is moving super quick now adays so no point of cutting corners.


It's annoying how people keep saying that, yet have windows 10 running on perfectly on my IdeaPad 100s... With 2gb of ram. It runs windows and allows me to have a few office applications and browser tabs open all at the same time without issues. Funny, that. 8gigs of ram is not a minimum requirement these days and it has been proven time and again. If it was, then why would Microsoft make this tablet? You would to well to also remember usage on a case by case basis. Not everyone is going to be using ram intensive applications or having 10 browser tabs open at the same time. Stop putting misinformation out there to people who may not be that knowledge and duping them in to spending more money something they don't actually require for their needs.


Useful comments here - thank you to everyone


Same here. I have the 8gb model and I'm very happy with it. When travelling for work I watch a lot of movies and TV shows with VLC off a 400gb MicroSD, browsing, Office, TeamViewer etc. As for games, with a bluetooth gamepad it's awesome for low-end stuff such as Hotline Miami, BroForce, etc.

Grade A- Refurb Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631 Tablet 256GB SSD Windows 10 Core i5 £288, i7 £315, With Code @ Itzoo
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Grade A- Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631 Tablet Core i5 256GB SSD Windows 10 FACEBOOK10 takes it to £288 *12th February: i5 back in stock today* Grade A- Microsoft Surface Pro… Read more

The prices on these must fluctuate - the A- Grade, i5/256GB Surface Pro 3 is listed at £309.99 (before codes) today - though it's currently OOS.


71 cycles - just checked (this is an SP4) because I've been away and mum isn't well :( A bit astonished at that! Delighted to report the A- I got is in excellent condition as well. My Cube i7 Book tablet has a list as long as my arm and is around 65-75% capacity - but it has been well-used.


The i5/256GB Surface Pro 3 is back in stock but it's £339.99 rather than the £319.99 it was when this Deal was posted - though it was this price when I posted it in January These prices are before discount codes, of course.


Bit of feedback. Bought an Surface Pro 3 i7 8GB - Grade B. Arrived today in excellent condition with dock and keyboard (both mint). Casing of the Surface a bit scratched but better than expected. Battery diagnostics show that it has have 571 cycles (quite low) and that it currently charges to 89.4% of it's original design capacity. My last Surface Pro was 96% after 2000+ cycles. Edit: noticed two cracks to the top of the case - but grade b did mention cracks.


Just a FYI, Argyle Street, Glasgow Primark (top floor at the Home section) has a variety of padded tablet cases (there's a "pocket" on the outside but it has a zipped surround and inner sleeve for the tablet - if that makes sense). There was a pink/pop art one that said "Busy", and a Manga style Cat (quite cute but the case was White and would get mucky pretty quickly) so went for this darker one. All of them are reduced to £3 (tags say £7). Wish I'd taken a picture of them now! Here's mine: Fits the Surface Pro 3 nicely with a bit of wriggle room.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3 inch, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Laptop Tablet with Keyboard Cover in Platinum £899.98 Costco
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro - i5 with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM, INCLUDING Platinum Type Cover. Best price I can find it at the moment. Shipping Included Features … Read more

Was that the deal? . Damn. Late to the party


It's a good piece, bought back in 2016 with the help of HUKD, when I joined the community, it was £1200 something. So, big thanks to @KING007 whose post helped me not just to grab the deal but for everything I am standing here with HUKD. (y) And this piece is still strong and use daily, so heat for the OP. ;)


Strangely I found one today in JL in their clearance section for £750... Looks perfect but box was opened. Took the plunge because it means I don't have to search Google every day to check reductions!


To be fair I couldn't have afforded one at the time, but have the money out aside in my account, just waiting for an offer!


Damn that sucks you guys missed out. The Black Friday offers were good. Hopefully something will pop up soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro (i5/8gb/256gb SSD) instore at Currys for £729.97
LocalLocalFound 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Found in Corstophine Curry's near till. 1 left at this price.

All clearance items on electronics we only do ex display once a year. ;)


Bit steep for a tablet.


Thanks. It almost couldn't be further away from where I live.


1-17 Glasgow Road, Corstophine, EH12 8HW


isnt this an ex-display model

Microsoft Surface Pro (i7/8gb/256gb SSD) instore at Currys for £899.97
LocalLocalFound 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Found in Corstophine Curry's near till. 1 left at this price.

These are ok for average users needs. Not great as tablet (Andriod and IOS much better), and not the best as a laptop. Reliability is a bit of an issue, battery on SP4 only lasts 90min now, purchased at launch. Windows 10 updates have made the user experience better now. Initially the SP4 was very glitchy. I would expect this newer model to be 5-8% better not much more. Worth it at this price not rrp!


I saw this myself but forgot to post it I was surprised to hear that even the newest ones don't/won't include usb 3 ports - you need a docking station before you can add devices, which along with a proprietary charging cable adds up to a whole pile of bits to carry around! What's wrong with a couple of usb c ports??.


I have one and wouldn't go back. It is an excellent laptop replacement (remembering its small). It is light, easy to use and well built. When mine dies, I will absolutely get the new upgraded one. Barely use my sadly overpriced gaming laptop anymore. Very quick boots, long battery and great just to Whip out and use when a phone won't suffice. Obviously not the cheapest, you can nearly always get a better value product if your willing to buy a thin but normal laptop. Keyboard also very good.


Old models tend to overheat but the latest ones are good, quite good devices.


I'm sure others feel differently but I had a surface 3 for a bit and it didn't really feel right for me as a tablet or a laptop, particularly I didn't really enjoy the typing experience. I ended up selling it and getting a second hand xps 13, I already had an iPad pro even the iPad keyboard I feel is better.

Grade A- Refurb Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet, i5 4300U 1.9Ghz, 8GB/256GB, Intel HD4400, QWERTY Backlit, Windows 10, £306 With Code @ Itzoo
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
9 in stock - code FACEBOOK10 takes 10% off (if it goes out of stock, sometimes Itzoo restock): Discount code JAN10 also gives 10% off. Grade: A- Refurbished Tablet M… Read more

Hopefully others will benefit from this too.


well that was surprising! Thank you it worked! I'm sure when i last looked at this is said purchase a key but this time there was an install option and it went through! I'm on pro, now to find what I missed!


Not sure, but try settings, OS build, upgrade to pro. I didn't think it would work it updated windows and rebooted a few times. Took no more than 15 min


What did you do?


I don’t have it to hand but googling the pics I can say it’s the sp 3 version.

Microsoft surface Pro 12in m 4gb 128gb & type cover £629 @ Argos
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Better than ever, Surface Pro gives you a best-in-class laptop, plus the versatility of a studio and tablet. The stunning PixelSense Display supports Pen and touch, while the refin… Read more
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With that spec this is just an overpriced tablet and not a laptop replacement it's supposed to be. A decent spec surface pro unfortunately costs a bit more. And in my opinion too much to compete with a premium ultrabook


Yes, but it is the lowest spec you can get of the pro. I'd recommend going for the i5 with 8gb ram modle which pops up as £750 every now and then


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, yep, I'd say?. :-( Any half decent 'Device' (be it a premium product, or otherwise?), is prone to 'issues' (without some form of decent airflow attached to it, the way I see it?). So yeh ...


Taking the fan out wasn't a good idea TBH. The Pro gets very hot now.


The i5 with 256gb for £899 on Microsoft's website is a much better bet than this in my opinion. £280 extra for an i5 processor and double the storage is worth it for most people's usage cases. I tried the M processor version of this a year or so ago and it was painfully slow. 2 days left on the i5 256gb deal.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 at Currys Ebay £704
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
most place have sold out at £779, these are just back in stock and with the maximum £75 discount they work out at a very reasonable £704. I know they have a small ssd but an ext… Read more



Great deal, but Oos


Hard to fault at that price. Well spotted.

MICROSOFT Surface Book 2 13.5" – 512 GB, £1,993 @ Currys
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
I know this will probably get downvoted straight to hell because of the product and price tag. But I've not seen it go as low as this before so thought I'd share. I've seen it go f… Read more

Bought and returned on Bf deal, they have a lot of issues, mine bsod maybe 20 times in the 5 days I had it. It also froze, failed to load windows too. Google it many had the same issues which is poor for a premium product. Bought an XPS instead which is fantastic. Not voted either way, if that is a good price fair enough, but your gambling with a lot of cash to find out.


Hot if cheapest currently. You can get a top spec proper computer like a Pixelbook for less and put windoze on that. If you have to.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 13.5 Inch Laptop - (Platinum) (Intel 8th Gen Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD £779.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Lovely price for the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, the lower spec but still a lovely machine, 8th gen processor really keeps this thing speedy! 2 year guarantee from John Lewis is a… Read more
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My annoyance with all these deals is that they're mainly limited to 128GB models. I think you've left with ~ 90GB usable space if you account for Windows 10, then there's the regular updates that continue to eat into that space. I'm still holding out for a 256GB deal on the Surface Laptop.


I have surface pro 6 with that same i5, performance hasn't been a major issue for me. These 8th gen i5 are quad core hyper threaded, meaning you get 8 logical cores, meaning it's a hypothetical double in multi-threaded performance. I'm a software engineer, the processing power meets my needs, the storage speed on the other hand could be better. Windows updates are a really sloowww process for some reason, then again the i5 surface pro is passively cooled, maybe the laptop will do better because it has active cooling and can sustain those higher boost clocks? If you're browsing the web and editing documents, what more power do you need? If it's video editing, then yeah perhaps a more powerful machine, but it's still no slouch considering it has 8 logical cores to help with rendering.


If it was upgradeable then I'd agree, but I'd rather have the performance and storage over the build quality.


I didn't think the 8250u was that bad in speed, though I've heard the the integrated graphics are really weak.


Actually for a true equivalent (using the inclusion of a quad core processor as the yardstick) you're looking at £1750, although that does get you 256GB of storage. £1450 still only gets you something with a dual core 7th gen i5 in the MBP line! So for the same core spec (i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD), you can find laptops from other brands for as little as £600 right now. Putting aside the cash that you're paying the Surface label, the big contributors to material cost are the build quality and display. In my opinion it's well worth the extra expense for the display, keyboard and mouse quality, which are among the very best of any premium Windows notebooks.

Microsoft Surface GO 10-Inch Tablet. 8GB with platinum signature type cover £478.99 at Amazon
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Can't see this lasting long, this is £30 less than the Black Friday deal. Platinum cover only.
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Deal finished. There was 1 listed today @ £603.97 but now unavailable again.


And wirelessly by Miracast (your TV may be enabled, or Roku is one plug-in receiver) or Chrome cast if you use Chrome browser (probably coming soon via Edge browser as it's soon going to morph Chrome wards!). Works a treat for me no need for USB C to HDMI faff (y)


Anyone got a battery pack thats able to charge this on the go? I was hopefully my Anker 10000 would do the job but unfortunately not! Also, anyone found a USB c adapter that is able to charge it? The best I've got is one that stops it draining further! Thanks!


What does everyone think of there device any tips ?


Managed to get one yesterday, showed only 15 in stock. Checked now and now shows as Currently Unavailable, ordered just in time! 8)

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 12.3 (Intel 8th Gen Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 620 for £746 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
PRICE down from £778, 29/12/18 Price down from £785, 28/12/18 In stock. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Product Description Unplug. Pack light. Get productive your way, … Read more

Looks like the £750 deal including type cover is already live on Microsoft US


£799 on Microsoft Store + 5% Quidco cashback


£699 including a typecover on Black Friday.. may well go back there in the Boxing Day sales!?


Tablet only making this the better offer as it has keyboard and more storage for £100 more.

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