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Free Tempur Travel Pillow offer is back
Refreshed 28th JulRefreshed 28th Jul
Free Tempur Travel Pillow offer is back
WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO TAKE THE CHALLENGE? TEMPUR® offer 4 different feels to cater for your comfort. Simply visit one of our participating stores and mention to the s… Read more

Collected mine on 27th, small pillow as expected about half size of a normal pillow but perfect for travelling Salesman never asked for any id, only asked my name.


Anyone know if a utility bill on my phone will suffice, bt Internet? All I could find before I left the house was a DWP carers allowance letter, not sure if that will be right. Want to collect mine today


Did anyone collected the pillow today?


If you are successful, you get the order receipt straight away on another web browser which it automactically opens for you. If you didn't get it, assume you were too late!



Its Back ! Free Tempur Travel Pillow Ends 4th March 2018
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Its Back ! Free Tempur Travel Pillow Ends 4th March 2018
What is the TEMPUR Challenge? THERE ARE JUST THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO YOUR PERFECT NIGHT’S SLEEP... Visit one of our participating stores Experience the TEMPUR Mattress Collec… Read more

Picked mines up on Friday but was phoned about a fortnight before hand. I was told to take ID with me but the bloke just scanned my driving licence and that was that


Collected yesterday. Did receive an email on 29th March but the staff in dreams asked for the first email with the collection date.


Mines not had anything anounced yet. Do they call or email you to let you know it's ready??


Mines ready for collection, anyone else been?


"TEMPUR offer 4 different feels to cater for your comfort." Sounds interesting ....

Tempur Sleep Mask £19 with HUSH17 code and Quidco
Found 7th Sep 2017Found 7th Sep 2017
Tempur Sleep Mask £19 with HUSH17 code and Quidco
Supposed to be best eye mask on market. Usually £25 with free shipping Shipping discount shows as £9 Further discount £5 Remember quidco for an extra 5% cashback

Shame I think this has expired "HUSH17" is unknown on the tempur website.


I agree, makes no sense. It might be relatively expensive versus other masks, but good luck finding one that unanimously seems to provide perfect black out, allows you to blink as doesn't fit flush to eyes and is super comfortable. This is best price for this mask so as a deal should be hot!


Many thanks OP., just ordered. No idea why cold.


Easy now poshnuts, what Ys are you wearing (y)


Looks like a pair of y fronts

Its Back, Free Tempur Travel Pillow worth £65
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
Its Back, Free Tempur Travel Pillow worth £65
WHEN CAN I TAKE THE CHALLENGE? The Challenge begins on Monday 10th July 2017 and will end on Monday 7th August 2017. Be sure to visit our Store Locator and look out for the 'Temp… Read more

Has anyone else's pillow not arrived when it was supposed to? Edit: typo.


Great one, i've got mine streightaway, and they are confy doubleup to any pillow


‪Long shot but does anyone amazing have a tempur free travel pillow code I can have please ?‬ ‪#tempur #pillow #needsleep #newdaddy #newbaby ‬


Same experience for me at Benson's in Romford, except they told me I had to buy a mattress to be entered 🤔


This freebie/deal has been on now for x-years!. How can any Retail Outlet now know of this thing again? Especially when it directly involves them ... Hopefully more Retail Outlets will be more offay with such now or whatever? (on account of your awakening etc).

Free Tempur travel pillow and £50 voucher
Found 23rd Mar 2017Found 23rd Mar 2017
Free Tempur travel pillow and £50 voucher
I popped into my local Milton Keynes Tempur store and saw the free travel pillow worth £65 offer. You will also receive a £50 voucher that can be redeemed against purchase of a Tem… Read more

Link no longer works but great find though :|


​I am afraid that I do not understand many of your posts. What, precisely, do you mean? Thank you.


By all mean's, please, feel free to explain, etc, etc ..... :-)


? Lucky you!. Which Store was your one?. Everyone I know that did this 2 years back (myself included!), based upon me initially making them aware of this, allllllll had had to monkey around with this via my now above explained method (above this one). :-( It's all good though?. :-) What I explained above, will hopefully help all those others (which included myself, and those like me at the time), with the otherwise obvious 'alternative methods' for such also?, so, what the hay ... lol.


CORRECT!. :-) After you take what they call 'The TEMPUR Challenge', eg. the Sales Adviser will point you in the direction of some TEMPUR Beds to 'try-out' for them (basically bounce about on them bed's, LITERALLY, hehehe), and that's it really?. The Sales Adviser would have been already pre-told by TEMPUR as to only/which of their bed's constitutes towards TEMPUR's TEMPUR Challenge basically?, then ..... That same Sales Adviser would have watched you as you **** about of the bed's they've pointed out to you, etc, hehehe. After your 'done', you go back to that same Sales Adviser, they in-turn will give you a special/specific 'TEMPUR Leaflet', with a unique 'Code' on it + a special TEMPUR website to go on in order to cash in your now very cool £65 TEMPUR FREEBIE! (DO NOT LOSE THIS LEAFLET! - as the Sales Adviser will ONLY give you one of these per your visit!). And anything from 7-21 days after you've logged-in your 'interest', TEMPUR Post out your freebie £65 Pillow to you!. And yes, it is that EXPENSIVE!, hehehe, TEMPUR Stores will readily and happily sell you an additional 'spare' of the same for £65, there and then!, I notably declined such at the time I went in for my TEMPUR Challenge 'round'. :-( Lol, yep!, there you have it. I hope this helps?. :-)

Tempur Mattresses  £999 for all sizes at Tempur Outlet Livingston
Found 28th Dec 2016Found 28th Dec 2016
I have just been in and confirmed that all mattresses in the Tempur outlet sale are £999. Absolute bargain for a tempur considering some superkings sell for £3k plus. subjective t… Read more

I never understand why people think this is an unreasonable amount to pay for a mattress. I can't think of anything else you'd use more or where quality really makes a difference.


Tried to PM you obsydian, but you don't have them enabled. Anyway, It says on the tempur outlets Facebook page that they will deliver anywhere in U.K. For free if you spend over £500 Also has the sale prices on it, just search tempur outlet Livingston. Hope it helps, even though the deal has went freezing, still worth posting if someone can save a few hundred £££


Tel number is 01506 417880 HTH


Have you tried ? I think they might, the mattresses are delivered straight from Tempur, be aware though that they are outlets mattresses though, may have imperfections. We bought one from this store about 6mths ago, when we were deciding we were told we could phone in and they would take payment over the phone, might be worth a call.


Thanks for the effort voting hot anyway. Shame they don't take phone orders and deliver

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Its Back! Free Tempur travel pillow instore worth £65 ! Ends 1st August 2016
Found 4th Jul 2016Found 4th Jul 2016
Its Back! Free Tempur travel pillow instore worth £65 ! Ends 1st August 2016
For some reason my link wont work? Its also on the home page if you watch the right hand side flick round to it http://uk.tempur.com WHEN CAN I TAKE THE CHALLENGE? The Challenge… Read more

Got my pillow today - very chuffed. thanks OP:)


We have the Tempur Cloud Deluxe 22. There is no smell off ours at all, I had the protector off mine today and put my nose right up to it and nothing. I think the key is airing it, having a slat base bed and leaving windows open a lot which we do all the time anyway.


If you want a really good quality bed (arguably the best there is ) have a look at Vispring. John Lewis have their own Vispring range at particularly good prices.


What model of mattress did you got? I want one, but those reviews put me off a bit. Rarely in my life I have seen so many people saying things so similar on a subject. It must be something going on. I also looked on other forums and seen similar posts from people from various countries, shopping at different retailers around the world. Some give a lot of technical details about why the smell is there and why it can be dangerous. But a lot of them say they agree they are comfy and regret not being able to use them.


Free tempur travel pillow (in store)
Found 29th Apr 2015Found 29th Apr 2015
Free tempur travel pillow (in store)
It's back again.. Free Tempur travel pillow!! with no purchase necessary, just try out range of tempur beds at any store selling the matresses ask about the free pillow and they wi… Read more

No big! .. this cycles once &/or twice YEARLY! (or at least for the last 3 Years anyway/it has?), so ..... lol. :-)


This has expired. been into the shop today. and the deal is no longer on.


Me too - It's brilliant! Very happy :3


I received mine today. They are superb!


Has anyone received theirs recently? 3 weeks and still waiting here.

FREE Tempur comfort travel pillow by doing Tempur Challenge
LocalLocalFound 1st Apr 2015Found 1st Apr 2015
FREE Tempur comfort travel pillow by doing Tempur Challenge
Take the Tempur Challenge and claim your FREE Tempur comfort travel pillow. (Worth £65) Go into a store like Furniture Village or Dreams and ask to take the Temper Challenge. Oh a… Read more

Received my voucher today in the post from Slough and it's out of date! What a bunch of donkeys!


Avoid the one in Slough, some of the staff are the most rude, arrogant and obnoxious you will find!


Anyone got a spare code?


Well I'm not on all the time. And took a chance in case he had one left as I don't know how many he picked up. Most likely all gone but if I didn't ask I wouldn't know for sure. Think your rude and this is why I rarely come on here cos of comments like this.


Now thats out the way how are the pillows as i got goose ones but they keep going flat