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Autarky 2kg dog food £2.25 +£2.99 delivery @ Viovet
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Autarky 2kg dry dog food £2.25 a bag. Free delivery on orders over £29. So stock up! My dog loves the salmon. Plus get an extra 10% off using VVUKAUTARKY10

Fab thank you - code doesn't work but you can get 6.3% TCB - ordered 10 bags of the mature lite


Pets at home 6kg is £15.99 so still a good deal if you buy a few bags.


Sorry free delivery over £29 if purchase is under 2kg. Over 2kg you need to spend £39 for free delivery. Code is not working for me as well. It did when I ordered last week. 5 bags arrived today and was wolfed down.


Free delivery over £29 as long as your parcel is less than 2KG!


Won't let me use the 10% code or let me have the free delivery!

Dog Calming Adaptil Diffuser £18.99 + £2.99 delivery -  viovet
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
Dog Calming Adaptil Diffuser £18.99 + £2.99 delivery - viovet
Buy one get one half price. RRP is around £28 but viovet sells it for £18.99 and so the second one is £9.50. Ideal for many different behavioural problems.

Thanks, ordered refills. This seems to work, doesn't stop the dogs from getting stressed when fireworks go off but they do seem calm down a lot quicker once they stop. Needed wormer so free 2nd class delivery.


what is the effect on Humans?

Saxon Country Long Leather Boots £47.99 viovet
Found 17th Nov 2016Found 17th Nov 2016
Saxon Country Long Leather Boots £47.99 viovet
Found these waterproof leather long boots at a cracking price.... Waterproof... great for dog walking. These style of Boots normally start at around £100 for TOGS then up to £350… Read more
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mine are arriving tomorrow..... but a few people I know have them as yard boots.


Anyonr have a pair?


These look good boots.

Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In 5 Litres - £32.00 delivered @ viovet
Found 23rd Mar 2014Found 23rd Mar 2014
Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In 5 Litres - £32.00 delivered @ viovet
Restores the durable water-repellent finish to all waterproof/breathable laminates, coatings and microfibres. Ideal for Gore-Tex®, Ultrex®, Entrant®, eVENT®, Triple Point® and micr… Read more

Great prices on good products. Have tried 2 orders for the Wash In and Direct Wash and added some cleaning and proofers for footwear as well, to take both over £33. Then used scottg's referral code for £3 off each order. So scottg - you should get some bonus as well. But - just checked the website regarding the referral code and it classes any member of a household as same account. So one order may fail, as we used different names, but same address. It states "A customer is defined for the purposes of this promotion as any member of one household, so that the entire household is one customer"


Use VRCT43776 for 3 pound off new customers. Cheers for post- time for some washing.!


Good value. I have two Goretex and two Paramo jackets and always need the stuff. Heat added.


5 litres of each is bulk buying for sure but 2 x 1litre costs about £20, so in the long run it's £60 v £100. I also do have Paramo gear that is expensive yet fantastic, Montane & Rab eVent waterproofs. So I'm quite heavily invested in items that do require maintenance to ensure their performance does not decline. Anyone who does buy this stuff may take the same view I took. But yeah it's quite a lot to order.


Do you need 5 litres of it? Are you waterproofing a ten-man tent? :)

Boredom Breaker Reindeer Hamster Bed £4.89 delivered @ viovet
Found 8th Dec 2013Found 8th Dec 2013
Boredom Breaker Reindeer Hamster Bed £4.89 delivered @ viovet
even the little furry guys want to get in on this FLAMING good deal it's not too DEER either... Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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I dont know how to get these flame deers, boooo


RIP to my hamster but this is still very cute.


awwwwwwwwwwwww ;-)




i tried top put this up myself price is now £3.69

Harrisons Strand Hamster Cage £29.53 delivered @ viovet (using code)
Found 15th Dec 2012Found 15th Dec 2012
Harrisons Strand Hamster Cage £29.53 delivered @ viovet (using code)
Great sized hamster cage - loads of room for your hamster and a lot of fun for him/her. I did some research before buying my kids their first pet - I decided on this cage for a Sy… Read more
Eukanuba adult Golden Retriever dog food 12kg delivered for £26.05 @ viovet
Found 5th Dec 2012Found 5th Dec 2012
Eukanuba adult Golden Retriever dog food 12kg delivered for £26.05 @ viovet
I know it wont appeal to everyone but this is at least £10 a bag cheaper than anywhere else and free delivery!

Appeals to me though The cat not the dog food:-)


Does not appeal to me

Bait for Deer Hunting; Salt Lick -
Found 1st Dec 2012Found 1st Dec 2012
Bait for Deer Hunting; Salt Lick -
Are you currently hunting deer? Would you like to make your job easier? Or perhaps you have deer already, and wish to keep them well nourished? Well, here is the deal for you. H… Read more

EXPIRED! There is a low order fee of £1 applied to all orders below £5 (excluding delivery) Delivery is an extra £1.95 too.








Obviously big lumps of rock would be effective enough if you could get close enough, but surely a gun would be a lot easier?

The Juwel Korall 60 Aquarium for Tropical Fish £49.66 @ Viovet
Found 4th Dec 2011Found 4th Dec 2011
The Juwel Korall 60 Aquarium for Tropical Fish £49.66 @ Viovet
Was Looking for a tropical fish tank starter set for my 10yr old's birthday and this one looks about the best for the money. Use code VVR96FLTF to get this price The Juwel Korall … Read more

Looks good


good price for a jewel tank




Nice tank for a few small tropicals (tetra, corys, etc). Not big enough for goldfish long term just in case anyone was wondering. :) Good price. Heat added.

Large Two Storey Cage for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets etc £38.32 Delivered @ Viovet
Found 18th Jun 2011Found 18th Jun 2011
Large Two Storey Cage for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets etc £38.32 Delivered @ Viovet
As our two guniea pigs were getting a bit bigger we started to look for a larger cage and couldnt believe our luck when we came across this! Similar two storey cages were well ove… Read more
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I can sleep perfectly well thank you, just like my guinea pigs who are very happy with their new accomadation. They dont popcorn for nothing you know!


My judgement was based on the measurements, as well as the picture. It is very obvious that the advertised cage is not an environment best suited for a guinea pig. However, if you can sleep at night knowing that you've confined your guinea pigs to such a tiny cage, who am I, with my years of experience breeding guinea pigs, to tell you otherwise?


Check the measurements rather then judging the size by the picture.


Not judging anyone, just stating a fact, Guinea PIgs aren't great with ramps. As long as your happy with your purchase, it's no one elses business.


There is no way that is big enough for guinea pigs.