Unfortunately, this deal has expired 10 July 2023.
Posted 11 May 2023

Vodafone Sim 40GB data + Unlimited Calls & Texts - £11/month (12 month contract) + £15 auto cashback via Mobiles.co.uk

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Seems the best deal at the moment for a Vodafone SIM with 40GB data (4G) and unltd calls/txts.

12 month contract
£15 autocashback
= £117 total cost for the year

It's with Mobiles.co.uk via Moneysupermarket.

If you go to MoneySupermarket from TopCashBack you'll get £12 from them too!

Do note that it's 4G which is plenty fast enough for most people.
Mobiles.co.uk More details at

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  1. Avid's avatar
    Is EU roaming included?
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  2. Firefly1's avatar
    I think the better deal is 100 GB for £8 per month - but it does require manual cashback redemption. It's also 5G. Via mobiles.co.uk again obvioulsy only if you don't mind manual cashback.

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    KingCampo Author
    For sure it's better if you can be bothered with manual cashback, but a lot of people like me prefer autocashback only.
  3. D_SCva's avatar
    Good deal, but No roaming makes it a No for me...
  4. ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar
    Just went with this and got £8 on topcashback too

    5G isn’t available where I live or where I work so 4G is fine for now, plus it’s plenty fast enough for standard mobile usage anyway
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    The SIM card came today, interestingly it has ‘5G’ written on the back of the SIM card - I know they probably all do but just strange to see if they have plans that are 4G only.

    Interested to see if 5G appears on it magically lol, can live in hope although I’d have to travel some time to find an area near me!
  5. KingCampo's avatar
    KingCampo Author
    If you want 5G, then there's also this good deal with autocashback for 30Gb data:

  6. KingCampo's avatar
    KingCampo Author
    If you vote cold, it would be useful to point us in the direction of a better deal (that's not manual cashback), as there isn't one on HUKD currently and the SIMO megathread only has a 60GB deal for £15/month.
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    Your deal has no 5G and no EU roaming - making it very niche at best (and a poor option for most people) especially when O2 do both the above with 30GB for £10 without any cashback faff. Not to mention any number of MVNOs that beat this with far more data, no contract, 5G and EU roaming. (edited)
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