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Popular with DIY hobbyists, keen gardeners, and trade professionals alike, Wickes is one of the UK’s top retailers of kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiles, garden supplies, and tools. To meet the diverse needs of their customer base, Wickes aims to provide not only a wide range of products to choose from but also a goldmine of how to guides and videos to complete the job to a quality standard. All the available deals on products available from Wickes are gathered and listed on the unique Wickes’ merchant page on HotUKDeals. Read more

All Wickes Deals, Discounts & Sales for March 2019

Wickes Colour Home 2.5L Paints for £1 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Lots of coloured 2.5L paints now on offer for £1 at Wickes Available in-store
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I got ripped - I paid £6 each before the deal came on (lol)


10l for £3 is even better deal.


Nearest stock 154 miles away. what a deal!


That's because all the Welsh are there, sorry about that, we'll be back home by Monday


"took 5l to do a tiny little room" still, 2 squid. Not bad eh (not knocking your comment, I know you agree (y) )

Leyland Trade Paint 2.5L for £1 instore @ Wickes
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Good price on various 2.5L Leyland Trade paints at Wickes. Available in-store Showing 6 paints on offer for £1 each Leyland Trade Fast Drying Satin Paint - Brilliant White 2.… Read more
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Loving this thread! Getting a bit lairy (lol)


Not sure but they definitely had loads of BITTER lemon colour.


Do wickes sell green GRASS paint??


Managed to get four tins earlier, thanks OP


First cancellation... waiting for another call (skeptical)

Wickes Long Reach Paint Brush - 2in - £2 with Click and Collect (Delivery will make it too expensive)
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Long-handled 2in paint brush ideal for painting hard to reach areas. Click and Collect please do not use delivery as this will make it very expensive.
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AnthHether001 Nice find a bent paint brush for Nooks & Grannies,Have a like from me!!!!! (pirate)


Nice find


Nice find, OP, thanks. Alternatively, Toolstation has this >>>> https://www.toolstation.com/kana-nook-cranny-paintbrush/p24161


My mate down the pub has short arms and long pockets as he nseldom gets a round in, so this is ideal for him!!!


These long handles mean the paint just has to travel a bit further before it runs over your knuckles

Hickory Handle Club Hammer 4lb Was £12.99, Now £5.00 free C&C @ Wickes
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Or, Wickes Hickory Handle Club Hammer - 2.5lb if you prefer. Also £5.00 Face Style:SmoothHead Weight:4 lb Head Material:Steel Type:Club HammersBrand Name:Wickes Features & b… Read more
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Same for me in Loughton last week... ordered 2.5lb version and 4lb, they had neither. Staff member told me clearance items had been put through the tills on wrong codes so still showed stock online.


You could say that, maybe in a different way. Happy to offer it out to tender if people want to put bids in. (lol)


Bit difficult to hide with a stop and search.




You want to take her out again?

Tester Pots for 25p (loads of colours) at Wickes (Free click & Collect)
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Great range of tester pots reduced to 25p. Apart from the obvious Tester pots seem to be popular for doing the frog tape walls that I have seen on many DIY pages and are also usefu… Read more
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10p in B&Q due to recent range review of dulux and Colours being discontinued


Apparently the red ones are sold out quickly. Women use them to paint the soles of their high heels.


Probably depends on how long your piece of string is (lol)


How many do i need to paint the whole house

All Purpose Interior Powder Filler ~ 12.5 Kg for £3 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Worth it for the price alone. Available in-store with free c&c. An easy mix formulation for repairs to plaster, plasterboard, wood, brick, stone and most other building mat… Read more
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I fitted a ring pro doorbell the other day and the hole to feed the wire through behind the doorbell is absolutely massive! The wire is only speaker cable size. I want to find an effective way of filling the hole up so I don't get draught/insects coming through as the gaping hole goes through the external wall. Any suggestions of the most effective way of filling it? So far I've stuffed rolled up paper inside (lol) (lol)


ordered last pack at local. Hopefully will be available to be collected tomorrow. Nice for DIY jobs


Good, if it's as good as polyfilla


Got the last 2 from my local. Didn't realise how big the bag will be otherwise I'd have bought just the one! I haven't got that many holes in the walls to fill (lol)


A lot of filling going on local to me there’s none left up north 😡

Landmann Grill Chef Charcoal Kettle BBQ - Wickes £10 C&C
Refreshed 15th MarRefreshed 15th Mar
Just found this charcoal BBQ on Wickes marked at 10£ on clearance. Few left in my area, Kent. Enamelled lid and firebowl Chrome plated cooking grill Ash catcher Ventilation c… Read more
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At the time when I posted the deal was quite a lot of stock around all the stores.


Heat added, none in my area :(


Would love to get one, but none available in the London area..


1 in Scunthorpe and 2 in Dundee - according to website.


Like last time this is out of stock in 85% of stores.

Webb 40cm Petrol Rotary Lawnmower £98.00 @ Wickes free C&C Instore only
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
4.5/5 star snapshot reviews. On clearance with a decent price reduction. Cutting Height:25 mm/70 mm Cutting Width:400 mm Collection Capacity:50 L Weight:28 kg Power Type:Petrol Co… Read more
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Just pointing out that you’re very unlikely to find one at this price near you...


And it's a long way to tiperrary (unicorn)


No worries. Its more of a dig at the people who run this site thinking that everyone is only interested in gaming and taking away what used to be a decent menu of categories. All of the menu categories are totally mixed up now with the ability to place any deal in every category. I used to spend a long time on here going through computing, electronics, home, etc and have bought many items through this site. Now I don't bother anywhere near as much as I just get bored scanning through loads of items in the electronics section that are of no interest.


+1 I have a big spongy lawn and the self drive on mine is useless it just slips, but I'm person who enjoys the labour of it all anyway. I'm in agreement with you I would like to avoid self prop for my next mower if possible as it is another thing to break. The low hps are better directed at the cutty thing.


Get self propelled. Makes life a lot easier.

Decorative Stones & Gravel Major Bags - Cobblestones, Beach Pebbles, White Spar - £5 @ Wickes (Weekend Offer)
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Part of the Wickes Weekend Savers. A variety of decorative stones are now on offer and reduced to £5 for this weekend up to Monday 4th March. Available in-stores. £5 per major … Read more
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Cheers mate - returned the ones I had bought from Wickes and got the Homebase ones instead.


Not sure if anyone has checked out Homebase but they have 22.5kg bags for £3? Coverage of 0.3/0.4sqm x 35mm depth. Opinions? Cotswold: homebase.co.uk/decorative-aggregates-cotswold-stone_p425251 Blue slate: homebase.co.uk/decorative-aggregates-blue-slate-22-5kg-approx_p425249 P.s. Heat added op :)


Yes 60kg for £10 whereas wickes will be 50kg (y)


But surely its cheaper at b&m? As its 3for £10.


20kg according to their website

DeWalt 19 Piece Metal Drilling Set - £10 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Suitable for Portable or Stationary Drilling in Steel, Cast Steel, Alloyed and Non-Alloyed Material Up to Up to 900N/mm2. 2 Reviews on the 'Wickes' website. 5* and 2* review. Can… Read more
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Main condition is driller... I do not nkow about companies, but TiN - I am using these.


Yeah of course cooling helps, that's not what I meant. I mean that under the same conditions, cooling or otherwise, Dormer bits are way better than these.


Changes a lot. I tried different drill bits: HSS, Cobalt, TiN. Yes, TiN coated far more superior, but you can f...k them if you drill without cooling (do not understand what are you doing)... I did that mistake and your expensive drill bits are useless. Also, it matters what are you drilling - I am not sure about Al. Maybe someone can comment?


No. You want masonry drills.


I assume theses would be no good for drilling into brick wall?

Wagner Fence & Decking Electric Paint Sprayer for £25 @ Wickes (+4 years guarantee)
Refreshed 4th MarRefreshed 4th Mar
On offer now at Wickes for £25 :D Here are some reviews on Amazon The quickest and easiest way to apply solvent or water based wood preservatives, fence paint and wood tr… Read more
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I did a fence panel the other day with mine and took 2 minutes with zero overspray. Brilliant bit of kit if you can handle basic diy tasks


Nice deal Nearest one to me is 225m away ;(



It's all about planning. Common sense prevails, don't spray while light gentle winds even gale force winds. (y)


Its with all of them lol imagine car being sprayed in wind.... :p

Long Reach Extendable Window Cleaner With 1.32m Extension Pole £3.00 @ Wickes free C&C
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Nice price reduction on this window cleaner. Extension pole stretches to 1.32m (52in) for easy cleaning Dual head to wash and wipe

Are there any that offer a reach around service?


High up windows? It’s 1.32 metres long ......


Good price, although 52 inches will only do the downstairs windows and something like the conservatory.




Working for me (y)

Keter Marvel Plastic All-Purpose Storage Box - Wickes In-store Only £25
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
In-store Only Plenty of stock about These are normally £39 plus elsewhere. Cheapest I have seen anywhere after a week of looking. Found this after buying one for £40! Moulded i… Read more

Got mine further reduced to £20 in the Chester store, heat added (y)


This is a poor product. The lid doesn’t stay on. Broke after days of use. Don’t waste your money


Lol you might need the avengers to assemble....It. Heated though


Not Stan Lee but Iron Man he has having time off so its Plastic Man in his place.


Will Stan Lee be in this?

Oakey Abrasive Aluminium Oxide Coarse 60 Sanding Roll - 10 metres for £3 @ Wickes
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Just thought this is a lot of sand paper for £3. Good for decorators and painters and use with sheet sanders. (y) Aluminium oxide grains have a self-sharpening action, pro… Read more
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Good fo Good for piles though.


Picked up 2 rolls and 2 bags of filler, thanks OP


Ordered in Edinburgh. Thanks.


Chuck Norris toilet paper roll.


Little known fact, chemically Aluminium Oxide is the same as Ruby and Sapphire : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corundum

Nitromors Paint & Varnish Remover - 2L for £3 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Need some paint stripping? 2L of Nitromors for £3. Another good value item on sale at Wickes available with free c&c (y) Amazon still price these for £23.95 Fast a… Read more
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Came here to say this. Its useless. Total waste of money. I recommend starchem


Used to be really good stuff,Now its watered down and rubbish.


Can I use this on skirting boards and doors that are currently painted in oil based gloss? I want to paint over them using water based gloss, so hopefully it saves me the time and hassle of sanding them down!


It's worth trying to see if this is the ORIGINAL version not the modern version which is useless It IS the new version so useless. don't waste your money Anyone wanting a decent paint stripper look for starchem stripper or synstrip only available in 5 litre packs AFAIK


Click and collect isn't available for me, unfortunately.

Harris Inspire One Job Decorating Kit for £3 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
A handy painting kit for internal jobs using all types of paint. (y) Soft Grip roller handle for comfort in use Caged roller frame to give greater control and an even finis… Read more
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Bought yesterday, great price for quality decorating equipment


Or this one @ 9.99 https://www.robertdyas.co.uk/harris-complete-decorating-kit


Only the roller set https://www.robertdyas.co.uk/harris-9-medium-pile-paint-roller-set-with-spare-sleeve


Link pls.


Mines ready for collection.

Harris Heavy Duty Folding Decorating Table 1.8m for £3 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Easy to assemble waterproof folding table for £3 (y) Can be used for outdoor bbqs, car boot sale, decoration etc.... Available in-store or free c&c Ideal for painting… Read more
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Just got mine well happy well worth £3


Called in-store. It was reserved temporary fore as I promised to pop in-store in 30mins On arrival they told me sold! Darn ...


Picked mine up, after confirmation,although staff were saying they haven’t got any. A employee shouted out someone had put them out the back to buy later....


Thank you, managed to order one :)


One in stock 300miles away in Newcastle.. There's 3 of the £17 ones in Reading and one in Newbury.

Wickes Defender CFL Hand Lamp - 18W - £10.00 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
A versatile and compact low-energy fluorescent hand lamp that delivers a high output glare-free light. Tough impact-resistant casing. Hanging brackets offer great versatility. Dept… Read more

Er, yes..... fluorescent are more likely to stop working when dropped which is unfortunate in a work lamp. Maybe that should be a no!


Any reason to use CFL over LEDs?

Wickes No drip paint 750ml £2 instore
LocalLocalFound 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Different colours available. In the Aylesbury wickes store but most likely nationwide

Good price, but if any one doing white gloss painting try Screwfix no nonsense water based white gloss for £11.99 for 2.5lts, just brush on then use a small foam roller to lay off. Virtually no drips and no yellowing either and easy to clean brushes etc. Negatives are not as glossy as spirit based and not as durable, but once used have never gone back to smelly messy oil based .



Loads of Unwins seeds reduced to 10p @ Wickes
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Fill yer propagator trays!
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I get substantially better if I stay in China for a few months; less wild yeast floating around; with living costs in SWMBOs home city being around £150 per month (for all 3 of us), any chance the NHS could give me a couple of years worth on prescription?? It would be cheaper than the medicine!!!


Gardening is now prescribed on the NHS, it doesn't have to involve heavy digging. You can grow succulents, cacti, and small stuff in small containers. Nature is wonderful, and is invariably much better than the crap we humans produce. (y)


Its OK, if you cant laugh at major illness,, there is nothing left but depression. With my blood counts at around 8% of normal, so my blood doesnt clot properly - at least I dont have to worry about DVTs on longhaul flights!!! And getting out of gardening is just soooo easy ( I hate gardening). I am feeling refreshed and ready for another 2-3 hours before I am whacked out again. EDIT Okay, make that "another hour", but then I was doing some light physical activities - cleaning my computer room out ready for a reorganise of the layout.


These are good on ebay I managed to get 10 packs delivered for £7:42 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/happygreenshop/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=


These are good on ebay I managed to get 10 packs delivered for £7:42

Spear & Jackson Neverbend Carbon Digging Spade (15 Year Warranty) £15 instore @ Wickes
LocalLocalFound 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Yes it's not stainless, but when you do your research you'll see these are a lot stronger. These are probably the best spades you can buy. (y) I rub mine with an oily rag ( (chee… Read more
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The ‘Neverbend’ (it will) fork is the same price too


Nope, just miss spent evenings watch UK gold (only fools and horses) They are a great brand and it's a great product but I just love the triggers brush sketch and couldn't resist using it here (highfive)


Really, top drawer sense of humour there! (y) I see what you did too; you took what is a good product, and then did "the turnaround' around by saying that you've had to replace the two parts, thus implying it's rubbish. (lol) (lol) You need to look into doing some stand up nights with material like that hehe. (flirt)


Have some heat (y) I've had mine now for 20 years and it's still going strong after 17 new heads and 14 new handles. Fantastic spade!

Chillington Camden Classic Black Wheelbarrow - 85L now £30 C+C @ Wickes
Refreshed 24th FebRefreshed 24th Feb
Bought one of these just a few weeks ago at full price as we had 7 ton of gravel to move, wasn't expecting too much but for the price the quality was great! Excellent reviews on … Read more
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£32 in Silverlink - North Shields


Not for very long, the paint is thin and will come off in the bed area where it is used. Uncovered it will rust quickly. Perhaps three years before it goes through at the point where it bolts through. A coat of better paint will preserve it...or cover it up.


Might be worth spending a few quid on one of these from Lidl/Aldi to cover/protect it.


Binning my old one after 10 years outside... Was tempted by the puncture free one for £40 but then realised you can buy the puncture free wheel for £11 so better to go with this one methinks. Thanks op


Heat added...just wish there was a store closer (70 miles here and back to Chester) ;(

Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Vacuum & Blower for £40 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Decent offer on this garden blower. Cheapest available I think with free store collection. Amazon price is currently £65. Variable blowing speed up to 300 km/h, enabling… Read more
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This is not a bad price for this particular model but bear in mind this doesn't mulch so anything which is sucked up will take up more storage space in the garden waste bin. If your local screwfix has stock, this deal is better in my opinion: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/mac-allister-yt623105x-2800w-230-240v-corded-blower-vac-for-2999-cc-screwfix-3184132 or this from amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/VonHaus-Leaf-Blower-Collection-Shredding/dp/B07F3M18PF

90L - Apollo Galvanised Steel Garden Incinerator - £13 + Free C&C @ Wickes
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Galvanised mild steel incinerator with lid with incorporated chimney Three self-assembly legs raise the incinerator off ground 18 ventilation holes for improved burning of waste … Read more

This deal will lift off.


Same thing here. Bought one before, I didn't realise they were biodegradable. I think they are made of kit kat foil


Avoid buying these, you'll be lucky to get a couple of years out of them, they blacken then rust very quickly


Don't bother with these. They rust completely through at the bottom within a year.


Please tell me you got the gag! (shock)

14L Wickes Durable Plastic General Use And Builders Bucket - £1 + Free C&C @ Wickes
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Manufactured from 100% durable and environmentally friendly recycled material Strong metal handle with plastic comfort grip for easy carrying Markings inside bucket for precise m… Read more

Ah they must have gone up recently as I bought five for £1 each only a couple of weeks ago when I replasteted my kitchen.


Wow need to read few times to get the full understanding (highfive)


I use a 2 bucket self watering growing method for my tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and courgettes that I grow, If anyone's interested here's how i do it. I drill 3cm hole in the bottom center of bucket 1, I then push a strip of old bath towel or tea towel approx 30cm x 10cm long thru the 3cm hole in bottom, I then tie a knot on the end that's on the inside of the bucket, this stops it falling from falling out, the cloth will absorb and draw water and feed up from bucket 2 keeping the soil in bucket 1 moist. Now plant the bucket up with your veg, On bucket 2 remove the handle keeping for later use, drill small 5mm hole through the side approx 15cm up from the bottom of bucket this is to let out excess water and tells you its full, then place a couple of half bricks in bottom or you can replace the handle so it drops on the inside of the bucket, this can be a bit fiddly, you may have to bend it (I do this) Now fill to just below the drilled side hole with feed/water then place your planted up bucket inside bucket 2 making sure its sat on the submerged bricks or bucket handle and that the cloth hanging out of the bottom of bucket is submerged in the feed and water reservoir. When you do need to water or feed you can over water via top bucket, or as i do down the gap between buckets ,I hope this makes some kind of sense lol, I've use this method and my buckets, for years, its saved me many hours of feeding and watering and has always yielded good crops, I LOVE BUCKETS


You can use any rubble sacks. Anything that is robust to hold the compost in will do the job. The Toolstation ones will do just fine. I would recommend those. With potatoes you have to keep topping up the compost so the rubble sacks are great as you can unfold them as you top up etc etc When your done growing potatoes you can use them for rubbish or to store stuff so it has many uses and never go to waste


Cheers - are these what you use? Just noticed £5.94 delivery. And just just found these Woven Rubble Sack 3ft x 2ft -[ 5 for £2.86 @ Toolstation

WORX cordless 20vMAX hammer drill with battery, charger and bag for just £20 at Wickes (was £39) Instore only
LocalLocalFound 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Note that this is a hammer drill, not just a drill/driver. This went very hot at £39 before going out of stock - now back on clearance for just £20. That's less than the battery … Read more

For other tool clearance bargains at Wickes, there's a list here.


* it was a joke!


Being that they sell them at £40 normally and it costs around £5 to post, that doesn’t leave much of a profit margin? £15 a unit if you can achieve retail at best. I Can’t see the point personally. My local store has 6 so I did consider it. In the end I thought id rather have some decent karma.


"Brought" 20 to sell o ebay Send in the HATE!!!!


Wahoo I just got the last one from the Eastbourne store, for once a deal which had stock in lol, heat added

Sharpie Fine Tip Coloured Pen - Pack Of 4 £2 @ Wickes
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Various colours to free creativity at home & the work place Excellent for marking cardboard, photo paper, corrugate, wood, metal, foil, stone, plastic, leather & more Bri… Read more

Not the first place I'd think to go to for Sharpies.


Didnt get C&C option on my mobile. Not to worry, no stock for about 40 miles!


you normally get a click and collect i would never pay rip off delivery


In-store? I'm only getting home delivery option (add £7.99!!!)

Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion Paint - Brilliant White 15L for £13 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Decent paint. Also heard good things about them used as an undercoat which is essential for any good paintwork. Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion Paint - Brilliant White 15… Read more
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Just finished a large extension and used Leyland Trade paint for all undercoat, gloss and ceilings - basically everything that is white. However having read up on these paints, I used the vinyl version of the emulsion, not the one in this deal. It's more expensive but has been brilliant and should be more durable. For the bare plaster I just did a 50:50 mix with water first.


Always pva fresh plaster before paint


You should use pva in order to reduce soaking in, in order for the paint to stick well to the surface (without premature drying caused by brick sucking it in) it will hold a lot better with pva


What’s best option for painting on fresh plaster? Pva base or watered down version of this


Good deal

HIVE Active System Signal Booster £20 C&C only @ Wickes
Refreshed 7th MarRefreshed 7th MarLocalLocal
Cheapest I can find elsewhere is £29 at Argos etc This is click and collect only but I searched around and there seems to be quite a bit of stock in various stores. Product att… Read more

At least a £9 saving I believe


Also got for free. Don't have a clue why anyone would buy one.


Same for me. Had a problem setting the 360 hub and during the call they guy said I will send you signal booster for free. If you need one worth ringing up and saying your having trouble and they may just send you one


Yep got one free when they detected a few disconnection on my line. It was actually me messing about with my router but they still sent me one without me asking as they detected a number of disconnections :-)


When my signal was weak I called support and they sent me a free one.

Wickes Modena Deck Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - Chrome with 2 Year Warranty was £65 now £42 C+C @ Wickes
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Seems a decent price for this Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap that has excellent reviews - we bought a cheaper one last year, will never make that mistake again, swivel spout was almost unt… Read more
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These taps are severely annoying. We keep catching the taps when washing up and end up with water all over. Defo changing them when we redo kitchen


Iv never understood why people would choose dual mixer taps, over a mono mixer

DeWalt DCD796D2-GB 18V 2 X 2.0Ah XR Li-Ion Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver £138 @ Wickes
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
First time posting a deal so please be gentle (pirate) I've been wanting to get the drill for a while and this is the cheapest I have seen it at, usually retails around ~£160-17… Read more

haven't seen in a while such display of ignorance concealed by a thick layer of arrogance. impact drivers are just not meant to drill holes, don't know what you considera "precise"? maybe drilling a pilot hole on drywall to hang a picture? the impact on them is along the axis, so it doesn't work as the hammer function in a combi drill, and worse, it will destroy the tip of a sharp wood bit or spade with that impact. you can also drive screws with a hammer, why "faffing" with a driver, and if you drive larger screws...you need a bigger hammer


This is a great price for an excellent drill. I bought this about a year ago and its been a pleasure to use.


So you'd drill for a 7mm plug with an SDS? It's impossible to drill a perfectly round hole with an impact driver due to the nature of how it works. It may well be ok for a lot of applications but trust me, 20 years of being a joiner I can tell you you'd get laughed off site for using an impact driver for drilling. That said, if someone is more comfortable doing that then it's each to their own.


You couldn't be more wrong. I've drilled 100s of 'precise' holes with an impact with a chuck fitted, swapped for a bit and screwed, seconds, done. No faffing with a combi. And if you're drilling with any more than 1/4", you should be using SDS.


Each to their own but I have to disagree. If you're drilling precise holes or anything greater than 1/4 inch then you definitely don't want to be drilling with an impact driver. Afterall, that's not what they're designed for. You'd also be very limited with the type of drill bits you can use. A combi is better as a screw driver than an impact is as a drill.

Wickes vinyl silk emulsion. 2.5litres £3 instore
LocalLocalFound 15th FebFound 15th Feb
£3 instead of £12 for 2.5 litres "colour @ home" range from wickes. In store at lichfield. Not sure if store specific or nationwide
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already posted but it seems my post was singled out - good luck


Many other colours varied stock though


nationwide with quite a few stores have stock https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Colour-%40-Home-Vinyl-Silk-Emulsion-Paint—Cornflower-2-5L/p/122354


Only the one colour "cornflower" but a few tins available

Extra 15% off all Tiles & Flooring @ Wickes eg Pack of 6 Wickes Everest Stone Porcelain Tile 600 X 300mm now £11.92
Refreshed 22nd FebRefreshed 22nd Feb
Wickes are running another one of their fab Tiles & Flooring Price Events with an Extra 15% Off ALL Tiles / Flooring including those already heavily discounted - I know these a… Read more
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Sadly stores hardly stock these.


https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Everest-Stone-Porcelain-Tile-600-x-300mm/p/147440 Bought a while lot of this. Great value.

Keter Store It Out Max Plastic Garden & Wheelie Bin Storage Beige & Brown - 4 X 5 Ft (1200L) now £98 Delivered @ Wickes
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Decent price considering it includes Delivery too :) Excellent reviews across all retailers & we have a similar version, withstood all the high winds / snow / ice where we l… Read more
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Was looking at one of these on eBay, this is the same thing just £20 cheaper - and with a propery warranty - bargain.


(devil) Do like I did with my wife... cut in pieces!


Internal dimensions are smaller than that.... 4'4" wide by 2'4" deep.


Can you fit a mattress in there?


no it 5 x 4 ish