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Say hello to Hello Fresh, an online service that not only creates delicious and easy to prepare recipes for you, but also delivers the exact required ingredients to your doorstep. Find simple but healthy food recipes that let you achieve a balanced and varied diet; meals made from ingredients that may be difficult to find in local stores. The service works on a beautifully simple concept of happiness in a box; with recipes and ingredients delivered to your doorstep twice each week.
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-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% Off first order + your next 3 orders too!! @ HelloFresh
H&M Members :))) Dinner solved!HelloFresh makes it easy for you to cook delicious dinners from scratch. Choose your favourite recipes from a weekly menu and they’ll deliver a… Read more

Gousto is so much better and currently doing 60 percent off first box and then 30 off the remaining! I highly recommend using them: cook.gousto.co.uk/raf/?promo_code=FIONA42001006&utm_source=weblink


omg cannot believe this happened :(


I was appalled! That said, they were glad they stuck with their decision to cancel after I informed them of employees playing football with and spit-cleaning produce (this was from an ex-employee at the Hello Fresh depot in Banbury). 👀


thats bad service


I’d stay clear of Hello Fresh after I discovered how they had treated a friend of mine. My friend was placed in the shielding group at the start of lockdown last year and has religiously stuck to it, and decided to use Hello Fresh to provide meals as they liked the idea of trying new recipes. After 12 successful deliveries, the local courier suddenly decided they couldn’t find their address and returned it to the depot, refusing to redeliver stating the address was incorrect. My friend contacted Hello Fresh to report the issue and was told the courier had already been in contact and there was nothing they could do if the address was incorrect, but after clarifying the address was correct and hadn’t been an issue for the past 12 deliveries, they still did not want to assist. My friend made the decision to cancel their subscription with Hello Fresh and was told by the representative that out of the goodness of his heart, he’d apply a £10 discount on their next delivery because...”once you cancel you’ll realise the mistake you’ve made”. (mad)

-40% Discount
-40% Discount
40% of the next 2 boxes on Hello Fresh - (Available for customers with a cancelled subscription)
They asked me to fill a survey to get the code but the code is generic. If it doesn't work with active subscription you could try to stop your subscription before entering it and … Read more

Got my first 50% off box coming Saturday. Doubtful I'll continue it at full price as seems expensive. Offers like this though make it worthwhile. Thanks op


But thank you for the code! It worked, will order again after a wee break


My today’s parcel had 3 out of 5 meals completely wrong! First time it happens to such scale. There is always a problem with the order something missing or rotten but sending totally 3 different meals that’s out of line. Unfortunately Guosto is not available in Northern Ireland, I was surprised hello fresh was able to continue the services ( only one day delay In first week of January) but I will be cancelling them soon for sure. Meals are very repetitive after a while and anything new and interesting comes as premium with highrocketing price on top.


Thanks OP! I’ve only had a missing item two or three times and they always credit some money back. I always top up the meals with extra veggies etc so it’s not really a big deal for me to buy something in the supermarket if it’s missing. I appreciate for some it may be a bigger issue. Ingredients always been fresh/ good quality and almost all the recipes I’ve tried have been easy, tasty and enjoyable.


Thought it was just me who preferred gusto. I wouldn't say hello fresh are completely terrible but gusto have been far better and more consistent

-60% Discount
-60% Discount
Hello Fresh - 60% off first + free postage & 35% off next 3
I haven’t tried Hello Fresh before, but my daughter wants to cook for me so I think why not give it a go?! I’ve no idea of expiry date, sorry! https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/eat/v… Read more

I've got the max people and max meals which comes to 26, where do you add extras? Haven't seen it come up


I think you can add on extras like soups etc? Increase the number of people / meals as well. HTH


Any idea how to get the spend up to 30 or more with the 60% off?


How do you get the spend to that amount with the 60% off?


£12 TCB with £19.50+ spend, new customers

Free delivery
Free delivery
Better than the current 50% plus 35%x3 offer. Been doing this for a while now, and really good food. 1.Pick a plan Whether cooking for yourself or your household, we have a fle… Read more

Anyone looking £20 off due to this code being expired: https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/pages/raf_lp11?c=HS-RB7C4331Z&utm_campaign=clipboard&utm_couponvalue=20&utm_invitername=Steven&utm_medium=androidReferral&utm_source=raf-share


Thanks but I have already placed my order (y)


do you want a £20 off first order code?


https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/pages/raf_lp11?c=HS-6WQ8PXSS9&utm_campaign=native-share-panel&utm_couponvalue=20&utm_invitername=Claudia&utm_medium=androidReferral&utm_source=raf-share £20 off first delicious meal box


I have a Hello Fresh question re. promo credits, if anyone can answer please. I have a few £20 credits from family members signing up, and I was wondering how these work when redeeming, can I only use one at a time or can I use multiple to reduce the price of a delivery to free?

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
Hello Fresh: 50% off your first box and 35% off the next three
Hello Fresh: 50% off your first box and 35% off the next threee valid until the end of November 2020

Can you cancel after the first box or is the 50% off only valid if you buy 4 boxes? Thanks


We have been using HelloFresh for the last three months and I have to say that it's excellent. Delivered every Monday morning early by DPD. All ingredients present and only once had a carton of chopped tomatoes slightly torn. The portion sizes are great and sometimes enough leftover for lunch next day. It's actually taught me better cooking techniques leading to tastier meals and ingredients I would never have thought to cook with. I get that meal subscription won't suit everyone but we both work full-time and have a child, meal planning is just one less thing to do and it's less time spent in a super market.


I've had terrible luck with Hello Fresh, missing ingredients, burst packets of yogurt, burst ice packs leaking everywhere, rotten and poor quality fresh ingredients, last minute recipe changes etc.. No customer service, the page is not available on the website, so you need to complain on Twitter before anyone speaks to you. I don't think this is worth it, even with 50% off.


Do you think? Well I ordered last week the 4 person 4 meal and was 28 quid it hasn't arrived yet but from the sounds of it I think it was pretty good value for money. I think the meat alone that's gonna arrive would of cost me 20 quid and the rest way over 8 pound


Great for students who are in isolation, not good value for money for those who can get out to the shops - even with a 50% discount. Just look at the recipes and ingredients on the site and you can buy them from most supermarkets for much less... although I guess Hello Fresh is aimed at those who like the convenience of it being delivered weekly

£60 Discount
£60 Discount
Get 4x £15 off for both new and existing Hello Fresh customers
I saw this voucher code as a perk from Revolut - tried applying it to my partner's existing account and it seems to work! e.g. The standard box for 2 people containing 3 dishes pe… Read more



I think I find this kind of thing a bit lazy !! Anybody else? Xx


I wasn’t able to apply this promo as an existing customer. ;(


Code expired


Says code expired for me

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
HALF PRICE for 2 Hello Fresh Boxes - "New Customers Only" i.e. create new email address
Use the code for 50% off your next 2 boxes. Used for the full 5 meal box, it brings the price down from £41.99 to £20.99. (£21 for 5 days worth of meals for 2 people isn't bad.) … Read more

wonder if it’s something new that they have realised then??? Gutted here!!


I've had 3 new accounts set up at the same address so far. This will be my fourth, delivery scheduled for Saturday. Spoke to one of their subcontracted reps in the street when they were handing out vouchers last year. They ran me through the process in fifteen minutes just to get their commission. Took me through some of the steps needed to game the system. Use entirely new details when creating the account. Use a new email address. If using the same house number, a trick is to add a letter after it and makes it look like a flat or house of multiple occupancy (e.g number 85a, 85b) - not sure how true that is. The card details can remain the same as you've used before, but the rate i switch accounts and credit cards for points, I'm never short of new payment details. I did re-use once before and didn't have any issues. Maybe I just got lucky, but I've done the same with Gousto too with no problems.


Sadly can’t just create a new email as they cancel the order when they realise that the household has already registered before ;(


Heat from me (y)


Seems ok to me

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
3 meals for 2 people £9.99 @ Hello Fresh using code
Hello fresh 29.99 for 3 meals for 3 people, add this voucher code DEEDSD and get £20 off your first order making it 9.99 and free delivery if you refer a friend you both get a furt… Read more

This code also works for £20 off your first box HS-Y12HM7W8U


Gotcha thanks.


No, it’s off your next order once they’ve signed up


Are you going for the classic box


Eh? Refer a friend and both of us get a further £20 off our orders-so £9.99 minus £20 = they give us £10.01?

Best Hello Fresh deals from our community

Hello Fresh dinner boxes - 50% off the first one then 35% off next 3
215° Expired
Posted 5th Nov 2020Posted 5th Nov 2020
Hello Fresh dinner boxes - 50% off the first one then 35% off next 3 Free P&P Free
Signed up to this two weeks ago and think the company is amazing. I’ve chosen the option to get five meals a week. You can change your meals on the app that you want And all the in… Read more

Gousto is defiantly 100 times better than hello fresh, feel free to use my link and get 50 percent off your first box and 30 percent off the rest of the months... cook.gousto.co.uk/raf/?promo_code=FIONA42001006&utm_source=weblink




You were correct arrived next day. Customer service were excellent


Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread (y)


First box!

Hello Fresh - Spend £29.99 and get £10 back on your American Express
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Posted 22nd Jul 2020Posted 22nd Jul 2020
Hello Fresh - Spend £29.99 and get £10 back on your American Express£29.99
Currently on my Amex Gold.

This code is better for your first box, £20 off .... making 3 meals for 2 people £10 HS-Y12HM7W8U


Terrible company. Always missing ingredients and bad quality, definitely not "fresh". Dont waste your money, even with £10 off


Quidco is £16 cashback but no discount on the boxes TCB is £9 cashback and 35% off the boxes so this can work out around £18 saved if you going for the £30ish boxes cause you save £9 + £9 all together so about £18 from cashbacks Throw in this amex £10 off then for a £30 box after all cashbacks claimed you could get one for a couple of quid. I did this for one week and cancelled the other week (4 meals for 3 people). You need to remember to stop your subscription after you get your first box because otherwise it will keep charging you. And there is no direct debit option so you cant just stop it via your bank (y)


The Hellofresh boxes are good deal when on discount, but not so after. Too little meat and veg, too much cheap carbs in each meal. And having tried HF and Gousto and Mindful Chef, IMO the best balance of quality and price is Gousto. No Amex offer but if you find someone to refer you this week, it's 50% off your first box and 30% off the rest of the boxes in your first month.


I also went through topcashback and 16.80 is tracking (35% off first box instead of the 50% in link above though).

Combination deal between Amex & Hello Fresh. Use cashback & get £50 off 1st & 35% off next 3 boxes.
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Posted 21st Apr 2020Posted 21st Apr 2020
Combination deal between Amex & Hello Fresh. Use cashback & get £50 off 1st & 35% off next 3 boxes.£19.99£29.9933% off Free P&P Free
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - we all… Read more

so people cancel after first box but you need to cancel as soon as you get the first box?


If anyone prefers a large discount off the first box, I have a code for £20 off first box HS-UDZAIT6A6


I know...I can't change the title for some reason


The title says £50 off, should this be 50% off? :{


I'm planning on triggering the Amex offer when the discount drops to 35% which will take the total for that week above 29.99

50% off first order with Hello Fresh, and 35% off next 2 meal boxes
214° Expired
Posted 19th Apr 2020Posted 19th Apr 2020
50% off first order with Hello Fresh, and 35% off next 2 meal boxes Free P&P Free
Realise this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but with everything that’s going on and trying to avoid going out as much as possible, Wanted to share this deal. For anyone who hasn’t… Read more

I just got one box, therefore I would rather have it for £10 than for £15


So you were happy to pay full price for each box thereafter?


Some people might prefer a larger discount of the first box though. I saw both offers, and preferred the first box for £10.


If anyone prefers a large discount off the first box, I have a code for £20 off first box HS-UDZAIT6A6


No it doesn’t because you don’t get 35% off subsequent orders. People that try and push their RAF on sites like these are embarrassing...

free access to all the Hello fresh / gousto box recipies
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Posted 3rd Jan 2019Posted 3rd Jan 2019
free access to all the Hello fresh / gousto box recipies
I don't know if its any use but there is a bit on each of the subscription box services Gousto and hello fresh where you can see the ingredients required and recipes for all previo… Read more

I love using Gousto... its so easy when its all delivered to your door. I have a link that gives you 50 percent off your first box and 30 percent off the remainder of the month! cook.gousto.co.uk/raf/?promo_code=FIONA42001006&utm_source=weblink For the price, give it a shot - so easy to cancel or pause too!


Good post op (y)


Thanks! I love the idea of these and have tried both Gusto and Hello Fresh but was disappointed with the quality of the food. Will bookmark these for future.



50% cashback @ Hello Fresh for Halifax customers (up to 109% cashback for new customers)
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Posted 2nd Oct 2017Posted 2nd Oct 2017
50% cashback @ Hello Fresh for Halifax customers (up to 109% cashback for new customers)
Earn 50% Cashback on your next purchase with HelloFresh with halifax cashback extra (requires activation) maximum reward £35 valid one time only expires 30/10/2017 "Make your … Read more

The HELHEL code for £25 off doesn't seem to work Is it working for anyone else?


I've noticed that lloyds give differant rates to differant people. Husband had 20% for harvester whilst I only had 7%!!! Not sure why!


Yes please may I have the code? I only get 10% with Lloyds?!


Used yesterday with £25 code (available if anyone needs) Made it £10 for 3 meals delivered and 50% cashback making it £5 Hot.


Seems to be a wide bank offer. Showing as 50% off on Santander aswell.

Free thank you cards from hellofresh.
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Posted 31st Jan 2017Posted 31st Jan 2017
Free thank you cards from hellofresh.
Scroll down til you see the form and enter your details. Terrible food, but hey, free stuff!



It just worked for me, not ordered though as not good cards, heat for the find though :)


Oops... We were unable to connect you to the requested page. Please choose an alternative destination from the following list:

Half price Hellofresh Box £53.90 delivered with poss 35% cashback = £16 via quidco
-92° Expired
Posted 13th Oct 2016Posted 13th Oct 2016LocalLocal
Half price Hellofresh Box £53.90 delivered with poss 35% cashback = £16 via quidco£53.90
Had been looking at ordering a hellofresh box. Quidco are doing 35% cashback plus voucher code (QUIDCO2) giving 50% off. Making a £50 2 person 5 meal box £24.50 with £8.50 cashba… Read more
View Deal

Thanks very much OP! Ignore the downvotes, this is a great deal!


Had Hello Fresh for about 4 weeks and it is an excellent way to prepare good quality meals using top notch ingredients without the hassle of hunting around a supermarket and finding they have all but one of the items. Recipes are very interesting and get you try new things. However normal price is expensive !! But this deal is good.


I get asked every single day to join them going to work or coming back by their sales team at railway station or market . Sick of them.


don't bother. rubbish quality ingredients.

.Hello Fresh classic box - £19.60  (£11.76 after cashback (normally £49)
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Posted 11th Jul 2014Posted 11th Jul 2014
.Hello Fresh classic box - £19.60 (£11.76 after cashback (normally £49)£19.60
This gets you recipes and ingredients to make five meals for two people. It also works on other boxes (e.g. ones for families), but this one seems like the best value to me. I am … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Under £12 sounds fine but £49 for 5 meals!? That is a £10 per meal, and most of meals are like meatballs, etc. I can easily feed 4 of us for £5 per dinner especially with meatballs!


we had these a while back 15/20 and its just about worth it, any higher than that is a joke tbh. The meat was decent quality but the veg and other bits were nothing special, the cost for the amount you get was silly. Far better (and cheaper) getting decent meat yourself and getting the other bits in Aldi/Lidl I have no Idea where £49 came from, youd be WAY better off doing it yerself, hell take the list of whats int he next box and buy the stuff if you cba to trawl thru recipes n stuff :p They are persistent in calling you after cancellation too


Actually you can see what's going to be in the next available box: https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/recipe/week/upcoming/


Tried these - they're ok - but do take a long time to prepare (1 hour minimum) where I bought it to try and save time after work. Would be good if they did a low cal box too, but well worth £11.76!


looks terrible

Hello Fresh 5 meal box for 2 people, £29 (instead of £49) plus potential 63% cashback at Topcashback (effectively £10.73 after cashback)
-66° Expired
Posted 6th Mar 2014Posted 6th Mar 2014
Hello Fresh 5 meal box for 2 people, £29 (instead of £49) plus potential 63% cashback at Topcashback (effectively £10.73 after cashback)£29
You receive all the ingredients you need to make five meals for two people over a week. 5 meal, 2 person box is available for £29 instead of £49 with code aTop20gUKHF3AF - Topcash… Read more

Heat from me, especially when you consider your average meal deal from Tescos/M&S etc is £10 for 2


A tenner for 5 high quality meals, I thought it was a good deal :p Obviously all the people who eat ready meals have voted it cold :D


No Beeeeeeeef!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!????


I think its a great idea - anyhting that gets people cooking instead of using processed rubbish has to be a plus


Even at £29 that's a joke! It is a joke isn't it? Cause I can't stop laughing oO Also not everyone use tcb.

Newest Hello Fresh Discount Codes:

DiscountHello Fresh Discount DetailsExpires
50%50% off Your First Box plus 35% off your Next 3 Boxes with this voucher @ HelloFresh10/07/2021
50%50% Off first order + your next 3 orders too!! @ HelloFresh7/04/2021
40%40% of the next 2 boxes on Hello Fresh - (Available for customers with a cancelled subscription)4/03/2021
60%Hello Fresh - 60% off first + free postage & 35% off next 324/03/2021