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L'Oreal Men Expert Sensitive Control Deodorant 250ml £1.50 at Wilko
Amazon priced higher ..so cheapest collected st store
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L'Oreal Men Expert Sensitive Control Deodorant 250ml??

I tried it, nothing happened.


You just need to be near a Wilko and you can buy stuff. YES, buy stuff.

Try amazon priced higher!! so best to collect in store
Do You not see it

Try what

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Home & Garden
3 Seater Swing in Charcoal was £140 then £80 now £50 instore (or +£8 Home Delivery) @ Wilko + more in op Mod & Ed
Thought this a really good price, it has excellent reviews too, can be found instore for this price at some of the larger stores or order online for home Delivery for an extra £8. 3 Seater Charcoal W… Read more
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Back in stock

Out of stock deal dead

Just thinking it says 3 seater and if 3 average people weighing 70 kg each sit on it, would it withstand the weight?


Home & Garden
5 Piece Saucepan Set @ Wilko - £12
The saucepan set is a perfect addition to your kitchen for use on halogen, solid hot plate, ceramic, gas, radiant ring and electric hobs. Set comprises of a 14cm milk pan, 16cm saucepan with lid, 18cm… Read more
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moneysm12th Aug

http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/wilko-enters-consultation-with-4-000-employees/story-30478978-detail/story.html i think he/she means this

Doesn't mean administration, Sainsburys did a similar sort of thing and no 1 said they were in administration. They are just looking at making savings.

moneysm6 h, 3 m ago

http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/wilko-enters-consultation-with-4-000-employees/story-30478978-detail/story.html i think he/she means this

Thanks 😸

winter_zombie2 h, 16 m ago

LoL its nothing like Tefal . And Wilko are going into administration as …LoL its nothing like Tefal . And Wilko are going into administration as they are in money problems. It was on the local evening news.

Really? I can't find a single thing about that online.

LoL its nothing like Tefal . And Wilko are going into administration as they are in money problems. It was on the local evening news.
Wilko 12 x 100g Cat Food Pouches £2.25 - Fab Reviews!
If you cat is a complete **** like mine they are very whimsical about what they like. My cat loves this and the reviews are excellent from other pet owners. Most are at £2.25 a box each and free cli… Read more
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leeanne12317 m ago

4% i believe

No it will be more than that it will be as much as 40%+ and the 4% being the actual meat its meant to reflect.
By Law all cat food must have at least 4% of the actual meat it is meant to be otherwise it cannot be called Duck or Rabbit ETC
look here at post #15 explains it better than I can -
Edited by: "VCB-160" 11th Aug

lol I feel your pain, my cat is so fussy when it comes to food. He eats either Bob Martin, Sheba or Felix Sensations Sauce Surprise depending on his mood swings!

I was looking for some Bob Martin yesterday and couldn't find it so bought some Tesco own brand food and he just ignored it!

I will have to try this some time

Is this not just RRP?

joshtbh47 m ago

what meat content is it?

4% i believe

what meat content is it?
Home & Garden
Wilko Deluxe Clothes Airer £8
Wilko Deluxe Clothes Airer for £8
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So what
I didn't know
It's a good deal
Doesn't have to be reduced to be a good deal

It's always this price
Home & Garden
Rattan Garden Set - £175 @ Wilko
Found deal on wilkos
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mmurdoch11th Aug

Seen similar but better cube design in homebase and cheaper

cant see what describe on the website

Seen similar but better cube design in homebase and cheaper

Original Poster

There is £100 off the original price

is it a deal, or is it their normal price for this furniture?
Home & Garden
Thirst Pockets 8pk Kitchen Towel 69p @ Wilko - Broadmarsh Nottingham
I picked up these from Wilkos Broadmarsh Nottingham. The were in the clearance section in the middle of the store. stickered up at £1.38 but scanning at 69p. Around 50 packs left this afternoon.
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Brilliant find

Great price, pity none in stock at my local Wilko
Home & Garden
Patio Magic 2.5L - £6.50 @ Wilko
£2 off at the moment. Kills and controls green mould and algae No scrubbing or pressure washing required Treats up to 85 square metres Patio Magic 2.5 litre is ideal for use on all outdoor ha… Read more
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Roger_Irrelevant9 h, 7 m ago

The only way to clean a patio is with a pressure washer I'm afraid folks! …The only way to clean a patio is with a pressure washer I'm afraid folks! (and possibly the high pressure air equivalent - not tried)Expecting this to clean it is futile.

Its best to use both to get the patio clean, treatment with this followed by pressure washing even clears black spot lichen after a couple of goes.

Most of these cleaners have the same active ingredient DIMETHYLBENZYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDE just at different concentrations (you can look them up on the HSE website here webcommunities.hse.gov.uk/con…180).

Patio Magic is 7.50% (0.75% to 1.5% after dilution for use depending on heavy or light recommended dilution rates) the other popular version Wet and Forget is 9.9% (1.66% after recommended dilution) and Wilko own brand is 6.25% (0.6% to 1.25%)
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red237 h, 40 m ago

used this on moss on my roof, did absoloutly nothing despite people on …used this on moss on my roof, did absoloutly nothing despite people on here raving about it.

I did too and in a few days, the moss was dead and a few weeks of rain, largely gone. Sounds like you might have super hero strength moss. Maybe try a higher concentration.

The only way to clean a patio is with a pressure washer I'm afraid folks! (and possibly the high pressure air equivalent - not tried)

Expecting this to clean it is futile.

£2 in Asda. I think it was the 1 litre bottle

Wilko's own brand 2.5L £5
Wilko Rose Wine Making Kit (Makes 30 Bottles) £3 instore @ Wilko (Norwich)
Wilko 30 Bottle Rose Wine Kit reduced from £20 to £3 - found in Norwich branch of Wilko. No longer seems available on website which is probably why it's reduced. 2 left on shelf - no idea if it's avai… Read more
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That pack doesn't look like it would hold 21L of grapes...

Would be surprised if it is nationwide, but nice find if your local has it. Heat added

Original Poster

Home & Garden
Curver Basket 8L @ Wilko £1.50 Free Click & Collect
Pretty decent deal, think B&Q is the 2nd cheapest at £2.12. Great brand, design and quality. Delivery is £4.00, if you can't do the C&C.
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Original Poster

In Stock again

I have some of the Poundland equivalent and they are fine. I wanted more but they never seem to be in stock 😔. Curver for £1.50 is a good deal and they seem stronger - sadly now out of stock online will have to pop in to my local Wilko. Thanks for posting. 😊

louiselouise3 h, 9 m ago

Posted these about three months ago, not Curver-brand, but look identical …Posted these about three months ago, not Curver-brand, but look identical to my eyes (seen the Curver version in Homebase quite recently, and had a good look!)https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/10-x-75-x-4-plastic-storage-baskets-with-handles-in-black-grey-or-white-smaller-size-available-in-twin-packs-in-store-poundland-100-2684900As these Curver "rattan" effect baskets are listed as 8L, I would imagine they're bigger than these, as well.

Poundland ones are fab. I was looking at the Curver ones and couldn't tell the difference. Even the shiny stripe under the basket is the same. I wouldn't have noticed they weren't the same if you hadn't pointed out the other had the brand name stamped on.

Think you're right about the size though, the big Poundland ones must be about 2 litre not 8. Shame the Wilko ones don't come in the same grey.

Edit: the dimensions say 10.5 x 19 x 25.4cm which would be about the same size. Weird.
Edited by: "MSK." 9th Aug

Original Poster

Ah I see, my bad

To be fair, I think Bargain.Hunters was asking if the Poundshop versions were Curver...
Home & Garden
Wilko Modular Storage Box and Lid 20 Litre - was £4 now £2.50 @ Wilko (C&C)
This 20 litre storage box is ideal for helping you get organised and clear out the clutter. It's the perfect size for storing cleaning items, smaller toys or stationery and is fully stackable, allowin… Read more
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malm6th Aug

will come in handy for storing all the money I am saving on HUKD,HEAT.

Hang on, you SAVE money using hukd? That can't be right.


These aren't as rigid as Really Useful Boxes but at a fraction of the price aren't claiming to be. Wilko sells good value products, don't assume bad quality on price alone. Only issue is these are oblate (trapezoidal) so don't stack as well as cubes but this isn't necessary for most.

Don't push them two hard. I shattered one instore yesterday.

And price at Asda if it helps


Just what I needed, heat added
Home & Garden
Wilko 1000w electric rotary lawn mower £10.00 Wilko Tamworth
Another Wilko deal 1000w rotary lawn mower £10.00 spotted in Wilko Tamworth! what a steal
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You didn't expect it will actually cut the grass properly for that price did you? I would rather use the scissors

Review on Hotukdeals by member mick2me when it was on offer for £22.50.
Picked up the last one from local store today. It will be returned first thing in the morning.

On putting it together you can see the poor quality. The handle attaches to the mower by two no6 round headed wood screws. They provided 4, I assume the extra to replace those that are lost. This may be the first mechanical failure point due to it being a stress point?

Using it the motor power seems to cope well, and it picks up well. The wheels are small and attach to the mower by a screw thread from the centre of the wheel and the wheel rolls on that. Adjusting height of cut you have to unscrew all four wheels and screw them on to a different position! The screw thread is quite long and this takes time.

The first problem you will hit is that in use the wheels keep falling off! As the left hand side wheels are not reverse threaded they keep falling off and have to be screwed back on. The right had wheels are not averse to falling off either, as you also pull a mower as well as push. It is not possible to put a locking nut on the other side of the bolt due to a moulding that presents access, particularly with the wheels screwed on the longer cut setting

The resulting cut was very poor and uneven despite the machine and blade being brand new. My 25+yr old Qualcast with a blunt blade gave a much better cut. With that it took half an hour to cut my small lawn. The Wilko took over an hour.

Home & Garden
Karcher wv1 window vac £10.00 in Wilko Tamworth
Karcher WV1 window vac £10 in Wilko Tamworth. An absolute steal The Karcher WV1 Window Cleaner gives you beautifully clean results. This innovative handheld window cleaner effortlessly sucks up mois… Read more
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£35 in my local.

I had been chasing deals on this site for 10 years without ever finding a deal that was still available by the time I got to the shop, until Today, I got two from the same shop (Ventura) as the Original Poster of this offer, at the same price, I did ask if there were any more available, as there were only two on the shelf, but got the reply 'not sure', in other words not willing to find out.

I have seen these items on sale in other Wilkos (e.g. the other Tamworth Branch), since I got mine, but I can't confirm what price they scan at as the queue was too long


The barcode of this product is :- 4 054278 180106

I've added heat for the great price, but now I know what they do I don't want one. You still have to wash windows manually, all it saves you doing is buffing them? Wow.

stevie19uk14 m ago

What on earth are you on about?A. I work, this deal was found on a Sunday …What on earth are you on about?A. I work, this deal was found on a Sunday - a usual non working day for perhaps 70% of the country. (I am one of the other 30% that do work weekends)B. Annual leave is sweet and does allow you to have a nice lie inC. Stop whinging

It so tempting! But don't feed the trolls they just keep coming back for more!
BTW please show us the barcode from the karcher box. Ta.
Edited by: "Pateo" 7th Aug
Home & Garden
Wilko Lawn Aerator reduced INSTORE to £2.50 @ Wilkinson Guildhall Shopping Centre,Exeter.
Priced at £10 online. Plenty of these available instore at Exeter yesterday. I don't know whether they are the same price elsewhere.
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Purchased one of these from Tesco when they were selling off their garden stuff last year. Paid £1.38 (or something siily) for it. Tried it on my lawn and thought I'd broken my foot! Like concrete, it was, Ow!

Word to the wise - don't use it on a dry hard lawn and stamp on it like it was Beelzebub's nutsack. It REALLY hurts...
Edited by: "Phsycronix" 6th Aug

Looks like a torture device.
Home & Garden
Wilko hexagonal greenhouse 200X70X60cm £5 in store Loughborough
Wilko hexagonal greenhouse * 200X70X60cm * 3 shelves * zipped panel for access * PVC cover 3 left in Loughborough Wilko at about 16:15 05/08/17 Great for seedlings in the spring! Apologies: I can't se… Read more
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Good old 'loo-ba-roo'

At least 15 left in Llanelli town wilko. Same price too.

Original Poster


Original Poster

Home & Garden
Wilko Storage Unit 4 Drawer £10 at Wilko
Was £15 20 litre drawers 84x39x38
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Original Poster

summerof765th Aug

Heat added nandi [Image]

Thanks summer

They arent crap. I been using mine for over a year and they seem to be strong

These are cheap and flimsy, the B&M bargains ones are much better if you live near one, I nearly ordered some of these on line after Christmas for the same price, glad I didn't as I later seen how crappy they are when in the store.

I like the draws as they are stronger than the normal ones but to split these the brackets crack!

Heat added nandi
Home & Garden
Crown non drip gloss 2.5 litre £10 in Wilko
Non Drip FormulationFor interior and Exterior wood and metalHigh Sheen finish
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Can you use water based over oil based?

morrig that link is for the amstead oil based gloss, it will quickly yellow just like the rest

Used some Armsted white goss water based a year ago and still white, touched up the with some other day and no difference.Only problem not as durable.
Any one who has not seen noticeable yellowing after a year or two with oil based must be color blind .
A lot dearer but easily worth it.
Cheapest at the moment is £30.29 for 5 litres on Amazon..
Edited by: "morrig" 6th Aug

I’ve heard that Dulux Trade High Gloss white paint has been reformulated and as a result it is far less prone to yellowing than most oil based paints. Does anyone on here have any experience of the latest formulation and if so, does it yellow or fade evenly to a light cream colour?

jamgin20 h, 19 m ago

Personal experience of this or just hearsay?

Most oil based paints go yellow unless in very bright areas, I used 'Armstead quick drying satin' last time, more expensive but some things are just worth it