Posted 21 January 2024

Bed or mattress

Hey guys looking for a new bed or mattress, anyone saw any cracking deals , current bed frame is under 2 years old maybe even a good deal on a mattress ? Any help on this is greatly appreciated as I have lower back pain ,,,,thanks in advance
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    I got a mattress from Dreams
    Try their Sleepmatch service in store to see which one is best for you
    There is a sale on at the moment but on the website it says it ends tomorrow
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    I second that I always favoured medium for comfort when really what I needed was firm to support back , we opted for for firm with gel / micro springs and a topper built in above a firm matress so you have both support and comfort - game changer! Sleep match at Dreams all night long!
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    Everyone is different to what kind of support they need. Go to a bed shop get a good test of all the mattresses then leave and go look online for the best deal. On the frame I would always say buy separately. I think Divan bases are sturdier and more supportive. Wayfair had some decent prices recently. All the best on your search..I'm also on the lookout for a new mattress if I find one at a justifiable price.
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    I got this last year, and its been great, but its out of stock at the moment. We also considered getting this one, might be of use to you . Bed frame wise, we actually went with this and its actually really good - its not noisy like metal beds usually are, and the extra height makes it easier to get out of. It also comes apart/folds up a bit if you need to store it. Funnily enough, i am product testing a new divan bed this week so it'll be strange going back to a 'normal' bed lol
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    With mattresses I have always bought more expensive. Go test them out at bed shops. Haggle or Google for cheaper prices of the exact same one. Our last one was just shy of 1k that was 11 years ago. Only just looking at replacing now. I have a trapped L1/2/3 so very painful if rubbish beds. For the fram we used reinforced beds. Cheap cheerful and take stupid weights so no chance of us damaging it! (They taken something like 60+ st!)
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    Go to the stores and test.
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    Look on eBay. Exact same beds all the bigger stores have are on there, but you can buy direct from supplier at a much cheaper price. They also build to order so you can custom build a bed by choosing which fabric, colour and storage options you want.

    They also do mattresses at a fraction of the cost, and some buyers also have a similar policy to stores in that you can try it for x amount of days and exchange if you’re not happy. Double check this beforehand. It’s also worth going to a store and figuring out which type of mattress you want to buy first to help narrow your search. 
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