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How can I stop the multiple emails from Curry's telling me I have won a prize in their LG OLED Competition

Hi all, some of you might have followed my problems I had getting Curry's to replace my TV which they broke.

Well I managed to get a great deal on the replacment TV and I got an email about the competition I could enter to with a prize up to £100,000.
Well today is the day I could enter, which I did and I won £50.
I got an email telling me it would be in my bank within 28 days, which was good.
Then problem is that since I have had the first email, I have been sent an email at least every minute since.
Has anyone else had the same problem and if so how did you stop it.

The competition I know is genuine, before people say its a scam, but it's not ran directly by Curry's or LG so its pointless calling them.
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  1. jco83's avatar
    How do you know the competition you entered and "won £50" is genuine? It definitely sounds like scam / spam emails ...

    I do hope you haven't given your bank account information
  2. MadeDixonsCry's avatar
    Block the sender?

    Filter the sender to a different folder, and check periodically in case the sender sends an email requiring action, until u get your prize, then block. (edited)
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    Thank you I have done what you said.
  3. Gollywood's avatar
    You're convinced it's genuine despite what others have said, so put up with it until you get paid.

    Or as I suspect, there'll be another thread about how Curry's (not Currys) have scammed you... (edited)
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    What are you talking about I have not said anything since people started replying, thats why I asked the question to see what people thought.

    I contacted the bank and gave them the details, they said as I had not given my card details I should just keep an eye on my direct debits.

    The lady said I have done the right thing contacting them and also if I do set up a direct debit I think I need to add a code into my card reader which they would not have access to.
  4. Uridium's avatar
    I'm just amazed that after experiencing first hand how crap Curry's are you then bought another TV from them?
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    Yes I know, but it was my 4th TV off them and the only one I have ever had to complain about.
    My plasma when it broke they replaced straight away and it was I think nearly 4 years old.

    They made me an offer I could not refuse.

    An OLED 65" and I only had to pay £202.21 that includes another 5 year warranty.
  5. LouiseBee's avatar
    Yes I’m having the same issue. It is NOT A SCAM as others have suggested. It’s a promotion that’s been advertised on tv by Currys/LG since November. The emails didn’t start until I entered and “won” (everyone won - the minimum win was £25, max £100,000) 

    I’m filtering the emails into a new folder to stop the annoyance. I hope the glitch, which must be a server auto sending them every minute, will be resolved soon 
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    OP I hope they’ve stopped for you now. I haven’t had one for 45 mins so I think that’s it! Someone must have discovered the glitch 
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