Posted 11th Jun 2022
My P30 Pro has starting annoyingly to have mic issues. When I answer a call I can't be heard for 5/6 secs & sometimes not at all. If I use loud speaker or via Bluetooth no problems.
I've done a Google search & have tried many suggestions but with no joy.
So looks like I may need to replace it, having been out of the phone game for a while I have no idea where to start just want something on par with this under £350.
Any suggestions appreciated
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    Realme 9 Pro+ maybe?

    I am guessing that you want a new phone, not another P30 Pro from CEX?
    The problem is that hardly any phone matches the P30 Pro on the camera and battery front.
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    Another P30 Pro to replace it?

    I have a Mate 20 Pro, and just struggling to think what could replace it. - It just does everything I need and has a great camera.

    So if you are struggling, maybe another P30 Pro is the solution
    I did think that but just wondered if there was any viable alternative?
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    Tried a factory reset? May not be a hardware problem.
    Yes did all the suggestions I could find online really.
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    You could try a local repair shop to see if they could replace the earpiece - I'd say around £20 - £40?

    Your best bet would probably be an Honor handset. They were the sister to Huawei but were sold off and retains the licence to use Google services I believe.

    Huawei used to take their flagship handset and rebrand it under the HONOR brand with their own OS skin.

    Failing that, Poco M4 Pro is getting astounding reviews and comes in at £150 or so.

    Apart from that:

    - Replace with another P30 Pro
    - Buy a Mate 20 Pro
    - Pixel
    - iPhone
    - Samsung (edited)
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    Unfortunately because the p30 pro is arguably one of the best phones ever made, you'd have to go high-end to find something to match it, and high-end in 2022 is very expensive now. In my opinion the only Android phones that really match it (screen, battery and camera quality) are the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra - but you'll need £600-1000 for one.

    Having said that, unless you are quite picky, you will be fine with most phones around £350 e.g. galaxy S20/21 FE is a good option, or Realme, or Oneplus 9. Or a lot of people recommend the pixel 6 but I can't recommend it personally.
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