Posted 29 January 2024

Huawei P30 Pro wireless charger

The charging port on my son's phone is not holding the lead much now, he has tried different leads, can you please suggest a good wireless charger
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    Charging cable on mine was not sitting in fully. Android auto would disconnect and had to wiggle lead to get it to sit right to charge. Would no longer fast charge at 40w. Got a cocktail stick. Shaved a bit off the cocktail stick with a Stanley knife blade to thin it down. Cleaned fluff out of port. And worked and charged like new again with android auto connection fine in car again also (edited)
  2. Uridium's avatar
    There all pretty much the same to be honest. I prefer the cradle style over the puck style ones.
    Fast wireless charging often comes with an annoying noise which can be annoying if charging overnight near the bed so you may want to consider a low output slow charger if charging at night.
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    Clean the charging  port. It’ll be full of pocket fluff. The lead will work then. 
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    I once almost sent back my brand new one day old phone, think it was my s20+.
    Wouldn't charge and lead Wouldn't go all way in, spoke to samsung who said the port was faulty, my mrs said she could see a weird colour at the bottom with a torch so i got a needle and carefully dragged it around the bottom and it was full of fluff on delivery somehow, ran the tap in there and flushed it all out, worked perfectly. Good shout
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    99 percent of the time I've used wireless charging on my P30 Pro but when I needed to use the lead, it would not stay in. Tried cleaning it with no luck. To be honest, only the original lead that came with the phone would stay in. Other I have tried no luck.
    Just go with whatever wireless charger you find 10W or over. I've had my P30 Pro for 3 years, still good battery life considering I've used wireless charging
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