Posted 16 February 2024

Replace charging port - iPhone SE (1st gen)

Hello. How much would it be for Apple to replace a worn charging port?

When inserting the charger there is a bit of play (sidewards) and I have to adjust the charging lead until it picks up the lead properly/battery charge indicator comes on. Am concerned I won’t be able to charge at all in the future.

I know I can do this myself but would rather not.

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  1. 666FU's avatar
    This is an 8 year old phone which can be replaced for £30.

    Why on earth would anyone want to much around fixing it. Just bin it and get a replacement!
  2. steve765's avatar
    I don’t have any Apple coverplan. Am concerned won’t be able to charge in the future and may lose important info on my phone if I do it myself. Or get a 3rd party person to do it. Unless they are very well recommended.

    I have an Android phone I can/will start to use. I just don’t want to lose charging my iPhone completely.
    All help appreciated. Thanks. (edited)
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    Have you turned on back up to your iCloud account, that would cure the concern of losing your stuff.

    I'm not normally one to say things like this and no offence but if it's the original SE, the phone like an iPhone 5 I'd possibly suggest it could be an opportunity to upgrade.
  3. IAmATeaf's avatar
    Does the SE support wireless charging, if it does then that might be an option?
    steve765's avatar
    No. Not the 1st gen one anyway.

    Just the 2nd & 3rd gen ones support wireless. Thanks though. (edited)
  4. xCobehx's avatar
    Have you checked for packed in lint within the port? Common issue due to fluff etc. shine a torch in and can use a SIM pin to delicately “scrape” it back out and that might fix the problem.
    steve765's avatar
    Yes. It looks clear. Think charging port is slightly loose/has a bit of play in it as can wiggle charger connection left to right a bit. Not doing that on purpose obviously though. (edited)
  5. echobase's avatar
    It’ll be full of fluff as above gently scrape it out. You’d be surprised how much pocket crap is in there. . 
  6. RadiantDuck's avatar
    Have you tested with another lead, just to confirm whether it is the lead or the port? I had an iPad do similar and it was the lead in the end
    steve765's avatar
    Yes 3 different leads. It’s the charging port.

    How much give left-right there is when inserted lead into charging port is dependent on size of lead fitting. Wider less movement. (edited)
  7. Mendoza's avatar
    when it happened to my phone, I took it to a local guy, who had a stall down the market . fixed it the same day, for £25 . everything has worked for the past year
  8. steve765's avatar
    Will ask Apple but probably end up looking for a really good mobile phone repair place in Newcastle area. As Apple might not be that cheap.
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    I know it's not the route you want to take but I'd suggest that if the repair is £15+ then look to eBay instead. You can pick up that model with a 90% battery and uncracked display for that kind of price. Technically less since you could sell the old one for parts too.

    Bit of a faff but it's maybe an option.
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    The last update for it was iOS 15.X, latest is 17.X, so not that old if OP has updated it.
  10. steve765's avatar
    Thanks all. Will decide whether to get fixed or replace as some have indicated (edited)
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