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Affordable Mobiles is a UK mobile phone retailer. At Affordable Mobiles, shoppers can purchase a wide variety of latest mobile devices from top brands like Apple and Samsung, as well as products from HTC and LG among others, all at the best prices on the market. Shoppers can find offers and discount codes on the hotukdeals pages. How to redeem Affordable Mobiles vouchers
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£50 Discount
£50 Discount
Affordable Mobiles £50 off upfront costs using code - new contracts only
This is a voucher through Eden Red. £50 off upfront costs with no minimum up front value, so you can use this voucher on upfront costs that are under £50.

Don’t work


not working for me. Affordable mobiles have also disappeared from my Eden Red account.


yup same here!


It’s telling me “Promo code applied successfully.” but it’s not showing the monetary discount in the breakdown. Can anyone confirm is this happened for them?


Test it and see

£30 Discount
£30 Discount
£30 off upfront cost on new contracts at Affordable Mobiles
I found this code on Voucher Cloud ( ) which gives £30 off the upfront phone cost on new contracts. Voucher code is valid up to and inc… Read more

Can You Use This For The Three sim only deal? Thae one for £6/month after cashback


Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB - All Colours - 54GB 5G Data Vodafone, £30p/m + £610.00 upfront = £1330 (£1,300 with cashback) @


Not cheap deals


Upfront cost. Good point, I’ll update the post.


Upfront cost

£50 Discount
£50 Discount
£50 off upfront cost on new contracts @ Affordable Mobiles
found a voucher code that takes £50 off the upfront cost on a new contract. it applied the discount to an iphone 11 pro deal i had in the basket. i do not know how long it's valid … Read more



Just ordered two iPhone 12 Pro’s and got £50 off each. Great deal on EE, 50gb data, £32 month, £450 upfront but got £300 for my iPhone x Thanks for posting


i would have thought so as long as the voucher code stays active


iPhone 12 included coming next week?

£30 Discount
£30 Discount
£30 off ANY upfront contract cost, no min spend @ Affordable mobiles
As it says in the title, £30 off any upfront spend on a mobile contract.

Yup, looks like it’s no longer valid, sorry, will retire the deal. The must have killed it today as it was still live this morning.


Doesn't work on new contract deal for iPhone 11 either. I tried it on a contract deal where you pay £470 for the handset & £17 per month & it said "promo code invalid"


sorry, I believe its for for the upfront cost of a contract. Will amend the info.


Code doesn't work. Tried it with an iPhone 11 SIM only, pay upfront - it says "Promo codes not available with this offer"


Very interesting. When you said "affordable mobiles", I thought you meant: "they actually had affordable mobiles, back then" :D

£30 Discount
£30 Discount
Choose any new deal on EE and get £30 off the upfront cost using discount voucher code @ Affordable Mobiles

The code has been expired for a very long time, was originally posted in 2015 :)


Or just £5 off as that's all this code gave me?


Still under contract... Hopefully this'll last a bit. Thanks poster!

£49.99 Discount
£49.99 Discount
Get the new iPhone 6 16GB in Gold for free when signing up to an exclusive contract deal using discount voucher code @ Affordable Mobiles

not paying nomore than £25 a month for a phone. better things to spend money on :)


I need the 64GB but won't pay more than £100 up front or more than £40 a month so I guess i have a long wait (has to be EE)


I've eventually got my 6plus for £48 per month 64gb from affordable mobiles paid £30 upfront so cold from me I'm afraid. This was the best contract deal I've seen and still is. ;)


I'll wait for the iphone 7


Wow 44 a month 2 years probably try sell you insurance too I guess

Best Affordable Mobiles deals from our community

Three SIM 12GB Unlimited Mins/Texts - £10pm for 12 months | £73 cashback by Redemption (Effective £3.92pm) Total £120 @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
12GB for £3.92pm after cashback seems like a good price to me Cashback How do I claim my Cashback by Redemption? Claiming cashback is really simple – it’s just a matter of sub… Read more

In my experience the contract starts as soon as you place the order.


If I go for this deal, when does the contract start? As soon I paid for it or can I request a starting time? I want the contract to start at the end of the month. I also need to port my current number. Can some one please comment?


I suppose everyone's experience can be different I have changed contracts to get better deals, having to port number to PAYG and then back to Three but have never had any issues with cancelling out of contract. Last year I started a new contract, realised I didn't need it and cancelled within the 14 day period with no issues, the strange thing was I still got my £70 cashback reward :D


I had been having issues with 4g speed and calls were garbled and dropping out.. I spoke to their customer services then their technical team. Long story short I was told to set data types in settings to 2g/3g. That fixed the call issues and the speed was now steady but obviously slow. They offered half price for one month as they said it was whilst they were upgrading the network. I did not want to be stuck on 3g and my other phones / sims were working fine. The guy agreed to end my contract early with no fee. I asked him to make a note on the account which thankfully he did, but he did not process it correctly or maybe it's just an automatic thing that they try to recoup. I then got the letter a few days later requesting my remaining contract be paid plus admin fee. From then on I kept recordings of calls plus screenshots and id numbers of chat transcripts. Every time I spoke to them they agreed it was an error and I did not have to pay. But I kept getting letters and calls from their collections team. In the end I gave up and blocked the number. It was something I had to try and straighten out because I don't want them ruining my credit score for something so trivial but it took a lot of time and I never yet got a letter confirming £0 balance.


Thanks for sharing your opinion. What happened in the end with the £364 that you owed? Was it an error on their side?

Vodafone 5G Sim Only - Unlimited Mins and Texts, 160GB for £20pm (£228 redemption cashback - effective £10.50pm - 24mo) @ Affordable Mobiles
30/06/2021Expires on 30/06/2021Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
I've had a few requests for Vodafone offers with cashback, and although this is on the higher end term-wise (24 months), the cashback amount and data on offer are quite attractive.… Read more

Hmm dunno if that 200+ was on 4G. Sounds like 5G that does to me. It all comes down to location and load on the tower but even today I was having issues with phone calls on Vodafone.


Yep, costly (already have the other routers though), hence I dropped it. This was Vodafone late night... I did see 200+ on o2, but that was in a 5G phone, near a 5G mast, albeit supposedly on 4G.


Hmm. I guess. It just I don’t know how those companies would use that information other than to send you SPAM, SCAMS or cold call you.


Knowing the numbers you’ve called and when. This is all invaluable to many companies to help build profiles on you and people like you for advertising purposes.


I’ve got somewhere close to that on EE 4G but never seen anything close to it on other networks on 4G. Maybe 120 mbps if I’m lucky and right next to the tower. I see what you were thinking bit costly a route to go through though?

Three 5G Sim Only - 8GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts £8pm (+£108 Redemption Cashback Effective £3.50pm 24 Month) @ Affordable Mobiles
31/05/2021Expires on 31/05/2021Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Granted a 24-month tie-in on this, but if you get on with the network and don't mind a bit of cashback redemption, it's hard to grumble at an effective cost of £3.50 per month. :) … Read more

Thanks for posting. I went for the 12 month deal


You will have to port number to another network than port back if you want this deal


Or as another alternative, you could go via Quidco (I am on Premium) for 12gb data, £8 per month. They have a £25 bonus on selected mobile companies this week which includes Three SIMO direct with Three, plus their normal £32.50 cashback. So £8x12 =£96, minus the cashback = £38.50 for the year, or £3.21 equivalent with no claiming required. Tracking is a potential risk, but personally I haven't had issues with Quidco Three deals.


Ah good question then, perhaps you could phone/live chat three and ask them if it's possible to just move your number, otherwise it'll be back to having to PAC etc.


Actually I am PAYG on three.... that's why I asked...

Three 5G Sim Only - Unlimited Data, Minutes and Texts for £18pm (+£126 Redemption Cashback - effective £7.50pm) 12mo @ Affordable Mobiles
30/06/2021Expires on 30/06/2021Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Always a hotly debated network, but there's no denying that £126 cash back if you don't mind the process, makes this a very attractive proposition. Unlimited 5G data, minutes, an… Read more

Out to Giffgaff and back - just done it


How can I transfer my old 3 contract numbers over to this ?


Any suggestions on cheap phone to use as Hotspot? Or would it be better to use MIFI/sim modem?


Letter before action and then off to the small claims


Expired. Deal now shows as only £20 cashback, gutted! Will have to stick to the Fonehouse £10/month one. EDIT: It is still there but only if you click 'Get Deal' up here which didn't work for me on my main browser initially. When I went direct the deal is nowhere to be seen.

iPhone 11 64GB, EE: 25GB + Unltd mins + texts - £26/month + £34 upfront with code - £658 total over 24 months @ Affordable Mobiles via MSE
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
MSE Link: Possibly 3 has better deals but for the ones that don't want to go with 3 that's a pretty decent offer consider… Read more

Could anyone explain how to get the additional 20 percent off? I am a student and would love to get it for the lower price (y) 🏽


Having to send mine back arrived today really poor speeds on EE 1.62 download compared to Lebara 130mbps plus . Gutted might just be my area but Lebara on vodaphone has fantastic speeds allover . Hopefully Affordable mobiles will process the return quickly and I don’t know if I will be charged part we month . Had to pay £9.00 special delivery myself which is unusual for something that isn’t suitable .


Can anyone share a code for 20% off on ee perks ? Please


Where do you enter the discount code?


Yeah this must have been changed as there is no way you get it for less than a £100 up front for £26 a month

Vodafone Sim Only £18 pm 100GB Data, 5G, Unlimited Minutes & Texts 18m contract (£7pm cashback by redemption) £324 @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Affordable mobiles Vodafone sim only Affordable mobiles 100GB data boost from 20GB, uncapped data speeds, 5G, unlimited minutes and text. 18 month contract.

Brilliant, thank you so much for that! I'll try and sort it tomorrow as my cashback with fonehouse has ran out now and I'm currently paying full price/month on a vodafone sim only deal.


I'd just change my number and text it everyone .


No you don't. See my reply. Moving from Vodafone to Vodafone you don't. Me and my friend did it.


Had a cashback with 3 through affordable mobiles last year and had no issues with cashback so took out another Vodafone deal with them this year with £198 cashback.


You'll have to port out pal

Apple iPhone 12 Purple on Three - £0 Upfront £39pm / 24m Unlimited Data + Unlimited Mins + Unlimited Texts £936 at Affordable Mobiles
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Good deal via affordable mobiles for the new Purple Iphone 12 64GB on pre-order.

Red. Ferrari red :D




What about the monthly internet


red or purple iPhone 128 GB for 43£/m.


Posted 19th Dec 2020Posted 19th Dec 2020LocalLocal
View Deal

An unlimited Smarty SIM for £15/m x 24months + £699 = £1059 is still cheaper than this deal.


"Unlimited Data available on O2 Custom Plans on selected handsets and selected SIM Only tariffs. Fair use policy applies, personal and non-commercial usage only. If you regularly use 650GB of data per month or tether 12 or more devices we may consider this to be non permitted use and have the right to move you to a more suitable plan. EU roaming capped at 25GB per month, chargeable at £3.50 per GB afterwards. For full terms see"


we all don’t have a BT speed landline lol so yeah unlimited data it is (100-250meg 5G ;) )


Would you use more than 90gb? If not the below is significantly cheaper

iPhone 11 128GB on Three - 100GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts for £34pm (£49 upfront, 24 months) @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 23rd Oct 2020Posted 23rd Oct 2020
iPhone 11 128GB on Three - 100GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts for £34pm (£49 upfront, 24 months) @ Affordable Mobiles£865
An excellent deal for the 128GB version of the iPhone 11, available in a range of colours. If going down the cashback route, you can get the same phone, data, minutes and texts f… Read more

That’s a decent deal but sadly 3 is totally useless where we live and also all the way along the main road to the nearest big town.

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£30£30 off upfront cost on new contracts at Affordable Mobiles25/11/2020
£50£50 off upfront cost on new contracts @ Affordable Mobiles7/11/2020
£30£30 off ANY upfront contract cost, no min spend @ Affordable mobiles21/02/2020
£30Choose any new deal on EE and get £30 off the upfront cost using discount voucher code @ Affordable Mobiles23/03/2015