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100GB (4G) + Unlimited Minutes & Texts + 100 intl minutes - £12 sim only (30 Days /No contract) @ Lycamobile
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Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
Plan Mega Plus Uswitch: 100GB (4G) + Unlimited Minutes & Texts + 100 intl minutes - £12 (30 Days /No contract)@ Lycamobile 30 day rolling contract 100gb data (4G) 100 internat… Read more

Data capped to 14 gb could not find any mention of this until nothing worked abroad and came up in conversation with rep.DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. They are run by a Spanish company called Masmovil no shops in Spain push them although they have the sims but say customers all ways come back complaining if sim is taken. Owners in shops sell Lebara as they say easy money as customers buy sim and they never see them again unless topup is required.Enough said i suppose.


Sent free sim with no welcome email hence 12 days no service at all .EU use set at 14 Gb max(no mention on any website) uses French plus internet with speeds up to 4 mbps.Calls and message service dont work.Bought local sim whilst abroad shops sell Lycamobile all said not to buy Lyca as they have so many complaints about them..How they are still tradi g is beyond me.


Liarmobile nuff said.


U welcome


I like this deal .... Thanks OP

Plan Mega Plus Uswitch: 100GB (4G) + Unlimited Minutes & Texts + 100 intl minutes - £12 (30 Days /No contract) @ Lycamobile
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Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
No commitment 30 day rolling 100gb data (4G) 100 international minutes. Uses o2 network Unlimited minutes Unlimited text Auto renews each month No VoLte or 4G calling Roaming incl… Read more

London Bridge "4G"


This is how my email from uSwitch appeared, the pin in the table is the one needed to avoid the "sign into network" error and no data service. Really could do with that info highlighting and in the SIM pack. Then plan shows up fine in account: And speedtest is slower than other networks but I think typical for an O2 mvno in London Litmus test will be passing a train station at rush hour, I recall GiffGaff being atrocious years ago. Porting request went through fine here: If porting loses the £12 deal will probably stay anyway, just tiding over til Black Friday when I can switch back to my old network or a better one and keep my number on a new deal!


Pin looks like this 123456789StandardUK PLAN MEGA PLUS STANDARD UK PLAN MEGA PLUS USWITCHNATIONALGPB12.00.This is at the bottom of the first email you will receive,DONT enter the first number of the pin making it 8 number's.


Some of the positive reviews on trust pilot are created by the employees. They never pick up calls after you call customer services. Had to leave negative feedback on trust pilot and within 30 minutes I get a call from Lyca trying to resolve my issue.


Lycamobile set-up once you get the sim,put the sim into the phone and then dial (*116*8 digit pin#)send.Pin can be found on the first email you receive from lycamobile at the bottom, the number is actually 9 numbers but don't enter the first number.

Lycamobile UNLIMITED O2 4G data, calls, texts £15/month for up to 3 months. 30 DAY CONTRACT (new customers)
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Lycamobile UNLIMITED O2 4G data, calls, texts £15/month for up to 3 months. 30 DAY CONTRACT (new customers)£15 Free P&P Free
Lycamobile UNLIMITED O2 4G data, calls, texts £15/month for up to 3 months. 30 DAY CONTRACT (new customers). Perfect for if your main internet dies or if you're moving house durin… Read more

Hope it works out. I found it’s a bit of trial and error where you put the router and which network SIM works best. According to the ofcom maps, I’m supposed to have good o2 signal here and it’s carp. Best for me so far is IDMobile.


I went with £12 cashback and £16/month smarty unlimited monthly sim. Then went with this fir £35




The archer MR600 has LAN ports so I plus a cat6 cable into that and my Firestick. Works OK.


I’m staying in a house short term and cannot install broadband. I bought a tplink archer MR600 and a lebara SIM card. I get OK WiFi . Lebara uses Vodafone which is pretty reliable.

Lycamobile 100GB Data / Unlimited UK Mins/UK Texts / 30 Days contract £12 @ Lycamobile via Uswitch
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Plan Mega Plus Uswitch You will receive 100 GBData UnlimitedUK Mins UnlimitedUK Texts 100 International Minutes EU Roaming

good to know if and when i decide to go back to lycamobile, left them after the 1 mth £15 unlimited data contract ended, so didnt port in my main phone number and just chucked the sim in a drawer, but thanks for the info. (y)


In case it helps anyone, "New number" is the existing Lycamobile 07XXXXXXXXX mobile number on the Lycamobile SIM and "Lycamobile SIM number" is the 19 digit number printed on the Lycamobile SIM card. Probably obvious to most people, but somehow took me two attempts to get it right and successfully port a (spare, not my main) number in to test out their porting service and data speeds where I am. I got almost-immediate text messages to confirm the port-in with a reference number when I got it right the second time (so if when doing it you don't get those texts there may be something wrong with the details you entered on the form).


Just talk to them with facebook messenger, very helpful


Did it finally work? And what did you need to do to push it?


i watch Prime video using the Lycamobile average speed of 5MBps and for browsing etc on my laptop too and all that at the same time too :)

Lycamobile Monthly Rolling 10GB Data / Unlimited UK Mins & Texts / 100 International Minutes / 3 Months Half Price
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Lycamobile Monthly Rolling 10GB Data / Unlimited UK Mins & Texts / 100 International Minutes / 3 Months Half Price£5£1050% off Free P&P Free
Thought this is a google deal for 10GB data sim for 3 months, cancel anytime. National Plus £5.00 Unlimited UK mins Unlimited UK texts Data 10GB Unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls U… Read more
Lycamobile (o2 4G) Unlimited data/Mins/texts PAYG 30 day bundle £17.50 @ Lycamobile
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Lycamobile (o2 4G) Unlimited data/Mins/texts PAYG 30 day bundle £17.50 @ Lycamobile£17.50

Anyone moved (ported) there number to Lycamobile? if so can you pls explain where to put number you are bringing to Lycamobile and where to put your newly given Lycamobile number on their' number transfer form' (see pic), as there are 4 different spaces for numbers to be inserted on the form, making it confusing? logic dictated like for other providers the form should have 2 spaces for numbers only, one for number you are bringing to Lycamobile and a sace for your current/newly given Lycamobile number when you signed up, but noooo, they had to made it complicated, just like how over-complicated activating your new plan is :| i've had my current number for over 20yrs and dont want to lose it by putting it in the wrong space etc etc :S form is here -


O2 is 650GB, only thing I see in terms is unlimited mins/texts. Vodafone/o2 have really opened up their Wholesale over COVID, both allowed resellers access and much cheaper, Vodafone is £45, Lebara is £25. O2 £35, Lyca £17.50. You won’t get the best speeds versus top dollar but for many the speed will handle 4K, Lebara for me just 4G but the speeds are worthy, 25-80megs time dependent.


Is there a limit on unlimited package of how much I can use hot-spot tethering ect or is it unlimited :D ????


Top class Giga LTE 4x4 mimo carrier aggregation and LAA (y) There was nothing like it class in 2018! No wonder you’re all hard for Lycamobile (y)


Huawei mate 20 pro 8)

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Lycamobile (o2 4G) 100GB/unlimiteds 30 day PAYG £15 @ Lycamobile
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Lycamobile (o2 4G) 100GB/unlimiteds 30 day PAYG £15 @ Lycamobile£15
3 months 25% off^ offer ends 31 March 2021 £2.50 more gets Unlimited data 100 International Mins Includes Landline &a… Read more

The 3 month limitation should be in title.


does anyone know if they offer 'wi-fi calling'? I am in a poor signal area and need my mobile to connect via the wifi


Money saving hot dealing is what I do ;) (y)


Nice find OP heat added

10GB Data for £5 at Lycamobile 30Days 50% off for 3 Months
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Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
10GB Data for £5 at Lycamobile 30Days 50% off for 3 Months£5
10GB data

Thanks for sharing @United_Kingdom (y)


Un expire as still available. I don't want it or need it, but went to have a look and deal is still available, though said for new customers. I have a friend who pays £10 and includes 500 international minutes which he needs more thsn the 100 international on this one.

£5 for 10GB / £7.50 for 16GB / £10 for 40GB for first 3 months @ Lycamobile
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Posted 22nd Dec 2020Posted 22nd Dec 2020
£5 for 10GB / £7.50 for 16GB / £10 for 40GB for first 3 months @ Lycamobile£5 Free P&P Free
Lycamobile are having a Christmas sale (Until 4th January) for £5 for 10GB or £7.50 for 16GB or £10 for 40GB for the first 3 months. Then just change to a cheaper provider after… Read more

Priority will go to o2 customers the network owners at the base station, bottlenecking (5G will eradicate this), but also the end server to Lyca may well be Lyca or o2 provided so it can be double trouble - Virgin mobile servers here are much faster than EE’s were when VM stopped being a basic MVNO a few years ago and made their server V Media based not EE’s. What maybe also makes a difference can be consumer hardware can make a big difference. If you can get a mobile that blocks Band 20 800MHz but supports Mimo 4x4 (4 antennas with concurrent data connections) most places apart from the sticks you will have a better experience, what mobile are you using ? Was it unlocked from another network ?


Lycamobile limit your data speed to near unusable if you use too much data on unlimited plan! I used less than 50gb and got throttled


I have been with Lebara for coming up to a month, no issues so far, I am on unlimited for £17.50 a month for six months, I am not sure that they do retention deals so I'll be going elsewhere, possibly back to Vodafone but through say


Vodafone defo have a better network than their base station sharing partner o2.


that’s Industry wide...

Lyca Mobile 10GB Data, Unlimited calls and text & 100 International mins for £4pm
1125° Expired
Posted 6th Dec 2020Posted 6th Dec 2020
Lyca Mobile 10GB Data, Unlimited calls and text & 100 International mins for £4pm£4
60% of for 6 months. Monthly rolling.

My mums contract seems to have ended. Nothing about this offer that I can see


Had anyone else had their contact end as they no longer offer this?


Many thanks bud


It's within the order confirmation email at the bottom under details, left of the order number.


Found the email. Strangely Gmail did not return that email when I searched for Lyca. Found it when I looked for "Free sim". It was one of the first emails from them.