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Bosch GMS120 (0601081000) Multi Material, Stud, Cable, Wire, Metal, Copper Detector £84 at Toolstop
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Bosch GMS120 (0601081000) Multi Material, Stud, Cable, Wire, Metal, Copper Detector £84 at Toolstop£84
Bosch GMS120 (0601081000) Professional Multi Material Cable, Wire, Metal, Copper Detector The Bosch GMS120 is a wallscanner with multi-mode detection - for detection of wood studs,… Read more

Mine comes today


Yes sounds like you and I are similar in our DIY needs, i do have a a reasonably priced stud/electric finder, i struggle to trust it on its own, ive found if you look at a job look for screw/nail inserts if you can, another great thing to use is a magnet, feel a slight pull its probably a screw/nail you should be able to trace the line just from the magnet also along with the good old tap of the wall, between the 3 I'm confident enough, again im sure a pro would suggest many other ways, tech can assist in many ways but we need to balance the price/effectiveness versus buying tat with pretty lights (ive bought my fair share of that in the past) hope that helps you in someway :)


Thanks so much for the comment. Ikea pax hacks, building a deck for composite and the odd thing to hang on the walls is what I will be doing this year! But I am no professional, just enthusiastic to get into more and more DIY. Guess I will go with the cheaper option with good reviews (y) Does your advice also extend to stud finders by any chance too? Cheap ones will do the trick for a home? TIA


Laser Levels are a great thing but don't get to fixated on them, im a DIYer but i have the dewalt laser line which is self levelling all singing and dancing, and ive also a laser spirit level which was about £15! two very different price ranges but back each other up in my eyes. the things i use them for are similar to what you have mentioned, boarding out a loft, decking, building a shed, my work is NOT down to the ultimate precision of being straight (a professional user would clearly need this) for me i needed my decking to have a slight roll on it so the rain would wash away, but not to much that it looks stupid, and lasers do that job wonderfully. position them and trust what you have set up, make sure your measuring well and the lines are where you need and you wont go far wrong at all.


They all work about the same, it seems most of the 1 star reviews on any of these detectors seems to just be people using them incorrectly.

Makita XGT Range + Free Home Repair Kit + Free Battery - £348 @ Toolstop
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Makita XGT Range + Free Home Repair Kit + Free Battery - £348 @ Toolstop£348 Free P&P Free
From the email.. We've teamed up with Makita to bring you the deal of the year! The first 75 customers to buy any of the Makita XGT kits below will receive a FREE Makita P-90532 … Read more

All my kit is 18v LXT plus a 36v hedge trimmer and lawnmower. I don’t get the 40v reasoning


BOUGHT ONE!!! Just in time to upgrade my makita LXT combi drill, price still little bit high, but got the free repair kit, battery and p&p, I can't say is a bad deal. THANKS O. P.


Can't say I'm particularly sold on this 40v range. Theres no stand out tool at you can't get in the 18v x 2 range and most of the power boost seems to come from the higher current output of the 21700 cells vs the 18650s in the 18v batteries. This guy has lots direct comparison reviews on his channel.

Dewalt DCS312N 12V XR Brushless Sub Compact Reciprocating Saw (Body Only) £109 @ Toolstop
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Posted 22nd Oct 2020Posted 22nd Oct 2020
Dewalt DCS312N 12V XR Brushless Sub Compact Reciprocating Saw (Body Only) £109 @ Toolstop£109 Free P&P Free
Dewalt DCS312N 12V XR Brushless Sub Compact Reciprocating Saw (Body Only)

The 10.8v set are perfect for most things, I use my set for literally everything apart from construction, then I use my 18v. If your a tradie they are no good but for diy stuff then they are ideal.


12v? Anybody really use 12v dewalt tools?


Guess my 18v battery’s won’t fit


Yeah I got excited for a second until I noticed it was 12V. After buying some of the 54V stuff, I think 12V would feel like a kid’s toy now (lol)


Not 12v you don’t

Buy one 18V Bosch tool, redeem a second (from a pre-selected range) for free at Toolstop
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Posted 26th Sep 2020Posted 26th Sep 2020
Buy one 18V Bosch tool, redeem a second (from a pre-selected range) for free at Toolstop£259
Running from September to December 2020, you can get a second tool completely FREE when you purchase any of the 18V Bosch Professional tools below. Once you’ve completed your purch… Read more

Avoid Lidl and Aldi own brands! Awful quality products, break after a short while


Hi @AndrewABarber I've added some extra info on the tools that can be claimed with the offer. Thanks for taking the time to post. :)


The little 12v hex chuck drills are amazing. I use mine daily.


I have the free circular saw from Bosch, and have to say I’m well happy with it,it’s a great deal if you have bought into the Bosch battery platform but if you have makita or Dewalt then just stick with them as the batteries is where the moneys at


Thank you for your first post. It might be of interest to someone. Personally I get better deals with DeWalt. As if you want something to last and perform well...then "Quality has a price!". Keep it up. Don't get discouraged.

DeWalt DCF887M1-GB with free tool apron (worth £15) with free P&P - £149.98 @ Toolstop
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Posted 26th Aug 2020Posted 26th Aug 2020
DeWalt DCF887M1-GB with free tool apron (worth £15) with free P&P - £149.98 @ Toolstop£149.98£159.996% off Free P&P Free
DeWalt DCF887M1 Impact driver kit: Comes with: 4.0Ah XR Li-Ion battery pack Multi-voltage XR charger Belt hook TSTAK compatible kitbox As part of the promo on Toolstop you can al… Read more
JCB 18BLCD-B 18V Brushless Combi Drill (Body Only) - £34.99 Delivered @ Toolstop
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Posted 24th Aug 2020Posted 24th Aug 2020
JCB 18BLCD-B 18V Brushless Combi Drill (Body Only) - £34.99 Delivered @ Toolstop£34.99
This a great offer for a powerful drill. Battery is available for £17.99

Thanks for posting @Mark_Mani and welcome to hotukdeals :)


B-n-Q deal is for JCB-18CD model. This one is JCB-18BLCD model (better specs) more power.


Good price for bare bones, but if you haven't already got a charger and battery, then getting a bundle would be better. On Toolstop it would be Drill £30 Battery £18 (2.0Ah battery) Charger £15 (but OOS) £5 P&P Total £71 Clearance deals here for £70 with a 5.0Ah battery or


It actually looks decent but they've made a lot of low quality stuff which damages the reputation of their better stuff


anyone any recommendations for a cordless combi ? need to replace my 10 yr old bosch as neither battery holds a charge at all. prob only need one battery with it. cheers

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JCB 18BLID-B 18V Brushless Impact Driver (Body Only) £29.99 @ Toolshop
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Posted 7th Jul 2020Posted 7th Jul 2020
JCB 18BLID-B 18V Brushless Impact Driver (Body Only) £29.99 @ Toolshop£29.99£54.2345% off
I don’t know if this is a good deal or not but £29.99 for an impact Driver sounds good to me when Ryobi etc are £60+. No battery but someone might already have one so hope it help… Read more

Out of stock


This should do it (2 batteries too!): Or even this:


Just go on ebay or something search drill brush attachment, absolutely loads to choose from.


Please share link to said cloth brush attachment


Yeah I said above I knew I didn't need an impact I'm just clueless with drills, the one I had was just some naff thing my grandad gave me and hes been dead 10 years so it must have been at least 15 years old. This hammer function is that to just get stubborn screws in the wall when they dont want to? The one somebody linked me somebody said it didn't have a charger so didn't bother... I'm just wanting something with everything ready for me

JCB Impact driver (Body only) £29.99 at Toolstop
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Posted 4th May 2020Posted 4th May 2020
JCB Impact driver (Body only) £29.99 at Toolstop£29.99 £5
JCB Impact driver (body only) £29.99. I’ve ordered one for occasional DIY use, it should arrive t… Read more

Anyone else manage to find a charger for this? Struggling to find one.


Thanks for the info


I did bit of digging and from what I can tell this is a new range started in January. This new stuff is not compatible with anything I know so far. Got the driver and the battery and driver is really powerful compared to my work zone driver. Has a little lag between pressing the trigger and motor kicking in maybe due to it being brushless but still very good for the price. B&Q does the brushed version for £80.


I’d love to also find out, I know there’s someone out there that does know this info because I remember someone posted a compatibility list on another post a few months back but I just can’t find the post. I would live to buy this drill but don’t want to buy the charger and battery if I already have something that’s computable. I have dewalt and Worx.


Anyone found out if these batteries and charger are compatible worn any other brands?

Karcher 1.514-157.0 XPERT HD 7125 Pressure Washer 240V £420 @ Toolstop
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Posted 2nd May 2020Posted 2nd May 2020
Karcher 1.514-157.0 XPERT HD 7125 Pressure Washer 240V £420 @ Toolstop£420 Free P&P Free
Karcher 1.514-157.0 XPERT HD 7125 Pressure Washer 240VKarcher are X-cited to announce the return of the Xpert. The same robust, reliable Karcher Professional pressure washers you k… Read more

It really depends what you want from a pressure washer. This is a professional one so for cleaning your deck chairs then yeah it’s a bit ott. But I have a wall mounted karcher professional at work for cleaning machinery and compared to my k4 or my little cheap Vax the difference in performance is clear. Much more pressure easily removes pretty much everything it’s pointed at! Would I use it on my car? No. Way more power than is needed when fully open but if you have large patios and drive ways I imagine you’d welcome the extra more consistent power with open arms. Remember to check the kw of the motors not just get focused on the bar or psi :)


They are generally a good bit cheaper though.


Im in two minds. The Nilfisk guarantee is half as long as the Karcher and I have lots of Karcher accessories...... I can get a K5 full control premium at BnQ for £250 including cashback....


I previously had a nilfisk until I bought my K7, like I mentioned previously, thinking of selling my K7 when I get it back and buying another Nilfisk.


Just to add, the K7 only has a 6 year guarantee if you buy from karcher direct. buy from anywhere else and its a 5 year guarantee. my K5 premium gave up last week......just not sure if I want another karcher now.... Edit....just realised these XPert range have totally different fittings to normal karcher products....not good for my patio cleaner, foam lance, gutter cleaner, etc!!!

JCB 18BL-TPK-TS2 18V Brushless Twin Pack - 18BLCD Combi Drill + 18BLID Impact Driver (2 x 2.0Ah Batteries) - £129 @ toolstop
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Posted 31st Oct 2019Posted 31st Oct 2019
JCB 18BL-TPK-TS2 18V Brushless Twin Pack - 18BLCD Combi Drill + 18BLID Impact Driver (2 x 2.0Ah Batteries) - £129 @ toolstop£129
Driver. This twinpack comes equipped with 2 x 2.0Ah batteries and a fast charger all contained in the JCB 20" soft base bag for easy transportation. 18BLCD FEATURES: 65Nm of hard… Read more

"The kitchen" and I'll be looking out for those clearance deals then. Should be bargains if they go cheaper than this :D


I have some info from the kitchen. And I have an account on their wholesale website. Just they said that sales are not as expected and very soon all JCB will end up on their clearance page.


Thanks for your feedback. I've not personally used JCB drills or impacters. How do you know they're not going to stock them much longer?


I have this for like 2 weeks, good dril, powerful impakt. And the price is just perfect. Unfortunately Toolstop will discontinue JCB .


You bought them then? :D