Nando's Resturant discount codes

Nando's Resturant Discount Codes

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Nando’s serves up fiery Afro-Portuguese fusion food in a range of colourful restaurants across the UK. To save money on their famous spicy chicken dishes and more, customers can pay with a gift card, or use discount codes to reduce their bill. When new vouchers are launched, HotUKDeals add them to the list on our Nando’s page. How to redeem Nando's Resturant vouchers

All Nando's Resturant Voucher & Promo Codes for August 2019

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Nandos free half chicken - for students

Didnt work for me, just says only one per student but I've never signed up before. Just tried a different address and still didnt work.


Does a student card need to be shown when using this?


doesnt work for me :( they usually have good offers during freshers week


Worked fine for me and mate. Cheers! :)


same here :-(

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Free Half Chicken for students at nandos

i should have kept my id


thanks for this, left my uni 3 years ago but my id card has no expiry date. still using it to this day and got us a meal for 2, the wifey used hers, for £9.


just used this again today :-D i printed my voucher 5 times :oops:


I just realised it's not actually the same deal as last time... you actually have to spend £4 to get the chicken :(


btw, you should really use this link instead: ]

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Nandos bring a mate deal buy two get one free

Nandos are not Franchises in the UK. They are all owned by the parent company AFAIK


It was in the Castleford Xscape one, they were at the point of sale - they seemed reluctant to hand them out. Managed to stifle a few away !!


Which Nando's was this, please? I thought they were franchises which would maybe mean that this deal would not be in all Nandos:thinking:


Doesn`t look like an online offer


where do i get the voucher?

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Nando's BOGOF (Leeds)

oh sweet great deal voted hot! does is matter if its in black and white? or does it have to be in colour


You deserve a bigger thanks! Cheers


Mine was begrudgingly :-(


Thanks for the hot votes!


Lucky Leeds peeps :x voted hot

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Buy one get one FREE at NANDOS in Cardiff/Bristol
Buy one combination meal and get one free with these print out vouchers. The vouchers are valid unti… Read more

Bump....before it runs out


tried to use voucher in cardiff yesterday, they will only accept the updated one which states can only be from monday to thursday.......


Yeah the parkstreet nandos said the same to me :) but theres a new updated voucher you can use there


I dont know...but usually staff these days...dont have a clue about what offers are running as there are so many runnning...for exaple...zizzi ran 2 offers for this from and other from their own website....same terms but Nando's are famous for running their card stamp promotion which is pretty good if you were a regular but no good if wanted it to try first time....or even if you havent been there for long...I agree some staff are ignorant and have no idea they are talking about....and Nandos is not a place you would normally expect a 5 star service....just some hot I would say go with that in your mind and you would be trumps...and even more so if you had 50% offer...(with a stamp ;)) I dont even get that......:thinking:


Because, if you read my post I cannot be certain that she was indeed the manageress, but given that she was so rude and abrupt I am trying to highlight the actual staff member for her incredible lack of customer service when the branch itself (and ultimately these staff) has unfairly moved the goalposts to suit themselves. :thumbsup:

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Buy one combo meal, get another free at Nandos (Cardiff & Bristol only!)

Hi, What do you get with a combo meal, and how much is it? Cant see it on the online menu.


went to the one in nantgarw last week took the voucher no problem, what a bargin and its on till the end of October


just in time for my cardiff trip next week :) It'll be my 29th different nandos restaurant... wahoo thanks.


wish i lived near here !


Thanks ! we love Nando's mmmmmm chicken in pitta yummy Ta Vicky

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2 for1 voucher at Nandos for Lunch

i used it successfully in Cambridge! Fakes FTW!


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& Fake>>>>wtf


thanks but ,,,, Why do they get the voucher out for 2 days.... Rubbish but I guess I would see people queuing clinching the piece of paper Hot chicks....till tomorrow.!


Message from Nando's Marketing Dept: We can confirm that the voucher being circulated is not a genuine promotion. For the best offers at Nando's, pick up a Nando's loyalty card from our restaurants. Many thanks.

Newest Nando's Resturant Discount Codes:

DiscountNando's Resturant Discount DetailsExpires
% offNandos free half chicken - for students21/04/2010
% offFree Half Chicken for students at nandos23/10/2009
% offNandos bring a mate deal buy two get one free28/08/2009
% offNando's BOGOF (Leeds)26/02/2009
% offBuy one get one FREE at NANDOS in Cardiff/Bristol7/01/2009