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Enjoy your favourite barista drinks at home with Tassimo. Stylish machines that look great on your kitchen worktop combine with clever Intellibrew technology to deliver everything from creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos to indulgent hot chocolates and refreshing herbal teas. You just have to press a button and your drink is delivered instantly. Tassimo T-discs (also called pods) contain 70 drink varieties from over three dozen well-known brands so your morning coffee or afternoon tea will be anything but dull. If you find the world of coffee machines a little bewildering and the number of drink varieties overwhelming, don't worry, the Tassimo website guides you carefully through the choosing process. If you want to mix up your coffee routine, then visit hotukdeals where you'll find a Tassimo voucher code to save you money when you buy a new machine. You can also pick up a Tassimo promo code for free delivery on your next coffee order. How to redeem Tassimo Shop vouchers
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-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Tassimo - HAPPY EASTER 25% OFF using code: EASTER
Tassimo - HAPPY EASTER 25% OFF using code: EASTER Obviously prices vary per product, but my example is for a £3.99 pack down to £2.99 with the code. NOTE: Discount when you spend £… Read more

New website was an utter pile of crap the other week when i tried to order, gave up and used amazon instead


Cheaper on Amazon voted cold as ice


Same here.


I don't bother with this site anymore now you can't stack "new machine" codes with the % off offers. Just as cheap in supermarkets or nearly always on Amazon. Bought 5 boxes of lor the other day for £13.99

Free delivery
Free delivery
30% off over £45 on Tassimo pods
I used this last year to stock up and just done the same this year. 30% off on orders over £45 and includes free standard delivery. Loads too choose from, and I usually mix and ma… Read more

Finaly Delivered!!! (popcorn)


We're sorry but the delivery of your shipment has been delayed. We expect to deliver on the next working day They are taking the mick now (annoyed)


I can live without a lot of things but Coffee ain't one of them haha


Got a notifaction today that it's been shipped :)


Mine has arrived by DHL a few days ago so I'd email them.

Best Tassimo Shop deals from our community

64 x Tassimo Pods Costa Gingerbread Latte (2 x 4 packs) £19.98 @ Tassimo Shop
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Can also order 1 pack with £2.99 delivery For limited time only order one of the coffee shop favourites that TASSIMO has to offer, Costa Gingerbread Latte, for 50% off when buyin… Read more

I love these! Great price :-)


Changed (:I


This is a great deal but I thought it was for 4 packs bevause of the picture. Ordered, thank you.


No idea, I see lots of Tassimo pod deals being voted cold that I think are great! Oh well each to their own (highfive)


Just ordered., thanks for posting (y)

Best Of Black Coffee - 160 pods - £32.63 - Tassimo
19° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
160 Pods (10 packs of 16) £3.24 each pack BEST OF BLACK COFFEE IN STOCK Taste a variety of the best black coffee's we have in the TASSIMO assortment. This bundle consists of 5 di… Read more

Good deal OP, I've posted this deal a couple of times now. Purchased a few times. Good mix at a good price! (y)


£3.26 per pack is a good price. I picked up 4 boxes of lattes today, from Tesco. No deal as such (3 for £10 etc) but an average price of £3.99, mind you I did have 5 x £5 vouchers on me, so it didn't hurt a bit <3 with this deal you get what you want FREE DELIVERY, without the risk of substitutions OR the need to travel (in my case) a round trip of 15 miles... on the off chance. (y)


I shall drive 10 miles to my local Asda or pay Asda to get them delivered to my home. Obviously that would also depend on Asda having stock in the first place. Else it would be a waste of time. ;)


3 for £10 at asda and you can choose what you want

Tassimo Coffee Machine £1 with Subscriptions E.G 15 Packs (8/16pods) Every 3 months (£59.97) for a year + Machine for £240.88 @ Tassimo Shop
-34° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
I was slightly sceptical of this offer until I tried it. Subscribe for 9, 15 or 18 packs every three months, and get a free Tassimo machine. Check it out. I subscribed for 15 packs… Read more

11% topcashback as well


Your drinking pod coffee. Says it all! (lol)


It may do, but it doesn't have a Brita filter built in, or the range of preferences that the My Way two has. You can choose to have a larger or smaller, a stronger or milder, version of a particular pod, you can set the machine to memorise your particular preference of a pod. The water tank is larger, You can choose the colour, I could go on, but I am drinking a double shot of French, Grand Mere Espresso. What are you drinking? I could guess at Spar Mild Coffee with Chicory, but I won't......


I can choose volume on my £30 machine too! Which alters the strength!


It doesn't. The more expensive one lets you select strengths & volumes.

Tassimo Costa Gingerbread Latte 4 Pack - 32 Drinks - £9.99 + 2.99 Delivery = £12.98 or 8 packs = £19.98 + free delivery@ Tassimo Shop
117° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
A good price if you like this flavour. Works out at £3.25 a pack or lower if you buy more. Costa Gingerbread Latte from Tassimo has the authentic Costa Coffee Taste Indulgent a… Read more

Out of stock again


The link seems to be broken but it's easy enough to find on the Tassimo website


Thanks, I've unexpired (y)


Back in stock :)



Tassimo pods hot chocolate bundle - 4 packs £13 + £2.99 delivery
-95° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
** FREE DELIVERY IF YOU GET x2 PACKS ** The perfect introduction for the chocolate lover. This bundle consists of 4 different kinds of hot chocolate. This offer cannot be combine… Read more

Ordered, thanks OP (y)


Yes, that's what I said, sometimes at supermarket you find a variety, but not all of these, so in that respect, this is OK, but pricewise, I think Tassimo can do better. Sadly there is no competition, with Dolce Gusto I often find pods at £1-2 while the RRP is £4, this is because there are 3rd party pods.


So just the same as most supermarkets (unless you buy x2, free delivery = £3.25pp). Still a good deal if your looking for a mix then (y)


I found them most of the time at £3.99, to me that's their regular price. May be £3.25 per pack, but with delivery, this is £16 for 4, so £4 each.


When they are not on sale? Usually £4.50 in my local store! Maybe that's why I'm thinking it's a better deal. These are £3.25 a pack (if you buy x2). Saves me £10.00 (y)

Tassimo Pods x160 - Best of Black Coffee - £32.63 @ Tassimo Store
71° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Tassimo Pods x160 - Best of Black Coffee - £32.63 @ Tassimo Store£32.63£43.5025% off Free P&P Free
Taste a variety of the best black coffee's we have in the TASSIMO assortment. This bundle consists of 5 different kinds of black coffee. 2 x Kenco Americano Grande 2 x Kenco Amer… Read more

Judd did this 40p a cup £3.20 a pack not bad


Thanks for all your replies I found the link and ordered them.


Go to shop, offers, drinks deals. Don't know what's going on with the link (confused)


https://www.tassimo.com/gb/best-of-black-coffee Try that (y)


I can't find this option from the link to the website

Tassimo Pods x160 - BEST OF BLACK COFFEE £32.18 at Tassimo Shop
83° Expired
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Tassimo Pods x160 - BEST OF BLACK COFFEE £32.18 at Tassimo Shop£32.18 Free P&P Free
Taste a variety of the best black coffee's we have in the TASSIMO assortment. This bundle consists of 5 different kinds of black coffee. 2 x Kenco Americano Grande 2 x Kenco Amer… Read more

Thanks, I'll keep an eye out! First thing I done was set-up an alert haha :D


Much cheaper usually right here on amazon. They are always for 5 boxes of 80 pods though. These deals can go anywhere from £8 - £15 at times like black friday and other sales. Sometimes you can even manage to get some overstock for as cheap as £1.40. I still have some 7 boxes left that I bought around that price. Usually people know what their favourite drink is and go after a certain one, but if you want to try a mix of different ones then tassimo's own website sometimes has deals of up to 35% off. Recently it's been less than that though. If you bought a new Tassimo coffee machine then it came with some vouchers for coffee that you can combine with their discounts. Asda has got 3 for £10 and Morrisons have some at a decent price too I think. Best thing to do is set an alert for "Tassimo" keyword, so you would never miss a great deal as they can come and sell out very fast. I always stock up on a good deal and have managed to get some cheap ones for the past 3 years.


Just curious as to what a lot cheaper is? Been struggling to find a good mix of pods cheaper. Always seem to be decent prices on Amazon but it's always for 5 boxes (80 pods) of the same type. Anywhere else I should be checking? Only recently got my tassimo machine so any help on where the best deals are would be appreciated (highfive)


Decent price, but not he best deal really. If you wait around a bit they do come a lot cheaper than this.


Was gifted a compact tassimo for Christmas this year and this was a good deal for me to try a few different pods. Delivery was quick for me too (highfive)

Tassimo Suny Coffee Machine + 5 packs coffee pods & £20 credit £59.99 @ Tassimo
-76° Expired
Posted 21st Oct 2020Posted 21st Oct 2020
Tassimo Suny Coffee Machine + 5 packs coffee pods & £20 credit £59.99 @ Tassimo£59.99 Free P&P Free
stock Enjoy a great discount when buying this TASSIMO machine bundle. This bundle contains two items: TASSIMO SUNY coffee machine and 5 packs of T DISCs. You can immediately start … Read more

Not voting, but not an amazing deal You can find this with £20 voucher for pods for £40 at B&M. You probably pay £15-20 for the 5 pods and it will cost you the same as this one, or less.


The machine can be had for £25. 5 packs of pods of your choice at £4 each is another £20. total £45 here you pay £60 to get a machine and 5 packs of their choice and 2x£10 vouchers. Gross gain £5 which will barely cover shipping on your future orders. cold


I am guessing this might be going cold because the Vivy 2 is only £29.99 at Argos. However with £20 of vouchers (used £10 per order) theres never been a better time to buy a machine and stock up on pods as they are offering free delivery on orders over £30.

-40° Expired
Posted 21st Oct 2020Posted 21st Oct 2020
TASSIMO HAPPY + 5 PACKS TASSIMO COSTA - £49.99 @ Tassimo Shop£49.99 Free P&P Free
Coffee Machine Tassimo Happy Coffee Machine 56 cups of Tassimo Costa Coffee 1 Pack of Tassimo Costa Latte 1 Pack of Tassimo Costa Cappuccino 1 Pack of Tassimo Costa Ging… Read more

Many thanks, found our now


Register your machine on the Tassimo site and you get 2 x £10 vouchers.


How do you get the voucher, says it on the box but all they've offered is the 30% off ?


Looks decent deal to me, it’s basically £10 extra over the sale price of the base machine gets you 5 packs (y)


Er...wasn't that the Vivy? Not that there's much difference.

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