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The Philips Online Shop UK is the place to shop for all the latest Philips products. Shopping online not only gives you access to all the products at one place, it also entitles you to certain discounts and special offers that you may not find elsewhere. Find a wide range of accessories and refills as well as fast and reliable customer support at the online store. How to redeem Philips vouchers

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-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Philips Expert Clean 7300, Brush Head subscription (4 Brush Heads) and Amazon voucher. Only £7.49 a month / £89.88 over 12 months with code
2 Years guarantee included FIRST 1000 SUBSCRIBERS RECIEVE AN AMAZON VOUCHER The Expert Clean electric toothbrush normally retails for up to £150 and the subscription works out to… Read more

You get the 2 brush heads with the Expert Clean Subscription as well as 4 brush heads throughout the year. It's recommended to change your brush head every three months so I think this is a good deal. If you were to buy the £80 deal you are referring to, you would still need another 2 brush heads which works out to be roughly another £20 as you can only buy them as a 4 pack, costing you around a total of £100.


cold from me the brush is £80 on its own most places now and comes with two free heads who needs yet another subscription service especially for toothbrush heads you only really need probably 4 heads a year so the 2 free ones in the £80 bundle is 6 months worth included

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% Off *Selected* Philips Hue Zigbee Bulbs @ Phillips
*selected bulbs on the promo page only*

For anyone waiting for them to fix the code - it's now working on the whole basket. Sadly still sold out of lots of items.


I couldn’t see the discount applied to B22 in zigbee ?


How much is the shipping fee?


Thanks heat added


£42.50 for two colour B22s I thought was a good price... need to tell myself that as I just rush bought them!

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Philips Diamondclean Toothbrush £84.99 and 3 year warranty when signup to Newsletter at Philips
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush is £99.99 on the Philips site. However, sign-up to their newsletter and you receive a 15% discount code. Use that and it drops to £84.99. C… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

There was a leaflet in the box explaing 3 yr warranty


On purchasing, you are invited to register the product and during the registration process you are given an additional year. You need to wait for delivery as you need the serial number.


Does anyone know where it says about the 3 year warranty. I did an online chat with Phillips and they say it’s 2 years and like others I’ve had multiple ones break just out of warranty? Thanks


Very impressed with this toothbrush. Was angry at Philips when they discontinued the e series so couldn't buy any more genuine heads but I suppose it turned out ok because this brush is an improvement and the heads are cheaper. Got a 3year warranty when I registered it


I've also found Philips good while you are within warranty. Unfortunately most of my failures have tended to be between 2 years and 3 years, so normally outside warranty. The extra year with registration here makes a huge difference.

Philips 9-in-1 All-In-One Trimmer Grooming Kit for Beard & Hair with 9 Attachments, £15.99 at Philips shop (with code)
Refreshed 25th FebRefreshed 25th Feb
Update 2
Update - unexpired 25/02
Nice offer plus free delivery. - Trim and style your face and hair with 9 tools - 60 minutes of cordless use per charge - Rinseable attachments for easy cleaning Create You… Read more

FYI, Seen a few listings on the old ‘Bay of this one & similar models body/battery alone for £2~£3. Could come in handy to keep a spare body charged up for use whilst the other ones charging! (y)


Well I had a ups parcel stuck in 3 cities in China, Incheon Korea, Dubai, then Cologne then Stanford, then Tamworth until it was delivered 3 weeks later. For reference it was their premium delivery. Never going anywhere near them. To top it all off, got my postcode completely wrong


Ive only used them a handful of times but they always been on point, maybe the local depot here are on their job. Have had nightmares with Yodel, not sure any delivery company can be as trash as them


worst delivery company! They first said that they would come today, then they changed it to Friday. Finally, they came today, no one rung the bell, no one called me and I got an email to go and collect it from a UPS collection point.. Seems that no one came, and they just make me go there to get it..


Noticed there doesnt seem to be a charge indicator, unless its the little LED on the plug?

Philips OneBlade Face and Body (QP2620/65) £26.40 @ Philips
Great price for the Philips Oneblade Face and Body. Comes with: 3 stubble combs (1, 3, 5 mm) Click-on skin guard Click-on body comb 2 X Replacement Blade

Back in stock




Heat added. Quidco has cashback for the web site to save you a bit more.


Thanks op, was looking for this.

Philips Genuine Soincare Proresults Toothbrush Head x 8 - £23.20 using code at Philips
Updated based on ellenw's comment. Thanks Ellen! This deal is for 8 genuine Sonicare Proresults brushheads. Philps always discount the toothbrush and sell you the heads at an over… Read more

Not voting either way, as it's a good price for Philips branded ones. Personally I've found the 3rd party replacements perfectly fine for the money. I did had some dodgy ones a few years ago that either lost bristles or went soft really quickly, but more recent purchases have been fine. I'm currently using these ones. Price at the time of writing £8.99 for 8. I would say these are at perhaps 90% of the Philips quality. They clean just as well IMHO and last almost as long. Each one comes with a new transparent cover too which I find useful.


I used the 15% email sign up code, as I didn’t know about the code you provided when I made my purchase. It may still decline, but at the moment it is tracking at a very high % rate


My cashback has always been declined if I've used a code at philips


No idea why but my Quidco tracked at £4.08, which is a cash back of over 20% versus the 9.6% advertised. If this doesn’t correct, it brings each pack of 8 below £20


Thanks, ordered the diamond clean heads for £28.79.

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Toothbrush - £68 with code, 2 Yr Warranty at Philips
This was posted earlier as a deal at £80 on Amazon but it's cheaper to buy it direct from Philips, thanks to @ellenw for the code. RRP on this is £179 according to Philips, curre… Read more

Mine just arrived today, delivered by UPS and no import charges or anything.


I've been using my Phillips Diamondclean for about 4 years now. It started to lose power about 3 years in, but never quite died on me. I was just thinking to grab one of these deals a couple weeks back until I accidentally dropped the unit on the bathroom floor and it started working good as new! Bonkers, yes. Bear in mind my wife and I have both been using the same unit since the beginning which means double the usage. I could be the exception...


Same happened me twice within a month (:I


11 days after warranty expired it simply stopped. Just get much cheaper one, you really don't need all the bells and whistles.


one day after the 2 year warranty expires... the battery will die! this has actually happened to me.... other times it's been within a week and a month... still a good brush, but i'd suggest going for the cheaper brush model and get extended warranty...

Philips Oneblade Face Qp2520/65 - £23.20 with code Delivered @ Philips Shop
Trim, edge and shave any length of hair Designed to cut hair, not skin Trim, edge, shave For any length of hair 3 x click-on stubble combs Rechargeable, wet and dry … Read more

Oh great thanks bud


I would like to maintain my beard line and keep it longer than a size 3 would this be ok to do tidy up the beard?


Could start an entire thread with all these, someone should just pin "Philips Discounts"



They give a '5 o'clock shadow' shave, but without any irritation to sensitive faces.

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Philips Oneblade Hybrid Trimmer for Face QP2520/25, £19.20 at Philips Shop (with code)
Now under £20 delivered using code. Men's shaver features: Model number: qp2520/25. 4 cutting lengths: 0.5mm - 5mm. Cordless only use. For wet and dry use. 45 minutes usag… Read more

Now £23.99 with code, code still works.


Cheers Deadpool


With the body trimmer attachment yes


You will either love or hate these or think they are an expensive trimmer. Either way expect a long wait comments on the blades deal is people have been waiting 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.


any good for down below ?

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 Sonic Electric Toothbrush, £47.99 with code at Philips
@ mchu5pwp gets the credit for the code here, thank you (y) Brush Technology: 1 head included Philips Optimal Plaque Defence brush head. Brush head replacement warning. … Read more

I don't know which ones. Amazon messed up and sent them and wont replace with the correct ones. You can have them for the postage cost. A few pounds


Agreed, I have a fairywell 507 and a Philips sonicare hx6610 and a hx6530. The Philips cleans a lot better. The fairywell is ok especially for its price, but it cant be my main toothbrush (I keep mine at work for those long days).


Most people do recommend them but I've just bought one of these (Sonicare 4300) to replace the Fairywill Pro P11 I got a few months ago. Had problems ever since switching to the Fairywill, also the timer on it has a mind of its own, is completely useless. Possibly just the bristles are a bit harsh on the Fairywill heads?


Do prefer sonic toothbrushes myself TBH. but I have a smart one and it doesn't half encourage you to brush your teeth really well. We have a competition to see who gets the best score. :D


Yeah and the RRP for this is £140. In your opinion its a better product. But I would disagree, from personal experience Philips are miles better than oral B

OneBlade Face + Body QP2620/25 - £26.35 delivered using code @ Philips
Trim, edge and shave any length of hair Philips OneBlade Face and Body trims, edges and shaves hair of any length. You get a blade for your face and one with a skin guard for your… Read more

I ordered mine 6th Feb .. delivered today 💥 (party)


i order 8th feb and received today


Just got mine today. That was quick. I guess customs have gotten better.


That's good of UPS at least they keep their customers informed and tell the truth.


Philips ship via UPS and the tracking admits that it's Brexit that has slowed the process down.

Philips Sonicare DailyClean 3100 Sonic electric toothbrush £28.05 delivered at Philips
15% off with code, decent offer. Brush Technology: 1 head included Philips ProResults brush head. 2 cleaning modes including: daily clean, . 1 speed setting. Sonic technol… Read more

Even cheaper with the BC20 code, so heat added (hopefully it arrives in the not too distant future). Good find. The 1100 is the same price at Superdrug, but that doesn't have the battery light, which is quite useful.


No but there are closures on the border so items will be delayed.


Are these dispatched from outside the UK? The last time I bought from Philips it was sent from the Netherlands. Now that we've left the EU are there tax and fees to pay?


Avoid Aldi for something like this. They send in just a plastic sleeve bag and use Hermes. I bought a different model during Black Friday sale and it arrived broken. Buy from Philips, Amazon, Argos or any other retailer and they put it inside another box so it arrives in one piece.


Costco do big packs of brush heads every now and then.

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