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Plusnet 12GB data 30 day rolling contract with unlimited minutes and texts - £8 per month @ Plusnet
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Plusnet 12 GB SIM £8 for 30 day contact

If you are on the 1 month rolling contract you can change tarriff (up or down) once per month.


No, I'm on 1 month rolling contract like you, good to know I'll definitely be asking! Thanks!


Are you on a 12 month contract? I switched my son's contract from 1m £8 for 10Gb to this deal and asked if they could do anything for me, I'm on 1m £6 for 4Gb which has gone up a few pence, he said I can knock the CPI increase off, so I'm still only paying £6, defo better than nothing.


Hi, anyone know if I can update my deal to the same one, I have this deal from last financial year and will now be paying the extra 38p per month (not much but better in my pocket, like previous person mentioned) but wanted to know if I can change to same deal but from this year or would I have to change say to the £10/22gb deal to then be able to go back to the £8/12gb if still available? Thanks in advance.


I've got 3 lines with Plusnet (2 for kids - been with Plusnet for years + 1 for myself - moved to Plusnet at the beginning of the pandemic to reduce data).. You probably get what you pay for, but you dont get WI-FI calling - and 4g speeds are a fair bit less than with EE (which I used to be with).. But personally, while Im working from home its fine.. I rang CS to move all my 3 lines (previously on 10gb/£8) to this deal, no problem at all.

30 Day SIM Only - 6GB Data With Unlimited Minutes & Texts - Only £6 Per Month (For Existing Broadband Customers) @ Plusnet
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
6GB available for existing broadband customers. Coverage checker.

Just in case anyone else is wondering about this, I just called to get this applied to my account. I couldn't see the offer when clicking through or via the normal "My Account" section on the website. I'm already paying £6/month but getting far less data. The phone was answered almost immediately and it took a few minutes for them to repeat their T&Cs which was all very boring. However, the call was only 7 minutes overall and I'm all hooked up now. Thanks @MrSwitch.


Ah, I'm an idiot, I didn't spot that you had to phone them! Cheers for letting me know (y) It took me 11 minutes and I had to go through a convoluted e-document signing process with some company called Lightico but I got there in the end. No broadband so 4GB for £6 for me but that's more than enough for now :D


Hi, no I'm still on 30 day rolling contract. I phoned the 500 number and it was all done in just over 6 mins :) New plan starts early July.


Hi, did you have to sign up for 12 months to get the 4GB for £6 deal? I've just logged into my account to upgrade and the 30 day deal is now showing only 2GB for £6 which is worse than the 3GB I'm already on (skeptical)


Nice. Just upgraded with an extra gb and will also avoid the CPI increase :)

Plusnet 4GB unlimited minutes / texts £6pm - Rolling 30 Day Contract @ Plusnet via Uswitch
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Just got for my nan who only lives in a newbuild estate where only EE has built masts nearby... However whilst Plusnet are on EE they do not have access to EE band 20 (800MHz), so … Read more

Cheap but since being with them over last 12 months they've dropped call connections for 12 hour periods several times and I've missed calls where people have told me they couldn't even connect to me at home or out and about. Had enough. Not being able to reply to short form texts is a pain. Worth paying a bit more - which won't be that much at the rate they're hiking charges...


Excellent, just finished an 18 month contract with them and just signed up to a new 24 month contract.


What's their broadband service like?


Best SIM only provider by a mile.


Had Plusnet mobile for about 3 years and it is cheap and OK. My main gripe is that it is unreliable when roaming in Spain and they blame the foreign network.My wife's phone which is on a different network never has a problem.

Plusnet 20GB unlimited minutes / texts £10pm - Rolling 30 Day Contract @ Plusnet
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Plusnet 20GB unlimited minutes / texts £10pm Terms £10 a month for 20GB of data, Unlimited minutes and Unlimited texts for new Plusnet Mobile customers. Plusnet Broadband custo… Read more

Just signed up to this. Did go for Talkmobile at £7.46 (for first 3 months) but next to no signal at my house even though Vodafone network checker said it was good 4G! I think this is the next best for 30 day using EE (y)


Not saying this is untrue in it's entirety, but we live in rural wales and reception is absolutely fine.


Awful company, terrible customer service, Trustpilot reviews even worse than TT's.


Anyone know when this deal expires?


Anyone else ever have issues with there billing when it comes to there mobile service? I have been a Plusnet broadband and mobile user for years, however the mobile service used to put dings on my credit report for failing to pay the bill......always had money in the account and it just appeared to be random...I ditched the mobile service due to this as they could never explain the reason behind it. :(

10GB sim deal at plusnet for £10/month for 12 months £120 via QUIDCO £50 cashback
01/12/2021Expires on 01/12/2021Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
10GB sim deal at plusnet for £10/month for 12 months £120 via QUIDCO £50 cashback£120
As I’ve read they piggyback off EE 4g network and at £50 cashback. Making this £5.83 a month. Also unlimited calls and texts. EDIT:Now Quidco offers £50, TCB back to £40

Been with Plusnet over 2 years and cannot fault them. Great customer service, responsive, great value for money and I've never had an issue with signal. My daughter is also on a Sim only deal.


Ordered for son. Thanks


Been on Plusnet mobile for three years now - best overall coverage of any network in my area. The number of times I've heard the "it's the crappy end of the EE network" nonsense... My son is on EE and there is practically no difference between our service.


Actually Plusnet have recently increase prices as an existing customers they are offering me 10Gb for £10 unfortunately I signed up recently 10Gb for £8 mind boggles!


Corrected now, go via TCB!

Unlimited Broadband 10mb download speed £17.99 / 12 months For new customers @ plusnet
Posted 16th Jul 2020Posted 16th Jul 2020
Unlimited Broadband 10mb download speed £17.99 / 12 months For new customers @ plusnet£215.88
I appreciate its not fiber or particularly fast but it currently has 25% off which means for your elderly parents or grandparents using their ipads it will be perfectly suitable an… Read more

I had to take out a day off for an confirmed engineer visit. To my utter shock there was an issue with the appointment which I found out later in the day when I called in.


I second the comment on the appalling Post Office broadband. It drops out most days for a few minutes at a time and that's just when I happen to notice it. I have never had this in the last 10+ years of broadband from other suppliers. End of contract in four weeks and definately leaving and never returning..


About to be rid of the pitiful disconnected and appalling customer service at POST OFFICE. I think I will go for fibre this time while I work from home. Do you think the Engineer can put a new socket in another room if I ask them as part of the installation?


I have just looked them up and it looks a good system but llike you said more cost. I would probably just cancel and go back to Virgin 100mb as I had no problem with them and got good signal in my bedroom as well. Thanks for the advice though, it's always good to pick up new tips, and I may consider this at some stage.


To be honest, up until a couple of months ago neither was I :D I've been reading up about them on HUKD as deals on them are posted quite often and the comments can be quite informative.

1.5GB 4G Data - Unlimited Minutes & Texts- 30 Days Sim £6 @ Plusnet Mobile
Posted 24th Aug 2018Posted 24th Aug 2018
1.5GB 4G Data - Unlimited Minutes & Texts- 30 Days Sim £6 @ Plusnet Mobile£6
1.5GB 4G Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts 30 Days Sim £6 Monthly EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART CAP No tethering cha… Read more

Why not just share that link with everyone XD


After speaking to them via live chat I was told the only £5 deal is 1.5gb and 750 mins and unlimited texts


£5 the going rate for this. Have 3 sims on it for family.


Better to call


Got this exact offer for £5 yesterday via live chat. Press the advisor for it and they'll eventually send you a link to the offer which isn't available from their website. Think it finishes at end of August.

10GB for £8, 15GB for £10 - Rolling 30 day contract - Add 2GB if you're a current broadband customer @ Plusnet
294° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
It's not quite up with last months deal, but still it's not bad..... Add 2GB if you're a current broadband customer I suspect this is new customers only, but worth a try to cha… Read more

Yup spent a long time on the webchat to Plusnet last week to two different staff. I asked for confirmation that Plusnet offer the same max speeds as EE. They said they did and that it was 4G and that's the speed. They also confirmed the price would increase in June. I than contacted them a second time to ask about the 800Mhz band, they assured me they have the same coverage as EE and eventually came back and admitted that no they don't use 800Mhz so the coverage map isn't accurate at all. This also means you can't do VoLTE. As mentioned they don't do WIFI calling either. They also confirmed the first staff member was incorrect and speeds are limited as they do not offer what EE call 4G Max. If you're in a city and want cheap i'm sure it's fine but trying to get accurate info on what I was actually signing up for felt like too much hard work.


Retentions gave me 20GB for £10 tonight, on 30 day contract. I called and asked to move to 15GB but was offered 20....


It was on here from u switch but I typed it wrong I'm on plus net not actually ee, plusnet uses ee network tho


how did you get that price?


They did you proud.

4G 20GB, Unlimited Minutes & Text - 30 day rolling £10 per month new Plusnet Mobile Customers (Plusnet Broadband customers 22GB) @ Plusnet
1348° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Seems decent £10 a month for 20GB of data, Unlimited minutes and Unlimited texts for new Plusnet Mobile customers. Plusnet Broadband customers will receive an extra 2GB of data.… Read more

I know this deal expired but beware of porting your existing number from other network to this deal - you'll loose it. Only applies to existing customers who upgraded rolling contract to this deal. Gutted.


They're not the same; no band 20. Makes a big difference. Glad they're fine for you though. (y)


The best ISP for me. Number 1 rated. They're BT.


Lols. They're the same network. Plusnet are just fine for me.


Give them a ring.

£10 per month, unlimited calls and texts - 22GB for existing broadband customers / 20GB if not @ Plusnet
281° Expired
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
£10 per month, unlimited calls and texts - 22GB for existing broadband customers / 20GB if not @ Plusnet£10
The deal that just used to be for new customers through uswitch is finally available for all, fairly sure it's the best deal plusnet have ever done. Rolling 30 day contract. … Read more

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