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Posted 10 May 2024

1 Year Vehicle UK Breakdown Cover £39pa (New Customers) plus £20 choice of Giftcard (Boots, M&S, John Lewis / Justeat / Halfords)

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Get a £20 gift card of your choice when you buy UK breakdown cover

If you use pay monthly - its £5pm and you will get your voucher code withing 12 weeks- so if you cancel after that - its effectively free.

if you pay yearly - its £39 - and you will get your voucher within 6 weeks - so effectively its £19.

Offer for new customers only

This offer will be fulfilled on behalf of the AA by a third party (Love to Shop). You can choose from a range of retailers including Boots, M&S, John Lewis, Currys, Just Eat and Halfords.

You'll be sent a letter with details on how to claim your gift card, provided we've received full payment and you haven't cancelled your cover during the 14-day cooling-off period. If you have chosen to pay on an annual basis you will receive your voucher code within 6 weeks, if you have chosen to pay on a monthly basis then you will receive your voucher code within 12 weeks. We reserve the right to decline offer claims where payment has not been received or a refund has been given.

Offer is not available for existing Members or at renewal. Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer or in a breakdown situation. This offer is available to UK residents only; 1 claim per membership only. There is no cash alternative and the AA reserves the right to withdraw or alter this promotion without prior notice at any time.

About your quote

1 Prices shown include insurance premiums payable to the insurer(s) and a fee payable under a separate contract between you and Automobile Association Insurance Services Limited (AAIS) for arranging and administering your cover. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

Private and domestic use only

Please do not buy this cover for any vehicle used for any commercial purpose, such as:

Carrying items/people for money
Delivery or collection of goods
Transporting passengers
Carrying equipment, tools or materials
Moving vehicles for trade purposes, vehicles used for sporting events, or any combination of private, domestic and commercial use
If you try to use this policy for a vehicle that’s used for commercial purposes, we may not be able to help or may have to charge a service fee.
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    To all.
    Use the extra link supplied. Do not use the Get Deal link as it takes you to a different set up where they rate your chances of breakdown by how old you are and where you live. For example, same address and car etc, but £2 per month difference based on a 10 year age gap

    £39 is for roadside repair or tow to the nearest garage. Based on 1 specified vehicle. Whereas personal cover for any car starts at £59
    3 extra choices thereafter. Choose any or none. At Home, National Recovery, Onward Travel.
    Add 1 option +£50
    Add 2 options +£90
    All 3 options +£120 (edited)
  2. paparazzi's avatar
    Who breaks 1/4 mile from the house ?
  3. tcf's avatar
    I had this offer a couple of years ago. Had to chase the voucher, so be sure to put a reminder in your diary rather than trust it to appear.
  4. Tank12345's avatar
    if you pay yearly - its £39 - and you will get your voucher within 6 weeks - so effectively its £19.

    NO! It's £39 at no point will £19 only leave your account.
    sajidtg's avatar
    Yep. You back again.
    Thanks for coming
  5. Amdadur's avatar
    Is this deal for new customers only? Or can existing members benefit?
    barnehurst's avatar
    Old customers with a new email apparently
  6. AdamBuyer's avatar
    Had to use AA 4 times in the last year of my policy and they have been out between 30mins - 1hr 45mins. So no issues with them .
  7. williamsofsoton's avatar
    Remember the benefits as well, discounts at Greene king, hungry horse, chef n brewer. Not a reason to buy, but if you do buy make the most of them
  8. Wolfsbane2k's avatar
    Moderate Heat. Had mine with the AA for £45 last year for national recovery for two people (rather than the vehicle) at end of May and they've just quoted me £150 to renew, which I've declined...

    After double checking on here, the previous offer for vehicle cover for £20 (or add national recovery for £40 total) is still valid, and you don't have to mess around with gift card.s.

    Therefore sadly, changing to cold vote. (edited)
    simplelearning's avatar
    Paid £75 last year May, renewal £300! Was told they can bring down to £200, declined. Through your link same package for £90.
  9. beaufinder1's avatar
    Autoaid £60
  10. TheUndergroundMan's avatar
    Don't know what is the point of these "covers". On the off chance you actually need help they will find some article and T and C's which will make you ineligible for the assistance on this occassion. And even if they do graciously agree to help good luck waiting for 8 hours for someone to get to you because they happen to be busy. Great deal
    gambiting's avatar
    I mean, have you ever used one, or are you basing your opinion of what you read on the internet? Because like, it's just not true, not even a little bit.
  11. geordie7's avatar
    If you breakdown at peak times be prepared to wait possibly hours.
    TheUndergroundMan's avatar
    Yeah best to be self sufficient and prepared or have a friend/family to call on such occassions
  12. gambiting's avatar
    Thanks OP, bought as my VW assistance just ran out.
  13. rudey_valentino's avatar
    £119 family cover
  14. Kamal86's avatar
    Its coming to £81 for me.
    sajidtg's avatar
    Have u used link in the OP?
  15. nunny1953's avatar
    This is a great deal. If you are already a member renew with different email
    bennie1's avatar
    I'm an existing member but surely they can tell if you take a new membership, it's tied to your number plate or address?
  16. iDealYou's avatar
    Doesn't allow me to enter CC CVV ... weird.
  17. KeyboardKitten's avatar
    Can you select a start date? Learnt my lesson picking a breakdown company who just licenses out to local garages
    crazylegs's avatar
    They all do that
  18. marshall69_uk's avatar
    I’m getting quoted around £24 for the whole shebang at rescuemycar - wouldn’t you just go there?
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Dont forget the £40 excess
  19. RoneyRone's avatar
    Nice, mines due to run out. Heat
  20. youngchap's avatar
    Is this Including home start and national cover
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Read my comment above. 
    It is all detailed
  21. AdamBuyer's avatar
    Hi my parts and labour cover which I’m paying £13 a month for is about to expire . Anybody know if I can take this policy out in my name again ? Shall I cancel my existing policy which expires 30th may ? Thanks
  22. Doncegeras's avatar
    Thank you
  23. tomino2112's avatar
    I had similar with RAC. Broken down in Chelsea on the way from work at 5pm. Was waiting til 10pm for them to call that noone can get to me and if I want to be towed home. At midnight someone finally arrived to tow me. I was exactly 10 miles away from home so didn't have to pay. At the time (winter) experience was pretty frustrating, but I did get home for free so can't complain really
  24. scott2c's avatar
    How much does it cost to sign up on the day of breakdown?
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Full commercial rate, at least. Most deals or third party bonus pricing has a clause of 24 hour qualifying period
  25. ian18's avatar
    Used to be worth it when you got 10% off at the services on purchases.

    Not so much now
  26. DealHunterChaos's avatar
    This is a great deal if you really want AA breakdown cover so heat added OP. However, I don't think it is good value for breakdown cover overall.

    Greenflag isn't as good as AA for numbers of recovery vechicles but you can get home start and onward travel for the price of the lowest teirs of AA. (No I am not providing links search yourself as prices vary by car age etc.)

    I broke down in my wife's car with my two sons and a mate on the way to go fishing. The car had AA - I had told her to get Greenflag full coverage but she wanted the AA brand name It was abouy 2.5hl hours wait and they sent some local tow truck firm not an AA man. I had to stay in a hotel at my cost as no garages were open, they towed me in the morning to the nearest garage

    Let's face it we infrequently break down so level of cover is most important. I have realised how essential onward travel or tow home cover can be.

    Like I said if you need the AA brand in your life this is a great deal.
  27. Sastasamaan's avatar
    I see it's a brand name but they do great job in all my calls, my friend broke down I have personal cover he called RAC 3hrs later still no recovery , I called my AA policy 45min and a guy came alternator had gone so charged the battery and followed us as we drove back home . Perfect
  28. Shane_rqC's avatar
    that why i use startrescue they turn up within the hour
  29. Shane_rqC's avatar
    the amount of cars i seen breakdown and dont have breakdown cover and they new cars is a joke if you got a new car and cant afford breakdown wtf is a joke
    doxtom's avatar
    New car should not break down
  30. AdamBuyer's avatar
    Can anyone advice if your an existing customer how to go about this ? I’ve already cancelled my policy not to renew end of may but really need breakdown cover and prefer AA
    Eraflo's avatar
    Exactly the same position here
  31. mickymcd's avatar
    Ive just received my renewal from the AA £127 just rang to cancel the renewal best price they could do inc a discount is £97 blah blah blah ive never had to use them thru my year with them ive been with other companies too autoaid etc just looking for breakdown cover to get me home not bothered about home start option
  32. Hunterx878's avatar
    If I only have Roadside, and say, I break down 100 miles away from home, would I be covered to be taken back home? or would that be the "Nationwide" cover?

    This offer obviously won't apply to me but wondering if I can add the Nationwide. Anyone ever had any success trying to get taken to a destination on the Roadside only? or are they quite strict with that?
    xtzs's avatar
    If you have Roadside and you're away from home, AA should take your vehicle to a nearby garage if they can't fix it on the spot. You'd need National Recovery to get taken back home.

    You might be able to add National Recovery at the time, over the phone, but not guaranteed and you'd almost certainly have to pay full price, no discounts/offers. As for getting taken to your destination if you only have Roadside: seems optimistic that they will give you cover that you haven't paid for, so probably not!
  33. sarah_collier's avatar
    Not working for me.
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