AA breakdown renewal has shot up, so has the new member price? Quoted £340 for a new customer

Posted 23rd May 2023
Hi all,

I've been with the AA for the past few years. I have the full package (Homestart, relay, and onwards travel) as a family package.

Last year (and the years before) I paid around £180/£200. They'd come with a crazy renewal price, I'd ring and tell them I wasn't happy and they would match the online price. I think on one occasion, I let the cover lapse, and I signed up as a new customer again.

My issue here (and the reason of this post) is that the online price for a new customer is coming to £340 for the same cover - which is loads more compared to what a new customer was paying last year.

My renewal is in the region of £500.

I checked RAC, and theirs is also coming to the £300 region. My cover ends today, and I feel like I'm going to have to accept the bullet any pay £340 (that's if they can match the new customer price).

Would appreciate any advice.

Also, one of the vehicles is a taxi (so hire & reward). Some of the cheap ones don't cover I think?
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    I'm another customer of AutoAid who I think they are excellent. Myself and my kids all have joint policies.

    Had need to use them last week and they attended within 45 minutes. Used their app to request the call out and they responded almost immediately to advise someone would be with us within 90 minutes - then within just a few minutes had a call from the Mechanic who discussed the breakdown and advised he'd be about half an hour. Third time I've used them in 5 years - and each time they've been great.

    Was with AA/RAC for years and connot say I've missed them!
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    I think this still works, despite being expired:


    I think your requirements come in at £239 and they'll send the £20 gift voucher - you must be lapsed. So let your expire & then apply. I had to speak to them to confirm that I was a new customer as my old policy had lapsed the day before, but they were really good on the phone.
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    Get worldwide travel, mobile phone and European breakdown cover. Pay just £13 a month . They use AA . Your spouse and dependent children will also be covered . Been with nationwide for many years and no issues .
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    I signed up to Lloyds bank scheme too. £10pm for those benefits.
    Family cover for AA was more than that alone.
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    You'd have to be daft to pay over £40 for breakdown cover. Plenty of decent alternatives.
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    Have you checked on a comparison site? You often get cheaper prices there compared to going direct.

    Remember too that there’s more than just the AA and RAC… As well as other big national names like Green Flag, Allianz Assistance and LV’s Britannia Rescue, there’s also smaller names with coverage like ETA who I have used in the past and been very pleased with their service despite undercutting the likes of the AA by a pretty significant amount.
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    Have you USed them this last year? If not, get rid of another bill (edited)
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    Sued? or Used :-)
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    I went with Emergency Assist in December. The premium was £45 with keycare and excess protection. Topcashback was £25 and paid out 5 days later. Never had to use them, but they're rated 4.4 on Trustpilot.
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    Why not get a bank account which includes this. They can be had for about £12pm and they include the top package of breakdown cover. (edited)
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    Korg7 Author
    I need the policy to cover the whole household (4 people).
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    Mine shot up and I looked online via Nhs and it was the same price as last year. Calles them up and they priced match. Maybe worth a call. If not cancel but take a new policy out with a 14 day overlap
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    Korg7 Author
    Hi, I also work for the NHS but I couldn't see any deals, only for RAC?
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    do it through top cash back as a new customer
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    I have a PHV and use start rescue. Around £50 for mine and my sons car. No problems with mine being licensed.
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    The advantage of the AA and the RAC is they are supposed to try and fix the problem.

    Most of the other cheaper outfits just tow you to your destination, home or to a garage who is going to rip you off.

    The AA used to be terrible for taking the renewal out of you bank account at a much higher price without telling you first (they say it was in the small print when you first signed up a year before,,,) I understand rhe AA have now fixed that,?

    Both the AA and the RAC offer good deals throughout the year. I would go with a noddy outfit until an AA or RAC good deal come up.

    It might be worth searching on HUKD past AA and RAC previous deals to see if there is a pattern which Months they offer the good discounts? (edited)
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