The AA breakdown cover and Taxis (Hire & reward) - Am I covered?

Posted 4th Sep 2023 (Posted 1 h, 57 m ago)
Hi all, my family have been with the AA for several years now. I have a family policy as I still live with parents, which also has my dad on it. My dad is a black cab taxi driver.

For the past several years, the AA used to cover vehicles for hire & reward and as such my dads taxi. I again renewed in May, believing the same however my dad has been told by some of his taxi friends that they don't cover them anymore under a consumer policy.

I've logged into my AA portal, and have downloaded the policy wording dated March 2023 (We bought our policy in May 2023) and it mentions 'Vehicles that are used to carry items or people for money' are not covered.

On our renewal email, there is a 2 page policy document and there is no mention that a H&R vehicle like a taxi is not covered.

We are worried that my dad has potentially been driving around with no breakdown cover for the past few months, and I'll be honest I've never really ventured in anything further than the basic breakdown cover for the family.

Any thoughts? Any recommendations what other providers taxi drivers have used?
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    Well no harm done surely if he's not needed cover in the last few months.

    From what you say, he's not covered so find a service that covers him from here on???
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    not covered. but there will be loads of things not covered. you can't expect to see what is not covered - the list would go on for ever
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    Apologies, can't answer you query but if The AA no longer provide this cover but have been taking payment for it, then you will potentially be entitled to a refund of any payments as long as you never used the service for other vehicles on the policy.

    I believe the above is correct but happy to be corrected on this.
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    Its a family policy which is in the OPs name.

    One of the household is their father who is covered as part of the policy.

    So, all is good but the father drives a taxi.

    Everyone is covered including the father but not when he is driving a taxi.

    No chance of a refund I suspect because he is covered but not in his taxi.
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