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2 x 200g Morrisons Redskin Peanuts (400g in Total)

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2 for £1.50 / 75p per packet or 99p individually

Naturally High in Fibre, Natural Source of Protein, Great for Snacking, Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for vegetariansSuitable for vegetarians

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Pack - Don't Recycle

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Although every care has been taken to remove shell, some may remain. Peanuts may be a choking hazard.

5 Servings

Packed in the UK


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  1. Neostar's avatar
    These are great after baking them, I also tried grilling a while ago and that was good too (edited)
    nik1's avatar
    Indeed. If you like them salty then I soak for a while in brine and then bake or grill
  2. Auditgal's avatar
    They also have 2 x400g for £2.50 which works out cheaper per kg.
    grike's avatar
    And that's about the cheapest I can find redskin peanuts in "small" quantities.
  3. trevor_cook's avatar
    Good for the birds?
    nik1's avatar
    Not sure. Skins might be a problem for them I have no idea tho. Must be cheaper alts for birds surely?
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