Posted 28 January 2023

AMD Cobra - Ryzen 5 5600G - 16GB - 1TB NVME - Windows - Vega System - £379.99 (Discount at Checkout) at Palicomp

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About this deal

Further £20 off this Palicomp Cobra 5600G deal with an online coupon.

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G - 6 Cores - 12 Threads
  • ASUS Prime A520M-K (info)
  • CORSAIR 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
  • SAMSUNG 1TB 980 M.2 nVME
  • AMD Radeon Vega Graphics
  • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11


  • 1st PLAYER DKD3A Black + BUILDER 500W (OEM) FOR VEGA at £379.99

  • CIT FLASH CASE + CiT FX Pro 700W 80 PLUS Bronze (For GPU boost laters)) at £380.00
  • 4077309_1.jpg

  • 1st PLAYER DKD3A Black + CORSAIR TX 550W 80+ GOLD (For GPU boost laters) at £419.99
  • 4077309_1.jpg

COUPON LINK: palicomp.co.uk/20o…bra


With AMD6600 (add the correct PSU boost)

5600X VS 5600G (3060 bench) (add the correct PSU boost)
Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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    First thing I would change is get rid of the box so that I don't have some obnoxious fairground ride going off under the table
    The power is in your hands my friend, its called a new form of reset switch. which is now the turn off RGB switch ha.
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    From what you said in previous post Corsair the way to go with psu as it is quality parts
    Yes and no. There's a big variation across their lines, the only psu that I've seen fail have been their system builder line, which have different manufacturers. Look up the psu tier list.

    I always buy seasonic. I've had an m12 since it came out and its never let me down!
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    Looks good. Is this suitable for a graphics card as it is?

    I'm thinking a second hand gtx1650... (edited)
    It is with the 1penny boost.

    Ideal gpu level 6600 3060 level on new.

    People on the other was mention 3060ti model. Go for that Corsair. (edited)
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    I bought the white version of this case with the 200mm fan in the front. It's pretty decent quality for a cheap case. Not a fan of the rear pop outs for PC/Graphic cards. Circus light can be turned off and the fans run on an old school molex at full speed. (edited)
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    I have a 5700xt in an enclosure collecting dust, would be getting this one the 1p boost and bumping the cpu upto a ryzen 7/9 be a good idea?
    Despite its label being 700W but taking everything in, over its quality and having my own recommendation levels.
    its 6600/3060 level or under. on the sheet a GPU 550W.

    now the Corsair 550W is a higher quality and better at higher curve loads, so on the GPU sheets 600W = no bother.
    5700XT = 600W (nitro 650W i believe it was) under Ryzen 5 yeah.

    Ryzen 7...... 9 personal for my liking = 650W

    7/9 main steam CPU's (excluding 5700G) = B550 too is where i go.

    My advice would be: to email them with the link of this prebuilt "Cobra link" what you like about it, and what u like to change.

    I do have a B550 booster, i do higher PSU boosters as i was messing about with some other weird ideas, but with the CPU its worth u going in i don't have any decent jumps from the 5600G to anything other then 5700G, and the ones on site could be worked bit better. (edited)
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    What would be the best GPU you could put in this with the boost to the corsair 550w PSU?
    Would it be a 3060?
    3060Ti will be perfectly fine.

    however time u add one (at RRP)

    £420 550W TX version 5600G + £400 u might as well get their: 5600x/3060ti at £825.00(time u boost the psu)
    5600X over G. B550 over A520

    To beat that: used market.
    # Going 3060 at £100 less, then that's good vs prebuilt with 3060 atm as they don't make sense against the 3060Ti of the above.

    Adding a discount AMD Card when they come up, such as 6600/6600xt/6650xt will be its maker. (edited)
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    I've just won a cheap 2070 Super on eBay for £225.

    I've currently got an old rig with an ancient i5 4670k (4c/4t), and thinking this might be a good deal. I have an old 630w Be Quiet PSU, so wondering it might be a good idea to put my old PSU and new graphics card into this rig, for a very cheap upgrade. Any ideas?
    Have a check over the 5600G versions I've done, as I've done a few posts of theirs, as each one hits the market in a different light.
    if u don't need the windows, and u don't need the 1TB, go for the £325 (without the psu boost)

    325 -> £379.99
    Raider-> 1st player
    480GB -> 1TB
    Non-win -> Win.

    #worth £55 all day, but only again if need be right?. that's for u to go over mate.

    but as for the PSU on either.
    --> order it/ or email them before.

    "can i have this deal, but have the psu removed and have it replace with

    if 480GB to nvme storage?
    if 1TB, could ask for B550M?
    if either, ask for higher ram.

    i think asking them to move that unwanted part to something useful for u.
    could ask them to change CPU to 5600? - or how much of toward 5600X?
    - pali has never good with the non X i don't think they bothered with ordering but could be worth asking.

    if u like to self build i can put a nice list together via a 5600? even a nice 12100F would be a nice budget method (edited)
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    🐍 🔥 🔥
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    Can anyone recommend a laptop with at least a a 512gb SSD and 8GB (upgradeable)? That would be ideal for watching videos?
    Don't follow the laptop market sorry.

    But If any of them videos are blue, chrome eats ram so I suggest 16gb lol.
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    Itll be great.
    gpu lengh on the flash is 340 and the 1st player is also 340MM

    some people general remove the front fans on the flash behind the chasis, which does help airflow further so remove 50MM giving some clearance.
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    Does anyone know what the monitor outputs on this are? If I purchase, I want to connect two monitors and each monitor has a HDMI and DP input.
    I've just checked the motherboard and it looks like it has D-Sub and HDMI. So, in my case, I wouldn't be able to use my two monitors unless the USB 3.2 ports support video out. That may be significant for some people. (edited)
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    Hi Sarden,

    I'm looking for an entry level gaming PC for my daughters. This looks ideal for a starter system. Could this setup handle the MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Super Ventus which is currently £199 on Amazon, or would I need to select a different PSU? (edited)
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