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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB Like New (+£21 Sim, Cancel Within 14 Days)

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Like New

Like New devices aren’t brand new, but they're not far off.

The only difference is that they may have some wear and tear and superficial scratches, but there’ll be no more than five deep scratches or chips up to 2mm in length.

We'll make sure every device is loaded up with the latest operating system and rigorously tested before being re-packaged in an O2 box, for whoever gets in first.

Plus, you'll get a 12 month warranty to put your mind at ease.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a 6.7-inch OLED display featuring a new Super Retina XDR display with updated ProMotion technology that allows for an Always-On display, a first for an iPhone.

Paired with a fast and snappy A16 Bionic chip that powers it all, a 48MP main camera, and more including Crash Detection, a smartphone industry-first safety service with Emergency SOS via satellite and is protected from common spills and accidents (water and dust resistance).

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  1. Endcustomer's avatar
    Don't buy, bought and came with 90% battery health
    DryUrEyesMate's avatar
    Mine had a 100% health with a one year apple warranty. I would send it back for an exchange
  2. Rimi's avatar
    Mate bought from deal last week(I think) and it came with couple of dings, screen had scratches and battery health at 86%. You might have better luck, but beware of that. If you decide to return, fine, but hard credit check mark will stay on your file.
    Peacestation's avatar
    that sucks, as it clearly states like new condition.
  3. WAWG's avatar
    They still owe me over £1400 from the last fiasco deal they didn’t go through yet the device charges applied to my accounts. Never again
  4. gid1's avatar
    Thought I'd share my experience with O2. I had a sim-only contract that I ported out to a different network using a pac code. I thought that would be the end of it. Turns out they charged me the full amount for the contract anyway and when it bounced back they put a mark on my credit score so that it shows in arrears. I've called them multiple times and spent many hours on the phone to them on hold. I am now at the point where apparently the issue with my account is sorted and there is 7.50 credit on my account that needs to be refunded before they can remove the mark on my credit report, I asked them to make the refund and it never arrived and the mark is still on my report.

    In my opinion, O2 has the worst customer service and is the least professional of the major providers. I'll never be a customer of theirs again and I wouldn't risk buying this and trying to cancel as it can go wrong and really effect your credit report. BEWARE.
    hi0parag's avatar
    Have you tried challenging the data via the credit reference agencies.

    I have found the complaint teams are utterly useless to sort things out in the credit report.

    You should get the free statutory credit report and then use the Equifax, Experian and Transunion process to challenge incorrect information on the credit report. Use the confirmation from O2 that they have to remove the adverse info as evidence to support your complaint. I think you should be able to sort it out within a month or so
  5. TheManFromAnotherPlace's avatar
    "..but there’ll be no more than five deep scratches or chips up to 2mm in length" for £669?!?
  6. FCA5546's avatar
    I got mine few days ago and mine was immaculate and 100% battery
  7. tommi's avatar
    like new, but “there'll be no more than five deep scratches or chips”

    they prob should work on their grading(excited) (edited)
  8. hivefive's avatar
    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere... how does this come to £699 if its a contract and how to get it without contract
    betabelf's avatar
    You can buy device and cancel contact without any penalty
  9. robblack3538's avatar
    If I'm already an O2 customer, can I just use my sim or do I have to pay £21 for another sim
    betabelf's avatar
    You need new order and send them STAC code, this will cancel your monthly charges
  10. tho_nee's avatar
    asked a similar question when this deal popped up a couple of days ago.. Has anyone made the device plan to monthly payments and then cancelled the airtime(SIM) plan?
    ROSG04's avatar
    no, you pay it in full and then cancel the SIM
  11. Twelvetoes's avatar
  12. newegg373636's avatar
    Got mine the other day from last deal it was 100% batt it didn't have a original screen on it so sent it bk
    ck12111's avatar
    How did you know it wasn't original?
  13. BustyB293's avatar
    A friend got one it had 86% battery health, but it’s lasts for ages .. way longer than my 13 that has 96%.
    greglowe1's avatar
    Totally anecdotal experience
  14. s_h13's avatar
    Just bought the phone and it's arriving today. Any tips on what to look out for. Thanks
    geoff3's avatar
    Mine was immaculate, but discovered the charging port was loose, so wouldn’t stay connected or charge correctly. On phone to O2 now sorting out return.
  15. Abdurraheem_Lorgat's avatar
    How do I cancel the sim?
  16. Harsh187's avatar
    I got one from music magpie eBay, had the faintest scratch on the screen corner, iPhone 14 Pro Max 512gb £620 after code, 100% battery life and still had 9 months Apple care, sometimes your lucky with second hand phones
    md23's avatar
    What code out of interest? (edited)
's avatar