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Posted 15 July 2023

Asus expertbook B7 Flip Laptop i5-1155g7 512gb 8gb (upgradeable) with active stylus and 5g

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Huge discount on this.

Magnesium body, upgradeable ssd and ram, active stylus.

Iris Xe graphics
500nit wuxga+ ips panel
Free delivery
Brand new with 1 Yr warranty

2yrs interest free on paypal credit as well.
Also available at this price from Asus direct, which a believe may be a sister company.
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  1. sheffield788's avatar
    Voted hot! A good alternative for those who want a business laptop and like Zenbook style. Sometimes, I choose the form factor and build quality over the latest specs . Thunderbolt too, decent screen, etc. (edited)
    noodlesfocus's avatar
    I have one of these and the reason I went from a 1kg Zenbook to this 1.4kg B7 was for a few reasons and I am not looking back!

    1) 5G connectivity
    2) Upgradeability of RAM / SSD
    3) It has basically every port you would need on it no more carrying around adapters. (The Ethernet NIC is onboard of the device but it does use a breakout cable to give you the port. AND yes it doesn't have VGA output but it has Mini DP, HDMI and Type-C!)
  2. amour3k's avatar
    Not bad this.

    And much cheaper than the Zenbook too.
    noodlesfocus's avatar
    Your not really comparing the same class of devices. I actually own both devices a Zenbook and a B7

    The Zenbook is more of a prosumer device, a high-end consumer that could cross over as a work device. It looks very nice and has sleek lines and mine has taken a battering and still is in great shape. Whereas the ASUS B7/ B-Series is designed to be an Enterprise-class of device this just feels so much more solid. It is designed to be used heavily and keep going. Mine has been used every day for over a year and looks almost new still.

    While both have good reliability and are designed to pass Mil-Spec Standards there are additional features you don't get on a Zenbook with this B7 Device.

    Stand-out advantages for me are
    1) The 5G connectivity which is a godsend when you are travelling (no more wondering if a hotel Wifi is secure etc).
    2) The upgradeability of the device. I have a 2TB M.2 and 32GB RAM and it is great!
    3) The amazing screen the 16:10 ratio WUXGA screen with the high resolution is great and clear especially in Excel reports when your trying to fit a lot on the screen.

    It has other features I don't use that much or at all such as the PC Card Reader (The credit card sized security card that I have seen some companies use or people like the NHS etc) Fingerprint reader and Windows hello camera (Work have disabled those by policy)
  3. pgodlewa's avatar
    Does it really have 5g modem?
    noodlesfocus's avatar
    Yes, it does and Intel one to boot! > You can use it with a Physical SIM or e-SIM

    50595055-CRIJk.jpg(the ASIX is my dock)
  4. pgodlewa's avatar
    I've ordered same one from the Asus website, can confirm that it came with a stylus it also has 5g/LTE modem and it even has NFC reader.
  5. rb2eleven's avatar
    Hi silly question, this has a stylus so it's touch screen?
    Asking in case ever loose stylus
    noodlesfocus's avatar
    As mentioned by the stylus isn't garaged it does attach to the side of the screen magnetically but I would walk around like this as it isn’t strong and it does detach from the laptop.

    I believe from the ASUS B7402F (11th Gen) pages it sues the MPP 2.0 technology which is the same tech if I am not mistaken that the Microsoft Surfaces use with 4096 points of pressure etc.

    They seem to have a couple of compatible stylus which also seem cheaper than the surface ones.


    ASUS Pen 2.0 SA203H (edited)
  6. Glynevans101's avatar
    This is the same price on the ASUS store just FYI.


    That being the case I wouldn't say this deal is particularly hot but if you have some credit with this company then by all means go for it!
    dave7's avatar
    Asus store seems to be the same supplier
  7. radu.sebi's avatar
    I've got it for work. Thank you. The general impression is good. It's value in my opinion is in the £800-£900 range, not the price it had when it was released. Good overall quality. Good display but not great, for watching movies I'd buy something else. Good and steady wi-fi receiver. The RAM usage is mostly at 89-90% with Edge and Chrome opened with 2 tabs in each browser, word and outlook and Teams. Teams eats a lot of RAM. Despite this the laptop remains fast at opening and closing applications and shows no tiredness by the end of the working day. My previous laptop had terrible lagging when I was sharing screens in Teams or Zoom. This is no problem for this laptop. And I am super happy that I can upgrade the RAM when I want to do so.
    I hope this helps someone. (edited)
  8. PeacePipe's avatar
    Very tempted but I don't like glossy screens.
    Review here highlights many good points:
    RustySpoons's avatar
    Same here, I can't stand glossy screens and no one seems to put an AG coating on them (Apart from Apple).
    What really baffles me is the latest trend of having a non-touch screen with a sheet of glossy plastic/glass over it, that was always a trade off if you wanted to a touch screen device.
  9. noodlesfocus's avatar
    I have one of these admittedly the I7 CPU but they are amazing.

    I would highly recommend it to people much better than the DHL (Dell, HP & Lenovo) equivalents out there. It is a refreshing change to see a great unit by a different brand and not sticking with the overprice DHL status quo. (edited)
    BlackwellNik's avatar
    Does DHL mean Dell, HP, and Lenovo? If so, I think I might've seen it before, yet wasn't able to infer it then from the context. I searched Google for it, and if that is what it means, it must be fairly niche, as I couldn't find any clear hits.
  10. DealHugger's avatar
    Looks perfect in every way spec wise. Only concern is missing the noticeable mobile user experience from 12th gen, which is fully reflected in the price. Great find. Heat!
    bradford_dr's avatar
    Literally only thing I could ask for would be a garaged stylus...
  11. Marcel's avatar
    Nice laptop, the upgradeable ram is nice to see.
  12. I_Zebra's avatar
    A make or break question for some would be the ease of connecting an external GPU. I was thinking of doing this a few weeks ago but ditched the idea after finding that a lot of thunderbolt ports don't work with the docks to do this. If I had not bought a desktop I would be all over this and would have bitten once I found out that this could be done.
    I'm not sure whether the SIM slot is any use for most people, given that a VPN would be a lot cheaper than another data plan. What is the advantage?
    I'd some time since I've seen a deal which has made me feel a little regretful that I don't need the item as much as this one has. Heat added
    Paperslice's avatar
    To check, this one should take an eGPU yes?
  13. CherylMeek's avatar
    Thank you have purchased! 👏🏼
  14. dave7's avatar
    Why is this expired, I think it's still in stock? (edited)
    bradford_dr's avatar
    I expired when it seemed as though the stylus wasn't included as I felt that substantially affected the value of the deal.
  15. The_narrow_path's avatar
    I think this can be upgraded to 40GB RAM.
    bradford_dr's avatar
    64 if you dump the 8gb already installed.
  16. BlackwellNik's avatar
    Could a phone's SIM card be used in this? I guess calls and texts couldn't be used as well as data.
  17. Celtic05's avatar
    Would this play FM?
  18. DealfinderMK's avatar
    Does anyone know if you can run Roblox with the onboard Intel Iris graphics? I'm thinking of getting an all-rounder laptop for my daughter, as the one she has now gets quite hot when she runs it.
  19. dave7's avatar
    Thanks! Bought it. Incidentally the seller linked here seems to be the same as the seller who sells when you go through the official ASUS site...different name, same address in Woodford. I think I've purchased from them before.
    bradford_dr's avatar
    I suspected that was the case. Odd to see such a big price drop on two sites simultaneously
  20. Tuck411's avatar
    I received mine today, but annoyingly the chassis seems to be warped and the base of the laptop isn't flat and causes the laptop to wobble when typing. Has anyone else had a faulty laptop from the batch?
    dave7's avatar
    Presumably it came with a single black seal on the box?
    Blimey, if the chassis is bent, I'd imagine it doesn't close and flip properly... worrying... (edited)
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